Bloodshed In The Name Of Allah (SWT)

Fresh violence ahead of Kashmir vote
At least seven people are killed and 24 injured, ahead of a crucial stage in Kashmir's staggered elections.
» 85% relevance  |  23/09/2002  |  similar stories

Suspected militants arrested in Pakistan
Police in Pakistan arrest two suspected militants including an Afghan in the north-western city of Peshawar.
» 91% relevance  |  23/09/2002  |  similar stories

Five militants killed in Kashmir
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say shoot dead five suspected Islamic militants in a gun battle close to the Line of Control.
» 88% relevance  |  23/09/2002  |  similar stories

South-East Asia's terror clampdown
BBC News Online charts Asia's Muslim militant sweep since the attacks on the US last September.
» 91% relevance  |  23/09/2002  |  similar stories

Violence as Kashmir campaigning ends
Campaigning ends for the second round of polls in Indian-administered Kashmir as 15 people are killed overnight.
» 82% relevance  |  22/09/2002  |  similar stories

Indian police end Kashmir siege
Security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir retake a police complex seized by suspected Islamic militants, killing one of the attackers.
» 97% relevance  |  22/09/2002  |  similar stories

Blockade warning at rural march
A farmers' leader warns of French-style militancy if the plight of 250,000 countryside dwellers marching through London is not heard.
» 82% relevance  |  22/09/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir minister survives attack
Militants in Indian-held Kashmir attack state tourism minister Sakina Itoo - the third such attempt on her life in the last few days.
» 89% relevance  |  21/09/2002  |  similar stories

Karachi blast suspects held
Police in Pakistan arrest five more militants in connection with a suicide bomb attack on the US consulate in Karachi in June.
» 82% relevance  |  21/09/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir minister survives new attack
The authorities in Indian-held Kashmir say suspected militants have tried to kill state tourism minister Sakina Itoo for the third time.
» 83% relevance  |  21/09/2002  |  similar stories

Militant crackdown saved Malaysia - PM
Mahathir Mohamad says detentions under a controversial security act prevented attempts to overthrow his government.
» 86% relevance  |  20/09/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir political activist shot dead
Unidentified gunmen kill a ruling party activist in Indian-administered Kashmir in continued poll-related violence.
» 80% relevance  |  20/09/2002  |  similar stories

US notes rise in Kashmir incursions
The US ambassador to India says militant incursions into Indian-held Kashmir have risen, and calls on Pakistan to live up to its promises.
» 86% relevance  |  19/09/2002  |  similar stories

Germany bans 'militant' groups
The interior minister outlaws 16 groups linked to a jailed Turkish militant, using anti-terror legislation passed after the 11 September attacks.
» 88% relevance  |  19/09/2002  |  similar stories

School attack in Kashmir
Suspected militants spray gunfire at a school in Indian-held Kashmir, killing two, as the US warns that cross-border militancy is on the rise.
» 94% relevance  |  19/09/2002  |  similar stories

Israel bomb went off 'prematurely'
Militant group Islamic Jihad says it was behind a suicide bombing that killed an Israeli policeman - the first in weeks.
» 80% relevance  |  19/09/2002  |  similar stories

Bush seeks a stronger hand
Saddam's offer on weapons inspectors produces militancy in the US Congress, writes the BBC's Paul Reynolds.
» 80% relevance  |  19/09/2002  |  similar stories

Bomb blast at Palestinian school
Israeli militants are suspected of planting a bomb at a Palestinian school south of Hebron, which injured five children.
» 83% relevance  |  17/09/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan shuns Kashmir poll
Pakistan's state-run television service reminds its viewers not to take the elections in Indian-administered Kashmir seriously, reports the BBC's Zaffar Abbas.
» 80% relevance  |  17/09/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan shuns Kashmir poll
Pakistan's state-run television service reminds its viewers not to take the elections in Indian-administered Kashmir seriously, reports the BBC's Zaffar Abbas.
» 80% relevance  |  17/09/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiris vote amid sporadic violence
Voting in the first phase of four-stage elections in Indian-administered Kashmir is marred by sporadic violence.
» 80% relevance  |  16/09/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir embarks on troubled election
Indian-controlled Kashmir is voting in the first phase of elections, amid tight security after a campaign overshadowed by violence.
» 83% relevance  |  16/09/2002  |  similar stories

