Atrocities In The Name Of Allah (SWT)

How November 17 was cracked
Breaking the veil of secrecy around the shadowy Greek militant group came through sheer luck and fresh momentum in the drive to crack down on terror worldwide.
» 80% relevance  |  19/07/2002  |  similar stories

India rules out Kashmir moves
India tells Britain it will not do any more to reduce tensions with Pakistan until incursions into Indian-administered Kashmir stop.
» 85% relevance  |  19/07/2002  |  similar stories

Pearl killer fights death sentence
The British-born militant, sentenced to death for the kidnap and murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl, appeals against the conviction.
» 83% relevance  |  19/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israel 'to expel' militants' relatives
Palestinians react with fury after the Israeli army arrests 21 close relatives of militants suspected of organising attacks this week.
» 97% relevance  |  19/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli soldiers 'sold arms to militants'
Four are arrested for allegedly selling ammunition to Palestinian fighters in a bizarre twist to the Middle East crisis.
» 85% relevance  |  18/07/2002  |  similar stories

Gun battle at Kashmir mosque
Troops in Indian-administered Kashmir kill three militants after a day-long shoot-out at an abandoned mosque.
» 92% relevance  |  18/07/2002  |  similar stories

Gandhi visits Kashmir victims
Indian opposition leader Sonia Gandhi criticises the government for failing to prevent the latest attack in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 80% relevance  |  17/07/2002  |  similar stories

Pearl murder verdict praised by US
The US welcomes the conviction in Pakistan of four Islamic militants on charges of abducting and murdering journalist Daniel Pearl.
» 83% relevance  |  16/07/2002  |  similar stories

Brother says killer is no terrorist
The brother of the British-born militant sentenced to death for murdering Daniel Pearl protests his innocence.
» 80% relevance  |  16/07/2002  |  similar stories

Handover ends Lebanon stand-off
A Palestinian militant group based in Lebanon hands over to the Lebanese army a man suspected of killing three soldiers.
» 80% relevance  |  16/07/2002  |  similar stories

India cautious over Kashmir attack
The Indian Government refrains from blaming Pakistan in its first official reaction to a weekend attack in which 28 Hindus died.
» 83% relevance  |  16/07/2002  |  similar stories

Pearl murderer defiant after verdict
Islamic militant Omar Sheikh threatens Pakistan's judicial authorities, after receiving a death sentence for murdering US journalist Daniel Pearl.
» 83% relevance  |  15/07/2002  |  similar stories

Pearl murderer defiant after verdict
Islamic militant Omar Sheikh threatens Pakistan's judicial authorities, after receiving a death sentence for murdering US journalist Daniel Pearl.
» 83% relevance  |  15/07/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir strike ends peacefully
A strike called after the killing of 27 Hindus by suspected Islamic militants in Jammu ends without incident as India weighs its response.
» 88% relevance  |  15/07/2002  |  similar stories

South Asian journalists under pressure
Journalists across South Asia are working under increasing pressure from governments and militants, says the BBC's Tufail Ahmad.
» 80% relevance  |  15/07/2002  |  similar stories

Outrage as 27 killed in Kashmir
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw condemns the killing of 27 people, mainly women and children, in Indian Kashmir by suspected militants.
» 91% relevance  |  14/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israel destroys Gaza 'bomb factory'
The Israeli army says a building destroyed in an air raid on the Gaza Strip was being used by militants to make explosives.
» 85% relevance  |  14/07/2002  |  similar stories

In pictures: Mourning Kashmir dead
Relatives in Kashmir are mourning their dead after at least 27 Hindi civilians were killed in a militant attack on a shanty town in Jammu.
» 80% relevance  |  14/07/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir victims tell of attack horror
When suspected militants attacked the shanty town of Qasim Nagar on Saturday, their unknowing victims were listening to the radio.
» 85% relevance  |  14/07/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir killings condemned
Leaders both in India and elsewhere speak out against an attack by gunmen in Kashmir who killed at least 27 Hindu civilians.
» 82% relevance  |  14/07/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan 'linked' to Kashmir carnage
India's foreign minister blames Pakistan for an attack by gunmen in Kashmir who killed at least 27 Hindu civilians in a shanty town near Jammu.
» 85% relevance  |  14/07/2002  |  similar stories

