Allah's concern reflects that of His Ruh, and He chastises the Ummah Qur'n 47:18-24

The Holy Quran

"Allah's concern reflects that of His Ruh, and He chastises the Ummah:

"Are they waiting until the Hour comes to them suddenly? All the Signs thereof have already come. Once the Hour comes to them, how will they benefit from their message?” "Why do they not study the Quran carefully? Do they have locks on their minds?”Qur'n 47:18-24"

September 22, 2009
Dear devotees of the Divine Feminine,

Namaste - i bow to the primordial Mother who resides in you!

The Holy Scriptures declare that final liberation comes from Knowledge. It is the Divine Feminine (Ruh, Holy Spirit, Devi) who delivers this liberating Knowledge to Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and all others. Without question the liberating Knowledge comes from the Qur'n (Prophet Muhammad), Bible (Jesus), Torah (Moses and Abraham), Guru Granth (Guru Nanak), Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and others. A common thread runs through all.

What then is the common thread that holds together all the pearls picked from the Holy Scriptures? It is the thread of Her Knowledge of Final Liberation and life eternal, and you may take your pick—Self- realization (Hinduism), baptism of Allah (Islam), born of the Spirit (Christianity), Kundalini awakening (Hinduism), Resurrection (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), Last Judgment Resurrection (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), Al Naba (Islam), Comforter (Christianity), Messiah (Judaism), Al Qadr (Islam), Shakti (Hinduism), Holy Spirit (Christianity), Ruh (Islam), Tao (Taoism), Aykaa Mayee (Sikhism), Kingdom of God (Christianity), Sahasrara Chakra (Hinduism), Dsam Dwar (Sikhism), 1000 Petal Lotus (Buddhism)," Palace in the Head" (Taoism), Kether (Judaism), Regions in their Souls (Islam), Ruach (Judaism), Qi (Taoism, Buddhism), Prana (Hinduism), Nafas al Rachman (Islam), Winds of Qiyamah (Islam) and so forth. These are the pearls of Knowledge and Final Liberation.

The incarnation of the Divine Feminine, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, has spent more than three decades collecting, promulgating, reciting and explaining in detail that Knowledge of Final Liberation. Last year, at the advanced age of 85-years, She finally retired.

The Divine Feminine continues to Call all Her children, irrespective of their religious background. All they need is to do is become Believers of the Resurrection (Final Liberation) and the Lady of the Resurrection (Khatun-i Qiyamat) will respond. (The least She will do is make you feel the Winds of Qiyamah flowing out of your being, a Sign that conforms the Resurrection).

There are times when She does more. Just two days ago on Sep 20, 2009 i received this email on Eid al Fitr that marks the end of fasting and celebration of Ramadan:

"This morning, our door bell rang, as we opened the door, we saw his brother.. He had just break the Ramadan fast and came to have a coffee at home and present his wishes for the Eid.

Then, he told about a dream he had last night:

He said that an old lady, over 80 years old came to him. He said," Nicole you know she looks like our dentist, she had the same type.” i said," Said, you mean She is an Indian?”He said," Yes, She was an Indian lady, She is a kind of Prophet, a Saint, very luminous. She was smiling at me and then She put Her left hand on my throat and with the right hand she seemed to clean my throat. i could feel Her power, and then i caressed Her hand. She was like my grandma.....”

i was absolutely stunned, because i had never told him about the Adi Shakti.. my husband looked at me... we were voiceless....”

Maybe its time for Muslims in general, and Sufis in particular, to know about Khatun-i Qiyamat, the Lady of the Resurrection. Maybe they may know better as to why Muslims like Said are getting Signs of Al- Qiyamah from a very luminous Lady on the eve of Eid Fitr:

"Sufism cherishes the esoteric secret of woman, even though Sufism is the esoteric aspect of a seemingly patriarchal religion. Muslims pray five times a day facing the city of Makkah. Inside every Mosque is a niche, or recess, called the Mihrab - a vertical rectangle curved at the top that points toward the direction of Makkah. The Sufis know the Mihrab to be a visual symbol of an abstract concept: the transcendent vagina of the female aspect of divinity. In Sufism, woman is the ultimate secret, for woman is the soul. Toshihiko Izutsu writes," The wife of Adam was feminine, but the first soul from which Adam was born was also feminine.”

The Divine Feminine has always been present in Islam. This may be surprising to many people who see Islam as a patriarchal religion. Maybe the reason for this misconception is the very nature of the feminine in Islam. The Divine Feminine in Islam manifests metaphysically and in the inner expression of the religion. The Divine Feminine is not so much a secret within Islam as She is the compassionate Heart of Islam that enables us to know Divinity. Her centrality demonstrates her necessary and life-giving role in Islam.

Sufism, or as some would define it"mystical Islam"has always honored the Divine Feminine. Of course, Allah has both masculine and feminine qualities, but to the Sufi, Allah has always been the Beloved and the Sufi has always been the Lover. The Qur'n, referring to the final Day, perhaps divulges a portion of this teaching: "And there is manifest to them of God what they had not expected to see.”

Islam is aniconic. In other words, images, effigies, or idols of Allah are not allowed, although verbal depiction abounds. There was a question long debated in Islam: can we see Allah? The Prophet said in a hadith," In Paradise the faithful will see Allah with the clarity with which you see the moon on the fourteenth night (the full moon).” Theologians debated what this could mean, but the Sufis have held that you can see Allah even in this world, through the"eye of the heart.”The famous Sufi martyr al-Hallaj said in a poem," ra'ytu rabbi bi-'ayni qalbi" (I saw my Lord with the eye of my heart). Relevant to the focus of this paper is that Sufis have always described this theophanic experience as the vision of a woman, the female figure as the object of ru'yah (vision of Allah).

