Butchery In The Name Of Allah (SWT)

Eight killed in Saudi shoot-out
Six militants and two police officers are killed in a gun battle in Saudi Arabia, officials say.
» 88% relevance  |  28/07/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinians warn of crisis
Palestinians react angrily to reports that Israel has ruled out the immediate release of Hamas and Jihad militants.
» 83% relevance  |  23/07/2003  |  similar stories

Saudi suspects 'linked to al-Qaeda'
Saudi interior minister says 16 suspected militants arrested in raids across the country are linked to al-Qaeda.
» 82% relevance  |  22/07/2003  |  similar stories

Army boss injured in Kashmir
The commander of the Indian army in the Kashmir is injured in a militant attack that leaves eight soldiers dead.
» 89% relevance  |  22/07/2003  |  similar stories

Militants beat up Jenin governor
Gunmen abduct a West Bank Palestinian governor for several hours accusing him of collaborating with the Israelis.
» 89% relevance  |  19/07/2003  |  similar stories

Fake goods linked to terrorism
Interpol warns that militant groups across the world are getting funds through the counterfeit trade.
» 88% relevance  |  17/07/2003  |  similar stories

Militants 'claim' Quetta killings
The BBC is given a videotape and letter in which Pakistani Sunni militants say they killed 50 Shia Muslims 11 days ago.
» 88% relevance  |  15/07/2003  |  similar stories

Militants in Manila jailbreak
A top bomb-maker and two other Islamic terror suspects are on the run after escaping from a high security prison.
» 83% relevance  |  14/07/2003  |  similar stories

Israel arrests Irish 'bomb expert'
An Irish man is arrested by Israeli police on suspicion of training Palestinian militants.
» 82% relevance  |  13/07/2003  |  similar stories

Israel arrests Irish 'bomb expert'
An Irish man is arrested by Israeli police on suspicion of training Palestinian militants.
» 82% relevance  |  13/07/2003  |  similar stories

Indonesia in fresh terror raids
Police detain more militants linked to the Bali bombing, but deny speculation they hold key terror suspect Hambali.
» 86% relevance  |  11/07/2003  |  similar stories

TV curbs anti-Israel rhetoric
BBC Monitoring observes that the official Palestinian television channel has cut back substantially on anti-Israel rhetoric since the ceasefire declared by Palestinian militant groups on 29 June.
» 80% relevance  |  09/07/2003  |  similar stories

Israel to free more prisoners
The Israeli cabinet plans to release more Palestinian detainees, but militants will not be eligible.
» 85% relevance  |  06/07/2003  |  similar stories

Abbas meets Palestinian groups
The Palestinian prime minister holds talks with militant groups, in an effort to shore up the US-backed peace plan.
» 86% relevance  |  04/07/2003  |  similar stories

Jakarta trial told of terror web
A witness in the trial of an Indonesian cleric says Muslim militants help each other across South East Asia.
» 86% relevance  |  03/07/2003  |  similar stories

Violence hits Mid-East peace drive
A Palestinian militant is killed in the West Bank as Israel frees the head of the Gaza Strip security services.
» 88% relevance  |  03/07/2003  |  similar stories

US warns off Iraqi attackers
President George Bush vows to deal harshly with militants who attack American troops in Iraq.
» 80% relevance  |  02/07/2003  |  similar stories

Analysis: Boost for Mid-East peace
A Palestinian truce and an Israeli pull-out from Gaza have revived the peace process, says Sebastian Usher.
» 80% relevance  |  30/06/2003  |  similar stories

Mid-East peace plan breakthrough
Israeli forces pull out of the northern Gaza Strip after Palestinian militant groups announced ceasefires.
» 86% relevance  |  29/06/2003  |  similar stories

Rice promotes peace plan in Israel
President Bush's key adviser meets the Israeli prime minister following "positive" talks with the Palestinians.
» 80% relevance  |  29/06/2003  |  similar stories

Rice to push Israel on peace
President Bush's key adviser is to meet the Israeli prime minister following 'positive' talks with the Palestinians.
» 80% relevance  |  29/06/2003  |  similar stories

