The Great Goddess who illuminates and breaks the self-hypnotism of the terrible round of rebirth

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Subject:  The Great Goddess who illuminates and breaks the self-hypnotism of the terrible round of rebirth

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> Dear Jagbir
> What happens when one die and the kundalini leave the physical
> body?

Dear Sampa,

In order to answer this simple question it would be better to end all fear of death, and the reasoning behind such detachment.

i believe that after death your soul, inclusive of kundalini, returns to the Spirit World or heaven till it is time to return back to Earth. Then you are born again with that same kundalini that has all the data of the past countless births. You just continue from where you left previously, totally free to do as you please.

One may even regress if that is the inclination. This samsara has been going on over countless rebirths, even dissolutions of entire universes, and will continue till you desire for the truth that liberates. Just as important is the karma of meeting a God-realized guru who can give Self-realization to attain the Brahman within.

Thus when the Adhiparasakthi, the Supreme Brahman within, manifests Herself as the physical Guru all other paths must be abandoned and the conditioned mind, emptied of all falsehood and ignorance, filled with the Divine Nectar of the comforting Mother Kundalini. That is why we must meticulously make the most of this present Blossom Time, and live righteously each and every day of the Last Judgment for the rest of our lives.

Many of us have lived many lives previously and this present existence is the ripe fruit of our past good karmas. Since we have been meditating on the Shakti for ages it is Her avowed duty to awaken us birth after birth, no matter what our present fallen state. It does not matter to Shri Priyamkari Devi1
how deep we have sunk into the filthy cesspool of this world. Shri Muktida Devi2 will fulfill the promise to all Her ancient disciples that She would rescue them at all times, and revive their spiritual consciousness — rebirth after rebirth after rebirth — till final liberation. Shri Sandra-Karuna Devi3 is unconditionally bound to awaken at all times those who have worshipped Her. Even if we became subhuman (i once belonged to this species) and wicked or wayward in our ways after falling from grace, She will transform such 'animals' into humans endowed with the supreme enlightenment that dwarfs everything known to human. That enlightenment is the knowledge and realization of Brahman within!

6. In this great wheel of Brahman, the life and foundation of all, the soul wanders like a swan, thinking himself and the Inspirer to be separate. When grace comes from Him, he attains immortality.
7. This has been praised as the supreme Brahman in which the threefold reality is established and imperishable. Those who know Brahman within, realizing Brahman and absorbed in Brahman, are released from birth.
8. The Lord encompasses this all, composed of things perishable and imperishable, formed and unformed. The self, a mere enjoyer, suffers without a Lord, but he who knows God is freed from all fetters.
9. Two are unborn, the knower and the ignorant; the Lord and the not-Lord. The one, an enjoyer, is chained to enjoyments; the other, the atman, is infinite, of universal form, nonactive. By knowing the threefold, one also knows Brahman.
10. Perishable is matter; immortal, imperishable the Lord, who, the One, controls the perishable and also the soul. Meditating on him, uniting with him, becoming more and more like him, one is freed at the last from the world's illusion.
12. The Eternal which resides in the atman should be known. Beyond this there is nothing that needs to be known. The enjoyer, the object of enjoyment, the Inspirer — this has been declared to be the All, the threefold Brahman.
(SU I, 6-10; 12)

All seekers are assured of this matchless supreme salvation of the Great MahaDevi. It is an unconditional Love and Compassion that has no equal. She is the Supreme Liberator second to none, the final step to moksa.4

Eric Neuman in his book The Great Mother has this to say about the Shakti:

The Great Mother

The Great Mother




"She is not only the Power of God as the whirling wheel of life in its birth-bringing and death-bringing totality; She is also the Force of the Centre, which bestows Consciousness and Knowledge, Transformation and Illumination. Thus Brahma prays to the Great Goddess: "Thou art the pristine spirit, the nature of which is bliss; thou art the ultimate nature and the clear light of heaven, which illuminates and breaks the self-hypnotism of the terrible round of rebirth, and thou art the one that muffles the universe, for all time in thine own very darkness.” "

That is why She is called Janma-mrtyu-jara-tapta-jana-visranti-dayani (851st): To those devotees who are consumed by the evils of life, death, and old age, She is the harbinger of peace and solace by endowing them with true knowledge of their selves.

All human souls, after whirling around in countless rebirths as they ascend ever higher, will ultimately have to meet the Great Primordial Mother. Only then will these devotees meditate on Her in the Kingdom of God (Sahasrara Chakra) within themselves where She resides, and eventually return to the Spirit World as liberated souls. The Comforter is indeed the harbinger of the true knowledge that breaks the self-hypnotism of the terrible round of rebirth by unveiling our own inner glory. She reveals the deep truth that Jesus promised will set us free.

