Shri Mataji: "Otherwise the world would say that we never knew about it.”

> What really tormented (and still torments) me is how easily tens
> of thousands of so-called self-realized souls were willing and
> able to suppress the truth of Shri Mataji's advent. i still cannot
> bring myself to understand how and why so many of them have no
> feeling of guilt or conscience that they are keeping humanity in
> darkness at a time when Shri Mataji's advent and Divine Message is
> critically needed. This is a most painful aspect of being self-
> realized and revealed the Truth by Adi Shakti.

July 15, 2007

Dear All,

A shocking satanic silence from SYs keeps humanity in darkness of the blessings of the Divine. Till today October 29, 2006 they are yet unable to muster the courage or conviction to publicly admit even Her true identity, let alone Her Divine Message to humanity!

i just googled"satanic silence"And was rewarded with the #1 Google position above. The reason is that i wanted to insert a quote of Shri Mataji which i had been looking for a long time:

“Now the Time has come to start talking, announcing, telling about it to everyone. Otherwise the world would say that we never knew about it....

You must have that vision before you that I have put many a times before you people that you have to emancipate the humanity....

Now we have to openly say and tell these fundamentalists, 'You don't know about the truth, or the power that is working. You are stupid people running after something that is a mirage and all of you will end up in hell.'

You may tell people but the new announcement has to come to say that running after falsehood is not going to take you to God. We believe in the power of Love, and not in the power of hatred. We believe that everyone is capable of finding the truth and getting to the heaven of that paradise which is promised to us, the kingdom of God.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
May 6, 1990, Rome, Italy

But no way will WCASY, the SY management or their SYSSR SYs now start listening to Shri Mataji. (Shri Mataji made that plea 17 years ago but the SY leadership just kept insisting that all SYs need to do is just give self-realization ................... but NEVER publicly declare Her Advent and Divine Message.) Nothing will change now and the heading of my post will for many more years continue to confirm the truth that"A most shocking satanic silence keeps humanity in darkness.” By"shocking satanic silence"I mean all SYs who support WCASY and the SY leadership who have edited out Her Divine Message, and replaced it with their SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion). It is indeed a collective silence and that is how, according to council members and leaders, SYs should do God's work. It is kosher because it is now a collective conscience of all SYs.

The vast majority of humans still do not know about Her Advent and Divine Message. That is why the total number of SYs worldwide has hardly increased since Shri Mataji made that plea May 6, 1990. As long as the collective satanic silence is maintained this sad and pathetic status quo will forever remain the same. However, Shri Mataji is now just too old and has retired from public appearance; WCASY, the SY leadership and SYs have run out of all options except that "The Time has come to start talking, announcing, telling about it to everyone", an option that has always been rejected by faithless, frightened, cowering, constantly 'catching' rank and file.

But that task of informing the world as Shri Mataji wanted is proceeding well despite all the obstacles from WCASY, the SY leadership and SYs themselves. Time is on Her side.

regards to all,


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