Shri Mataji: "Like all the thieves of the world, all the great crooks of the world, and all the gangsters of the world have taken over.”

Je[sus said]," What ki[nd] of [priests are they]?

They [said,]"[So]me [abstain for t]wo [w]eeks. Yet [others] sacrifice their own children, others their wives, all the while praising and acting humbly toward each other. Some are lying with ma [l]es. Others work at slaughtering. Yet others were committing a [mul] titude of sins and injustices. [An]d the men who stand [ove]r the altar are invoking your na[me]! And so in all the labors of cutting up their sacrifices, that altar stays full.”And when they had said these things, they were silent for they felt deeply disturbed.

Jesus said to them," Why are you disturbed? (P.113) Truly I say to you, all the priests who stand ove[r that] altar are invoking my name. And ag[ain] I say to you that they wrote my name upon the [...] of the races of the stars through the races of human beings. [An]d in my name, they shamefully planted fruitless trees.”


Jesus directs the disciples' attention more closely to the priests (or"The crowd"? - a reading would fit in the lacunae as well as"The priests", but the meaning is not clear, since it is the job of priests to sacrifice, although it is plausible that the author wants us to think that the crowd adopts the immoral behaviour of its leaders). The disciples then tell him more about what they are doing. It is shocking: They are sacrificing their own wives and children, engaging in illicit sex, slaughter, and"A multitude of sins and injustices.” And yet the altars stay full! Readers also learn here that"The name"The priests are invoking is that of Jesus.

Again the disciples are upset and silent. Jesus condemns the priests, because they are using his name shamefully to plant"fruitless trees"- a charge closely resembling those that other Christians aimed at one another. In the New Testament book of 2 'Peter', for example, the author charges other Christians as"false prophets" and"false teachers", who"Indulge their flesh in depraved lust"And entice others into"licentious desires"; they are"slaves of corruption"," like irrational animals"," waterless springs", and so on. The author assures his readers that they will all be condemned and punished (2'Peter' 2:1-22). The charges of murder and same-sex relations, too, belong to the general theme in ancient thought that impiety leads to violence and sexual immorality (see, for example, 'Romans' 1:18:32). [10] The 'pocalypse of Peter' also calls those Christians who are praising Jesus for his death on the cross"blind and deaf" (73:13-14) - showing yet again that charges of error and immorality were flying in all directions.”

Reading Judas - The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity,
'Comments on the Translation' Pg. 136-137
Elaine Pagels and Karen L. King
Penguin Group - London, England
ISBN 978-0-713-99984-6

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
“Even the religions which are established by these great Incarnations are absolutely on a decline. You do not find any trace of religious life with all those people who claim that they are the ones who can represent those Incarnations.

If you see, in a subtle way, it's very painful also that in the name of all these great Incarnations the kind of work people are doing, the activities that they take to is something impossible because they have no fear of God. In the name of God they're doing all these horrible things all over the world.

Of course, here you can say Catholic Church has been exposed. Everywhere people are seeing all these false things have been exposed. But these false things they have used under a guard of God, spirituality and beauty. That's the best way you can hide. All the cruelty, all the violence, all the ugliness, this is how they have worked it out. And it has gone into such a state that you do not find the slightest, even tinge, of religious life among these people. Like all the thieves of the world, all the great crooks of the world, and all the gangsters of the world have taken over.

It's only because what was written in all the books and all the scriptures that you have to seek yourself was never done.”You have to know yourself"Was never done. How many times Christ has said, "Know thyself"? He also said that," You are to be born again.”So immediately they take a certificate," I am born again", and start taking advantage of that kind of a certificate. But they don't think that actually what benevolence it has given them. At the most, they might have made some money. At the most, they might have had some superficial powers, but it has done nothing if you see from innate nature. One must pity their insanity, the way they have taken to Christ's life or to anybody else's life of such a noble and a higher value system and are doing all very low-graded things.

In Sahaja Yoga, now, you have transformed yourself. I would say your Kundalini has done the job, but still the difference between Christ and you is this that you are coming from that environment, that style of life, that kind of thinking which was all for your destruction. Everything, if you see now, is for your destruction.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Resurrection; Faith, Easter Puja, Rome, Italy — April 11, 1993

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