Supreme Secret of Divine Knowledge
Times of India

“A lot has been said and written by spiritual gurus and religiously inclined persons on how to attain the ultimate goal of self-realisation and holistic well-being. Despite advancement, both technological and economic, we are still groping to achieve peace, tranquility, universal brotherhood and tolerance.

The confused and wavering mind of Arjuna calmed down only after having gained divine knowledge from Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna called this divine knowledge the supreme secret of God. In the Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4, Sri Krishna tells Arjuna how divine knowledge was handed down from the dawn of creation. In the beginning of this universe, He taught the immortal karmayoga to Vivasvan. Vivasan in turn conveyed it to Manu and Manu imparted it to his son Iksvaku. Sri Krishna told Arjuna that only the wise seers and perfect masters who have known and seen God can impart this knowledge and not those who possess just scriptural knowledge. A sadguru who can make us see that divine light within us is an enlightened soul.

Mere bookish knowledge does not make one an enlightened soul. Kabir and Mira were not scholars. Even their worst critic would acknowledge that they were intiated into brahm gyan by their gurus namely Swami Ramanand and Sant Raidass. Since inception, the world has witnessed so many avatars and perfect masters. None of them advocated just recitation of mantras and chanting of hymns as a means of self-realisation. It is true that chanting of hymns in praise of God is a sure way of stabilizing the mind. The perfect master imparts the devotee with a methodology for knowing and seeing God. There is immediate and instant realisation of God within us when he places his holy palm on the fore-head. Brahm Gyan is energy transmitted by the perfect master on to the seeker of God....

When a seeker of truth receives brahm gyan, he or she instantly experience divine light within. Divine knowledge comprises instant and immediate practical experience of divine light, the holy name, inner music and holy nectar. God has been described as the divine light by holy scriptures like the Vedas, Shastras, the Upanishads and the puranas. As there is fire hidden in wood and it can be produced only through a technique, there is divine light hidden in every particle. A perfect master can show us that divine light within us. Our scriptures profusely emphasise that our bhakti starts only after we see and experience that divine light within us. The simran or smaran or remembrance of that eternal name which is already present in our inner-self can be done with neither tongue not with the lips. That holy name is inexpressible and hence beyond any language. The simran of this holy name makes us pure, take us on the path of true bhakti and salvation. Divine music or the anhad vani echoes in our inner-self and awakens feelings of forgiveness, morality, satisfaction, compassion and truth within us and through constant practice, we attain eternal peace and pleasure. Amrit or holy nectar is present in plenty in the human body. Amrit keeps the child alive in the womb of his mother. On taking birth, the child cries as he gets detached from God.

The role of the perfect master is to link us with the inner world which has been forgotten by us. Attainment of supreme knowledge is the right of every human being, whosoever he or she may be. It is only after we see divine light within our inner-self that self-transformation and holistic well-being shall become reality.”

Times of India