Murder In The Name Of Allah (SWT)

Militants 'must end' Kashmir raids
Militants from Pakistan must stop incursions into Indian-administered Kashmir, says a US official after the bloodiest attack in six months.
» 94% relevance  |  15/05/2002  |  similar stories

EU still undecided on Palestinian exiles
EU ambassadors fail to reach agreement over the legal status of 13 Palestinian militants exiled in Cyprus.
» 85% relevance  |  15/05/2002  |  similar stories

Eyewitness: Kashmir camp attack
Shocked survivors and relatives tell the BBC of their shock and grief after Kashmir's bloodiest attack for six months.
» 86% relevance  |  15/05/2002  |  similar stories

India says Pakistan responsible for attack
India says it holds Pakistan directly responsible for an attack by suspected separatist militants on an army base in Indian-administered Kashmir, on Tuesday.
» 82% relevance  |  15/05/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan blamed for Kashmir deaths
India says Pakistan is responsible for a suspected attack by separatist militants on an Indian army camp in Kashmir in which 30 died.
» 86% relevance  |  15/05/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan condemns Kashmir deaths
Pakistan calls for an investigation into the attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir which left 30 people dead including the militants.
» 85% relevance  |  14/05/2002  |  similar stories

Militants storm Kashmir army camp
At least 30 die as suspected Kashmiri militants target an Indian army camp - the bloodiest attack in the region this year.
» 89% relevance  |  14/05/2002  |  similar stories

US balancing act over Kashmir
The BBC's Owen Bennett Jones says the latest US diplomatic mission to South Asia is born out of frustration with both India and Pakistan.
» 80% relevance  |  14/05/2002  |  similar stories

US urges calm over Kashmir attack
US peace envoy Christina Rocca condemns an attack in Kashmir as "barbaric terrorism" but urges India to make peace with Pakistan.
» 80% relevance  |  14/05/2002  |  similar stories

EU ponders fate of Bethlehem militants
European ministers meet to decide what to do with 13 Palestinians from the Bethlehem siege being held temporarily in Cyprus.
» 88% relevance  |  13/05/2002  |  similar stories

EU stalls on Bethlehem militants
European ministers postpone a decision on which country will take in the Palestinians idling in a Cyprus hotel, following the Bethlehem siege.
» 86% relevance  |  13/05/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesian deputy steps into Moluccas row
Indonesia's vice-president says Christian separatists should disband before Muslim militants are expelled from the Moluccas.
» 80% relevance  |  13/05/2002  |  similar stories

Timeline: Bethlehem siege
A timeline of the main events during the siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem which ended on Friday.
» 85% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Beginning exile on holiday island
It is only a few hours' flight, but Cyprus is worlds away from Bethlehem for the 13 exiled Palestinian militants, writes Gerald Butt.
» 80% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Bethlehem militants fly into exile
Expelled Palestinians arrive in Cyprus, as doubts emerge about the deal which ended the five-week siege at the Church of the Nativity.
» 95% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Gaza gives militants hero's welcome
The 26 Palestinian militants sent to Gaza at the end of the Bethlehem siege, are greeted as "freedom fighters" on their arrival amid waving crowds.
» 91% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Who are the exiled militants?
The 13 Palestinians whose exile to Cyprus helped end the five-week stand-off at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem are on Israel's most-wanted list.
» 88% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Jakarta targets Moluccas militants
Indonesia orders the expulsion from the Moluccas islands of a Muslim militia group whose leader was arrested six days ago.
» 85% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

RAF airlifts Palestinian militants
An RAF plane carries 13 Palestinians into exile after they are released from the siege at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity.
» 83% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Delhi police kill two 'militants'
Police in the Indian capital, Delhi, kill two suspected Pakistan-based militants after a gunfight in a busy city district.
» 94% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Bethlehem church siege over
Palestinian militants fly into exile under the deal which ended the five-week siege at the Church of the Nativity.
» 94% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Delhi police kill suspected militants
Police in India say they have killed two suspected Pakistan-based militants in a shooting incident in a busy Delhi district.
» 89% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

