Secret taught by living Jesus: "If you know yourself then you know the Kingdom of God."
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Subject:  Secret taught by living Jesus: "If you know yourself then you know the Kingdom of God."

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> On December 9, 1996, at 5:45 a.m. Kash was again asked about his
> previously mistaken 'out-of-body' belief. He still insisted
> that it is impossible to believe that one is within the body —
> even after being enlightened by the Great Adi Shakti that
> everything is within the Sahasrara!
> In other words, despite his misconception being corrected by the
> Great Supreme Spirit, he still could not feel or remember this fact
> whenever he entered his own Thousand-Petal Lotus. He still thought
> he left his body and went out into the Universe to the place humans
> call the Kingdom of God. According to Kash, it is impossible for
> one to know that they are in their own Sahasraras. It is impossible
> to feel the Kingdom of God within the human body.
> It is just impossible to comprehend, while being within the
> Sahasrara, that this gross physical world exists outside! In
> other words, on Earth it is impossible to comprehend the subtle
> spiritual Sahasrara within. It is just as difficult within the
> Sahasrara to comprehend that this gross physical Earth exists
> without.
> On October 9, 1997, at 19.00 p.m. he was asked if the Spiritual
> World was as real as this Earth, i.e., was it as tangible as
> watching television, talking with his family and all the normal
> activities that makes physical life so conscious and real. He
> replied that not only is the Kingdom of God really real, just as
> this physical world, but also "better, quieter and more peaceful."

"One of these documents [found at Nag Hammadi] begins with the
scribal note in the margin, "The Gospel According to Thomas." And the
first sentence of that document says, "These are the secret words
which the living Jesus taught and which Judas Thomas Didymos wrote
down." And then they start a total of over 110 sayings, each
introduced by "Jesus said...." ...

Now what is typical about these sayings is that in each instance,
these sayings want to say that if you want to understand what Jesus
said, you have to recognize yourself. You have to know yourself, know
who you are. It begins with a saying about the Kingdom of God, "if
you seek the Kingdom of God in the sky then the birds will precede
you. And if you seek it in the sea, then the fish will precede you,
but the Kingdom is in you. And if you know yourself then you know the
Kingdom of God." (The Kingdom of the Father, in fact, it always says
in the gospel of Thomas. Normally the Kingdom of the Father, not the
Kingdom of God.) "But if you don't know yourself, you live in
poverty." And poverty is understood as the ignorance of a life in its
physical existence. Knowledge is understood to be the knowledge of
one's divine origin, of the fact that one has come from the Kingdom.
That we are on this earth only in a sojourn....

What does it mean really to know oneself? To know oneself is to have
insight into one's own ultimate divine identity. You can go back to
understand this to Greek models, which certainly exist. "Know
yourself" is a very old Greek maxim... that is, you have to know that
your own soul is divine, and then you know that you are immortal,
whereas the body is the mortal part of human existence. Now this is
radicalized in the Gospel of Thomas into saying that everything that
is experienced physically and through sense perception, everything in
this world that you can perceive in this way is nothing. It is, at
best, chaos and, at worst, it doesn't even exist in reality. The only
thing that really exists is your divine spirit or your divine soul,
which is identical in its quality with God himself. And Jesus is the
one who teaches that....

When one truly knows oneself, one understands that one is divine, but
also one understands that one is mortal. In such a way, you recognize
that this mortality is really meaningless, as physical existence is
meaningless. And therefore, death is no longer a problem, but death
is a solution, because in death finally all this mortality will fall
away, and the true self will be liberated to an independent existence
that's no longer dependent on physical existence. And on everything
that goes with physical existence, sickness and poverty and so on.
And so physical existence is often described as poverty. But when you
know yourself you are no longer in poverty."
Helmut Koester, PBS and WGBH/FRONTLINE, 1998
(Helmut Koester: John H. Morison Professor of New Testament Studies
and Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History Harvard Divinity School)



The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



"So the fear of death is another nonsense people has. First time when I started my work, everywhere they asked me what about death? I said, just now you're living why are you asking what about death?
So many people ask me question what about death, why do you want to know? I'll tell you about today, just now.

So there's another mad idea that we should know about our death what's going to happen and whatever happen. Once you are dead you are finished, you don't have to do anything after that. So what is the use of knowing when you will die, what will happen to you? Whatever has to happen will happen. We never ask when we sleep what will happen to me, do we? But this is permanent sleep and we worry so much about it that we should know what will happen after death. One has to die at the time whenever one has to die. Because whatever is born has to be dead. But you do know that you have got eternal life, you can never die.

Death is not this body disappearing. Death is where you are absolutely without any control of your soul life. Once you are a realized soul you have all the control, all the powers, take your soul wherever you feel like, to be born if you like, if you don't like you will not be born. To be born with the people in the families, in the communities wherever you like.

There are many great souls, I know, that have taken birth daringly
into societies which are very much I should say are in danger of getting destroyed because of stupidity they do.

So this happening that we are afraid of death is absolutely absurd for Sahaja Yogis. What is there to think even about your death. There
is nothing like death for you, because you have got eternal life. It
is not that you continue with your same body; you may go on changing
your dress. But you are living, you are aware and you know. Even if
this body is not there, you will be there, all the time, available for Sahaja Yoga for anything that is to be done in the name of reality. So you must know your position as eternal being, what is your work, what is your idea, what you have to do.

So one has to get rid of this idea of death because death doesn't
exist for you. It's finished. Moreover all such people who are afraid
of their death go on having insurances, this, that, all headaches you
see. And ultimately what happens, all these worldly things we leave
here and depart. There is, I don't think, anybody could carry even a
little dust with that soul which is departing.

But in your case, when you people are no more on this earth, so
called, then you don't carry all this material thing, because you've
already given up. You have no interest in them. You're not materialistic.

So your spirit is free and when you die is a very simple thing that you feel very liberated, absolutely. And then you feel your freedom, completely. And you can decide what you want to do. It's all under your own guidance, your own desire, everything works out. You don't feel that you have come out of your body, and this is what should tell you that there should be no fear of death, but on the contrary it should be welcomed. Because you will feel much more liberated, much more at ease. You don't have other problems that you have to in any case carry on in this world, so called, because of your body.

Now see, I have to take some medicines, I have to take some vitamins, don't have to take anything. Don't need anything. This body finished is a very good idea.

So troublesome it is you see, all the time. Despite the fact you may
say that I don't care for this body and all that but this body won't
leave you. It's the most sticky thing we have is our body. So to
forget about death should be the easiest thing for you!

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi


The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi




"You have to take a stand in your family, in your surroundings, with your friends, and you have to tell them, "You better all get realized." The reason for that is that the Christ who crucified Himself is going to come back with his Eleven Forces of Destruction. And when He starts He is not going to ask you to take any Realization. No one is going to be bothered whether you are going to hell. He will just sort out.

But those who have got Realization will enter into the Kingdom of God. You have to enter into the Kingdom of God here
(see photo), as I say, in the Seventh Chakra.

Shri Sahasrarambujarudha Devi
The New Age Has Started, Houston, USA — Oct. 6, 1981

(Sahasrarambujarudha (106th): She ascends the Sahasrara-chakra. She dwells there as saksi or chitkala in the liberated souls. This is Moksa)


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