Massacre In The Name Of Allah (SWT)

Palestinian militant killed
Israeli troops shoot dead a man recently active in Islamic Jihad, in an operation in the Balata refugee camp.
» 83% relevance  |  11/12/2002  |  similar stories

Fourteen dead in Kashmir violence
At least 14 people, including eight suspected Islamic militants, are killed and nine wounded in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 83% relevance  |  09/12/2002  |  similar stories

Politician killed in Kashmir
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say suspected militants have killed a prominent pro-India political activist, Ghulam Mohiuddin Lone.
» 82% relevance  |  05/12/2002  |  similar stories

Israel says al-Qaeda active in Gaza
The Israeli Prime Minister says al-Qaeda militants are operating in the Gaza Strip - an accusation strongly denied by the Palestinians.
» 82% relevance  |  05/12/2002  |  similar stories

Militant chief 'helped plan' Bali attack
Indonesian police say Mukhlas, arrested this week and a suspected leader of Jemaah Islamiah, was involved in the attack on Bali.
» 82% relevance  |  05/12/2002  |  similar stories

Israel questions 'l-Qaeda financier'
Israel arrests a US citizen the authorities suspect of giving money to Palestinian militants on behalf of the al-Qaeda network.
» 82% relevance  |  04/12/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli missile strike kills one
A man allegedly linked to a Palestinian militant group dies when Israeli helicopters raid a building in Gaza.
» 82% relevance  |  04/12/2002  |  similar stories

'Clashes' in northern Iraq
Reports say fierce fighting has erupted near the city of Halabja between PUK guerrillas and Muslim militants thought to be linked to al-Qaeda.
» 82% relevance  |  04/12/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesia arrests key Muslim militant
Police hold the man thought to be operations chief for militant group Jemaah Islamiah, linked by some governments to the Bali bombs.
» 91% relevance  |  04/12/2002  |  similar stories

Islamic militants freed in Baluchistan
The leader of the Pakistani province of Baluchistan orders the release of all prisoners belonging to militant religious groups banned by President Musharraf.
» 92% relevance  |  04/12/2002  |  similar stories

'Militants' arrested in Tamil Nadu
Police in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu say they have arrested 10 people suspected of being Islamic militants.
» 92% relevance  |  03/12/2002  |  similar stories

Mosque standoff ends in Kashmir
Troops in Indian-administered Kashmir lift their siege of a mosque after 30 hours, following the surrender of a militant who was holed up inside.
» 85% relevance  |  03/12/2002  |  similar stories

'Terror plot to hit Sydney Olympics'
Islamic militants planned to attack the 2000 Olympics in Sydney but decided against it, intelligence officials are reported as saying.
» 80% relevance  |  03/12/2002  |  similar stories

Israel denies targeting food aid
The Israeli army says it is investigating why its troops destroyed a UN warehouse holding hundreds of tons of food aid for Palestinians.
» 83% relevance  |  02/12/2002  |  similar stories

Two killed in Gaza raid
Two Palestinians are killed as the Israeli army raids a town and demolishes homes it says belonged to the families of militants.
» 82% relevance  |  01/12/2002  |  similar stories

Kenya inquiry targets Somali militants
United States officials say a Somali-based Islamic group may have carried out Thursday's twin attacks on Israeli targets in Mombasa.
» 82% relevance  |  30/11/2002  |  similar stories

Rocket attack on Kashmir radio
Suspected militants attack a state-owned radio station in Srinagar in Indian-administered Kashmir, causing no casualties.
» 88% relevance  |  28/11/2002  |  similar stories

Dhaka rejects Indian al-Qaeda claims
The Bangladesh Government says allegations by India's foreign minister that it has become a haven for Islamic militants are "baseless".
» 80% relevance  |  28/11/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir leader firm on peace plans
The new chief minister in Indian-administered Kashmir says his "hearts and minds" policy will continue despite an upsurge in violence.
» 80% relevance  |  27/11/2002  |  similar stories

Militants vow to avenge Jenin deaths
Palestinian militants threaten to hit back after what they say was a deliberate Israeli killing of two leaders - but the military denies involvement.
» 95% relevance  |  27/11/2002  |  similar stories

Indian concern over 'militants'
Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha voices concern over alleged Islamic militant activity in neighbouring Bangladesh.
» 88% relevance  |  27/11/2002  |  similar stories

