Shri Mataji: "This time, by the end of this century, this should happen.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Christian by birth,
Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty)

May 26, 2010

Dear devotees of the Paraclete,

i have this fantastic, detailed article on Jesus and the Paraclete.

It will take a few days of repeated reading to ground ourselves into the Paraclete and Jesus. This priceless 17-page article must be thoroughly understood, at all times in relationship with Shri Mataji who has openly claimed to be the Paraclete (Comforter). The proof is not in the easy claim but in the unprecedented fulfillment of each and every requirement and task specific to the Paraclete!

Shri Mataji has absolutely discharged all the Paraclete-specific duties ...... and some. Only by reading and cross-examining"The Paraclete and Jesus"Against Shri Mataji's Advent and Message will it be possible to fearlessly proclaim in future the same. Since this is going to be the irreversible trend and final future stand of the please read it over the next few days. The Advent and Message of Shri Mataji will now be much better understood and accepted by seekers, all the more as it was ordained by the Divine. Please join us to accomplish that future, even though scripture admits that the Paraclete will meet the same resistance and negativity as Jesus did. Thanks.

regards to all,


June 4, 2010

Dear devotees of the Paraclete,

Namaste - i bow to the Comforter who resides in you!

i have again updated and put Shri Mataji's epic declaration right under:

"The Paraclete equated with the Holy Spirit, is the only mediator of the word of the exalted Christ.”- M.E. Boring

In Spirit and Truth, Benny Thettayil
" Holy Spirit and the Paraclete

Having seen that pneuma here could only be the Holy Spirit, we proceed to investigate the relationship between the Spirit and the truth. We begin our investigation from the statements of Jesus, which tell the readers that the Paraclete is the Spirit of Truth (14:17; 15:26; 16;13) and that the Paraclete is the Holy Spirit (14:26).

Although the Paraclete theme is complex, a closer look at the declaration of Jesus regarding the sending of the Spirit/Paraclete reveals the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Paraclete... Making a study on the Paraclete in the Fourth Gospel, in his doctoral dissertation, E. Franck notes that the Paraclete is connected with the Spirit. He holds the idea of the Paraclete as a divine, but abstract power. 'The Spirit is the power, which renews, giving life and strength (ch. 3:5f; 6:63; 20:22). True worship is done in the Spirit (4:23)'. Regarding the Paraclete, Jesus says: 'I will pray to the Father and he will give you another Paraclete, that may be with you for ever, the Spirit of truth...' (14:16-17). It is clear here that the word 'Paraclete' is applied to the Holy Spirit/the Spirit of truth. However, John 14:26 does actually identify the Paraclete as the Holy Spirit...

There is a close resemblance between the Paraclete and Jesus in many aspects especially their function. These similarities in function are so striking that they cannot be taken as coincidences. For John these similarities should serve some purpose and logically, his purpose is to show the Paraclete to be the continuing presence of Jesus exercising a ministry that is parallel to that of Jesus himself even after he has gone from the world.”

Benny Thettayil, In Spirit and Truth
Peeters (October 2007), page 139-147

Note: Speaking of the Johannine portrayal of Jesus and the Paraclete, M.E. Boring," The Influence of the Christian Prophesy on the Johannine Portrayal of the Paraclete and Jesus,' NTS 25 (1978-79) 114, 120, states regarding the equation of Paraclete and the Holy Spirit: "The Paraclete equated with the Holy Spirit, is the only mediator of the word of the exalted Christ.” Boring would make another equation by saying that Jesus was the first Paraclete and the second Paraclete is the Spirit.

“Declare to all the nations now that I am the Holy Ghost and I have come for this Special Time, that is, the Resurrection Time.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji - Sydney, Australia, March 21, 1983

It is glaringly obvious that the vast majority of SYs did not, and still do not, have the courage to stand up to the Truth Shri Mataji declared over the past 40 years. The above is just one quote of the many She announced in Her capacity of the Paraclete/Holy Spirit.

The SY leadership had countless opportunities over the decades to be inspired by Her steadfastness and fearless dedication to the Truth.

But none ever rose to the challenge ...... and when others did, they reacted with fearsome courage and suicidal sacrifice to silence them.

In all history i have never seen anything to match this mind-boggling bravado of utter fools. i cannot understand why thousands of SY foot- soldiers follow them, some even willing to blow themselves up at the entrance of

i have to repeat how Patrick Lantoin, the ex-leader from France, fumed and reacted when i sent him an email requesting that we SYs should not be afraid of telling the Truth. He replied that God was punishing me!!! Why? ... because i wanted to tell the Truth!!!? i forgot to ask if Shri Mataji was being punished too. Perhaps the next time i meet this utter idiot i will.

