Meditation and experiencing Winds of Qiyamah is key to taking part in the Resurrection during Al Qadr

"However, the Sahaja Yoga organization's explicit Hindu rituals, mantras and chakra-cleansing obsession will disgust most Muslims. i assure the Ummah that all they need is to learn how to trigger the Winds of Qiyamah online and return to their own communities and meditate. Daily meditation—the innermost intimacy with God Almighty (Silence on Self)—and experiencing the Winds of Qiyamah is key to participating in the Resurrection during Al Qadr (The Night of Power and Destiny). There is absolutely no need for any SY ritual, mantra or chakra-cleansing. Allah's Ruh within will perfect you for the eternal Paradise.”- jagbir

August 26, 2009

Dear Believers of the Resurrection,

Namaste - i bow to His Ruh (Holy Spirit/Adi Shakti) who resides in you!

Prophet Muhammad was meditating, not sleeping in the cave. This fact must be established as daily meditation is absolutely required for those wishing to take part in the present Al-Qiyamah. Meditation, the innermost intimacy with God Almighty (Silence on Self), must now blossom into the future model for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike:

Deciphering the signs of God: a
phenomenological approach to Islam, Annemarie Schimmel
"In the historical context, it is well known that the Prophet Muhammad received his initial revelation in a cave on Mt. Hira where he used to retire for meditation. It was in the solitude of this place that he was blessed with the first auditions which forced him to go into the world and preach what he had learned: the constant change between the khalwa, the lonely place of meditation in the dark cave, undisturbed in his concentration upon God, and the jilwa, the need and duty to promulgate the Divine word that he had heard, was to remain the model for the Muslims—a spiritual movement of whose necessity Iqbal reminds the believers of our time...

The Prophet's example of retiring into the cave was imitated by a number of mystics who lived for long periods in caves. The extremely narrow cave in which Sharafuddin Maneri of Bihar (d. 1381) spent several decades of his life is only one of the numerous examples of this pious custom; Muhammad Ghawth Gwaliorf (d. 1562) also belongs to the Sufis who, year after year, performed their meditation in a cave, to emerge in the end filled with an overwhelming spiritual energy. The experience of the arba'in, chilla, khalwat, forty days' meditation in a narrow, dark room or a subterranean place, belongs here as well. The intimacy of the experience of God's proximity in such a khalwa could lead the pious to address Him in prayer as 'On Cave of them that seek refuge!'" (Deciphering the signs of God: a phenomenological approach to Islam, Annemarie Schimmel, pages 48-9)

Note: i consider this correction crucial for Muslims understanding that the present Al Qadr (Night of Power Destiny) is rooted in meditation. Only in meditation can one feel the Winds of Qiyamah issuing from within themselves, and know for a surety that the body is daily undergoing a very subtle resurrection. Those surrendering to His Call are empowered to resurrect themselves, and that is why the Night of Power is better than a thousand months wherein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah's permission, on every errand.

However, this experience of the Winds of Qiyamah (Islam) or being born of the Holy Spirit during the Last Judgment (Christianity) have been reduced to just Cool Breeze by the Sahaja Yoga organization. Thus over the decades the overwhelming majority have had no idea what the Cool Breeze is all about, and have left almost immediately.

Judith Coney: Sahaja Yoga


One spring afternoon in 1992, a Norwegian friend who was living in my village for a year whilst he completed a Master of Business Administration at Bath University dropped over for coffee. After exchanging the usual set of pleasantries about the weather and a few comments about the local primary school, he introduced a new topic into the conversation. Knowing my interest in new religions, he said, was I aware that some people in the next village were 'giving cool breezes'? I confessed my ignorance and pressed him for details. One, a woman called Jane, he continued, had given him a sort of massage and as a result he had felt a cool breeze on the top of his head.”I really did, you know!"he went on, looking slightly uncomfortable, as he did not quite believe it himself.”What's it all about?”

This book is my attempt, as a sociologist of religion, to answer the question raised by my friend that day. It is about Sahaja Yoga, the new religious movement (NRM) whose member was responsible for the 'cool breezes' which he felt...

Making Contact with Mother
Cool Breezes

The result, in all three settings, is that many people do feel a cool breeze. The coolness which is felt is usually associated with other sensations, as well. Typically, the pupils of the eyes can be observed to dilate and the person will feel very relaxed and 'centered'. However, it is notable that, despite the very similar ways in which individuals 'get their realisation'—and even in the same setting—not everybody feels exactly the same thing. Sri Mataji teaches that the vibrations of kundalini can be felt as a cool breeze on the palms of the hands and above the head. Sometimes breezes, in line with the teachings, are felt on the hands and head specifically. For others, the experience is more generalized:

The experience was extremely timeless, because I felt that it only lasted for about five minutes but somebody came behind me and said"Would you like a cup of tea?”And I thought," this is silly, what's all this about tea?”But it turned out that it was about three quarters of an hour later. And I felt a strong cool breeze. I was actually told"you will probably feel some coolness or some nice feelings inside"but I felt coolness not just in my hands, where I was told it would be, but all over and I felt incredibly peaceful.

