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Adi Shakti is the great Mother ... to start the Golden Age: in this incarnation her name is Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Judith Coney: Sahaja Yoga
"The Adi Shakti is the great Mother... She also incarnates, either in her own right (as Sri Durga 1000 years ago) or in one of her many aspects... She has incarnated, for instance, in her Mother aspect as The Mother of Christ (Mary);* in her wife aspect as Sri Sita in the case of Sri Rama; and Sri Radha, the wife of Sri Krishna. She was the sister (Nanaki) of the ... Guru Nanak... Today her most complete incarnation is living on the earth to start the Golden Age; in this incarnation her name is Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi. (ibid.)

The Advent also elaborates on the different ways in which Sri Mataji embodies all the aspects of the Goddess, starting with ancient Hindu scripture. Thus in the Sri Lalita Sahasranama, a liturgy to the Thousand Names of the Goddess, the 153rd name is Nishkalanka. This, the author notes, is the full form of the name Kalki—who, it is believed, will come in the end days to oversee the destruction of evil and the creation of a new cycle of ages—and a reference to Sri Mataji's claim to be Kalki herself. In the same text, he goes on, her 110th name is kundalini, a reference to Sri Mataji's power to raise kundalini for self-realisation.

In addition to equating Sri Mataji with the Goddess through scriptural references, de Kalbermatten tells stories of how followers have had visions* in which they have seen her as a goddess. In other visions, he says, some see her in the form of a god as well, for Sri Mataji, as the shakti or power of all the deities, integrates all their qualities, both male and female:

I look at Sri Mataji. And I see the figure of a man or rather, of a God, a face of unsurpassable greatness, light blue in complexion, radiating with a beauty and majesty for which there is no name. I am bewildered, adoring, subjugated... When I look as Her again, everything is normal. I tell her what happened. She says simply 'It was Sri Krishna' (ibid., 258).

In her behaviour too, he writes, she emulates all aspects of the Goddess. One of the most important of these aspects for her charismatic identity is Mahamaya, the Great Illusion. As she is the mistress of illusion, his readership learns that they cannot expect to understand the behaviour of Sri Mataji, and that they must simply have faith in her instead. Moreover, because of her aspect of Mahamaya, she does not appear in ordinary life as 'who she really is'. Thus, the secrecy surrounding her true status and mission is used in this way to substantiate her claims. Sri Mataji also appears in the text as the perfect Mother, both to her own daughters who she saw happily installed in arranged marriages before she would begin her spiritual work, and to her followers. She is, the writer reveals, the embodiment of Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu. Appropriately to that role, as a wife she is described as being invariably 'extremely respectful and obedient to her husband' (ibid., 262). Furthermore,

... though she is from an aristocratic and rich family and her husband is a very highly placed officer, she is extremely mild, humble and kind. She gets up early every morning and quietly does the household work by herself.. she is a charming housewife and a superb cook. (ibid., 265-6)

and she shines in virtue in her dealings with the others:

With elderly men she is respectful but with much younger boys and girls she laughs and jokes; ..- with men she maintains a proper, dignified distance. She is affectionate with ladies and extremely free with little girls.. She can be said to be the embodiment of correctness and modesty. (ibid., 267)

Her good health and vigour at her advanced age, coupled with her constant travelling around the world, are also used to legitimate her claim to be the Adi Shakti, and her mastery of kundalini. In short, Sri Mataji is presented in The Advent as an individual who exemplifies the virtues of cited sacred precedents, thus sanctioning her clams to be the key to salvation and to be the Goddess herself.”

Judith Coney, Sahaja Yoga
RoutledgeCurzon; 1 edition (May 24 1999) pp. 103-5
Judith Coney is a lecturer in the Department of Study of Religions at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

"I remember when I was there. I was driving Her [in 1983] from Rome to Tivoli, where Guido Lanza was managing a hotel-restaurant. The road was quite long, She was sitting next to me and commenting on the landscape we were crossing. At some point She started speaking about some plants that existed in Palestine and only there. She said they were called 'the blood of Christ' or something like that. And we, in the car, looked at Her and said, 'But Shri Mataji, have You been in Palestine?' And She said, 'No, no, but I remember when I was there at the time of Christ.'"

Ruth Flint

*This email from Isabelle of France is just one of the thousands of visions and dreams experienced by Her disciples over the decades revealing the true nature of Shri Mataji; that She, indeed, is the Paraclete sent in Jesus' name to complete and bring closure to His message, and commence the promised Resurrection.

Mar 22, 2008

Dear Violet

it's not Easter Sunday for us yet in France, as it is 11.00 pm. This Easter is very cold (6° tonight), very windy, with very strong rain. It might even snow tomorrow. I've always felt particularly "stirred" within at Easter, ever since I was a child.

As you know, I met Shri Mataji physically for the first time at Easter, in Australia. I remember Her powerful speech at the puja : everything became "clear" for me. I had always wondered, as a Christian child, what resurrection actually meant, and there and then, in front of my amazed eyes Shri Mataji was explaining that Christ has come on Earth to show us the way through the "narrow gate", and to show that if we followed Him, we could "Become" like Him, get resurrected from our human condition.

She also mentioned the symbol of the egg : that the eggs we offered each other at Easter represented our limited consciousness, blocked by ego and superego, and that the"egg"had to be broken to link our limited consciousness to the greater Self.

A few years later, in a meditation, I got a "flash" from a past life, at the time of Christ. I was in a mad and angry crowd. An intense atmosphere of violence was terrifying me and crushing my heart. It was like being at the bottom of a dark hot pit. The sun was high and burning but I was shaking with despair and loneliness. The crowd moved forward and screamed.

And there He was, sweating, bleeding, walking painfully under the weight of a horrible heavy cross. He didn't seem to mind so much despite the evident weight of the cross, the heat and the pain. He was calm, silent, lonely...

Across the crowd, I suddenly caught a glimpse of His mother, Mary. I instantly recognised Shri Mataji, looking very young. She was looking very sad, but there was no sign of"rebellion"In Her. She kept quiet, peaceful; dignified like a queen.

I felt the despair go up to my throat and suffocate me : Why didn't He save Himself? Why did She let them do that to Her Son? How could a mother stand this?

My heart was full of darkness, pain, revolt...

I could still feel the anger, the intense despair, the feeling of loss and loneliness which had probably grabbed me over 2000 years ago...

I came back to the present, to my meditation; tears were rolling down my cheeks and I could hardly breathe. And suddenly, I felt all Her Love, and all His Love. A bright light burst into my heart : Human beings had not crucified and killed Jesus : they had "killed" themselves ! They had projected all their anger, their lack of faith unto Him. He was far too bright and beautiful for them. He was showing them how they could become but they couldn't bear it. They were not ready. They couldn't accept His purity, His beauty, which was also theirs, although it was deeply buried in them.

Jesus had shown them the beauty and the light of the Spirit, but the light blinded them and they refused to accept it, at the time. A big drama had to take place first before Humanity could eventually accept the Gift that God had given them, the gift of the Spirit. A long and painful quest started, that would last more than 2000 years for most of us. I understood why Mary/Mataji and Jesus were so quiet and sad at the time: they were sad because they knew of the doom that was awaiting humanity. They had so much compassion for us. Like a Mother and and elderly Brother who are sad to see little children stumble, fall and hurt themselves; but they have to leave the little ones understand by themselves how to get up and walk. The drama had to unfold...

We are so blessed to know Shri Mataji. We are so blessed to feel Her love within. We are so blessed to be reconciled with ourselves, at last. May these blessings permeate the collective consciousness of Mankind.

Lots of Love to all


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