Key al-Qaeda suspect interrogated
Suspected militant leader Ramzi Binalshibh is still being questioned in Pakistan, as Germany says it will not contest his extradition to the US.
» 80% relevance  |  16/09/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir minister escapes ambush
Suspected separatist militants attack the convoy of Indian Kashmir's only woman minister on the eve of state elections.
» 83% relevance  |  15/09/2002  |  similar stories

India defends Kashmir poll
India's prime minister hits back at Pakistani ciriticism of elections in the disputed region, accusing Islamabad of arming militant separatists.
» 80% relevance  |  13/09/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli tanks raid Gaza town
One Palestinian is killed and several injured as Israeli tanks raid Rafah in a sweep for suspected militants.
» 82% relevance  |  13/09/2002  |  similar stories

Press ups stakes on Pankisi gorge
Russian and Georgian papers assess the latest bitter exchange over the presence of what Russia sees as pro-Chechen militants in Georgia's Pankisi Gorge.
» 83% relevance  |  12/09/2002  |  similar stories

Gunfight disrupts Kashmir funeral
Mourners run for cover at the funeral of a minister murdered by militants in Indian-held Kashmir as shooting breaks out nearby.
» 86% relevance  |  12/09/2002  |  similar stories

Putin warns of 'self-defence' strikes
President Putin says Russia has the right to self-defence from militants crossing the border from Georgia, hinting at military strikes.
» 82% relevance  |  11/09/2002  |  similar stories

Minister killed in Kashmir
Suspected militants kill a number of people, including a minister, in pre-election violence in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 89% relevance  |  11/09/2002  |  similar stories

Why unions are militant
The strong labour market and pay restraint in the public sector is behind much union militancy.
» 91% relevance  |  10/09/2002  |  similar stories

Arab Israeli stripped of citizenship
Israel for the first time revokes the citizenship of an Arab accused of helping Palestinian militants carry out suicide attacks.
» 82% relevance  |  09/09/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir attacks leave eight dead
Kashmiri militants kill eight people - policemen and civilians - a week before the disputed region begins voting in elections.
» 95% relevance  |  09/09/2002  |  similar stories

Nine killed in Kashmir
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say militants have shot dead five Hindus in a village in Rajouri district in Jammu.
» 83% relevance  |  09/09/2002  |  similar stories

Egypt jails 51 Islamists
A military court in Egypt sentences a group of Islamic militants for plotting to overthrow the government.
» 83% relevance  |  09/09/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan 'militants' killed in shoot-out
Four suspected militants - two of them linked to a church massacre last year - are killed in a gun battle with police in Pakistan.
» 92% relevance  |  08/09/2002  |  similar stories

Candidate killed in Kashmir
Suspected militants kill a candidate in forthcoming elections north of Srinagar, hours after separatist leaders are detained.
» 85% relevance  |  06/09/2002  |  similar stories

Israel targets 'terror factory'
Israeli helicopters raid a metal workshop allegedly used by Palestinian militants, as violence increases ahead of the Jewish New Year.
» 82% relevance  |  06/09/2002  |  similar stories

Militants 'to avenge' Israel expulsions
Palestinian groups vow retaliation after Israel's Supreme Court approves the expulsion of relatives of terror suspects from the West Bank.
» 91% relevance  |  03/09/2002  |  similar stories

Israel to expel militants' relatives
Israel's Supreme Court upholds a controversial order to expel two relatives of Palestinian militants from the West Bank to Gaza.
» 97% relevance  |  03/09/2002  |  similar stories

Drug money linked to Mid-East groups
US investigators say they have found evidence that drug traffickers in the US are channelling millions of dollars to militant groups.
» 80% relevance  |  03/09/2002  |  similar stories

Georgia says gorge 'under control'
President Shevardnadze says the lawless Pankisi Gorge is under control of his forces as troops continue searching for militants.
» 88% relevance  |  02/09/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir minister escapes assassins
Police in Indian administered Kashmir say the state's industries minister has escaped an attempt on his life by militants.
» 83% relevance  |  02/09/2002  |  similar stories