Generally, the feeling of coolness on 'realisation' seems to be discernible, but relatively weak. As with Kakar's description of his own 'realisation', many newcomers are left with the feeling that they felt something but they are not sure what:

Mataji grandly announced," He is realized.”..”Sit in meditation for some time"she told me as I sat up.”Do you feel a cool breeze on the top of your head and on your palms?”Indeed I did, though I could not distinguish the coolness due to kundalini from the gusty breeze coming from the sea. I felt well, though, calm and deeply relaxed. (Kakar 1984, 195-6) [Kakar is a trained Jungian psychologist, having witnessed Shri Mataji's delivery of 'realisation' both en masse and on a one-to-one basis.]

A few, however, have an extremely strong experience. One such incident was described by one of the participating Sahaja Yogis:

He felt really cool, not just on his hands but all over. He said: 'This isn't a breeze, it's a wind.' We all felt it really strongly too. Then we picked up Mother's photograph and held it in front of him and he felt loads of vibrations coming from that. But I think the whole thing was so strong that it frightened him. He was very high and positive for two days, he brought us some flowers, and then he became very wary and never came to [the ashram] again.

Others still, in contrast, do not feel much, if anything, on their first session. This lack of feeling on their part, however, may not be shared by the Sahaja Yogis 'working on them', who may remark enthusiastically about how cool the individual feels, and may be at odds with the view of Shri Mataji herself. Here is the description of his initial contact with Sahaja Yoga by one such follower. He first went to a meeting at which Shri Mataji gave 'realisation' en masse, but felt nothing. Nevertheless, he was persuaded to go to a smaller workshop a few days later:

I really didn't feel anything there at all either but I was told by Mataji herself—she said"Who hasn't felt it yet?”And I put my hand up with a few others. Mataji said"Come forward"And then she said to me"You've got it, you know", and I said"Have I?”And she said"Yes, go through to that room and ask some Sahaja Yogis to work on you.” So that was my introduction to Sahaja Yoga.

It was only with repeated sessions that he developed the ability to feel a cool breeze. There are also those, a few, who may feel more calm, possibly as a result of sitting quietly for some time, but otherwise feel no different and never feel any sort of breeze. This is often explained by Sahaja Yogis as being because the chakras have been too badly damaged by negativity in the past (Rajasekaran and Venkatesan 1992, 98).”

Judith Coney, Sahaja Yoga, Introduction & pages 55-7
RoutledgeCurzon; 1 edition (May 24 1999)
ISBN-10: 0700710612
ISBN-13: 978-0700710614

Note: Judith Coney's book has been rejected by the Sahaja Yoga organization for, among other reasons, portraying the movement in a negative image. On a positive note the Sahaja Yoga organization has finally, albeit only recently, inserted this note onto one of their web pages:

"From the Islamic scriptures

The Koran mentions the cool breeze in connection to the Resurrection: "It is Alah Who sends the winds... As such (will be) the Resurrection.” ("The Noble Quran"35.9, Hilal Publishing House, Istanbul, 1994, p.700).

At the time of Kiyama (Resurrection Time)"We shall seal up their mouths and their hands will speak to us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn" (ibid. 36.65, p.713). This is precisely what happens in Sahaja Yoga, when our entire inner system can be felt on our fingertips. Everything that we do which goes against our Spirit manifests on our chakras, and can be felt on our palms after we get our Self Realization. The Koran (ibid. for instance: 2.87; 42.52 etc.) also makes many references to the Ruh (or Ruah), the Breath of God, which is the same as the All Pervading Power in Hinduism and the Holy Spirit in Christianity. Its reflection in the human being is the Kundalini.

An interesting reference can be found in the"Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam"Which describes the Mahdi - the Twelfth Imam who was predicted to come in the times of Kiyama: "To believe in His as the Second or the Promised Messiah is an article of faith, because first of all His coming early in the 14th century of the Hidjra was predicted by Muhammad" (H.A.R. Gibb, J.H. Kramers," Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam", E.J. Brill, Leiden 1953, p.24). Or, Hidjra (Hegira), the starting point of the Islamic period was towards the end of the year 622, which sends us to the end of the year 1922 maybe the beginning of the year 1923. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born the 21st of March, 1923.

However, the Sahaja Yoga organization's explicit Hindu rituals, mantras and chakra-cleansing obsession will disgust most Muslims. i assure the Ummah that all they need is to learn how to trigger the Winds of Qiyamah online and return to their own communities and meditate. Daily meditation—the innermost intimacy with God Almighty (Silence on Self)—and experiencing the Winds of Qiyamah is key to participating in the Resurrection during Al Qadr (The Night of Power and Destiny). There is absolutely no need for any SY ritual, mantra or chakra-cleansing. Allah's Ruh within will perfect you for the eternal Paradise.

regards to all,


There is absolutely no need for any SY ritual, mantra or chakra-cleansing. The Sahaha Yoga organization of 2009 is now almost entirely made up of tens of thousands of 'sick', fearful, conditioned and paranoid Krishnas obsessed with the SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion) i.e., the compulsive disorder to daily keep their chakras and subtle system 'clean'.