Two Palestinian militant leaders killed
Two regional commanders of Palestinian militant groups die in an explosion in a house in the West Bank.
» 91% relevance  |  27/11/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir temple reopens
A Hindu temple in Indian-administered Kashmir reopens, two days after an attack that left 14 people dead.
» 80% relevance  |  27/11/2002  |  similar stories

Press question Kashmir approach
Indian papers are split on whether the new Kashmir Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, is right to free militants from jail.
» 86% relevance  |  26/11/2002  |  similar stories

'Suicide bombers' held in Malaysia
Malaysia's police chief says that the country has detained Muslim militants who claim to have been members of a suicide bombing squad.
» 88% relevance  |  26/11/2002  |  similar stories

'Shoe bomber' arrests in Paris
French police arrest eight suspected Islamic militants in connection with a British man's bid to blow up a plane with explosives in his shoes.
» 83% relevance  |  26/11/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli army destroys Gaza home
Israeli army bulldozers make a brief incursion into the Gaza Strip to demolish the home of a suspected Islamic militant.
» 80% relevance  |  26/11/2002  |  similar stories

Q&A: Kashmir dispute
BBC News Online looks at the key issues of the Kashmir dispute.
» 83% relevance  |  25/11/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan condemns Kashmir temple raids
Islamabad expresses sympathy after attacks on two temples in Indian-administered Kashmir, but says militants are ''beyond its control''
» 88% relevance  |  25/11/2002  |  similar stories

Eyewitness: Anger in Jammu
Survivors of the latest Kashmir attack tell tales of horror, as crowds take to the streets to protest at the freeing of militants from jail.
» 91% relevance  |  25/11/2002  |  similar stories

BBC News Online looks at the background of the Pakistan-based militant group, blamed for attacks on two Hindu temples in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 86% relevance  |  25/11/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan blamed over Kashmir temple raids
India holds Pakistan responsible for attacks on two Hindu temples in Indian-administered Kashmir, in which 14 people have been killed.
» 85% relevance  |  25/11/2002  |  similar stories

UN investigates Jenin official's killing
A UN investigation into the killing of a British aid worker in Jenin begins as the UN challenge Israel's account of his death.
» 80% relevance  |  25/11/2002  |  similar stories

Israel closes Gaza coastline
Israel bans all Palestinian vessels from putting to sea, after a suicide boat attack on an Israeli naval patrol wounds four soldiers.
» 80% relevance  |  23/11/2002  |  similar stories

US appeals to Israel over Bethlehem
Washington urges Israel to show restraint as its troops comb Bethlehem for Palestinian militants.
» 83% relevance  |  22/11/2002  |  similar stories

British aid worker killed in West Bank
Aid worker Iain Hook is shot dead in the Palestinian town of Jenin during fighting between Israeli troops and militants.
» 83% relevance  |  22/11/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir police camp attacked
Two militants and six police officers are killed in an attack on a police camp in Srinagar hours before fresh peace talks are held.
» 89% relevance  |  22/11/2002  |  similar stories

Militants admit Israel bus blast
Islamic movement Hamas says it carried out a suicide bombing in Jerusalem which killed 11 people, and threatens further attacks.
» 80% relevance  |  21/11/2002  |  similar stories

India furious at militant's release
Delhi accuses Pakistan of ignoring its international commitments after the release of the former leader of an outlawed militant group.
» 92% relevance  |  21/11/2002  |  similar stories

Australia probes militant visas claim
Australia's immigration minister orders an investigation into claims that Muslim extremists have been granted visas to Australia.
» 83% relevance  |  20/11/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir clashes leave 13 dead
At least 12 suspected Islamic militants and an Indian army officer have been killed in three separate incidents in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 83% relevance  |  19/11/2002  |  similar stories

Syria snubs US request
Damascus rebuffs a US plea to shut the office of Palestinian militants who claimed last week's deadly ambush in Hebron.
» 80% relevance  |  19/11/2002  |  similar stories

Police crack down on Karachi militants
Thirty activists of an ethnic faction are arrested and its party HQ sealed off amid political manoeuvring to form a coalition.
» 83% relevance  |  18/11/2002  |  similar stories