US steps up pressure for peace
President Bush's key adviser holds talks with Palestinians amid signs of progress on the Middle East peace plan.
» 80% relevance  |  28/06/2003  |  similar stories

FBI holds alleged Kashmir militants
The FBI arrests eight people in the US believed to be linked to the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba.
» 88% relevance  |  28/06/2003  |  similar stories

Hamas leader signals truce
The spiritual leader of the Palestinian militant group says it has decided to suspend "fighting operations" against Israelis.
» 85% relevance  |  27/06/2003  |  similar stories

EU rejects full Hamas ban
Europe rejects US calls to outlaw the political as well as the military wing of the Palestinian militants.
» 80% relevance  |  27/06/2003  |  similar stories

Saudi attackers 'must surrender'
All fugitive militants must give themselves up, Saudi officials say, after the arrest of the state's "top al-Qaeda agent".
» 82% relevance  |  27/06/2003  |  similar stories

Israeli pullback deal 'close'
Palestinian and Israeli officials report progress at talks on Israel's withdrawal from the northern Gaza and Bethlehem.
» 82% relevance  |  27/06/2003  |  similar stories

Three killed in Gaza raid
Israeli troops leave three dead in the search for a senior Hamas activist in a village in the southern Gaza Strip.
» 80% relevance  | 
27/06/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinian truce 'within days'
Palestinian militants say it will be days before a deal to halt attacks on Israelis is reached - not hours as Yasser Arafat believed.
» 85% relevance  |  26/06/2003  |  similar stories

Arafat expects Palestinian truce
The Palestinian leader says he expects a ceasefire "within hours" but the militant groups involved say it will take longer.
» 88% relevance  |  26/06/2003  |  similar stories

Indonesian cleric 'is militant chief'
Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Ba'syir heads the regional extremist group Jemaah Islamiah, a court hears.
» 85% relevance  |  26/06/2003  |  similar stories

Bush urges EU action on Hamas
The US president calls on European leaders to take action against the Palestinian militant group at a joint US-EU summit.
» 82% relevance  |  26/06/2003  |  similar stories

Israeli gunships kill two in Gaza
Helicopters fire missiles at a car in the Gaza Strip, but kill two people not linked to militants and injure 15.
» 88% relevance  |  25/06/2003  |  similar stories

'Militants killed' by Yemeni forces
At least 10 Islamic militants are reported killed by Yemeni troops in an assault on their mountain hideout, sources say.
» 97% relevance  |  25/06/2003  |  similar stories

Hamas militants killed in Gaza
Two Hamas militants are killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.
» 91% relevance  |  25/06/2003  |  similar stories

Arrests threaten truce hopes
The Palestinian militant group Hamas says Israel's round-up of 150 people makes it unlikely it will agree to any ceasefire.
» 83% relevance  |  24/06/2003  |  similar stories

Scores held in Hamas sweep
Israeli troops arrest 150 Palestinians in the West Bank, in an operation against suspected militants.
» 88% relevance  |  24/06/2003  |  similar stories

Pakistan arrests five 'militants'
Police in Punjab Province arrest alleged members of a banned Islamic militant group wanted for several attacks.
» 88% relevance  |  23/06/2003  |  similar stories

US criticises Israel strike
US Secretary of State Colin Powell expresses "concern" at the Israeli killing of a wanted Hamas militant.
» 85% relevance  |  23/06/2003  |  similar stories

Hamas killing jolts peace process
Israel's PM hails the killing of a top militant, while the Palestinians accuse him of sabotaging truce talks.
» 82% relevance  |  22/06/2003  |  similar stories

Indonesia seizes terror suspects
Police arrest 10 alleged members of a militant group suspected of bomb attacks on churches in 2000.
» 80% relevance  |  21/06/2003  |  similar stories

Solomons villages torched
The government calls for foreign aid as militants go on the rampage in the latest ethnic clashes.
» 82% relevance  |  21/06/2003  |  similar stories

Hamas dominates latest talks
Colin Powell's visit to the Middle East highlights the different approaches to tackling the militants, the BBC's Roger Hardy writes.
» 80% relevance  |  20/06/2003  |  similar stories

Powell warns Mid-East militants
The visiting US secretary of State brands Hamas an "enemy of peace" and urges urgent Palestinian security reforms.
» 85% relevance  |  20/06/2003  |  similar stories