Lebanese dismiss al-Qaeda report
An Israeli report that scores of al-Qaeda militants are living in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon is met with derision in Beirut.
» 82% relevance  |  02/09/2002  |  similar stories

Children killed in Kashmir attack
Suspected Islamic militants in Indian-held Kashmir attack the home of a Muslim official and shoot dead two of his children, police say.
» 82% relevance  |  01/09/2002  |  similar stories

'Five dead' in Israeli helicopter strike
At least five people, including two children, are killed in an Israeli ambush of a car in the West Bank, say Palestinian security sources.
» 80% relevance  |  31/08/2002  |  similar stories

Nine militants killed in Kashmir
The army in Indian-administered Kashmir says Indian troops killed nine militants trying to cross the Line of Control.
» 89% relevance  |  30/08/2002  |  similar stories

Georgia arrests 'senior Arab militant'
The security minister says a man with suspected links to Islamic militant groups has been arrested during a security sweep near the Russian border.
» 94% relevance  |  30/08/2002  |  similar stories

Six charged with plotting terror in US
Six men are charged in the US with conspiring to provide material support and resources to Islamic militants for a series of attacks.
» 82% relevance  |  29/08/2002  |  similar stories

FBI helps Pakistan arrest 'militants'
US and Pakistani security forces arrest 12 men in Peshawar suspected of plotting attacks with al-Qaeda.
» 95% relevance  |  28/08/2002  |  similar stories

Former Kashmir leader shot
Police in Kashmir say a former pro-India militant leader has been seriously injured following an attack near Bandipora, north of Srinigar.
» 80% relevance  |  27/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israel 'rrests senior militant'
Israel says it has detained one of the most wanted leaders of Hamas during a major incursion into a Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin.
» 85% relevance  |  26/08/2002  |  similar stories

Georgia troops fail to find militants
Georgian troops sweep through the Pankisi Gorge - a lawless region which Russia says is home to Chechen rebels - but find no militants.
» 89% relevance  |  26/08/2002  |  similar stories

Four dead in Kashmir attack
The authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir say suspected militants have killed four members of a policeman's family.
» 83% relevance  |  26/08/2002  |  similar stories

Georgian troops enter rebel refuge
About 1,000 soldiers advance into the lawless Pankisi Gorge near the Chechen border, which Russia says is a haven for militants.
» 82% relevance  |  25/08/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinians execute woman 'collaborator'
Palestinian militants kill a 35-year-old for working with the Israelis - the first such reported killing of a woman.
» 85% relevance  |  25/08/2002  |  similar stories

Mid-East security deal put on hold
Israel says it will not withdraw from any more Palestinian areas in the West Bank and Gaza until Palestinians clamp down on militants.
» 82% relevance  |  24/08/2002  |  similar stories

Militants 'still entering Kashmir'
A US envoy says militants are still crossing into Indian-administered Kashmir, but Pakistan has assured him it is doing all it can to prevent it.
» 92% relevance  |  24/08/2002  |  similar stories

Analysis: Abu Nidal and Pan Am 103
BBC Middle East analyst Roger Hardy looks at the latest twist in the Lockerbie saga after a former aide of Abu Nidal points the finger at the dead militant.
» 80% relevance  |  23/08/2002  |  similar stories

Abu Nidal 'behind Lockerbie bombing'
A former aide of Abu Nidal says the militant Palestinian leader was responsible for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.
» 82% relevance  |  23/08/2002  |  similar stories

US envoy in Kashmir talks
US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage is in India for talks aimed at ending the current stand-off with Pakistan.
» 82% relevance  |  23/08/2002  |  similar stories

Gaza violence as militants reject deal
Two Palestinian militants are killed in a raid on a Jewish settlement, as radical groups reject a security agreement with Israel.
» 95% relevance  |  23/08/2002  |  similar stories

UK farmers go on strike
A militant farmers' group calls for a 24-hour strike to draw attention to the crisis facing the UK's rural economy.
» 80% relevance  |  22/08/2002  |  similar stories

Jolo: Unstable paradise
The beautiful Philippine island of Jolo is a haven for a number of armed gangs and militants.
» 83% relevance  |  22/08/2002  |  similar stories