Egypt hails militants' truce
Leaders of militant Islamic group Gamaa Islamiya, which was behind the 1997 massacre of 60 European tourists, renew ceasefire pledge.
» 88% relevance  |  13/07/2002  |  similar stories

Muslim militants hold UK meeting
Islamic fundamentalists hold their first public meeting in Britain since the 11 September terrorist attacks.
» 82% relevance  |  13/07/2002  |  similar stories

Indian troops kill Kashmir 'militants'
Troops in Indian-administered Kashmir are reported to have shot dead at least seven Muslim militants during an operation in Poonch district.
» 91% relevance  |  12/07/2002  |  similar stories

Journalist in pursuit of a story
Daniel Pearl was determined to get his story about Islamic militants, writes the BBC's Rahimullah Yusufzai who was visited by the US journalist during his assignment.
» 82% relevance  |  11/07/2002  |  similar stories

Fourteen killed in Algeria violence
Security officials in Algeria say four police officers have been killed in an attack by suspected Islamic militants in the west of the country.
» 80% relevance  |  10/07/2002  |  similar stories

Journalist shot in Kashmir
Suspected separatist militants attack a newspaper editor near Srinagar - the second journalist to be targeted in recent weeks.
» 89% relevance  |  10/07/2002  |  similar stories

Three Islamists arrested in Pakistan
Police in the Pakistani province of Punjab say they have arrested three Islamic militants.
» 80% relevance  |  10/07/2002  |  similar stories

Karachi bomb suspects arrested
Pakistani paramilitary troops arrest three alleged militants in connection with two recent bombings in the southern city of Karachi.
» 82% relevance  |  09/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israelis kill top militant
Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad says one of its leading members has been shot dead in a dawn raid by Israeli special forces.
» 92% relevance  |  09/07/2002  |  similar stories

Al-Qaeda 'may have killed minister'
Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah says al-Qaeda or Taleban militants may have killed Vice-President Haji Abdul Qadir.
» 80% relevance  |  08/07/2002  |  similar stories

Five killed by militants in Algeria
Reports from Algeria say Islamic militants killed at least five people in two separate incidents in the east of the country over the weekend.
» 92% relevance  |  08/07/2002  |  similar stories

Violent flare-up threatens Kashmir calm
More than 30 people are wounded in grenade attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir while Indian and Pakistani troops exchange fire.
» 82% relevance  |  06/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israel 'winning battle with militants'
Israel says nearly all militant leaders in the West Bank are dead or detained, as the army says incursions will go on for months.
» 94% relevance  |  05/07/2002  |  similar stories

Al-Qaeda 'opens new front in Jordan'
New evidence of Arabs fleeing the bombing in Afghanistan to open a new front in the Arab world has emerged in Jordan, reports Nic Pelham.
» 80% relevance  |  05/07/2002  |  similar stories

German police arrest wanted Algerian
Police in Stuttgart detain a suspected member of the militant Algerian GIA group, who has been sentenced to jail in France.
» 80% relevance  |  04/07/2002  |  similar stories

Al-Qaeda 'fighters' killed in Pakistan
Pakistani police shoot dead four militants near the Afghan border as "evidence" emerges linking al-Qaeda to bombings in Karachi.
» 82% relevance  |  03/07/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan denies Kashmir incursions
Pakistan rejects claims by India's new foreign minister that it has broken a promise to stop militants crossing into Indian Kashmir.
» 86% relevance  |  03/07/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan court hears al-Qaeda challenge
A court in Pakistan has been hearing testimony from five Arab nationals who are challenging their detention by the authorities on suspicion of being al-Qaeda militants.
» 80% relevance  |  02/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli army kills 'Hamas commander'
A senior member of the Palestinian group Hamas is shot dead by an Israeli commando unit in the West Bank town of Nablus.
» 80% relevance  |  30/06/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan names 'Karachi bombers'
Police publish photographs of 10 alleged militants suspected of carrying out recent bombings in the southern city of Karachi.
» 83% relevance  |  29/06/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistani militants' new targets
Pakistan's history of Islamic militancy is taking a new turn with revelations that a Sunni group is suspected of targeting foreigners, says Zaffar Abbas.
» 94% relevance  |  29/06/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistani militants' new targets
Pakistan's history of Islamic militancy is taking a new turn with revelations that a Sunni group is suspected of targeting foreigners, says Zaffar Abbas.
» 94% relevance  |  29/06/2002  |  similar stories

