Shri Mataji: "There is a very big chapter on Resurrection ... It is so much misinterpreted.”

The Great Ruh Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji
"On 28 February 1990 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, on Her way to Australia, stopped at Changi Airport, Singapore. She informed the Sahaja Yogis who had gathered to meet Her that"In Islam there was a complete surah written about Her. In this surah it was stated that the Sent One will give Realization, will make you Pirs and give Collective Consciousness. But you will be non-believers.” (Divine Cool Breeze Revelations 1989-90, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, p. 141.) The surah She refers to is Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection)! And the Unbelievers (Al-Kafirun) will be the entire Muslim community who will collectively reject what is written in black and white in their own Qur'n!"

Dear Believers of the Resurrection,

Namaste - i bow to His self-reproaching Spirit (Ruh/Shakti/Holy Spirit) who resides in you!

i found a most precious surah 47:18-24 that rams open the centuries- old guarded gates of Islam and lays bare the falsehood and satanic misguidance of the ulema (Muslim clergy) that the Ummah have always followed. i use the term"satanic misguidance"to emphasize the scale and magnitude of the corruption, misinterpretation and ignorance of the heart and soul of the Quran—The Resurrection—foisted by tens of thousands of ulema (Muslim clergy) upon the unsuspecting Ummah (Muslim community) over the last 14 centuries! Such is the scale of falsehood that Muslims, who call non-Muslims kaffirs (non-believers), will themselves be non-believers. Without question they can be admonished and, as the Quran warns, will run away like "Affrighted asses, fleeing from a lion"I.e., flee in disbelief from the universal warning that Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) has commenced!

"And this is no other than a warning to mankind.
Nay, verily: By the Moon, and by the Night as it retreateth,
And by the Dawn as it shineth forth,
This is but one of the mighty (portents), a Warning to mankind, -
To any of you that chooses to press forward, or to follow behind; -
Every soul will be (held) in pledge for its deeds.
Except the Companions of the Right Hand.
(They will be) in Gardens (of Delight): they will question each other,
And (ask) of the Sinners: "What led you into Hell Fire?”
They will say: "We were not of those who prayed;
Nor were we of those who fed the indigent;
"But we used to talk vanities with vain talkers;
"And we used to deny the Day of Judgment,
"Until there came to us (the Hour) that is certain.”
Then will no intercession of (any) intercessors profit them.
Then what is the matter with them that they turn away from admonition? -
As if they were affrighted asses, fleeing from a lion!
Forsooth, each one of them wants to be given,
Scrolls (of revelation) spread out!
By no means! But they fear not the Hereafter,
Nay, this surely is an admonition:
Let any who will, keep it in remembrance!
But none will keep it in remembrance except as Allah wills:
He is the Lord of Righteousness, and the Lord of Forgiveness.”

surah 74:32-56 Al Muddaththir (The One Wrapped Up)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989.)

Even the incarnation of His Ruh, Shri Mataji, confirms what the Quran predicts i.e., the majority of Muslims will turn away from the Great News, Signs and Warning that Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) has commenced:

"On 28 February 1990 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, on Her way to Australia, stopped at Changi Airport, Singapore. She informed the Sahaja Yogis who had gathered to meet Her that"In Islam there was a complete surah written about Her. In this surah it was stated that the Sent One will give Realization, will make you Pirs and give Collective Consciousness. But you will be non-believers.” (Divine Cool Breeze Revelations 1989-90, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, p. 141.) The surah She refers to is Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection)! And the Unbelievers (Al-Kafirun) will be the entire Muslim community who will collectively reject what is written in black and white in their own Qur'n!"

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God, 1999, page 2744

Note: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born on March 21, 1923 to a Christian family in Chindawara, India and then married into a Hindu family. Her father was a renowned scholar and master of 14 languages who translated the Qur'n in Marathi. Now She is explaining the living, breathing Qur'n to all the Believers of God Almighty. May the wise and visionary see far into the future to envision the matchless ingenuity of Allah's (SWT) Plan for humanity, one that will be harmoniously and willingly embraced by all irrespective of their religious background.

The Great Ruh Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji
“But the Muslims do not want to talk about Resurrection at all because they want to frighten people with the Doomsday. They don't want to talk about the Resurrection Time which is going to come, which is the intermediary time (Al Qadr: The Night of Power), because they want to use the time (Al Qariah: Day of Noise and Clamor) which will frighten people by saying that: 'Now your Doomsday is coming! Now your Doomsday is coming!'"