Who are the Abu Sayyaf?
The militant Islamic group Abu Sayyaf is responsible for a reign of terror in the southern Philippines.
» 83% relevance  |  22/08/2002  |  similar stories

Rivals up Kashmir rhetoric
Delhi and Islamabad ratchet up their war of words over the disputed region as Indian troops kill five alleged militants in a gunbattle.
» 89% relevance  |  22/08/2002  |  similar stories

Britain to examine Kashmir funding
India says Britain has promised to look into the alleged funding by Muslims in the United Kingdom of militants in Kashmir.
» 80% relevance  |  22/08/2002  |  similar stories

Abu Nidal death 'not suicide'
Supporters of Palestinian guerrilla leader Abu Nidal reject Iraq's claim that the veteran militant committed suicide in Baghdad.
» 83% relevance  |  21/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli troops kill militant's brother
The brother of a Palestinian accused of killing an Israeli minister is shot dead, as a fragile security deal comes into force in Bethlehem.
» 80% relevance  |  20/08/2002  |  similar stories

Killings shake Mid-East security deal
Israeli forces kill the brother of a Palestinian militant in the West Bank amid sporadic violence following an Israeli pullout from Bethlehem.
» 82% relevance  |  20/08/2002  |  similar stories

India 'thwarts Kashmir infiltration'
The Indian army says it has killed nine militants trying to infiltrate into Indian-administered Kashmir under the cover of darkness.
» 91% relevance  |  20/08/2002  |  similar stories

Abu Nidal: Ruthless maverick
Middle East analyst Gerald Butt assesses the life and legacy of Palestinian militant leader Abu Nidal.
» 80% relevance  |  20/08/2002  |  similar stories

Charges for US consulate 'ttackers'
A Pakistani court is to charge four people for the attack on US consulate as well as for plotting to kill President Pervez Musharraf.
» 80% relevance  |  19/08/2002  |  similar stories

Abu Nidal 'found dead'
Unconfirmed Palestinian sources say the maverick militant leader Abu Nidal has been found shot dead at his home in Baghdad.
» 82% relevance  |  19/08/2002  |  similar stories

Analysis: Agreement on 'Gaza First' plan
As breakthroughs go, Israel's agreement to reduce its military presence in Gaza and Bethlehem is small, but it could be significant.
» 80% relevance  |  19/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israel agrees troop withdrawal
Israel says it will pull troops out of Gaza and Bethlehem if the Palestinians ensure security, but militant groups reject the deal.
» 88% relevance  |  19/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israel agrees troop withdrawal
Israel says it will pull troops out of Gaza and Bethlehem if the Palestinians ensure security, but militant groups reject the deal.
» 88% relevance  |  19/08/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan school shuts after attack
A Christian school in northern Pakistan which was stormed by militants earlier this month closes down for a year for security reasons.
» 80% relevance  |  17/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israelis raze militants' homes
Israeli forces destroy the family homes of two Palestinian militants as part of a continuing campaign against suicide bombers.
» 97% relevance  |  16/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli army accused of new killing
A five-year-old boy is shot dead in Gaza as Israeli human rights activists condemn troops for the alleged use of "human shields".
» 82% relevance  |  16/08/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan militants 'target government'
Pakistani police say militants arrested for attacking Christian targets were also planning attacks on the government.
» 95% relevance  |  15/08/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesian militant leader charged
The leader of an Islamic militant group in Indonesia has been charged with inciting hatred and violence against Christians.
» 88% relevance  |  15/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israel kills local Hamas leader
A leading Hamas militant in the West Bank dies in an arrest operation by Israeli troops which also leaves a second Palestinian dead.
» 86% relevance  |  14/08/2002  |  similar stories

Musharraf speech highlights
Excerpts from an independence day speech by Pakistan's President Musharraf in which he launched a blistering attack on Islamic militants.
» 82% relevance  |  14/08/2002  |  similar stories

Musharraf condemns Islamic militants
Pakistan's President Musharraf says extremist attacks against Christians and foreigners have tarnished the country's image and must be stopped.
» 89% relevance  |  14/08/2002  |  similar stories