There was a great Sufi Saint who was born in 1165 C.E. Besides Shi' Muslims, numberless Sunni Ulemas called him"The Greatest Sheikh" (al- Shaykh al-Akbar).[18] His name was Muyiddin ibn al-'Arabi. He said," To know woman is to know oneself," and"Whoso knoweth his self, knoweth his Lord.”Ibn al-'rabi wrote a collection of poems entitled The Tarjuman al-ashwaq. These are love poems that he composed after meeting the learned and beautiful Persian woman Nizam in Makkah. The poems are filled with images pointing to the Divine Feminine. His book Fusus al-hikam, in the last chapter, relates that man's supreme witnessing of Allah is in the form of the woman during the act of sexual union. He writes," The contemplation of Allah in woman is the highest form of contemplation possible: As the Divine Reality is inaccessible in respect of the Essence, and there is contemplation only in a substance, the contemplation of God in women is the most intense and the most perfect; and the union which is the most intense (in the sensible order, which serves as support for this contemplation) is the conjugal act.”Allah as the Beloved in Sufi literature, the ma'shuq, is always depicted with female iconography....

Among the Ghulat there is much respect paid to the Divine Feminine. In the Ghulat group the Ahl-i-Haqq ("The People of Truth"), the Divine Feminine appears as the Khatun-i Qiyamat (Lady of Resurrection) who also is manifested as the mysterious angel Razbar (also Ramzbar or Remzebar). The writer, Frédéric Macler, claims that the name Razbar is of Arabic origin and means"secret of the creator.” The term qiyama literally means," rising"of the dead, and allegorically, it implies an idea denoting the rising to the next spiritual stage, and qiyamat-i qubra (great resurrection) means an attainment of the highest degree when a man becomes free from the ties of external laws, whom he shackles and transfigures into spiritual substance, which rejoins its divine sources.”The King of the World was sitting on the water with His four associate angels (chahar malak-i muqarrab) when they suddenly saw the Pure Substance of Hadrat-i Razbar, the Khatun-i Qiyamat (Lady of the Resurrection). She brought out from the sea a round loaf of bread (kulucha), and offered it to the King of the World. By His order they formed a devotional assembly (jam), distributed the bread, offered prayers and exclaimed 'Hu!' Then the earth and the skies became fixed, the skies being that kulucha.”

Another rendition of the emergence of the Lady of the Resurrection is as follows: "After this the Holder of the World and Creator of Man looked upon 'Azra'il with the eye of benefaction, and 'Azra'il became split into two parts, one exactly like the other, and from between these parts a drop of light emerged in the form of a loaf of kulucha bread. The Creator then said, I appoint that person (surat) who became separated from 'Azra'il to be the Lady of the Resurrection (Khatun-i Qiyamat), who will on the Resurrection Day be the helper of human beings.” "

Laurence Galian, The Centrality of the Divine Feminine in Sufism

Why should Shri Mataji approach a Muslim who is neither aware of Her advent nor message of the Resurrection? Why has She devoted more than three decades declaring the Great News (Al Naba), urging Her devotees to do the same? It is because of Her great concern that because of the ulema's misinterpretation of the Qur'n the Ummah (Muslim community) is in grave danger of missing Her Knowledge and Final Emancipation pertaining to Al-Qiyamah, the heart and soul of the Holy Qur'n.

“I have such respect for so many of them (Muslims). I wish they could accept that this is not Jihad time anymore but Qiyamah Time, the Resurrection Time, the Blossom Time. Are they going to miss it?”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Allah's concern reflects that of His Ruh, and He chastises the Ummah:

"Are they waiting until the Hour comes to them suddenly? All the Signs thereof have already come. Once the Hour comes to them, how will they benefit from their message?” "Why do they not study the Quran carefully? Do they have locks on their minds?”Qur'n 47:18-24

The email prompted me to respond immediately, and it also reflects the same concern:

Date: Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 5:51 AM
Subject: Re: Just Great.....

Dear Nicole,

This is just fantastic, a great Sign from Allah for Hassan and his family. You must record more details for future Muslims. It is very important that you do so because of the terms used by Said: "Prophet, a Saint, very luminous.” In future Muslims are going to play a critical role in the Resurrection due to their faith and Quran. And when you have highly educated Muslim adults like your Ph.D. husband bearing witness to Shri Mataji, that is a very powerful statement.

This incident should be a life-long proof that you and Hassan are on the right path. To be given that Sign is the greatest blessing to any Muslim. Why? Because Said was given the Sign on the eve of Eid! He is very blessed and so is your husband, whose participation in the Resurrection by the Sign is now almost assured. Moreover, Hassan had the intention of giving"Realization to his brother, sister and mother.”

Nicole, we do not know how the future will turn out for Muslims and Al-Qiyamah. But if you have in your possession such evidence (Sign), then it is your duty to record it in great detail for the future benefit and faith of the Ummah in the Resurrection. You must because it falls on the eve of Eid, and is no coincidence. The Ummah will easily identify with that. And both you and Hassan should dedicate your remaining years in spreading the Great News (Al Naba) of Al- Qiyamah. On my part, i will do my utmost to make Muslims understand their own Quran and non-Muslims surrender to its soul - The Resurrection. Thanks.

warmest regards,


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