Suicide bomber hits northern Israel
An Israeli is killed in a suicide attack, as the Palestinian PM prepares to meet militant groups.
» 82% relevance  |  19/06/2003  |  similar stories

Israel 'to curb strikes against militants'
Israel reportedly agrees to a six-week suspension of attacks on Palestinian militant leaders to help foster peace talks.
» 97% relevance  |  18/06/2003  |  similar stories

Israeli child killed in ambush
An Israeli child is killed in a Palestinian gun attack, as talks aimed at stopping attacks on Israel end without agreement.
» 80% relevance  |  17/06/2003  |  similar stories

India seeks UK help on Kashmir
India's deputy prime minister calls on the UK Government to put more pressure on Pakistan to end cross-border militancy.
» 85% relevance  |  16/06/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinian PM to meet militants
Abu Mazen arrives in Gaza for talks with Palestinian militant groups aimed at securing a ceasefire with Israel.
» 97% relevance  |  16/06/2003  |  similar stories

Israeli-Palestinian talks held
Israeli and Palestinian security officials meet after a week of violence to try to keep alive the peace process.
» 80% relevance  |  15/06/2003  |  similar stories

Where do the Middle East parties stand?
US envoy John Wolf is scheduled to go to Jerusalem in an attempt to salvage the US-backed roadmap for peace. Bringing the sides together will be tough.
» 85% relevance  |  15/06/2003  |  similar stories

'Bomb plot' against Apec summit
Muslim militants are accused of planning an attack on Asia Pacific heads of state in Bangkok later this year.
» 85% relevance  |  14/06/2003  |  similar stories

Israeli gunships bombard Gaza
Israel launches two more missile attacks on Gaza City, killing a Hamas militant and wounding 30 others.
» 85% relevance  |  14/06/2003  |  similar stories

Hamas blamed for Mid-East violence
The US blames Hamas militants for a rise in violence amid efforts to salvage the roadmap peace plan.
» 83% relevance  |  13/06/2003  |  similar stories

Hamas warning after Gaza strikes
Palestinian militant group Hamas pledges to destroy the Israeli state as Israeli attacks kill nine.
» 85% relevance  |  12/06/2003  |  similar stories

Bloodshed batters Mid-East peace hopes
At least 26 people die in a Palestinian suicide attack on a Jerusalem bus and Israeli missile strikes in Gaza.
» 82% relevance  |  11/06/2003  |  similar stories

Rocket attacks harden mood in Gaza
Israeli strikes on militant targets in the Strip add to local feeling that peace talks are pointless, the BBC's James Rodgers finds.
» 83% relevance  |  11/06/2003  |  similar stories

Bush undeterred by Mid-East violence
The US president says he is "troubled" by Israeli missile strikes on Gaza, but insists the roadmap peace plan will survive.
» 89% relevance  |  11/06/2003  |  similar stories

Israel defiant over air strikes
Israel defends its two deadly Gaza missile attacks amid charges that they were timed to scupper the fragile peace process.
» 89% relevance  |  11/06/2003  |  similar stories

Israel launches fresh Gaza strike
Israeli helicopters attack a car carrying Palestinians in Gaza in a second raid - hours after wounding a Hamas militant leader.
» 97% relevance  |  10/06/2003  |  similar stories

Profile: Hamas leader Rantissi
Senior Hamas leader Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi is one of the militant group's most outspoken officials.
» 83% relevance  |  10/06/2003  |  similar stories

Who are Islamic Jihad?
Islamic Jihad may be one of the best known names associated with Palestinian militancy, but it has always been a relatively small and shadowy organisation.
» 80% relevance  |  09/06/2003  |  similar stories

Iran greets Iraqi Shia militant
A cleric who wants an Iran-style theocracy in Iraq gets a warm welcome in Tehran, despite warnings from the US.
» 83% relevance  |  09/06/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinian PM seeks truce talks
Abu Mazen vows to achieve a ceasefire after two deadly attacks, but doubts persist over his ability to take on the militants.
» 83% relevance  |  09/06/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinians warned on terror
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says there will be no deal with Palestinians unless they stamp out militants.
» 86% relevance  |  09/06/2003  |  similar stories