Musharraf condemns Islamic militants
Pakistan's President Musharraf condemns Islamic militants, saying their violence tarnished the country's image, in an independence day address.
» 95% relevance  |  14/08/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinian refugee camp hit by clashes
Two people are killed and several others injured in factional fighting at Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp.
» 82% relevance  |  13/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli court delays expulsion ruling
Israel's Supreme Court needs more time to decide whether Palestinian relatives of suspected militants can be expelled to Gaza.
» 85% relevance  |  13/08/2002  |  similar stories

Militants 'to continue attacks in Israel'
Palestinian militant group Hamas rejects a proposal drafted during a meeting of the various Palestinian factions that would limit attacks on Israeli targets.
» 97% relevance  |  12/08/2002  |  similar stories

US delves into al-Qaeda mindset
US behavioural scientists examine al-Qaeda suspects to try to gain a better insight into what drives anti-American militants.
» 83% relevance  |  09/08/2002  |  similar stories

Torture fears for Briton in Egypt
A Northamptonshire man accused of being an Islamic militant is being tortured in an Egyptian jail, it is claimed.
» 80% relevance  |  08/08/2002  |  similar stories

'Gaza first' plan founders
BBC News Online examines why the latest Israeli-Palestinian truce plan collapsed.
» 80% relevance  |  08/08/2002  |  similar stories

Four killed in Kashmir attack
Suspected Islamic militants have shot dead four members of a Hindu family in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 91% relevance  |  08/08/2002  |  similar stories

Talks on Israeli truce plan 'fail'
Palestinians accuse Israel of reneging on a deal to withdraw from Palestinian areas, as Israeli forces move into parts of Gaza.
» 80% relevance  |  08/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli raid kills militant chief
An al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader is shot dead in the West Bank as Palestinian leaders meet to discuss an offer of phased withdrawal.
» 88% relevance  |  07/08/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir attack revives tensions
The attack on Hindu pilgrims in Indian-administered Kashmir comes at a particularly sensitive time as elections loom.
» 83% relevance  |  06/08/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan blamed over Kashmir attack
India says Pakistan-based militants were behind the killing of nine Hindu pilgrims in the disputed region - an accusation Pakistan denies.
» 89% relevance  |  06/08/2002  |  similar stories

Hindu pilgrims killed in Kashmir attack
At least 13 people are killed in Indian Kashmir, 10 during a suspected Islamic militant attack on Hindu pilgrims.
» 92% relevance  |  06/08/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri separatist leader attacked
A coalition of Islamist militant groups calls for a prominent Kashmiri separatist leader in to be expelled from the main separatist alliance.
» 83% relevance  |  06/08/2002  |  similar stories

Algerian troops 'rout rebel group'
Algerian security forces kill 40 Islamic militants in a major operation west of Algiers, according to media reports.
» 82% relevance  |  04/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israel bus attack causes carnage
At least 13 people are killed as Palestinian militants target a bus in northern Israel, a lorry in Jerusalem and a Gaza Jewish settlement.
» 82% relevance  |  04/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israel combs Nablus for militants
The Israeli army conducts house-to-house searches in the West Bank town it describes as the "main factory of suicide bombings".
» 83% relevance  |  03/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israel combs Nablus for militants
The Israeli army conducts house-to-house searches in the West Bank town it describes as the "main factory of suicide bombings".
» 83% relevance  |  03/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli probe reveals 'intelligence failure'
Israel's army says faulty intelligence led to civilian deaths in the attack on a Hamas militant last month, as it continues its raid on Nablus.
» 83% relevance  |  02/08/2002  |  similar stories

Al-Qaeda-Taleban tensions revealed
Emails and letters sent by Al-Qaeda militants based in Afghanistan expressed deep frustration with life in Afghanistan.
» 91% relevance  |  02/08/2002  |  similar stories

Police kill 'wanted militant' in Kashmir
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir kill an Islamic militant 'who claimed responsibility' for an attack in July which left 27 civilians dead.
» 97% relevance  |  02/08/2002  |  similar stories

Six killed in Andhra Pradesh clashes
Police in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh say they have killed six suspected communist militants, including two women.
» 82% relevance  |  01/08/2002  |  similar stories