EU works on new Bethlehem deal
Cyprus says it will receive 13 Palestinian militants at the centre of the standoff in Bethlehem, raising hopes that the siege could end soon.
» 91% relevance  |  10/05/2002  |  similar stories

Israel poised to strike Gaza
Israel shows signs of preparing a strike in the Gaza Strip, as Cyprus says it will temporarily take some of the Palestinians besieged in Bethlehem.
» 86% relevance  |  09/05/2002  |  similar stories

Calls for Indonesian militant's release
Several hundred demonstrators rally in Indonesia's capital Jakarta to protest against the arrest of a Muslim militia commander.
» 80% relevance  |  09/05/2002  |  similar stories

Bethlehem siege deal unravels
Plans to end the Bethlehem church siege suffer a new setback, as Israel begins calling up reservist soldiers.
» 86% relevance  |  09/05/2002  |  similar stories

Arafat orders end to 'terrorist' attacks
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat calls on his security forces to prevent attacks on Israelis after 16 people die in a suicide attack near Tel Aviv.
» 80% relevance  |  08/05/2002  |  similar stories

Vatican calls for help on Bethlehem
Senior Vatican officials urge other countries to assume responsibility for lifting the siege at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity.
» 80% relevance  |  08/05/2002  |  similar stories

Sharon anger over suicide bombing
Israel's PM returns from the US to consider a response to a Palestinian attack which killed 16 near Tel Aviv, as another bomber strikes near Haifa.
» 80% relevance  |  08/05/2002  |  similar stories

South-East Asia acts on terror
Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines sign an anti-terrorism pact to aid their battle against regional militants.
» 82% relevance  |  07/05/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesian vice-president visits detained militant
Indonesisa's vice-president visits the arrested leader of an Islamic paramilitary group accused of inciting religious violence.
» 80% relevance  |  07/05/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesia arrests Islamic militant chief
The leader of an Indonesian militant Islamic group is arrested following claims that it was involved in a massacre of 12 Christians in the Moluccan islands.
» 88% relevance  |  04/05/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesia arrests Islamic militant chief
The leader of an Indonesian militant Islamic group is arrested following claims that it was involved in a massacre of 12 Christians in the Moluccan islands.
» 88% relevance  |  04/05/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri militants expel former chiefs
A leading Kashmiri separatist group announces the expulsion of three former commanders for breaching discipline.
» 82% relevance  |  04/05/2002  |  similar stories

Indonesia arrests top Islamic militant
Police arrest the leader of one of the country's most militant Islamic organisations, on charges on inciting violence in the Moluccan Islands.
» 88% relevance  |  04/05/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri militants deny truce offer
A leading separatist group in Indian-administered Kashmir denies a report that it is prepared to declare a ceasefire.
» 82% relevance  |  03/05/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri militants offer truce
A leading Kashmiri separatist group says it is ready to suspend its armed struggle if India makes a sincere effort to resolve the conflict over the territory.
» 82% relevance  |  03/05/2002  |  similar stories

Blast targets British Council in Gaza
An explosion at the British Council offices in Gaza City could be the work of militants opposed to the UK role in guarding jailed Palestinians.
» 82% relevance  |  02/05/2002  |  similar stories

Allies 'hit Afghan militants'
There are reports of a large military operation against Taleban and al-Qaeda fighters in eastern Afghanistan.
» 80% relevance  |  01/05/2002  |  similar stories

Israel blocks UN Jenin mission
Israel's cabinet keeps its ban on the UN fact-finding mission to the Palestinian refugee camp, as Israeli forces begin withdrawing from Hebron.
» 80% relevance  |  30/04/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinians leave besieged church
A group of Palestinians files out of the Church of the Nativity, as Israel says it will not yet accept a UN mission to Jenin.
» 80% relevance  |  30/04/2002  |  similar stories

No breakthrough in Bethlehem talks
A second day of talks in Bethlehem ends without result, and Israeli tanks are reported to have entered the West Bank town of Hebron.
» 80% relevance  |  25/04/2002  |  similar stories

Germany remands terror suspects
Nine suspected Islamic militants are remanded in custody following a series of raids across Germany.
» 80% relevance  |  25/04/2002  |  similar stories

