Angels and Paranormal Events

Angels and Paranormal Events

"There are parapsychologists and other people at the fringes of science who believe that some paranormal events or beings can be measured, really measured, and it's just that we: a) don't know where to look or how to look, and b) don't have sophisticated enough equipment. But they're trying. It may be that these paranormal phenomena, including angels, are real and can be understood in scientific terms. It may be they're some kind of a radiation or electricity, something like that. These beings may or may not represent a realm beyond ours, or maybe they're part of the world we know but are too ephemeral for us to measure right now. All this is possible but unproven ...

I think it's very important if we could prove that there are paranormal phenomena and if we could prove that these phenomena point to a transcendent realm beyond ours. That would be tremendously important as we try to chart out what is it that life is and what we're supposed to be doing, which we don't know. Those are big ifs, and I don't know if we can ever do that, or perhaps belief in God, in angels, and in the afterlife is always a question of faith ...

I don't agree with the point of view that faith itself is the whole point. I think if you knew for sure that there was a God, that there was an afterlife, if these things could be proven — and I'm not at all sure they can be, but if they could be — then we could amend our lives, we could change and be fuller human beings because we would have more knowledge about what the universe is and our part in it.”

Rabbi Richard M. Baroff
(Quoted in Angels: The Mysterious Messengers, Ballantine Books, New York, 1994 p. 40-1.)

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