Extracts from the Jenin report
Extracts from the UN's report on the clashes in the West Bank town of Jenin during Israel's spring offensive against Palestinian militants.
» 80% relevance  |  01/08/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesian Islamic militant on trial
Jafar Umar Thalib, head of an Islamic militia in Indonesia, goes on trial accused of inciting religious violence in the Moluccas.
» 80% relevance  |  01/08/2002  |  similar stories

India condemns militant 'conspiracy'
India says Pakistan is still not doing enough to curb Islamic militancy after five die in an all-night gun battle in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 97% relevance  |  01/08/2002  |  similar stories

Israel to expel militant's relative
Israel's cabinet decides expel to the Gaza Strip the West Bank relative of a man suspected of attacking Israelis.
» 89% relevance  |  31/07/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir militant leader 'missing'
Fears grow for the safety of the founder of Kashmiri militant group, Lashkar-e-Toiba, after Pakistani authorities say he is not in custody.
» 91% relevance  |  31/07/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri militants say camps closed
Militants fighting Indian rule in Kashmir say they have closed down training camps in Pakistan-administered Kashmir
» 89% relevance  |  30/07/2002  |  similar stories

Hindu pilgrims killed in Kashmir
Suspected militants kill two Hindu pilgrims in a grenade attack in Indian-administered Kashmir, police say.
» 82% relevance  |  30/07/2002  |  similar stories

UK Muslims 'recruited by militants'
Young British men are being recruited to fight in militant Islamic organisations abroad, senior members of the Muslim community warn.
» 88% relevance  |  30/07/2002  |  similar stories

Powell urges Kashmir dialogue
The US secretary of state repeats a call for talks between India and Pakistan on Kashmir, saying the dispute is firmly on the global agenda.
» 82% relevance  |  28/07/2002  |  similar stories

Political activists killed in Kashmir
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say suspected militants have killed three members of the state's ruling party.
» 82% relevance  |  26/07/2002  |  similar stories

Police clash with rioters in Algeria
Kabyle officials set an ultimatum to the government for the release of imprisoned militants, as clashes occur in Tizi Ouzou.
» 80% relevance  |  25/07/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir grenade attack injures 15
A grenade attack by suspected militants in Indian-administered Kahsmir has injured at least 15 people.
» 80% relevance  |  25/07/2002  |  similar stories

Australian militant fathers under fire
Australia's authorities vow to crack down on a group known as the Blackshirts accused of harassing divorced women.
» 83% relevance  |  25/07/2002  |  similar stories

'l-Qaeda' influence grows in Iraq
An Islamic militant group believed to have links with Osama Bin Laden are establishing themselves in the Kurdish area of northern Iraq, reports the BBC's Jim Muir.
» 83% relevance  |  24/07/2002  |  similar stories

Iraqi Kurds fear Islamic militant group
A group of Islamic extremists allegedly linked to al-Qaeda is fighting Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq, reports Jim Muir.
» 80% relevance  |  24/07/2002  |  similar stories

Profile: Salah Shahada
BBC News Online looks at the life of leading Palestinian militant Salah Shahada, whom Israel has targeted in an attack on Gaza.
» 85% relevance  |  23/07/2002  |  similar stories

Denials over Pearl detentions
Pakistan denies reports that it is holding three members of a militant group for their alleged involvement in the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl.
» 80% relevance  |  23/07/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan militant detention queried
A court in Pakistan asks the government to explain why it is detaining the founder of the outlawed militant group, Lashkar-e-Toiba.
» 88% relevance  |  22/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israel makes promise on deportations
Israel says it will give 12 hours warning before deporting any of the relatives of Palestinian militants from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip.
» 86% relevance  |  22/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israel, Palestinians resume talks
Israeli and Palestinian officials hold high-level talks in an attempt to reduce hardship for those living under curfew in the West Bank.
» 82% relevance  |  21/07/2002  |  similar stories

Hindu pilgrimage starts in Kashmir
Hindu worshipers begin the annual pilgrimage to a shrine in Indian-administered Kashmir that has been attacked by militants in recent years.
» 80% relevance  |  21/07/2002  |  similar stories

Israel expulsion plan draws fire
The United Nations and Washington condemn Israel's plans to expel relatives of Palestinian militants from the West Bank.
» 89% relevance  |  20/07/2002  |  similar stories



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