Thirteen killed in Algeria bus attack
Thirteen people are killed and nine others injured as suspected Islamic militants open fire on a bus in a suburb of Algiers, reports say.
» 82% relevance  |  28/06/2002  |  similar stories

Militant attacks defy Kashmir diplomacy
Clashes between Indian forces and suspected separatists in Kashmir threaten renewed tensions as Delhi says it will maintain military forces.
» 91% relevance  |  27/06/2002  |  similar stories

Musharraf firm on Kashmir infiltration
Pakistan's president tells US Secretary of State Colin Powell that he stands by his pledge to stop militant incursions in Kashmir.
» 88% relevance  |  25/06/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli air strike kills six in Gaza
An Israeli helicopter strike kills six Palestinians - including at least one militant - in Gaza as tanks surround Yasser Arafat's HQ in the West Bank.
» 85% relevance  |  24/06/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinian choices: Hamas or Arafat
Support for militants is up, but for suicide bombings is down. Fiona Symon examines the shifting sands of Palestinian politics.
» 85% relevance  |  24/06/2002  |  similar stories

Analysis: Israel's search for answers
Israel is employing a range of tactics in its fight against suicide bombers, but a solution is proving elusive, says the BBC's Paul Wood.
» 82% relevance  |  23/06/2002  |  similar stories

EU wants more action on Kashmir
European Union leaders call on Pakistan to do more to curb the infiltration of militants into Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 86% relevance  |  22/06/2002  |  similar stories

Militants killed in Kashmir
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say militants have been killed in a number of clashes with security forces.
» 95% relevance  |  21/06/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistani minister supports Kashmir 'jihad'
Pakistan's minister for religious affairs has said that militant groups fighting in Indian-administered Kashmir are involved in a holy war.
» 82% relevance  |  21/06/2002  |  similar stories

Israel pours troops into West Bank
Israeli troops move into several Palestinian towns and make hundreds of arrests, as gunmen attack a Jewish settlement near Nablus.
» 82% relevance  |  20/06/2002  |  similar stories

Indian troops 'to stay on border'
India says its troops will remain on the border with Pakistan as long as necessary - despite a marked drop in militant infiltration in Kashmir.
» 94% relevance  |  20/06/2002  |  similar stories

India notes drop in Kashmir incursions
India's defence minister acknowledges Pakistani efforts to rein in militants, noting a sharp decline in cross-border attacks.
» 86% relevance  |  19/06/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri separatists propose peace
The main separatist alliance in Indian- administered Kashmir proposes negotiating a ceasefire with militants across the Line of Control.
» 94% relevance  |  19/06/2002  |  similar stories

Lahore rally pledges to back militants
More than 10,000 Pakistanis attend a rally in Lahore to pledge continued support for militants opposed to Indian control of Kashmir.
» 89% relevance  |  17/06/2002  |  similar stories

Arafat denounces 'racist' fence
The Palestinian leader accuses Israel of "apartheid" for building a security fence to keep out West Bank militants.
» 83% relevance  |  17/06/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinian militant leader shot dead
Israeli forces kill a leading member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, which has been behind a number of suicide attacks.
» 85% relevance  |  17/06/2002  |  similar stories

Hindus targeted in Kashmir attack
Five Hindus are killed in an attack by suspected Islamic militants in Indian-administered Kashmir, according to police.
» 95% relevance  |  16/06/2002  |  similar stories

US hands over Egyptian militant
An Egyptian man convicted in trials that followed the 1981 assassination of Anwar Sadat is handed over to Egypt by the US.
» 85% relevance  |  16/06/2002  |  similar stories

Israelis shot in Gaza attack
A gun attack on a Jewish settlement in the northern Gaza Strip leaves two Israeli soldiers dead and at least two injured.
» 83% relevance  |  15/06/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir leader survives attack
The Chief Minister of Indian-administered Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, survives yet another attempt on his life in the state capital Srinagar.
» 83% relevance  |  15/06/2002  |  similar stories

Analysis: Pakistan searches for blast leads
The Karachi bomb comes at an awkward time for Pakistani authorities, who are apparently having little success in cracking down on militants.
» 89% relevance  |  14/06/2002  |  similar stories