Israel's tactics become clearer
Israel declared the current stage of its "war on terror" over on Sunday, and the past few days hold the clue to what the next stage will like.
» 85% relevance  |  25/04/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinians 'jailed' for minister's killing
A tribunal inside Yasser Arafat's besieged Ramallah HQ sentences four militants for killing Israeli tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi.
» 82% relevance  |  25/04/2002  |  similar stories

Six die in Kashmir gunbattle
Indian officials say two of their soldiers and four suspected separatist militants are killed in a gunbattle near the Kashmir border.
» 80% relevance  |  24/04/2002  |  similar stories

Hamas bans children's 'sacrifices'
The militant Palestinian group urges children to refrain from futile attacks against Israelis, reports the BBC's Rachel Harvey.
» 82% relevance  |  24/04/2002  |  similar stories

Militant admits French bomb plot
An Algerian on trial in Germany admits plotting to attack a synagogue in the French city of Strasbourg, but denies links with al-Qaeda.
» 82% relevance  |  23/04/2002  |  similar stories

Revenge killings follow Hebron strike
Palestinian gunmen shoot dead three men suspected of informing for Israel hours after an Israeli helicopter strike kills two Hebron militants.
» 80% relevance  |  23/04/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmir separatist wants foreign militants out
A separatist leader from Indian-administered Kashmir calls for the complete withdrawal of foreign Islamic militants from the region.
» 89% relevance  |  22/04/2002  |  similar stories

Israel 'completes' military stage
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon calls an end to "this stage" of the West Bank campaign, but says the fight against militants goes on.
» 85% relevance  |  21/04/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan jails militant leader
The leader of one of Pakistan's banned Islamic extremist group is sentenced to seven years in jail by a tribal court.
» 85% relevance  |  20/04/2002  |  similar stories

Death sentence for Turkish Islamists
A Turkish court sentences three Islamic militants to death for conspiring to overthrow the country's secular system of government.
» 80% relevance  |  20/04/2002  |  similar stories

Hamas leader held in Bethlehem
Israeli soldiers in Bethlehem arrest a senior Palestinian militant as the stand-off continues at the Church of the Nativity.
» 82% relevance  |  19/04/2002  |  similar stories

Second jail term for Indonesian 'terrorist'
An alleged bomb maker for an Islamic militant group pleads guilty to passport fraud, a day after he is jailed for possessing explosives.
» 82% relevance  |  19/04/2002  |  similar stories

Malaysia swoops on Islamic militants
Police detain 14 suspected Muslim militants in a series of raids across Malaysia.
» 94% relevance  |  18/04/2002  |  similar stories

Brazil arrests suspected Egyptian militant
Police arrest an Egyptian suspected of being part of the militant group which killed 58 foreign tourists at Luxor in 1997.
» 89% relevance  |  16/04/2002  |  similar stories

Militant leader killed in Kashmir
The army in Indian-administered Kashmir say a senior leader of a separatist group has been killed in clashes with security forces.
» 80% relevance  |  15/04/2002  |  similar stories

Palestinians reject Bethlehem deal
Palestinians turn down an Israeli proposal to allow militants trapped in the Church of the Nativity either to go into exile or face trial.
» 85% relevance  |  14/04/2002  |  similar stories

Musharraf accused of Pearl case contempt
Lawyers for a UK-born militant accused of masterminding the murder of a US journalist accuse Pakistan's president of contempt of court.
» 80% relevance  |  12/04/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri militants target Muslims
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say more Muslim civilians have been killed by separatists apparently for being suspected informers.
» 82% relevance  |  11/04/2002  |  similar stories

Indian police warn of Kashmir 'plot'
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say at least 3,000 Islamic militants are waiting to infiltrate the territory.
» 95% relevance  |  06/04/2002  |  similar stories

Israel 'proves' Arafat's links with militants
The Israeli army claims to have documents which prove a link between Yasser Arafat and militants who carried out attacks against Israeli civilians.
» 89% relevance  |  05/04/2002  |  similar stories

Trial of Pearl suspect adjourns
Lawyers for a British-born militant accused of murdering US reporter Daniel Pearl get an early adjournment of his trial in Pakistan.
» 80% relevance  |  05/04/2002  |  similar stories