Police crack down on Karachi militants
Thirty activists of an ethnic faction are arrested and its party HQ sealed off amid political manoeuvring to form a coalition.
» 83% relevance  |  18/11/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan militant to be released
A Pakistani court orders the immediate release of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, founder of the banned militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba.
» 89% relevance  |  18/11/2002  |  similar stories

Mid-East press debate Hebron
Israeli papers and the Gulf media debate the latest attack by Palestinian militants in the West Bank city of Hebron.
» 82% relevance  |  17/11/2002  |  similar stories

In pictures: Bloodshed in Hebron
Images from the city of Hebron, where 12 Israelis were killed by Palestinian militants in an ambush.
» 80% relevance  |  16/11/2002  |  similar stories

Hebron settlers die in gun attack
Twelve Israelis are killed in an attack by Palestinian militants in the West Bank town of Hebron, and Israel fires missiles on Gaza City.
» 85% relevance  |  16/11/2002  |  similar stories

Kibbutz raid suspect arrested
The Israeli army arrests a senior Palestinian militant suspected of masterminding the kibbutz attack which killed five people.
» 83% relevance  |  14/11/2002  |  similar stories

Jordan steps up drive against militants
Security forces collect weapons in the southern city of Maan in the latest stage of a big sweep against armed Islamists.
» 82% relevance  |  14/11/2002  |  similar stories

Philippines arrest Abu Sayyaf bomber
Philippine authorities arrest a suspected militant who they say planned to bomb the US embassy and other targets in Manila.
» 82% relevance  |  14/11/2002  |  similar stories

Jordan security sweep nets militants
Security forces involved in a major security operation in the southern city of Maan arrest two most-wanted Islamists, officials say.
» 85% relevance  |  13/11/2002  |  similar stories

Firefighting 'militants' shunned
Tension is growing between full-time firefighters and their voluntary colleagues in Devon as the strike draws near.
» 82% relevance  |  13/11/2002  |  similar stories

Israel set for strike on militants
Israel is poised to hit back after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited a kibbutz where a Palestinian gunman killed five people.
» 82% relevance  |  11/11/2002  |  similar stories

Delhi police report on clash deaths
Police in the Indian capital Delhi release the results of post mortem examinations carried out on the bodies of suspected militants killed in a controversial shoot-out last week.
» 82% relevance  |  11/11/2002  |  similar stories

Malaysia may tighten security laws
Malaysia may tighten its security laws after a judge orders the release of an Islamic militant suspect, who is immediately re-arrested.
» 83% relevance  |  11/11/2002  |  similar stories

Jordan hunts down militants
Three people are killed in clashes in the southern city of Maan as security forces pursue fugitives including an Islamist leader.
» 80% relevance  |  10/11/2002  |  similar stories

Pro-India militants get life term
A court in Indian-administered Kashmir sentences three pro-Indian militants to life imprisonment for murdering a forestry official six years ago.
» 88% relevance  |  09/11/2002  |  similar stories

Top Palestinian militant killed
Israeli troops shoot dead senior Islamic Jihad member and bombing suspect Iyad Sawalha in a pre-dawn raid in the West Bank.
» 83% relevance  |  09/11/2002  |  similar stories

Malaysian terror suspect wins appeal
A Malaysian judge orders the release of an alleged member of an Islamic militant group suspected of having links with al-Qaeda.
» 89% relevance  |  08/11/2002  |  similar stories

Militant US Jew's 'suicide bid' challenged
Relatives and colleagues of Irv Rubin call for an investigation into his alleged suicide attempt, as he shows signs of recovery.
» 83% relevance  |  07/11/2002  |  similar stories

US execution 'may trigger attacks'
US authorities warn that militants may kidnap or kill Americans overseas to mark the impending execution of an Islamic extremist.
» 82% relevance  |  07/11/2002  |  similar stories

Delhi police report on 'militants' killing
Police in the Indian capital Delhi says it will give within a week its version of a controversial shoot-out which left two alleged militants dead.
» 97% relevance  |  07/11/2002  |  similar stories

Delhi police report on 'militants' killing
Police in the Indian capital Delhi says it will give within a week its version of a controversial shoot-out which left two alleged militants dead.
» 97% relevance  |  07/11/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesian militants clean up campaign
A militant Islamic group in Indonesia renounces the use of violence in its campaign to close bars, cafes and other entertainment spots.
» 88% relevance  |  06/11/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir grenade injures 10
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say at least 10 people have been injured by a grenade thrown by suspected militants.
» 80% relevance  |  06/11/2002  |  similar stories