Exiled Palestinian militants speak
In an exclusive interview with the World at One two Palestinian militants exiled to Ireland after the Church of the Nativity siege in Bethlehem tell us their story.
» 91% relevance  |  14/06/2002  |  similar stories

US backs Pakistan over al-Qaeda
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he is sure Pakistan will deal with al-Qaeda militants if they are found operating in Kashmir.
» 86% relevance  |  13/06/2002  |  similar stories

Analysis: Is al-Qaeda in Kashmir?
BBC correspondent Zaffar Abbas investigates suggestions that militants of Osama Bin Laden's network could be active in the region.
» 95% relevance  |  13/06/2002  |  similar stories

Rumsfeld's Kashmir controversy
Owen Bennett-Jones reports on the US defence secretary's visit to India and Pakistan, and the controversy over his claim that al-Qaeda operates in Kashmir.
» 86% relevance  |  13/06/2002  |  similar stories

Indian forces kill two Islamic militants
Authorities in Indian-administrated Kashmir say security forces have killed two Islamic militants belonging to the Pakistan-based Al-Badr group.
» 89% relevance  |  12/06/2002  |  similar stories

Four militants killed in Gaza
At least four Palestinian gunmen set to carry out an attack are shot dead by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip - hours after a sucide bombing.
» 83% relevance  |  12/06/2002  |  similar stories

Former militant arrested in Egypt
Reports say Egyptian police have arrested a founding member of the country's most prominent Islamic militant group.
» 94% relevance  |  12/06/2002  |  similar stories

Eleven dead in Algeria bus attack
Islamic militants are blamed after armed men attack a bus in Medea, killing 11 people in the worst recent bout of violence against civilians.
» 82% relevance  |  12/06/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir militant groups clash
The authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir say a gunbattle between two militant separatist groups has left seven people dead.
» 89% relevance  |  12/06/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesia warns Moluccan militants
Indonesian Vice-President Hamzah Haz promises stern measures for any militants seeking to incite new religious violence in the Moluccas.
» 89% relevance  |  11/06/2002  |  similar stories

Militants oppose Musharraf Kashmir policy
The decision by Pakistani President General Musharraf to restrict the passage of militants across the line of control in Kashmir has angered the groups involved.
» 92% relevance  |  11/06/2002  |  similar stories

Musharraf denounced over Kashmir
Hardline Muslims in Pakistan-administered Kashmir protest against President Musharraf's decision to ban militant incursions into Indian-held territory.
» 85% relevance  |  11/06/2002  |  similar stories

Militants angered by Pakistani crackdown
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's decision to block the passage of Kashmiri militants across the Line of Control angers militants.
» 97% relevance  |  11/06/2002  |  similar stories

Israel frees Hezbollah prisoner
Israel releases Mohammed al-Barzawi, a member of the militant Lebanese Hezbollah group after holding him for 15 years, Israel Radio reports.
» 82% relevance  |  10/06/2002  |  similar stories

Belgian terror row claims official
The head of national security, Godilieve Timmermans, resigns after a leaked report says her department failed to tackle Islamic militants.
» 80% relevance  |  06/06/2002  |  similar stories

Time 'running out' over Kashmir
India again urges Pakistan to tackle Kashmiri militants, as Britain's Jack Straw ends his peace mission optimistic that war can be averted.
» 80% relevance  |  05/06/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan spurns joint patrol plan
Pakistan rejects an offer to work with India on the Kashmir border prompting an Indian response that it is not serious about peace.
» 80% relevance  |  05/06/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinian cabinet blocks release
Palestinian leaders say they cannot implement a high court decision releasing a militant leader, as Israeli troops once more enter Jenin.
» 82% relevance  |  04/06/2002  |  similar stories

India's mixed Kashmir messages
There are conflicting signals from India over whether it will resort to war over the disputed territory of Kashmir.
» 82% relevance  |  03/06/2002  |  similar stories

India stands firm on Kashmir dialogue
India's defence minister rules out talks with Pakistan until cross-border attacks end in Kashmir and militant suspects are handed over.
» 82% relevance  |  02/06/2002  |  similar stories

EU pushes for Mid-East conference
The European Union foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, urges Middle East rivals to create the right climate for peace talks in two months.
» 80% relevance  |  02/06/2002  |  similar stories