No let-up in Bethlehem siege
Terrified civilians can only watch as Israeli forces besiege Palestinian militants in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, writes James Reynolds.
» 80% relevance  |  04/04/2002  |  similar stories

Algerian soldiers killed in ambush
Twenty Algerian government soldiers die in an ambush by suspected Islamic militants in the bloodiest single attack so far this year.
» 85% relevance  |  02/04/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli tanks move into Bethlehem
Israeli forces take up positions in the centre of Bethlehem in the latest of a series of raids on towns in the West Bank.
» 82% relevance  |  02/04/2002  |  similar stories

Indian police detain Kashmiri leader
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir have arrested the leader of a militant organisation, the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front.
» 82% relevance  |  02/04/2002  |  similar stories

India bans militants under new law
The Indian Government outlaws two militant organisations under the provisions of the recently introduced Prevention of Terrorism Act.
» 88% relevance  |  02/04/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan releases former militant leader
Pakistan frees a former leader of a Kashmiri militant group, Lashkar-e-Taiba, whom India accuses of the attack against its parliament last year.
» 89% relevance  |  01/04/2002  |  similar stories

Hindu hardliners call strike in Kashmir
Kashmiri Hindu activists in Jammu enforce a 48-hour strike to protest against a militant attack on a temple that killed 10 on Saturday.
» 89% relevance  |  31/03/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan swoops net 60 terror suspects
Pakistani officials confirm about 60 suspected militants, half of them foreigners, were detained during police raids on Thursday.
» 80% relevance  |  31/03/2002  |  similar stories

Bush tells Arafat to stop militants
President George Bush urges the besieged Palestinian leader to do more to stop attacks on Israelis by militants.
» 88% relevance  |  30/03/2002  |  similar stories

One dead in Kashmir mosque siege
Indian troops kill a suspected militant who was holed up in a mosque in Indian-administered Kashmir, officials say.
» 88% relevance  |  28/03/2002  |  similar stories

'Militants' killed near Jordan border
Israeli forces shoot dead four suspected militants near the Golan Heights, as the US peace envoy prepares to chair more ceasefire talks.
» 88% relevance  |  24/03/2002  |  similar stories

Anaconda 'killed off' key militants
US officials say their latest offensive impaired al-Qaeda by wiping out its middle level of leadership, as the hunt for remaining militants goes on.
» 91% relevance  |  23/03/2002  |  similar stories

Key events from 2002
The surge in fighting coincides with an international effort to end the violence, based on a peace plan proposed by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah.
» 85% relevance  |  23/03/2002  |  similar stories

Dozens injured in Kashmir blasts
Grenade attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir have left nearly 50 people injured, two of them seriously.
» 88% relevance  |  22/03/2002  |  similar stories

Pearl suspects charged with murder
British-born Islamic militant Omar Sheikh and 10 alleged accomplices are charged with the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl.
» 82% relevance  |  22/03/2002  |  similar stories

Israel in new West Bank raids
Tanks and troops enter three villages around Jenin, arresting dozens of Palestinians, among them a Hamas militant, the Israeli army says.
» 83% relevance  |  21/03/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan admission over Kashmir
A former head of Pakistani intelligence agency says Pakistan-based Kashmiri groups have been involved in cross-border militancy.
» 86% relevance  |  19/03/2002  |  similar stories

Two killed in Kashmir mosque siege
Two militants have been killed in a mosque siege in Indian-administered Kashmir, according to the security forces.
» 91% relevance  |  19/03/2002  |  similar stories

Vajpayee says Kashmir 'improved'
Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee says Pakistan's policies have had a positive impact in Kashmir, which he plans to visit soon.
» 80% relevance  |  18/03/2002  |  similar stories

Operation Anaconda 'lmost over'
The commander of US forces in Afghanistan says the big military offensive will be over shortly - but the whereabouts of top militants is unknown.
» 80% relevance  |  18/03/2002  |  similar stories

Police kill Punjab suspects
Police shoot dead three suspected Muslim militants in Pakistan's Punjab province.
» 80% relevance  |  14/03/2002  |  similar stories