US Jewish militant 'ttempts suicide'
Irv Rubin, leader of the militant Jewish Defense League, is left brain dead after an apparent suicide attempt while awaiting trial.
» 89% relevance  |  05/11/2002  |  similar stories

Fresh attack in Kashmir
Security forces in Indian-held Kashmir shoot dead three suspected militants blamed for killing four civilians earlier on Tuesday.
» 86% relevance  |  05/11/2002  |  similar stories

Militant raid mars Indian festival
The Indian army kills two militants and foils a suicide attack in Kashmir as the country celebrates Diwali, the festival of lights.
» 97% relevance  |  04/11/2002  |  similar stories

'Red Brigades leader' held in Argentina
Police arrest a suspected leading member of Italy's militant Red Brigades, which carried out a string of attacks in the 1970's and 1980s.
» 80% relevance  |  04/11/2002  |  similar stories

Indian police kill two 'Islamic militants'
Two suspected Islamic militants are shot dead by police in one of Delhi's most prestigious shopping centres.
» 91% relevance  |  03/11/2002  |  similar stories

Cleric 'imed for Australian influence'
Indonesia's radical Islamic leader, Abu Bakar Ba'syir, visited Australia 11 times to try to spread his militancy, the government says.
» 82% relevance  |  03/11/2002  |  similar stories

Profile: Israeli defence chief Shaul Mofaz
BBC News Online profiles Israel's new hardline defence minister Shaul Mofaz, who has spearheaded the crackdown on Palestinian militants.
» 83% relevance  |  03/11/2002  |  similar stories

Saudi militants 'ready for jihad'
Islamic militants in Saudi Arabia say Saudis are ready to take up arms to defend Iraq if the US attacks the country.
» 91% relevance  |  01/11/2002  |  similar stories

Freed Pakistan militant back home
Pakistan lets the founder of the banned Lashkar-e-Toiba militant group return home - but he is said to be under house arrest.
» 89% relevance  |  31/10/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan arrests bomb suspect
Pakistani police arrest an alleged Islamic militant in connection with a series of parcel bomb attacks in Karachi earlier this month.
» 80% relevance  |  31/10/2002  |  similar stories

Russia seals off Chechen camps
Russian troops surround refugee camps on Chechnya's border, as a crackdown against militants goes on after the Moscow hostage crisis.
» 80% relevance  |  31/10/2002  |  similar stories

Two militants killed in Assam
Police in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam say two militants from the outlawed United Liberation Front of Assam (Ulfa) were killed in a gun battle with security forces.
» 89% relevance  |  30/10/2002  |  similar stories

US urges India-Pakistan talks
A senior US State Department official urges India and Pakistan to resume talks - despite continuing infiltration by separatist militants.
» 82% relevance  |  29/10/2002  |  similar stories

Indian press sees Kashmir hope
Newspapers welcome a new coalition in Indian-held Kashmir as the best bet for peace, but remain sceptical about its chances of success.
» 80% relevance  |  28/10/2002  |  similar stories

New Kashmir leader pledges action
The new leader of the coalition set to take power in Indian-held Kashmir announces measures to tackle rights abuses and end militancy.
» 88% relevance  |  28/10/2002  |  similar stories

Malaysia to set up 'nti-terror' centre
Washington asks Malaysia to host a centre designed to help South East Asian countries fight militant groups.
» 86% relevance  |  27/10/2002  |  similar stories

Malaysia to set up 'nti-terror' centre
Washington asks Malaysia to host a centre designed to help South East Asian countries fight militant groups.
» 86% relevance  |  27/10/2002  |  similar stories

Israel tightens grip on Jenin
Six suspected Palestinian militants are arrested as Israeli troops take over buildings and impose a curfew in the West Bank city of Jenin.
» 83% relevance  |  26/10/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesia urged to tackle militants
Australian PM John Howard calls on Indonesia to tackle militants thought to be linked to the Bali bombing, ahead of a regional summit in Mexico.
» 91% relevance  |  26/10/2002  |  similar stories