Sampa, this knowledge below of Jivas (souls), Avatars and the Divine Mother will further enlighten us, and partially answer Kyyan Volk's enquiry about what will happen after the physical Shri Mataji leaves Earth. We are souls bound for that Other Shore and will have to eventually return to the same Spirit World where we came from. Whether we are successful in our bid to evolve into the eternal spirit wholly depends on our dharma on Earth:

The Four Kinds of Jivas:

All men and women, or in short all Jivas, are equal. Yet they can be classified into four groups as given below:

Bound Souls (Bandha)

Souls struggling for liberation (Mumuksha)

Emancipated Souls (Muktas)

Ever-free Souls (Nitya Siddhas)

1. Bound Souls

Bound Souls are those in the lower levels of evolution. They are obstinate, stubborn and inflexible, with the characteristic of animals. They don't heed the Avatars, Sastras, Vedas or spiritual teachings and lack the capacity to do so. Even if they hear, they don't follow. When this type of person gets the spiritual look or vision or Arul Parvai of Avatars, their sufferings are reduced within the frame of the Law of Karma. The intensity of their sufferings are reduced to the extent of their Bakthi or faithfulness to the Almighty. They have gotten the grace of Avatars to get good future births in the preliminary stages of their spiritual evolution and to have Bakthi Marga, Jnana Marga, Karma Marga, etc., in due course. The possibility of attaining Brahma Jnana or knowledge of Brahman is very remote. How they will heed the advice of Adepts is a question mark. In short, this group of people is so deeply engrossed in the world of the senses that they are least interested in the life of the spirit.

2. Souls Struggling for Liberation

Those of the second group are souls struggling for liberation. They have just crossed the animal characteristics and have yet to stabilize in Divine life. We may call them Sadhakas.

3. Emancipated Souls and

4. Ever-Free Souls

These two groups are born to teach mankind. An Avatar is the ever-perfected divine free man or soul whom the Vedanta speaks of as the free one who assumes a body for the good of humanity.

It is the second group that needs special attention. They have just passed through the preliminary stages of spiritual evolution. They are capable of identifying Avatars and are ready to follow their teachings. At this stage the grace of the Avatar makes them strife to reach the goal of life. It shines on them and they realize their identity with Brahman and Adhiparasakthi. Thus, transmigration will come to an end for such Jivas.

However, each individual must undertake this evolutionary journey by himself. His progress will depend on the efforts he himself puts in. Nobody else, however near and dear to him, can work out his destiny. He can receive guidance from the Avatars and more advanced souls but he himself will have to take the steps on the evolutionary journey. Nobody can carry him along.

Aim of Manifestation:

Adhiparasakthi, The Supreme Brahman, manifests Herself in order to protect the good because they destroy unrighteousness and propagate righteousness. The good are those who are naturally inclined towards the good of others, who remember and chant the name, form, qualities and glories of Adhiparasakthi, the Divine Mother and propagate them among people while depending on Her. He whose only aim is realization of God is good while those who hanker after worldly pleasures and property are not good.

Those who because of so many desires remain absorbed in vices such as falsehood, fraud, deception, dishonesty, etc; who exploit the virtuous; who remain engaged in doing evil to others; who don't know what ought to be done and what ought not to be done; who always condemn God and the Scriptures; such persons of demonic nature have been called wicked. The wicked propagate unrighteousness and destroy righteousness so the Divine Mother Adhiparasakthi manifests Herself for the destruction of such wicked people.

The Avatar comes to this world with a particular mission which is the main objective of the Avatar called Avatara Nokkam. The Avatar preaches many things and waits for the time to fulfill the main objective. In the meantime other things required for the fulfillment of the main objective are completed. Such things as the training of various cadre of people to perform and complete the main objectives are done step by step without overruling the Theory of Karma as far as possible. During this period some of the minor objectives are also carried out and completed. As soon as the main objective is completed the Avatar goes back to the kingdom of God that is Sukshma world, in the predetermined way. 

Cause and Occasion of Her Manifestation:

Whenever and wherever there is decline in religious practice and a predominant rise of irreligion, Adhiparasakthi descends Herself. When there is decline of righteousness and a rise of unrighteousness, She manifests Herself for the destruction of the wicked and the establishment of true righteousness. Thus, if necessary, she manifests Herself in different forms at this time. However, she manifests herself only as and when there is need for Her manifestation.