Mid-East deaths threaten US mission
A bomb kills three Israeli soldiers in their tank in Gaza, as the US special envoy Anthony Zinni arrives in Israel to try to broker a ceasefire.
» 80% relevance  |  14/03/2002  |  similar stories

Suspect indicted in Pearl kidnap
A British-born militant is indicted in the US over the kidnapping in Pakistan of murdered journalist Daniel Pearl.
» 82% relevance  |  14/03/2002  |  similar stories

Allied forces pursue al-Qaeda fugitives
US-led troops search for renegade militants after capturing a key al-Qaeda stronghold in eastern Afghanistan.
» 85% relevance  |  13/03/2002  |  similar stories

Camps of militancy and despair
Palestinian refugee camps such as Jabalya, Balata and Jenin are widely seen as a heartland of militants, but they are also home to thousands of people living in abject poverty.
» 94% relevance  |  12/03/2002  |  similar stories

Violence at Shia funeral in Pakistan
Protestors in the Pakistani city of Karachi block roads and set fire to cars at the funeral procession of two Shia activists.
» 80% relevance  |  12/03/2002  |  similar stories

Afghan battle 'over'
US-led forces have finally driven Taleban and al-Qaeda fighters out of their cave bases near Gardez, according to Afghan commanders.
» 82% relevance  |  12/03/2002  |  similar stories

Afghan forces gather for final push
US bombers keep up attacks on militants in the eastern Afghan mountains as ground troops prepare for a final push.
» 82% relevance  |  11/03/2002  |  similar stories

US steps up assault on al-Qaeda
US jets pound al-Qaeda positions in eastern Afghanistan, as clear skies create an opening for a new offensive.
» 80% relevance  |  10/03/2002  |  similar stories

Bad weather slows Afghan battle
Snow and wind hamper the US-led operation in eastern Afghanistan against Islamic militants, who are forced into retreat into caves.
» 85% relevance  |  09/03/2002  |  similar stories

US set for final Afghan push
US-led forces say they are gearing up for a final assault on Islamic militants in eastern Afghanistan, as bad weather brings a lull in fighting.
» 85% relevance  |  09/03/2002  |  similar stories

US set for final Afghan push
US-led forces say they are gearing up for a final assault on Islamic militants in eastern Afghanistan, as bad weather brings a lull in fighting.
» 85% relevance  |  09/03/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan offers amnesty to militants
Pakistan offers amnesty to hundreds of detained suspected Islamic militants if they renounce violence and membership of banned groups.
» 89% relevance  |  08/03/2002  |  similar stories

Afghan mountain battle rages on
Militants in eastern Afghanistan are fiercely resisting a US-led assault despite heavy losses and icy weather, US officials say.
» 83% relevance  |  08/03/2002  |  similar stories

Pakistan amnesty for Islamic radicals
Pakistan offers an amnesty to hundreds of suspected militants if they say they will renounce violence - India denounces the offer.
» 85% relevance  |  08/03/2002  |  similar stories

Algerian militants 'ttack army barracks'
Reports from Algeria say suspected Islamic militants have attacked an army barracks with machine guns and grenades, killing at least twelve pro-government militiamen.
» 91% relevance  |  06/03/2002  |  similar stories

More deaths in Kashmir
Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say four soldiers and six militants have been killed in a number of incidents across the state.
» 91% relevance  |  06/03/2002  |  similar stories

Militants 'storm Algerian barracks'
At least 15 pro-government militiamen are reported killed in an attack by suspected Islamic militants in the north of Algeria.
» 89% relevance  |  06/03/2002  |  similar stories

'Twenty dead' in Kashmir violence
The authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir say at least eleven militants have been killed in the latest violence in the troubled territory.
» 88% relevance  |  05/03/2002  |  similar stories

US-led forces advance on al-Qaeda
US-led troops in eastern Afghanistan advance closer to al-Qaeda and Taleban positions, as the militants vow to fight to the end.
» 80% relevance  |  05/03/2002  |  similar stories