US inspects Philippines mission
A top US defence official arrives on a visit as troops training local soldiers to fight Islamic militants are due to wind up their mission.
» 80% relevance  |  02/06/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri militant leader killed
The deputy leader of a Kashmiri militant group, Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen, is killed in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 88% relevance  |  02/06/2002  |  similar stories

Israel widens West Bank sweep
Israeli forces conduct fresh raids across the West Bank, in the search for suspected Palestinian militants.
» 80% relevance  |  01/06/2002  |  similar stories


Kashmiris speak out for peace
The majority living in Indian-administered Kashmir want dialogue as a way out of the crisis, an opinion poll suggests.
» 80% relevance  |  31/05/2002  |  similar stories

Bush warns Pakistan over Kashmir
The US president gives his strongest warning yet to Pakistan that it must stop militants crossing the border to attack Indian targets.
» 85% relevance  |  31/05/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir militants attack Indian police
Suspected Pakistani militants kill three Indian police officers, as firing continues along the border of the disputed territory of Kashmir.
» 94% relevance  |  30/05/2002  |  similar stories

Musharraf's Kashmir dilemma
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf faces political difficulties - and international pressure - over Pakistani militants active in Kashmir.
» 97% relevance  |  30/05/2002  |  similar stories

Time 'running out' over Kashmir
India again urges Pakistan to tackle Kashmiri militants, as Britain's Jack Straw ends his peace mission optimistic that war can be averted.
» 80% relevance  |  30/05/2002  |  similar stories

Israel weighs response to attacks
Recent Palestinian attacks are debated by Israel's security cabinet which reportedly opts to continue pinpoint raids to root out militants.
» 82% relevance  |  29/05/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli troops raid Jenin
Israeli troops stage an incursion into the West Bank town of Jenin during which they arrest several Palestinian militants.
» 85% relevance  |  28/05/2002  |  similar stories

Israel thrusts into Bethlehem
Israeli troops seal off Manger Square in Bethlehem and arrest the local leader of the militant al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.
» 86% relevance  |  27/05/2002  |  similar stories

Musharraf to speak out on Kashmir
Pakistan's president is to make a nationwide address on the stand-off with India over Kashmir, after missile tests increase nuclear war fears.
» 82% relevance  |  27/05/2002  |  similar stories

How secure is Musharraf?
The Pakistani leader may be willing to clamp down on Kashmiri militants, but they are not the only threat to his rule, says the BBC's Owen Bennett-Jones.
» 91% relevance  |  27/05/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinian shot dead in West Bank
Israeli forces kill a 55-year-old man during an attack on Tulkarm, and stage fresh incursions into Bethlehem and Qalqilya.
» 82% relevance  |  26/05/2002  |  similar stories

Militant 'dmits Pakistani backing'
India produces what it says is firm evidence that Pakistan is sponsoring cross-border infiltration by militant Kashmiri separatists.
» 95% relevance  |  26/05/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan presses on with missile tests
Pakistan defies international opposition with a second missile test, while across the border the Indian PM issues a rallying call to his nation.
» 82% relevance  |  26/05/2002  |  similar stories

US puts pressure on Musharraf
President Bush urges Pakistan to curb militant attacks in Kashmir - as a missile test risks raising tensions further.
» 82% relevance  |  25/05/2002  |  similar stories

Five dead in Kashmir gunbattle
The authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir say two members of the security forces and three militants have died in a gunbattle.
» 82% relevance  |  25/05/2002  |  similar stories

India 'puts off' Kashmir attack
India plans to give Pakistan two months to crack down on militants infiltrating into Kashmir, reports say, after days of tension.
» 83% relevance  |  24/05/2002  |  similar stories

Analysis: India's rising anger
Indians are increasingly cynical about Pakistan's claim to be a key participant in the US-led war against terrorism.
» 80% relevance  |  23/05/2002  |  similar stories

Vajpayee rules out Kashmir talks
India's prime minister says there can be no talks on the crisis in Kashmir until Pakistan fulfils its promise to rein in Muslim militants.
» 82% relevance  |  23/05/2002  |  similar stories

Exiled Palestinians arrive in Ireland
Two of the Palestinian militants exiled by Israel after the siege at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem begin life in Ireland.
» 86% relevance  |  23/05/2002  |  similar stories