Thu Aug 27, 2009
Dear Jagbir, Krishna and all,

Krishna has kindly given me permission to post the appended excerpt of an email he sent me, which i believe speaks for itself.

regards to all,


On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 5:30 AM, Krishna (Kyyan) Volk wrote:

I just wanted to say that this journey is such an interesting thing. Just when I think a huge change and unfolding is happening in my life it's not, and when I let go suddenly it is. I have been cleaning myself religiously since I returned from India (6 months now) day and night, schedules and everything. I have had many cool things happen..such as candle flames on the alter that suddenly stretch 4-5 inches in height with a steady stream of black smoke trailing off into the air, sometimes for nearly a minute straight then suddenly back to normal. All sorts of Bhoots and possessions and whatever else pop off on the candle flames, dreams with Mother in them that seem very significant, sometimes (very rarely) very deep meditations or states of awareness that simply happen without any mantras or anything, just the raising of my kundalini can do it.

My point is, vibrations have been usually hot or nothing at all with all fingers catching, though people working on me can feel them very strongly as cool. Same thing happened at Vashi while I was there-I felt great inside, felt"normal"but could not feel vibrations. The last month and some has been so difficult for me in so many ways and the last week I got to the point where I was sick and tired of the way I have been approaching SY and living my life since SY, especially since my return. Since I started SY I have gained many, many great understandings and my behaviors that were self destructive have receded to a near 100% reduction, but in that I also become extremely conditioned by SYSSR but more so by the conditionings of fear of getting caught up, or possessed, of treatments, of all those sorts of things and they took the joy out of my life. I was scared to do anything and everything was hampered by these ideas. For example I was interested in studying spa therapy and massage therapy as a career since I'm interested in it and it pays really well, but talking to other yogis and the fear of getting caught up because of massaging people basically came into play. Options for career paths became next to nothing because I was totally taken over by the fear of not wanting to get caught up and I no longer knew what I wanted to do because every option had a negative side. Basically I had become sub human and stopped enjoying my life or knowing how to enjoy it because of these conditionings, both pertaining to people I would meet and career paths.

In the last month or so I have been watching non realized souls and seeing that they thoroughly are enjoying their lives and living like normal people, albeit some of their activities and ideas are of course a-dharmic, but that aside, they are doing the things in life they enjoy doing and are interested in, not huddled away, timid, scared of everything or fearful of unnecessary things. I began thinking.....Mother always has said that self realization should give you the ability to truly enjoy your life, and truly be free to do that (true freedom comes from within) and I began to look at my life and how I have been living it since I first start SY and came on the forum (a time that although I was adharmic and such, my personality was still intact and my life was not subject to such nonsense and I felt free), and clearly saw something was not right in my life and in my mind; I was miserable. So with all these realizations mounting over the last week, I decided to experiment and do what Jagbir suggested on the Self Realization portion of and just raise your kundalini, take bandhan and then just sit with both hands open; no mantras, no clearing, no affirmations, just allowing yourself to be still and try to let go of everything. Although I never went thoughtless I found eventually my eyes could remain closed on their own, and I felt different inside. This to me spelled out that there is truly something to this just meditation on the divine feminine within and not any of the other excess stuff.

This brief background story brings me to the point of my email. Last night I was feeling anything but well and decided I would just have a simple foot soak, not take any mantras and not even balance my right or left, just sit and close my eyes, letting whatever happens happen. So I did that, and wow. Not thoughtless by any chance but I started feeling vibrations like I have never experienced them before. I had made sure to close the window and the door to my room, as I usually like to see if the candle will do something interesting and to make sure if I am lucky enough to feel vibrations it's not from a draft. So Sitting there I felt a few catches and just gave bandhans to them and they became hot and eventually went away, but this time there were only like 2 not 500 and both went away. But before that and even afterwards it felt like I was sitting in front of a fan. It started on my right side on the hands and then became both hands and then my whole body seemed to be engulfed in this cool breeze. It was blowing on my face and my whole body. I opened my eyes to see if the candle was blowing or if the curtains in my room were moving due to a draft coming in from under the door, but they were all completely still. So i tried to put my attention on the top of my head. When I put in effort and did that I didn't feel any vibrations, so I decided to stop trying to put my attention anywhere specific and just sit there. As soon as I let go and stopped trying, the same vibrations started again and covered my whole body, blowing into my face for more then 30 minutes. It was awesome!

What I realized, which I'm sure you have already grasped from what I've written above, is that I just have to stop trying so damn hard and simply let go as much as is possible and anytime I can and everything will work out. Anytime I try to do anything or put any effort into anything nothing really works out. So with that in mind it's like a new leaf has turned over for me. I'm learning to just become normal and live my life as I want to live it, doing the things I want to do and depending on my own discretion and not others ideas to do that. In meditation i've decided for a few weeks to just do as Jagbir has stated and allow Mother to do what she will.

I feel like this has changed something in my awareness that I can't really express in words and a new leaf has been turned over in my life.

Just wanted to share that with you. Also the fact that simplicity and letting go is the key, it seems so funny because I was trying way to hard which was actually counter productive.


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