Twenty-two dead in Kashmir violence
Officials in Indian-administered Kashmir say at least 16 militants and six policemen have been killed in the latest round of violence.
» 85% relevance  |  05/03/2002  |  similar stories

Suicide attacks trigger Israeli raids
Israeli helicopters hit Palestinian targets in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after militants killed five Israelis in separate attacks.
» 82% relevance  |  05/03/2002  |  similar stories

Kashmiri militant casualties climb sharply
A human rights group in Indian-administered Kashmir reports a sharp increase in the number of militants killed by Indian troops.
» 97% relevance  |  04/03/2002  |  similar stories

Heavy raids on Afghan militants
US-led forces - including French Mirage jets - seek to crush Taleban and al-Qaeda resistance in mountainous eastern Afghanistan.
» 89% relevance  |  04/03/2002  |  similar stories

Israel storms refugee camps
Six Palestinians are killed as Israeli troops force their way into two refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza, hoping to end a tide of militant attacks.
» 80% relevance  |  04/03/2002  |  similar stories

Six die in Israeli tank attack
Israel follows up an apparent assassination attempt against a Hamas militant which killed six with attacks on Bethlehem and Ramallah.
» 80% relevance  |  04/03/2002  |  similar stories

Israel to step up military operations
Israel says it will put the Palestinians under "continuous military pressure" following a series of militant attacks that leave at least 20 Israelis dead.
» 83% relevance  |  04/03/2002  |  similar stories

Battle rages in Afghan mountains
US forces and their Afghan allies press ahead with a second day of assaults against a stronghold of Taleban and al-Qaeda forces.
» 82% relevance  |  04/03/2002  |  similar stories

Macedonia shows off dead 'militants'
Diplomats in Macedonia are shown the bodies of four dead foreign fighters, who the government say were planning attacks in the capital, Skopje.
» 80% relevance  |  03/03/2002  |  similar stories

'Pro-Pakistan leader' arrested in Kashmir
Border troops in Indian-administered Kashmir say they have arrested a well known leader of a pro-Pakistan militant group.
» 83% relevance  |  02/03/2002  |  similar stories

West Bengal denies arrest of top militant
The Indian state of West Bengal denies it has arrested a top Muslim militant in connection with an arson attack on a train in Gujurat on Wednesday.
» 89% relevance  |  02/03/2002  |  similar stories

'Foreign militants' killed in Macedonia
Macedonian police say they have shot dead seven militants in the capital Skopje said to be Pakistanis seeking to attack Western targets.
» 89% relevance  |  02/03/2002  |  similar stories

Israel cautioned over raid
The US and the UN urge Israel to avoid harming civilians after at least 13 die in a major raid on West Bank refugee camps.
» 82% relevance  |  01/03/2002  |  similar stories

Israeli raids take heavy toll
The UN calls for Israeli troops to withdraw from Palestinian refugee camps after at least five die in the second day of a military offensive.
» 80% relevance  |  01/03/2002  |  similar stories

Israel targets refugee camps
At least 10 Palestinians and an Israeli are killed as the Israeli army targets suspected militants in West Bank refugee camps.
» 86% relevance  |  28/02/2002  |  similar stories

Gun battles rage in West Bank
At least eight Palestinians and an Israeli are killed as the Israeli army targets suspected militants in West Bank refugee camps.
» 80% relevance  |  28/02/2002  |  similar stories

Dozens arrested over India train attack
Indian police arrest 51 suspects after suspected Muslim militants set fire to a train carrying Hindu pilgrims, killing 58.
» 80% relevance  |  28/02/2002  |  similar stories

'50 arrested' over India train attack
Indian police arrest at least 50 people after suspected Muslim militants set fire to a train carrying Hindu pilgrims, killing at least 57.
» 82% relevance  |  28/02/2002  |  similar stories

Daniel Pearl's widow meets Musharraf
The widow of the American journalist, Daniel Pearl, who was killed by Islamic militants in Pakistan, has met President Musharraf.
» 80% relevance  |  28/02/2002  |  similar stories

India rules out Pakistan talks
India's president says there will be no talks with Pakistan until Delhi is convinced that Islamabad has stopped backing Islamic militants.
» 89% relevance  |  25/02/2002  |  similar stories


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