Militant Islamic group joins UN terror list
Jemaah Islamiah which is suspected of involvement in the Bali attack, goes on the UN's list of al-Qaeda linked groups.
» 82% relevance  |  26/10/2002  |  similar stories

Analysis: Is al-Qaeda to blame?
BBC Islamic affairs analyst Roger Hardy explains the complex and varied motives behind recent attacks involving Islamic militants.
» 80% relevance  |  25/10/2002  |  similar stories

Israel scours Jenin for militants
Troops and tanks enter the West Bank town looking for Palestinians suspected of masterminding Monday's suicide attack.
» 83% relevance  |  25/10/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan arrests militant suspects
Police in Pakistan say they have arrested two suspected members of the al-Qaeda network in the north-western city of Peshawar.
» 80% relevance  |  24/10/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesian police sketch Bali suspects
Indonesian police say they have sketches of the Bali bomb suspects, as the US moves against a militant Islamic group.
» 80% relevance  |  23/10/2002  |  similar stories

Q&A: Kashmir assembly elections
A look at the main issues and contenders in the recent assembly elections in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 80% relevance  |  23/10/2002  |  similar stories

Militants bomb Israeli bus
An explosion rips through a bus in northern Israel, killing at least 15 people and wounding at least 30.
» 82% relevance  |  21/10/2002  |  similar stories

Attack in western Algeria
The latest attack in western Algeria is blamed on Islamic militants bringing to 50 the number killed in similar incidents this month.
» 82% relevance  |  21/10/2002  |  similar stories

Suspected militants killed in Kashmir
Security officials in Indian Kashmir say five separatist militants were shot dead in a gun battle with Indian troops on Thursday.
» 89% relevance  |  18/10/2002  |  similar stories

Algerian Islamic students shot dead
Islamic militants reportedly kill 15 people, including 13 students at a Koranic school, in two separate incidents west of the capital, Algiers.
» 80% relevance  |  16/10/2002  |  similar stories

Malaysia detains suspected militants
The authorities in Malaysia arrest five suspects linked to the Indonesian Islamic militant group accused of involvement in the bomb attack on Bali.
» 94% relevance  |  16/10/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesian militant group 'disbands'
One of Indonesia's most militant Muslim groups, Laskar Jihad, disbands - denying the decision is linked to the Bali bombings.
» 92% relevance  |  15/10/2002  |  similar stories

Megawati hit by Bali bomb fallout
Governing a country as large and complex as Indonesia has always been difficult. The Bali bombing makes the task a great deal harder.
» 80% relevance  |  14/10/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinian dies in phone box blast
A alleged Palestinian militant is killed while making a call from a telephone booth near Bethlehem, Palestinian sources say.
» 85% relevance  |  13/10/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesia's militant threat
BBC News Online's Angus Foster investigates some of the militant groups likely to be accused of involvement in the Bali bombing.
» 97% relevance  |  13/10/2002  |  similar stories

Indian press praises poll turnout
The BBC's Ayanjit Sen takes a look at what Indian newspapers are saying about the elections in Indian-administered Kashmir.
» 83% relevance  |  09/10/2002  |  similar stories

Sharon defies Gaza attack critics
The Israeli PM shrugs off foreign criticism of a raid which killed 14 Palestinians, as a Jewish settler dies in an apparent reprisal.
» 82% relevance  |  08/10/2002  |  similar stories

India praises Kashmir turn out
The Indian authorities say the turn out in elections in the violence-scarred territory of Kashmir was better than expected.
» 89% relevance  |  08/10/2002  |  similar stories

Israel's assassination strategy
BBC News Online looks at Israel's continuing use of "targeted assassinations" to fight the Palestinian militants.
» 86% relevance  |  07/10/2002  |  similar stories

Inter-Palestinian clashes rock Gaza
Gun battles erupt in Gaza City after militants posing as police ambush and kill a senior security official blamed for the death of Hamas militants.
» 89% relevance  |  07/10/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir election violence continues
Twelve people die in violence in Indian-administered Kashmir, as the territory approaches the final stage of assembly elections.
» 83% relevance  |  05/10/2002  |  similar stories

