"It's not for medium, mediocre people to do this job.”

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji: "It is just for money and power are some people who are trying to mislead others, keeping them away from Resurrection, I must say they are committing the greatest sin against the Holy Ghost.”- Shri Mataji

March 21, 2007

To the devotees of the Great Mother,

Namaskaar - i bow to the Primordial Mother who resides in you!

The above was said during a public program held July 1, 1993 at Brussels, Belgium. Below is what Shri Mataji had asked SYs to do more than a decade earlier on July 31, 1982:

“You've to bear the brunt and the sacrifice - which are no more sacrifices to you because Spirit gives, it never sacrifices. It's quality is to give. So, you don't sacrifice, you just give.

First The Mother has the labour pains. Alright. She has all the problems. Alright. When the child is grown, then he stands by the Mother. He is the proud son. She is proud. She is proud of him and he is proud of Her. They stand together, they fight the battle together. That's only possible if complete dedication and preparation for a future life of a Sahaja Yogi, you accept.

A life, which outwardly looks to he a struggle, a problem; but inwardly is most fulfilling.

Once upon a time, when Sahaja Yogis came to me, to them, even to sit on the ground was too much of a sacrifice. Even to take out shoes-a big sacrifice. Yesterday in a program three people walked off' because they were asked to take out shoes ; as if somebody was making them bald-headed. They just walked-off.

But, why to grow in Sahaja Yoga? To grow, to stand up. Like great children of a Great Mother. The work is tremendous. It's not for medium, mediocre people to do this job. Frightened, fearful, arrogant, cheeky - they cannot, they have no mettle....

As I'm facing you today, you have to face the others, you have to face the people. Dedication doesn't mean that you don't talk of Sahaja Yoga. Many people think that keeping silent is the way you are dedicating. Only in meditation you should be. But you have to get out of that still.

Tell all the nations and tell all the people all over, the great message that the time of Resurrection is here, now, at this time, and that you all are capable of doing it.

If somebody tries to sneer at you for that, with understanding, wisdom try to say things....

Now, the name of your Mother is very powerful. You know that is the most powerful name than all other names, the most powerful mantra. But you must know how to take it. With that complete dedication you have to take that name. Not like any other name....

So be prepared for the second phase. You are in the front. It is very little time I need. But I need really people with steadfast wisdom and dedication. Steadfast. Even for a second it should not go this side r that side. Then, we can progress fast, we can go ahead to fight the battle. Perhaps now you are aware of subtleties of the negativities. How they use their power - of course which is limited - to destroy God's work. And how you have to be alert, equipped and dedicated. This I can only talk to you, I cannot say to the people who come to Caxton Hall. Some of them are half-baked, some of them are absolutely new, naive, and some of them are absolutely third rate. But here, as you are before me today, I want to tell you very frankly, as Krishna has told only Arjuna," Sarva dharmanam parityajya, mamekam sharanam Vraja"

There is no other way out. Vraja, means the one who is twice born, like a solid; solid personality. When you are solid then you must dedicate. When you are perfected then you must dedicate....

All these things are to be understood after realisation, and after maturity. Before that it is not possible. That is why for the last eight years, I did not say these things to you. I was on a very patronising and sweet terms with you. And always I made you feel that you are obliging me. It is no obligation.

Beyond all these conceptions you have become your Self, now ready, to be responsible, to be what you are made for. Like the ship is built, is brought to the sea, tried, and found out to be sea-worthy to sail out now, into the sea. So this is the second phase, where you have to sail out, when you know everything about the ship, everything about the sea. With complete freedom and wisdom, you have to sail now. Not afraid of any storms or any gales or any typhoons because now all you know. Your job is to cross through. May God bless you.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Cowley Manor Seminar, 31-7-82

Yes," It's not for medium, mediocre people to do this job", to"tell all the nations and tell all the people all over, the great message that the time of Resurrection is here, now, at this time, and that you all are capable of doing it.”Yes, this tremendous job is not for the frightened, fearful and those having no mettle. Yes, this task of proclaiming the Adi Shakti's Advent and Divine Message is definitely not for 1980s leaders (who now form the bulk of WCASY) and SYs who abandoned and fled in fear and disarray from Her second phase of battle way back in 1982 ..................... even before it began!

But this tremendous task is today left to the ancient fearless sons and daughters of the Great Mother. They stand together, they fight the battle together. They will definitely have to fight WCASY and all subtle system SYs - the medium, mediocre, frightened and fearful people who neither accepted the job more than two decades ago nor want others completing it today. i keep asking - what is the nature of the negativity that has possessed them?.......... ever since 1982?

regards to all,


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