And SYs wonder why the SYSSR championed by former foolish leaders like PL is now almost dead. But for decades they had vast numbers, resources and opportunities available to promote the Paraclete and Her Message. They choose not to despite all logic, common sense and conscience. i can only speculate they had precious little of each. We now have the immense task of starting where Shri Mataji began:

“I am the one about which Christ has talked. I have told them. I had never said this on from a platform and I told. They have been telling Me," Mother, You must say that once.”I said," In America I'll declare it.”So today I declare that I am the Holy Ghost. I am the Holy Spirit who has incarnated on this Earth for your realization.” "

The Paraclete Shri Mataji, New York, USA 30 September 1980

In case SYSSR SYs miss the point, it was the SY leaders who wanted Shri Mataji to make a grand announcement in America. And when She did they all fled into the Adirondack Mountains nearby. Today they are either deceased, de-ceased (by Shri Mataji from WCASY), diseased (by the SYSSR), dis-eased (by conscientious objectors), or deceived (by each other). Just take your pick or bundle.

regards to all,


June 18, 2010

Dear disciples of the Paraclete,

Namaste - i bow to the Holy Spirit who resides in you!

i believe the Royal Albert Hall public program in 1998 was one of the largest and best organized. i remember the heightened excitement and great expectations that such an iconic landmark presented for SYs:

"The Royal Albert Hall is one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings, recognisable the world over. Since its opening by Queen Victoria in 1871, the world's leading artists from every kind of performance genre have appeared on its stage. Each year it hosts more than 350 performances including classical concerts, rock and pop, ballet and opera, tennis, award ceremonies, school and community events, charity performances and lavish banquets.”- Wikipedia

i believe it was the last time Shri Mataji publicly addressed the world i.e., to such a large audience, as it was yet another utter disappointment, just like the complete failure in New York earlier. i quote from Sep 8, 2003:

"Anyone care to remember the time in the late 90's when Yogi Mahajan organized the much hyped Stress Management fiasco in New York, USA which turned out not only to be a financial ruin, but also an utter disaster? US$50,000 were spent to attract a few thousand people after a huge publicity blitz. There was no mention of Shri Mataji being the Adi Shakti or about the Last Judgment—it was a stress management ploy to get the public interested in Sahaja Yoga.

What were the number of people who came back for the follow-up? 10! Yes, ten of them. Even Shri Mataji complained that it cost US$5,000 per seeker, a huge waste of SY funds. And how many actually became Sahaja Yogis? None that i can recall!"

Contrasting the two, it is the New York Yogi Mahajan-inspired fiasco that carries the crown of the clown. This is because the SY organization's SYSSR, already in full flight for a decade or two, was totally geared toward such an event. The optimism that SY will at last triumph was sky high, and SYs in America and Canada, unable to contain their excitement and hopes, were hyper-ventilating.

But i was shocked and speechless that it was going to be a Stress Management blitz. (And i was elated when it turned out to be the most expensive and embarrassing failure in SY history!)

However, it is about Shri Mataji's 1998 Royal Albert Hall speech that i want to bring attention to:

“These days there are people who are going all over the places to find out the truth, the enlightenment. And there are so many books available, so many people who talk about enlightenment. And this is only in this special age, which I call as the Blossom Time, is happening. If they are not seeking the truth, that means they are not yet evolved as this should have been. But this is a special time that we call as the Last Judgment and that time has come. In the Koran it's called as Qiyamah and described very clearly what will happen at this time. All these have been indicated in all the books which are, I would say, mystical or we can call as religious—whatever you may call it—the mystic part of it. They have all indicated this time. This time, by the end of this century, this should happen.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
The Blossom Time, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK — July 5, 1998

The reason for the complete failure of this public declaration of the Blossom Time—the Last Judgment and Qiyamah—was because, unlike the SYSSR, no information was available to the public .... as has always been the case ever since the Paraclete began Her advent on Earth 40 years later. Despite all Her countless effort and struggle to awaken humanity to Her publicly declared Good News, the rank and file neither have the courage nor conscience to rally behind Her. On the contrary, despite all the abject failure of their SYSSR against far superior, educated and funded subtle system teachers, some SYs still continue to resuscitate their dying sacred cow.

The majority are now increasingly resigned to its impending death, and have given up. The Realize America (ended 2008), Realize Europe (ended 2008), and Realize Australia (ended 2007) are the last of the hyped-up tours as each and every effort has collapsed spectacularly.

The SYSSR sacred cow is now almost dead. Let me append the opening lines to an obituary, still in the present tense, that can be read anytime in the future:

"During 2007, the Realise Australia Tour is Australia's opportunity for spiritual awakening. Many of us have been feeling a call of truth, deep inside ourselves desiring to rise up, a gentle voice telling us to go beyond the mundane life and to look for the true meaning of our lives.

For the first time in history, thousands of people are receiving their self-realisation, often en masse. It is happening all around the world regardless of race, gender, age or religion. It's the universal collective movement predicted by many scriptures and made possible by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.”

It is true that many SYs"have been feeling a call of truth ... the universal collective movement predicted by many scriptures and made possible by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.”But this statement is made by liars, cowards and hypocrites who do not have a conscience. Their version of truth has nothing to do with the Good News—the Blossom Time of the Last Judgment and Qiyamah—of the Paraclete sent in the name of Jesus. Thus it was absolutely necessary for the Divine to set into motion the means to overcome and destroy such negativity, and ensure its survival and eventual triumph.

Shri Mataji confirms that the holy scriptures"have all indicated this time, this time by the end of this century, this should happen.” was uploaded exactly on the last day of the century, the eve of the Millennium of the Spirit. (i was fortunate that my web host Interland had customer service on that last day.) The rest is now becoming history. Rejoice!

regards to all,


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