'Militant threat' to Indonesian leader
Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri faces a "significant threat" from Islamic radicals, an al-Qaeda expert tells BBC News Online.
» 83% relevance  |  04/10/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan militant chief 'held illegally'
The wife of Lashkar-e-Toiba founder, Hafiz Saeed, tells a court that Pakistani intelligence is holding him illegally.
» 86% relevance  |  03/10/2002  |  similar stories

Upsurge in Kashmir violence
At least 12 people die in the latest violence in Indian-administered Kashmir as the territory enters the last leg of elections.
» 88% relevance  |  03/10/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir rocked by violence
At least 10 people are killed in a series of attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir just a day after violence marred elections in the state.
» 82% relevance  |  02/10/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir polls close on violent note
Polls close on the third stage of state elections in Indian-administered Kashmir at the end of a day of attacks by suspected militants.
» 88% relevance  |  01/10/2002  |  similar stories

Analysis: South India's most wanted
The leader of a group of Muslim militants killed by police in southern India had been high on the police's most wanted list, as BBC correspondent Charles Haviland explains.
» 85% relevance  |  30/09/2002  |  similar stories

Indian temples offered insurance
A leading Indian insurance company is offering cover to temples against possible militant attacks following the temple siege in Gujarat.
» 88% relevance  |  30/09/2002  |  similar stories

India blames Pakistan for 'terror'
Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee says the world must hold Pakistan accountable for "terrorism" against India.
» 82% relevance  |  30/09/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistani police kill alleged militants
Pakistani police say two militants thought to have been involved in an attack on a church in Punjab last year have been shot dead.
» 89% relevance  |  29/09/2002  |  similar stories

Violence continues before Kashmir poll
Eight people are killed in Indian-administered Kashmir as election officials prepare for the third round of polling.
» 85% relevance  |  29/09/2002  |  similar stories

Seven killed in Algeria
An attack the Algerian authorities blame on Islamic militants claims seven lives in the west of the country.
» 80% relevance  |  29/09/2002  |  similar stories

Four dead in Kashmir attack
An attempt on the life of a candidate in the elections in Indian-administered Kashmir leaves four people dead.
» 89% relevance  |  28/09/2002  |  similar stories

FBI questions Iraqi Kurd militant
The head of a radical Kurdish Islamic group arrested in the Netherlands tells US officials he has no links with Saddam Hussein or al-Qaeda.
» 80% relevance  |  27/09/2002  |  similar stories

Malaysia arrests 'key' Islamic militant
Malaysian police arrest a man they call a senior leader of a local Islamic militant group with alleged links to regional terrorism.
» 95% relevance  |  27/09/2002  |  similar stories

Militant 'survives' Gaza attack
Israel says Thursday's missile strike in the Gaza Strip failed to kill its intended target - a top Hamas militant blamed for many attacks.
» 91% relevance  |  27/09/2002  |  similar stories

Annan deplores Israel's Gaza attack
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan speaks out after an Israeli missile strike on Gaza, which targeted a senior Hamas militant.
» 80% relevance  |  27/09/2002  |  similar stories

Israel targets suicide bomb mastermind
Two Palestinians are killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, but it is not clear if they include the apparent target, a militant group leader.
» 80% relevance  |  26/09/2002  |  similar stories

Q&A: Gujarat siege
A look at the key questions arising out of the attack on a Hindu temple complex in Gujarat.
» 80% relevance  |  26/09/2002  |  similar stories

Israel's struggle for security
BBC News Online looks at the various ways Israel has responded to security threats during the two years of the Palestinian uprising.
» 85% relevance  |  26/09/2002  |  similar stories

India deploys troops after temple attack
Reinforcements are sent to Gujarat after a militant Hindu group calls for a nationwide strike in the wake of an attack on a temple
» 85% relevance  |  25/09/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan militants 'plan fresh attacks'
The authorities in Pakistan step up security measures around non-Muslim places of worship, fearing fresh attacks from Islamic militants.
» 95% relevance  |  24/09/2002  |  similar stories

Nine dead in Gaza clashes
Nine Palestinians are killed as Israeli troops move into Gaza City to target militants, while Yasser Arafat remains under siege in Ramallah.
» 86% relevance  |  24/09/2002  |  similar stories

Mixed response to Kashmir vote
Voting ends in the crucial second phase of elections in Indian Kashmir, which was marred by violence and a boycott call by separatists.
» 86% relevance  |  24/09/2002  |  similar stories


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