"You will find Him here (Agnya Chakra) within yourself. Awakened He resides."

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Date:  Wed Aug 4, 2004  4:25 pm
Subject:  HHSM: "You will find Him here (Agnya Chakra) within yourself. Awakened. He resides."

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> Dear All,
> A few minutes ago i was just updating a webpage on Lord Jesus and
> just checked with Arwinder about His features in comparison to this
> picture below. He replied that Jesus' beard is slightly thicker and
> longer than the image below. However the hair is "alright", i.e. of
> the same length.

Jesus Christ as existing in Kingdom of God
Shri Jesus in Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book

> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adishakti_sahaja_yoga/message/1905

"The Bible speaks of the Second Coming of Christ, of a millennium
of peace that comes when Jesus returns anew and all of us join together universally. The time is at hand. Christ is coming, but not
physically, spiritually. The Bible spoke in many metaphors. The
Spirit of Christ is what comes now in our souls, in our awakened
spirituality. The cosmic inner Christ is coming. It is time to
realize that we are all the "children of God," and that the "Son of
God" came to show us the way to unite with that divine universal

Walter Mercado, Beyond The Horizon


The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi




"Like Michelangelo you can say he is a great personality. He has shown Christ in the real way. If you see the Sistine Chapel that is the Judgment he has shown so well that is happening today! Christ standing like a strong man there and not like bones they show in the Catholic Church. I feel they are sadists always talking about Christ and putting Christ just like a bone structure. I feel like crying when I see all this. Can they carry the Cross, any one of them? Like Christ with that skinny body, would He carry the Cross? He is the One who has died for our sins and miseries and you want to show Him as such a miserable person! ...

How can you judge Christ? You have no powers to judge Him? First become the spirit then you will know what He was. But nobody wants to talk about that... .

That's why Christ has said in the second verse of Matthews, He said in the second chapter that, "You will be calling Me Christ! Christ! and I will not know you." These are the people and you don't become one of them. You know Him. You see Him. You will find Him here (Agnya Chakra) within yourself. Awakened He resides. Be sensible. Be wise."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Geneva, Switzerland — June 13, 1985


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