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

"I should do something to bring sense to these people. Something should happen; otherwise what I see is a complete Disaster. It is going to happen. I do not want to frighten you like Mrs. Thatcher does about the Russians. That might be imaginary, but this is Real. I am warning you that the Disaster is going to come as Destruction itself.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
The Essence of Sahaja Yoga, London, UK - June 6, 1983

"There is a very big chapter on Resurrection, but the fundamentalists don't want to look at it. They believe their religion is the best. But what would it has done to anyone? It is so much misinterpreted... so much misinterpreted.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Except for the theme of monotheism, the Qur'n speaks more of the coming Qiyamah - also known as the Resurrection, the Day of Judgment, Day of Gathering, and the Great Announcement - than of any topic. Other than centuries of"satanic misinterpretation"by the ulema, another reason explains why the Resurrection is so misunderstood by the Ummah (Muslim community):

"If your mother tongue is not Arabic, Satan (or his troops) will encourage you to read the Quran in Arabic. Why does he do that? Because he knows that you will not understand enough of it. The majority of those who learn Arabic to study the Quran do not excel enough to understand the implication or interpretation of certain words when used in a special way in the Arabic language. They will have a lot of shortcomings. Many Pakistani and Indian Muslims are forced as children to read the Quran in Arabic and still as adults read the Quran in Arabic but they do not understand a single word of what they read... The Quran is a message, not just another beautiful language book. If you cannot read it in Arabic do not wait until the day you excel in your Arabic language, because this day may never come. Trust God and know that He is the teacher of the Quran. He will teach in any language and to any nationality, He created all things. Read your Quran today, (do not wait any longer,) in any language that you can understand and master and leave the rest to God.”Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Ph.d

regards to all,


All Muslims/non-Muslims who deny/defy Allah's (SWT) Call and Great News are kafirs

I do call to witness the Resurrection Day;
And I do call to witness the self-reproaching Spirit.

The Holy Quran

Concerning what are they disputing?
Concerning the Great News. [5889]
About which they cannot agree.
Verily, they shall soon (come to) know!
Verily, verily they shall soon (come to) know!

surah 78:1-5 Al Naba' (The Great News)

"5889. Great News: usually understood to mean the News or Message of the Resurrection.”

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989.

Types of Kufr (Disbelief) — Adapted from 'Tafseer ibn Katheer'

1. Kufrul-'Inaad: Disbelief out of stubbornness. This applies to someone who knows the truth and admits to knowing the truth and admits to knowing it with his tongue, but refuses to accept it and refrains from making a declaration.;
2. Kufrul-Inkaar: Disbelief out of denial. This applies to someone who denies with both heart and tongue;
3. Kufrul-Kibr: Disbelief out of arrogance and pride;
4. Kufrul-Juhood: Disbelief out of rejection. This applies to someone who acknowledges the truth in his heart, but rejects it with his tongue. This types of kufr is applicable to those who call themselves Muslims but who reject the norms of Islam.
5. Kufrul-Nifaaq: Disbelief out of hypocrisy. This applies to someone who pretends to be a believer but conceals his disbelief. Such a person is called a Munafiq or hypocrite;
6. Kufrul-Kurh: Disbelief out of detesting any of Allah's commands;
7. Kufrul-Istihzaha: Disbelief due to mockery and derision;
8. Kufrul-I'raadh: Disbelief due to avoidance. This applies to those who turn away and avoid the truth;

In Abdullah Yusuf Ali's commentary Kufr, Kafara, Kafir, and derivative forms of the word, imply a deliberate rejection of Faith as opposed to a mistaken idea of Allah or faith, which is not consistent with an earnest desire to see the truth. Where there is such desire, the Grace and Mercy of Allah gives guidance. But that guidance is not efficacious when it is deliberately rejected, and the possibility of rejection follows from the grant of free will.”The culmination of Allah's Revelation is in the Qur'n, which confirms previous scriptures, corrects the errors which men introduced into them, and explains many points in detail for all who seek right worship and service to Allah—whether they inherit the previous Books or not. It is a universal Message ... The worst and most hardened sinner is the man to whom Allah's Signs are actually brought home and who yet prefers Evil and turns away from the Light of Allah. The Signs may be in the words and guidance of a great Teacher or in some sorrow or warning, but from which he deliberately refuses to profit. The penalty—the Nemesis—must necessary come eventually.”

According to Ibn Taymiyah (January 22, 1263—1328)"not believing in God and His Messenger, whether that is accompanied by denial or it is not accompanied by denial but rather doubt, or turning away from faith out of jealousy or arrogance, or because one is following whims and desires that prevent one from following the message. So kufr is the attribute of everyone who rejects something that God has commanded us to believe in, after news of that has reached him, whether he rejects it in his heart without uttering it, or he speaks those words of rejection without believing it in his heart, or he does both; or he does an action which is described in the texts as putting one beyond the pale of faith.”

Most of the Al-Kufr ul Akbar (major disbeliefs) are applicable to the rejection or disbelief of Allah's (SWT) Sure Signs and surahs upholding the collection, promulgation, recital, explanation and warning of the following:

i) His Call to witness Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection);
ii) His Call to witness His Ruh (self-reproaching Spirit);
iii) Al Naba (The Great News);
iv) Al Qariah (The Night of Power and Destiny);

So kaffir (non-believer) here is specifically applied to all, both Muslim and non-Muslim, who reject the Call that God has commanded us to believe in after news of Al Naba (The Great News) has reached us. The Qur'n clearly warns that many will disbelief, even mock, the Great News and Sure Signs of Al-Qiyamah. So be forewarned, and in the Hereafter never deny the deliverance of this warning! And never forget this eschatological fulfillment and reminder of the glorious Holy Qur'n: "O ye assembly of Jinns and men! came there not unto you messengers from amongst you, setting forth unto you My signs, and warning you of the meeting of this Day of yours?”Qur'n 6.130

