If SYs do not articulate the deep truth that the real master lies within

From:  "jagbir singh" <www.adishakti.org@gmail.com>
Date:  Thu Jul 15, 2004  11:27 am
Subject:  If SYs do not articulate the deep truth that the real master lies within

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> Dear All,
> i regard this testimonial from Artur Smith, an ex-disciple of the
> false guru Sri Chinmoy, a must-read.
> Throughout this forum i have always insisted that we must learn to
> be our own gurus, always demand/provide evidence of Shri Mataji's
> divinity, and cherish the freedom to criticize in order to maintain
> and protect the Dharma.

i have no idea what SYs think about providing evidence of Shri Mataji's divinity and message to humanity. This quote from a disillusioned seeker may be helpful in gauging the deep hole we are still digging ourselves into and, despite three decades of Self-realization, do not seem to understand and learn from endless failures:

"In the past year I have become increasingly aware of how widespread
abuse in religious/spiritual organisations really is and it's been quite an eye opener. Joseph Campbell has said that humanity is entering the age of the spirit. Many social norms and power structures seem to be breaking down and the public appear increasingly cynical about our established institutions. Perhaps we are entering a time of greater authenticity and freedom, a time in which the truth about matters is increasingly revealed. Although, the old patterns are fighting hard for survival against the winds of change.

I agree with cp3 that the relationship between guru and disciple is
susceptible to many temptations and distortions. When Jesus warned,
"Many will come claiming to be me, but don't follow them", I think he
was articulating a deep truth that the real master lies only within."

If SYs do not articulate the deep truth that the real master lies only within there is no way of making progress. Sahaja Yoga will retain its "What yoga is that?" status and Shri Mataji an obscure "I have never heard of her" guru.

The problem is that i am having so much difficulty waking up this
snoring dinosaur to face the formidable challenges of the 21st century. Why all this apathy and lack of co-operation to articulate the deep truth that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the incarnation of Shri Lalita Devi, the Shakti within?

That reminds me of a joke i heard a few days ago that can be
improvised and cracked in many ways.

A group of dock workers were unloading a large shipment of crabs from
all over the world. One of them noticed that unlike the "Amma", "Sai
Baba", "Osho" and "Yogi Bhajan" brand of containers, only the "SY" brand were not sealed. He was puzzled by this and asked others why
the SY crabs, despite their containers not being sealed, were not escaping to freedom .............. or were not capable of doing so.

None knew the answer despite curious observation.

Then the foreman, seeing the workers idling, came around.

They gave him the reason for this unauthorized break and sought answers from this experienced boss of the longshoremen.

He said it was due to a trait peculiar of SY crabs. Unlike the Amma, Sai Baba, Osho and Yogi Bhajan crabs, who formed pyramids so that others could climb and escape, SY crabs pulled each other down. Thus there was never a need to seal their containers to prevent them escaping.

i am sure Sanjay Talwar and others understand this joke well.




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