Analysis: Abu Mazen's quandary
The latest attack on Israelis illustrates the mounting difficulties faced by the new Palestinian PM, writes the BBC's James Rogers.
» 82% relevance  |  08/06/2003  |  similar stories

Seven die in Gaza gun battle
Palestinian militants are shot dead after killing four Israeli soldiers in an attack that threatens the peace process.
» 83% relevance  |  08/06/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinian radicals reject truce
Militant groups vow to continue attacks against Israel, rejecting peace moves, as a dawn gunfire erupts at a Gaza checkpoint.
» 83% relevance  |  08/06/2003  |  similar stories

Musharraf bomb plot trial opens
A Karachi court hears that five men with Islamic militant connections planned to kill the Pakistani leader in 2002.
» 82% relevance  |  07/06/2003  |  similar stories

Fresh Kashmir fighting kills 15
An upsurge of violence claims more lives in various parts of the disputed region, as India's prime minister again calls for peace.
» 82% relevance  |  06/06/2003  |  similar stories

Hamas breaks off truce talks
Palestinian militants cease dialogue with Prime Minister Abu Mazen over his pledge to end violence against Israelis.
» 88% relevance  |  06/06/2003  |  similar stories

Saudis 'united' against militants
Saudi Arabia pledges to eradicate Islamic militants blamed for suicide bombings against Western targets.
» 92% relevance  |  04/06/2003  |  similar stories

Arabs vow to fight militants
Arab leaders meeting in Egypt pledge to take measures to stop support for terrorist groups in the Middle East.
» 83% relevance  |  03/06/2003  |  similar stories

Saudi forces 'battle militants'
Saudi papers report on a deadly gun battle between security forces and militants wanted over the Riyadh bomb attacks.
» 91% relevance  |  02/06/2003  |  similar stories

Pakistan militants attack circus
Club-wielding Islamic activists storm a circus show near Lahore and hundreds are hurt in a stampede.
» 80% relevance  |  31/05/2003  |  similar stories

Israel to lift restrictions
Israel is lifting restrictions imposed on Palestinians in the occupied territories tonight, the army announces.
» 80% relevance  |  31/05/2003  |  similar stories

Pakistan police arrest militant
The arrest is announced of an alleged militant leader said to have given his blessing to the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl.
» 88% relevance  |  29/05/2003  |  similar stories

Thailand admits to JI presence
Thailand has admitted for the first time the presence of suspected Muslim militants in the country.
» 82% relevance  |  29/05/2003  |  similar stories

Gun battle in Kashmir
Indian soldiers have killed at least three separatist militants in Indian-administered Kashmir, reports say.
» 91% relevance  |  29/05/2003  |  similar stories

Bali suspect details militant links
A witness at a key trial in Indonesia says he thinks cleric Abu Bakar Ba'syir is the leader of Jemaah Islamiah.
» 83% relevance  |  28/05/2003  |  similar stories

Al-Qaeda suspect tells of bomb plot
An alleged Islamic militant tells a Belgian court how he plotted to bomb a military base housing nuclear missiles.
» 82% relevance  |  27/05/2003  |  similar stories

Family wiped out in Algeria attack
Suspected Islamic militants in Algeria kill 14 people - all from the same family - in an overnight raid west of the capital, Algiers.
» 82% relevance  |  27/05/2003  |  similar stories

Fresh killings in Kashmir
At least nine people die in two attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir as Delhi appears to signal a shift in policy.
» 89% relevance  |  26/05/2003  |  similar stories

India rules out early Pakistan talks
Defence Minister George Fernandes says peace talks are "not close", but welcomes moves to curb Kashmir militants.
» 83% relevance  |  23/05/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinian PM's balancing act
Palestinian PM Abu Mazen faces pressure from both Israel and militants in his own camp, says Jeremy Cooke.
» 82% relevance  |  21/05/2003  |  similar stories

Why militants reject the roadmap
For Palestinian militants, the US peace plan falls far short of their ultimate goal, writes the BBC's James Rodgers.
» 95% relevance  |  20/05/2003  |  similar stories