And to all rejecting, still hesitant or unable to make up their minds Allah (SWT) questions: "Are they waiting until the Hour comes to them suddenly? All the Signs thereof have already come. Once the Hour comes to them, how will they benefit from their message?” "Why do they not study the Quran carefully? Do they have locks on their minds?”Qur'n 47:18-24

Note: The last paragraph is yet another warning from Allah (SWT) that prior to the Wrath of the End (Al Qariah) humans are offered the Mercy of the Resurrection (Al Qadr). Only now—after 14 centuries and unlike the past—is it possible for them to own and be sufficiently literate to "study the Quran carefully" in languages they understand best.* And just in case they start studying the entire Qur'n, it must be stressed that Allah (SWT) is referring specifically to those eschatological Signs and surahs upholding His Call to witness the Resurrection! And to"study the Quran carefully"means using one's own mental faculties, not those of the ulema (Muslim clergy) who have for centuries put"locks on their minds"And are the very reason for the Ummah's present predicament i.e., their kaffir-like mindset, reaction, rejection and mocking of His Call, Signs and Great News of the Resurrection.

“There is so much blind faith, there is so much of wrong ideas, so much of organizational fortresses they have built. All kinds of nonsensical things are going on in this world, but they'll all be finished.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Vienna, Austria 8 June 1988

*"The vast majority of Muslims do not speak Arabic as their native tongue"- Christine Huda Dodge, The everything understanding Islam, page 21
"The degree of knowledge of Arabic determines a person's understanding of the Islamic creed. The Quran, the Hadith and Sira traditions (Prophetic sayings and actions), and the writings of the early Islamic scholars and jurists were in Arabic. Imam Shafei (767- 820), the founder of the Shafei School of Sunni jurisprudence, advocated that every Muslim should learn Arabic, at least to the point of reciting the Quran (Hourani 1991, 68). Most non-Arab Muslims do not understand Arabic.”- Elie Elhadj, The Islamic Shield, page 22;
"Muslim illiteracy worldwide stands at about 51 percent for all age groups over fifteen. Despite a rapid increase in primary school enrollment, only 45 percent of Muslim children aged six to eleven attend primary school. An even larger gap exists at higher levels of research.”- Martin S. Kramer, Arab awakening and Islamic revival, page 280.

Articles based on Shri Mataji quotes:
“A day will dawn when whole world would bow to this country India"
“A great war is taking place between satanic forces and Divine Forces"
“About Sahasrara nowhere in the scriptures something was described"
“Achieve your Self, become your Self"
“After all we are all human beings created by one God"
“All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us.”
“All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga.”
“Among Muslims there are Sufis... who are realized souls"
“And now the time has come for it to be blasted.
“Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations.”
“Anyone can commit any sins in the name of religion.”
“But if you put one little fish and two eggs for ten people"
“But the Muslims do not want to talk about Resurrection at all"
“But this Judgment is so beautiful ... you enjoy the bliss of your Spirit"
“But you know that you have eternal life. You can never die.”
“Death does not exist for you — It is finished... your spirit is free.”
“Do not destroy your spirit by going to such people.”
“Every religion has said you have to have Self-realization"
“For all people whom I gave Self Realization yesterday"
“He (Jesus) was the Holiest of the Holy. You accept that position.”
“I don't care for your protocols and rituals. It is nonsense for me.”
“I have to warn all the SYs ... Sahaja Yoga is the Last Judgment"
“I must say they are committing the greatest sin ...”
“I was with Him (Guru Nanak Ji), in fact with all of Them.”- 1
“I was with Him (Guru Nanak Ji), in fact with all of Them.”- 2
.”... if you see around the world is in chaos"
“Indians have no goal as far as spiritual life is concerned"
“It is the greatest event of all spiritual happenings of the Universe.”
“It means the Last Judgment has begun with full force"
“It will be slowly revealed by Me because ...”
“Like all the thieves of the world ... have taken over.”
“Meditation is not to sit before the photograph"
“My actual sign name is Lalita ... the name of the Primordial Mother"
“Nobody has to change dresses or anything - it's nothing outside.”
“Now watch. I will change the direction of the waves.”
“No reality in those Divine Force working"
“Pure knowledge is not of chakras, vibrations, kundalini but of God"
“Self-Realization will progressively lead to the creation of a new race"
“Some are money-oriented ... some are violent"
“Tell Jagbir now to leave it to Her.”
“That's not the way it (Al-Qiyamah) is going to work out.'"
“The expression of the Adi Shakti within you is the Kundalini.”
“Christianity has nothing to do with Christ.”
“The time has come for you to get all that is promised"
“The ultimate act against Spirit is to worship that which has no Spirit"
“The whole Cosmos is waiting for their arrival.”
“They are stagnated at the point of dharma, so they start telling ...”
“There is so much blind faith, there is so much of wrong ideas"
“They came to Sahaja but they said"We cannot worship Goddess.”
“They made Christ look like a TB patient"
“You have to enter into the Kingdom of God"
“Your job is, in a way, greater than the saints and sages.”

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