Who is the Being having intelligence and a purpose for humanity?

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Date:  Sat Dec 11, 2004  7:09 pm
Subject:  Who is the Being having intelligence and a purpose for humanity?
Philosophy professor bases new belief on scientific evidence
By Richard N. Ostling
Associated Press

NEW YORK — A British philosophy professor who has been a leading
champion of atheism for more than a half-century has changed his
mind. He now believes in God — more or less — based on
evidence and says so on a video released Thursday.

At age 81, after decades of insisting belief is a mistake, Antony
Flew has concluded that some sort of intelligence or first cause must
have created the universe. A super-intelligence is the only good
explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature, Flew
said in a telephone interview from England.

Flew said he's best labeled a deist like Thomas Jefferson, whose God
was not actively involved in people's lives.

"I'm thinking of a God very different from the God of the Christian
and far and away from the God of Islam, because both are depicted as
omnipotent Oriental despots, cosmic Saddam Husseins," he said. "It
could be a person in the sense of a being that has intelligence and a
purpose, I suppose."

Flew first made his mark with the 1950 article "Theology and
Falsification," based on a paper for the Socratic Club, a weekly
Oxford religious forum led by writer and Christian thinker C.S.

Over the years, Flew proclaimed the lack of evidence for God while
teaching at Oxford, Aberdeen, Keele, and Reading universities in
Britain, in visits to numerous U.S. and Canadian campuses and in
books, articles and debates.

There was no one moment of change but a gradual conclusion over
recent months for Flew, a spry man who still does not believe in an

Yet biologists' investigation of DNA "has shown, by the almost
unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to
produce (life), that intelligence must have been involved," Flew says
in the new video, "Has Science Discovered God?"

The video draws from a New York discussion last May organized by
author Roy Abraham Varghese's Institute for Metascientific Research
in Garland, Texas. Participants were Flew; Varghese; Israeli
physicist Gerald Schroeder, an Orthodox Jew; and Roman Catholic
philosopher John Haldane of Scotland's University of St. Andrews.

The first hint of Flew's turn was a letter to the August-September
issue of Britain's Philosophy Now magazine. "It has become
inordinately difficult even to begin to think about constructing a
naturalistic theory of the evolution of that first reproducing
organism," he wrote.

The letter commended arguments in Schroeder's "The Hidden Face of
God" and "The Wonder of the World" by Varghese, an Eastern Rite
Catholic layman.

This week, Flew finished writing the first formal account of his new
outlook for the introduction to a new edition of his "God and
Philosophy," scheduled for release next year by Prometheus Books.

Prometheus specializes in skeptical thought, but if his belief upsets
people, well "that's too bad," Flew said. "My whole life has been
guided by the principle of Plato's Socrates: Follow the evidence,
wherever it leads." ...

Flew told The Associated Press his current ideas have some similarity
with American "intelligent design" theorists, who see evidence for a
guiding force in the construction of the universe. He accepts
Darwinian evolution but doubts it can explain the ultimate origins of

A Methodist minister's son, Flew became an atheist at 15. Early in
his career, he argued that no conceivable events could constitute
proof against God for believers, so skeptics were right to wonder
whether the concept of God meant anything at all.

Another landmark was his 1984 "The Presumption of Atheism," playing
off the presumption of innocence in criminal law. Flew said the
debate over God must begin by presuming atheism, putting the burden
of proof on those arguing that God exists.

Philosophy professor bases new belief on scientific evidence

So who is the Being having intelligence and a purpose for humanity?
Only the Shakti's Great Event ordained for humanity answers this
question. The Last Judgment and Resurrection ordained for humanity
guarantees to displace the darkness of souls and grant salvation in
this lifetime.

For more than three decades the Shakti's incarnation on earth in the
form of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has declared and explained in
detail the Great Event ordained for all humanity. The Last Judgment
and Resurrection promises both bodily resurrection (kundalini
awakening) and spiritual immortality (moksa).

"Tagore comes closest to us, though, when he calls on his Western
friends to imagine a world in which East and West give each other
spiritual gifts free of imperialistic coercion, a world in which
science is honored but spiritual and human values rule. When our
universe is in harmony with man, the eternal, we know it is as
truth, we feel it as beauty," Tagore told Einstein in 1930. Coming
from a man with few illusions about either East or West, this noble
sentiment sounds less like pure idealism than a hard-won way of
living decently in a violent century. Tagore's gift for us today,
splendidly presented in this anthology, is his insistence on
speaking for the highest human values and loftiest human aims. At a
time when our public discourses have descended into the mud of
marketspeak and realpolitik, we need Tagore's courageous and
undeceived conviction that we were born for something wildly and
brilliantly better." (Jon Spayde, The Forgotten Genius (March/April
98 Utne Reader)

And the great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi declares: "I was
born at this time where I have to do this job of telling you that
you must get your transformation... . The human being is not an
ignoble being. He is the epitome of all evolution."

Only the Shakti has the intelligence to reveal the deepest secrets
of scriptural parables that promise a divine purpose for humanity.

Jai Shri Mataji,


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