Bethlehem militants begin Europe exile
Palestinian militants exiled from the West Bank are dispersed across Europe following their temporary detention in Cyprus.
» 97% relevance  |  22/05/2002  |  similar stories

Troops wrap up Afghan search
International troops end a five-day search for militants in the eastern mountains with little to show for their efforts.
» 83% relevance  |  22/05/2002  |  similar stories

Press condemns Kashmir killing
Indian newspapers carry hard-hitting front-page articles and editorials condemning the killing of Kashmiri leader Abdul Ghani Lone.
» 85% relevance  |  22/05/2002  |  similar stories

Exiled Palestinians head to Ireland
Two of the Palestinian militants exiled by Israel after the siege at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem are due in Ireland.
» 83% relevance  |  22/05/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir's troubled history
India and Pakistan have gone to war repeatedly over Kashmir. With the two countries now possessing nuclear weapons, there is concern that any future conflict could escalate.
» 83% relevance  |  22/05/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinian militant leader killed
The Israeli army kills a local commander of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades near Nablus as its searches for suspected militants.
» 91% relevance  |  22/05/2002  |  similar stories

Bethlehem exiles 'no threat' to hosts
A leader of the Palestinian militants about to take the last leg of their journey into exile in western Europe says they will respect the law.
» 94% relevance  |  21/05/2002  |  similar stories

Bethlehem militants ponder life in Gaza
The BBC's Barbara Plett talks to militants from the Bethlehem church siege, who feel glad to be alive but angry at the their exile in Gaza.
» 89% relevance  |  21/05/2002  |  similar stories

Jailed Palestinian 'planned attack'
Israel says a Palestinian militant guarded by British and American wardens in a West Bank prison planned Sunday's suicide attack.
» 80% relevance  |  20/05/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir back on-line
India restores public long-distance phone and internet services in Kashmir, but the security shutdown has left many in the region angry.
» 83% relevance  |  20/05/2002  |  similar stories

EU deal on Palestinian militants
European Union countries reach an agreement on the distribution of 13 exiled Palestinian militants.
» 95% relevance  |  20/05/2002  |  similar stories

Attacks raise India-Pakistan tension
Militant attacks in Kashmir and exchanges of fire across the border heighten fears of war between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan.
» 88% relevance  |  20/05/2002  |  similar stories

Militant blames Israel for Beirut blast
Palestinian militant leader Ahmed Jibril accuses Israel of assassinating his son in Lebanon - a claim instantly denied.
» 89% relevance  |  20/05/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinian militants deal 'close'
An EU envoy in Cyprus says an agreement on the distribution of 13 exiled militants to European countries will be reached "today or tomorrow".
» 97% relevance  |  20/05/2002  |  similar stories

Deal on militants 'not done'
Cyprus denies reports that EU ministers have agreed who will take in the Palestinian militants freed from Bethlehem.
» 95% relevance  |  19/05/2002  |  similar stories

Indian Kashmir camp attacked
Suspected militants kill four Indian soldiers in the second major attack within a week, as India and Pakistan trade fire over their disputed border.
» 86% relevance  |  19/05/2002  |  similar stories

India warns Pakistan over border
India steps up border security after a weekend of violence as it warns Pakistan against launching any attack on its forces in Kashmir.
» 82% relevance  |  19/05/2002  |  similar stories

EU 'strikes deal' on militants
Reports say the EU has struck a deal on which states will take in the 13 Palestinian militants freed from the Church of the Nativity.
» 94% relevance  |  19/05/2002  |  similar stories

India expels Pakistani envoy
India orders the Pakistani High Commissioner to leave the country following a bloody militant attack on an army garrison in Kashmir.
» 85% relevance  |  18/05/2002  |  similar stories

Row over Kashmir attack deepens
Tensions rise after India expels Pakistan's diplomatic envoy and violence continues in Kashmir, following a militant attack on Tuesday.
» 83% relevance  |  18/05/2002  |  similar stories

Indian MPs condemn Pakistan
Indian MPs attack Pakistan for backing terrorism, but the government declines to outline possible reprisals for a Kashmir attack.
» 80% relevance  |  17/05/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan troops hunt al-Qaeda
Pakistan steps up military activity in regions bordering Afghanistan, in an effort to flush out suspected al-Qaeda and Taleban militants.
» 82% relevance  |  15/05/2002  |  similar stories


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