Eleven die in Kashmir violence
At least 11 people, including six family members, lose their lives as India and Pakistan continue efforts to defuse tension.
» 88% relevance  |  19/05/2003  |  similar stories

Suspects held over Morocco bombs
Militant Islamists are detained in Casablanca after Friday's bomb attacks, as the King calls for a full inquiry.
» 80% relevance  |  18/05/2003  |  similar stories

Thailand, Malaysia dismiss terror warnings
Thailand and Malaysia angrily dismiss warnings that they are at risk of attack by Islamic militants.
» 83% relevance  |  16/05/2003  |  similar stories

Al-Qaeda's origins and links
BBC News Online explains how Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network grew up and the connections with other militants.
» 80% relevance  |  16/05/2003  |  similar stories

Sahara hostage tells of ordeal
An Austrian kidnapped while trekking through the Sahara desert reportedly by a group of Algeria militants tells of his ordeal.
» 82% relevance  |  15/05/2003  |  similar stories

Pakistan bans militant chief
The head of the Jaish-e-Mohammad militant group is banned from Pakistani-administered Kashmir.
» 91% relevance  |  14/05/2003  |  similar stories

'Militants' kill minister's son
Police in the north-east Indian state of Assam say suspected militants have killed the son of the state's mining minister.
» 88% relevance  |  12/05/2003  |  similar stories

Powell pleads for Mid-East peace
The visiting US secretary of state calls on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to take bold moves towards peace.
» 80% relevance  |  11/05/2003  |  similar stories

Hamas member killed in Gaza
An Israeli helicopter fires rockets at a car in Gaza City killing a member of the Hamas militant group.
» 82% relevance  |  08/05/2003  |  similar stories

Violence as Israel celebrates
A militant commander and a Palestinian toddler die in separate incidents as a tense Israel marks its 55th birthday.
» 83% relevance  |  07/05/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinian sentenced for attacks
A militant leader gets life imprisonment for attacks that killed 14 Israelis and injured many others.
» 80% relevance  |  05/05/2003  |  similar stories

Palestinian anger at Gaza funeral
Thousands of Palestinians honour 12 people killed in an Israeli raid in Gaza City, as militants vow to take revenge.
» 86% relevance  |  02/05/2003  |  similar stories

Analysis: Challenge of the suicide bombers
With a new Palestinian leadership in place and another peace initiative in the wings, can the suicide bombers be stopped?
» 82% relevance  |  30/04/2003  |  similar stories

Suicide bomber strikes Tel Aviv
An attacker kills three people in Tel Aviv, hours after the new Palestinian premier vows to rein in militants.
» 85% relevance  |  30/04/2003  |  similar stories

Decline of Kashmir's gardens
In Indian-administered Kashmir, places of recreation are becoming rare - and they are also becoming dangerous, reports Muzamil Jaleel.
» 80% relevance  |  30/04/2003  |  similar stories

Militant killed in Gaza attack
A Palestinian militant dies in a strike by Israeli helicopter gunships in Gaza, while two others are reported killed in the West Bank.
» 92% relevance  |  29/04/2003  |  similar stories

Gaza air strike 'kills militant'
A Palestinian militant is killed in a strike by Israeli helicopter gunships, security officials in the Gaza Strip say.
» 91% relevance  |  29/04/2003  |  similar stories

India cool on Pakistan offer
India's prime minister is unlikely to visit Pakistan for talks in the near future, despite an invitation from his counterpart.
» 82% relevance  |  29/04/2003  |  similar stories

New Palestinian cabinet voted in
The Palestinian parliament approves a cabinet - a key step in the introduction of the US-led "roadmap" to peace.
» 80% relevance  |  29/04/2003  |  similar stories

Thai PM blames militants for raids
Military personnel are killed in attacks on bases in southern Thailand which are blamed on foreign-backed militants.
» 91% relevance  |  28/04/2003  |  similar stories

Polls close in Yemen
Voting ends in Yemen's general elections with little sign of trouble, in line with an appeal by President Saleh.
» 80% relevance  |  27/04/2003  |  similar stories

Kashmir suicide attack kills five
Three suspected Kashmiri militants and two Indian policemen die in an attack on the state television centre in Srinagar.
» 89% relevance  |  26/04/2003  |  similar stories

