The world today is fast becoming a giant spiritual supermarket.

From:  "jagbir singh" <>
Date:  Thu Jul 8, 2004  11:10 am
Subject:  The world today is fast becoming a giant spiritual supermarket.
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> > Hello Dear Jagbir
> >
> > Thanks a lot for taking this Mahdi Group seriously. I had
> > expected more sahajayogis to take a cue from here and respond in
> > more ways than one. When a group of Sahajayogis cannot respond
> > to a call what to expect from Non Sahaja group of Mahdi Unite?
> > The lethargic attitude is what is going to be the the beginning
> > of downslide. Everyone expects the other to respond and just read
> > if someone responds and then wait for another mail. The height of
> > inaction.
> > Come on sahajayogis wake up. This is just one group. there are
> > thousands of such groups which we have to take on. Lets prepare
> > ourselves.
> >

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, "sampalee2003"
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> dear Mahesh
> I agree with you. what happen to the self realisation of
> the sy. If indeed one is self realised such prompting will be
> unnecessary

i believe a few SYs have responded. But we need many SYs to join
thousands of such groups on the internet. Those who cannot give self-
realization can at least spend a few minutes just posting short
single paragraphs to let the seekers become aware of Shri Mataji and
Her message. Such posts are very successful in reaching out to people
all over the world, people whom we will never otherwise meet.

For example, hypothetically speaking, a single well written post may
get a response from 100 members. The same can be repeatedly posted at another 10 groups and we have 1000 seekers who know about Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga. Just a single SY spending a few minutes every month will enable 12 X 1000 = 12,000 seekers to become aware of Shri
Mataji. And if we have just 100 SYs doing that once a month we will
reach 1,200,000 people yearly. Surely these people are going to tell
others and the cumulative effect takes place.

And those who respond will be serious about joining Sahaja Yoga and
becoming a devotee of Shri Mataji. They will join primarily to take
part in the Last Judgment (Christians & Jews), Resurrection (Muslims)
or attain Self-Realization/Kundalini awakening/moksa (Hindus, Sikhs,

The world today is fast becoming a giant spiritual supermarket. The
majority of customers are those disillusioned by organized religion
and seeking spiritual solutions that empowers and connects them
directly with the Source. They seek among row upon rows of aisles
offering all types of teachings. But most of the products offered are
about the subtle system, asanas, alternative therapies, shamanic
healing, aromatheraphy, chakras, kundalini awakening, astrology, past
life consulting, channeling, crystal healing, astral traveling, reiki,
tarot, ghost communication, numerology, metaphysics, wicca, physic
development, DNA counseling, witchcraft ..... and the list goes on.

With such a bewildering variety to choose from it is difficult to
make a choice, even to decide, say, the better subtle system product.
Most of the time it is the striking, creatively packed products
endorsed by PhD processionals, TV personalities and movie stars that
attract the eye. To this ignorant majority the dull, poor-quality
Sahaja Yoga looks like a "Made in India", pass-due-date reject.

Business is bad and nothing drives home the point better than seekers
loading their carts to the brim with all types of similar, better
packaged products. Even giving away Sahaja Yoga products for free has not changed our fortunes. Modern, well-educated customers are leery of anything given away free in this cynical age of greed. Even garage sales demand a bare minimum, and customers purchase worn-out, used products with their dignity intact. So why get some inferior,
invisible spiritual product for free when all others demand a bare
minimum to assuage their insulted egos?

There is however one aisle that has remained empty for as long as
anyone can remember. For some reason not a single product from
countless religious/spiritual businesses is for sale there. A number
of customers have asked the management when will they be able to get
those products. So far the standard answer is that only when the
Messiah arrives will the "Last Judgment" and "Al-Qiyamah" selves be
full. Do SYs think that it is about time to repack and re-brand our
existing products under these labels and make a stunning reversal of
spiritual fortunes?



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