Who has the Power to give spontaneous union with the Divine?

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If the message of Sahaja Yoga is the spontaneous union with the Divine then only a Divine Personality, not a mere guru of the subtle system, can initiate it. In fact all the holy scriptures confirm that only the Inner Guru - Adi Shakti, Holy Spirit, Ruh, Aykaa Mayee - can give spontaneous union with the Divine. No human being has that ability. Only the Adi Shakti has that power to instantly awaken the Kundalini and give spontaneous union with the Divine.

But in almost all Sahaj Yoga websites no mention is made of Shri Mataji being the Inner Guru, the Shakti. And i am not talking about the Divine Message but the subtle system. Despite all the loud claims of Sahaja Yoga giving spontaneous union with the Divine little is given as evidence to back it. To outsiders this is obviously an audacious claim as it takes many rebirths spent in seeking the Spirit/Brahman for the Kundalini to reach the Sahasrara. Obviously these people are skeptical of such advertisement and they have good reason to be cautious as there are a number of charlatans claiming powers to raise kundalini.

But why is there so little evidence to back such a unprecedented claim? Doesn't the claim that SYs (mere humans) are empowered to raise the kundalni of others at ordinary public programs require much more information about Shri Mataji than is given as present? Is it possible that the inability to officially claim Shri Mataji is the Shakti is one of the main reasons for so many just disappearing after the initial Self-realization? Has the Cool Breeze awed seekers and swelled attendance at public programs?

i know all these are questions that few SYs want to answer. On the contrary, those who ask are labeled as 'negative' and not spreading Sahaja Yoga as Mother intended. Finding solutions has been regarded by some as tantamount to taking over Sahaja Yoga! Sometimes you wonder what has gone wrong with these accusers.

But what do i have in mind that is regarded as so radical and controversial by many SYs? - just tell the Truth, plain and simple. There are 1001 ways of speaking the Truth about Shri Mataji. i have given an example below of Shri Vishwarupa, the 256th. Name of the Shakti that all SYs meditate on:

VisvarUpa : Visva, the jivas in the waking state manifested through
the gross elements, and VaisvAnara is he who is the aggregate of the
jivas. Rupa, form ie these two are her forms.

Or, by the preceding name [255] is meant that she is inseparable
form the universe; hence this name expresses that Devi is in the
form [rUpa] of the universe [visva]; the meaning is that her form is
the universe itself and she has no other form except this as the
supporter of the universe. The Visnu Pr. Says, "Just as the
plantain tree cannot be seen independently of bark and leaves, like
wise the universe, O Lord, is seen, depending on you only." The De.
BhAg.Pr. Also in the first book mentions, "I myself am the universe
and there is no other permanency."

Or, vi, separate, svarUpa, a dog's form - the evolution of human
being [jivabhAva] of Brahman directly is the lowest kind of form,
comparable to that of a dog; so, inferior service is called svavrtti
[dog's service, see Manu Smr.]; the lower human existence
[pasubhAva] is called SvarUpa [a dog's form of the devotees], vi
released by means of Devi's grace.

BhAskararAya's Commentary
Translated into English by R. Ananthakrishna Sastry."

BTW, the above quote is from a devotee who claims that Amma is the Divine Mother and Adi Shakti. Maybe it will prick the conscience of a few and make them realize how far back SYs are trailing behind those who can publicly claim their guru to be the Shakti on Earth. Truly i am amazed by the public faith both parties have of their Divine Mother.

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