Suicide raid on Kashmir camp
Gunmen kill two Indian soldiers and a bomb kills four in a court near Srinagar, despite signs of a thaw between India and Pakistan.
» 82% relevance  |  25/04/2003  |  similar stories

Jakarta arrests 'key militant'
Indonesian police say they have arrested the acting head of a radical Islamic group, the day its alleged leader goes on trial.
» 82% relevance  |  23/04/2003  |  similar stories

Afghan border talks target militants
Afghanistan and Pakistan make a joint pledge to stamp out extremists they say are mounting attacks on their shared border.
» 88% relevance  |  23/04/2003  |  similar stories

India puts talks onus on Pakistan
India says Pakistan could open the door to peace talks, but demands it stop backing Kashmir militants.
» 82% relevance  |  23/04/2003  |  similar stories

Yemeni trial over US murders
A suspected militant goes on trial over the murder of three American missionaries at a hospital in southern Yemen last year.
» 85% relevance  |  20/04/2003  |  similar stories

Six die as Israelis storm camp
Israeli troops pull out of Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip after a massive operation against suspected Palestinian militants.
» 85% relevance  |  20/04/2003  |  similar stories

Indian talks offer 'conditional'
India's Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee says his offer of talks with Pakistan is conditional on Islamabad stopping militant infiltration into Indian Kashmir.
» 80% relevance  |  19/04/2003  |  similar stories

Eyewitness: Rare Kashmir rally
Thousands openly defy a strike call by militants to hear a landmark public address by the Indian prime minister in Srinagar.
» 83% relevance  |  18/04/2003  |  similar stories

US rules out immunity for Abbas
The Palestinian militant held in Iraq and wanted for hijacking, has no immunity under a 1995 accord, officials say.
» 80% relevance  |  16/04/2003  |  similar stories

Israel seals off territories for Passover
Israel completely seals off the Palestinian territories, fearing possible attacks during the week-long Jewish Passover holiday.
» 82% relevance  |  16/04/2003  |  similar stories

Six killed in Mid-East clashes
Three Palestinian militants, an Israeli army officer and two Israeli civilians die in clashes in the West Bank and Gaza.
» 83% relevance  |  15/04/2003  |  similar stories

Death for Karachi bombers
Four militants are convicted and two sentenced to die for a deadly car bombing outside the US consulate last year.
» 80% relevance  |  14/04/2003  |  similar stories

Death sentence for Karachi killing
An alleged Pakistani militant is sentenced to death by an anti-terrorism court in Karachi.
» 83% relevance  |  11/04/2003  |  similar stories

Kashmir massacre 'mastermind' held
Police in Indian Kashmir arrest an alleged Pakistan-based militant they say planned a recent massacre of Hindu villagers.
» 82% relevance  |  10/04/2003  |  similar stories

One dead in Gaza strike
An Israeli helicopter fires a missile at a car hours after Palestinian militants kill two soldiers in the West Bank.
» 86% relevance  |  10/04/2003  |  similar stories

Israeli planes strike Gaza
At least five Palestinians are killed in a missile attack on Gaza City, the first strike since the start of war in Iraq.
» 80% relevance  |  09/04/2003  |  similar stories

Explosion hits Palestinian school
Nearly 30 Palestinian teenagers are injured in a blast at a school, as Israel defends an air strike which killed five people.
» 82% relevance  |  09/04/2003  |  similar stories

Israeli West Bank raids resume
Seven Palestinians are injured as Israeli troops continue their hunt for suspected Islamic militants in central Gaza, witnesses say.
» 82% relevance  |  04/04/2003  |  similar stories

Kashmir strike over militant's death
Much of Indian-administered Kashmir observes stoppages in protest at the killing of a leading militant.
» 92% relevance  |  04/04/2003  |  similar stories

Kashmir militant commander killed
A leading member of the Hizbul Mujahideen militant group is killed in a gunbattle in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 95% relevance  |  03/04/2003  |  similar stories

Leading Kashmir militant killed
Security officials in Indian-administered Kashmir say their forces have shot dead a leading Islamic militant on the outskirts of Srinagar.
» 89% relevance  |  03/04/2003  |  similar stories


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