There is a decline of righteousness from the Satya Yuga, or Golden Age, to Treta Age, Dvapara Age and Kali Age respectively. In the Satya Age, Dharma, or righteousness, flourishes. In Treta Age the decline begins and becomes rapid in Dvapara Age. In Kali Age, the most evil of the ages, unrighteousness or Adharma prevails. In this age the Godhead, the Divine Mother, manifests Herself for the establishment of righteousness.

There is descent of Divine Mother for the ascent of Man. As an Avatar, She puts on a fleshly body out of Her own free will for the upliftment of mankind. She is quite independent and has absolute control over Maya. Meanwhile, Jiva, men, are slaves of Avidya, or Maya, so long as they have no self-realization. She is completely free to act in many ways at Her will and has no obligation to adhere to such rules and regulations. Therefore, She appears by Her own will whenever there is irreligiousity and a disappearance of true religion. It is a recognized fact that from time to time messengers and incarnations of the Almighty Adhiparasakthi are born on earth to shed the light of righteousness and dispel the darkness of evil and injustice.

Dharma is the base on which the edifice of life is built and the Divine Mother takes it as Her special mission to see that it does not decay. Whenever Dharma is assailed, She incarnates to set an example to the world and remove the hurdles in the path of Dharma or righteousness. Whenever there is a setback in Dharma it becomes the primary concern of the Divine Mother to re-infuse and revitalize the vigor into Dharma.

In assuming birth, Divine Mother does not abrogate Her intrinsic nature of being the birth less and deathless Mother of all existence. Her fundamental infinitude of perfections undergoes no diminution the process of incarnation. The form She assumes, the body in which She incarnates, is a particular configuration of Her own radiant and transcendental form, untouched by Rajas Tamas. It is material in so far as it transcends to the taints of terrestrial matter. In time of crisis, for the moral regeneration of the world, the grounds for Divine incarnation are not the necessity of Karma but free resolve transcending it.

The re-establishment of Dharma is accomplished in two ways. Firstly, the righteous ones on earth who are languishing for want of direct communion with Divine Mother, the object of their loving adoration, are granted the vision they long for, by Divine Mother in Her incarnate form. They are thus rescued from their spiritual affliction and sustained by the life-giving grace of Divine Communion. Secondly, those who are evil and antagonistic to the call of the Divine, are released through apparent destruction to get a new embodiment favorable to their turning Divine. The essence of righteousness is love of God, which is fostered by the self-revelation of God through the Avatar.

What is Unrighteousness?

When the righteous, innocent, weak, pious and spiritual people are exploited by the unrighteous, cruel, strong, wicked and mundane people and when moral values are lost and immorality prevails: that state is the state of decline of righteousness and the rise of unrighteousness. When there is a decline of righteousness and a rise of unrighteousness, by God's order, saints come to the earth and true strivers are revealed. They both work to reestablish righteousness. Sometimes liberated souls, who have realized God, come to earth as representatives of God to help the people attain salvation. Where there are such strivers and saints, there is neither so much decline of righteousness, nor so much rise of unrighteousness, as in other places where there are neither strivers nor saints. When people don't follow the teachings of strivers and saints, but start to kill them, leaving only a few righteous persons to propagate righteousness, there is a decline in righteousness and Adhiparasakthi, the Brahman, manifests Herself.

What is Irreligious?

The principles of religion are laid down in the Vedas and any discrepancy in the matter of properly executing the rules of the Vedas makes one irreligious.

Establishment of Dharma or Righteousness:

Because unrighteousness propagates due to the performance of actions with a selfish motive and attachment to the unreal, the establishment of righteousness consists of preaching and propagating the selfless performance of actions. The Divine Mother Adhiparasakthi manifests Herself in order to propagate the performance of selfless actions through Her deeds. When this sort of feeling is propagated, righteousness is naturally established.

The Divine Mother is the abode of Dharma, or righteousness, so She manifests Herself in order to establish righteousness well. In fact, righteousness never perishes. It only declines. Whenever there is a decline the Divine Mother reestablishes it.

To establish true Dharma and peace, She comes down as the World teacher. She shows Maya bound Jivas the true path of Mukti, or liberation, by coming down in a human body. Although She is on Earth in human form, She is not bound by Maya. She thus embodies Herself in different bodies at different times but the incarnations are not different. She is one. She only appears in different forms out of necessity. She teaches man by appearing in a form that is suitable for that particular time of Avathara.

She has appeared in India many times and has taught us many things. That is why India was and is the fountain of knowledge. In the past, whenever it was necessary, she has lifted India, upholding her by Her hands of Dharma. It is for this reason that even today in this downtrodden, oppressed and famine stricken India so many heroic souls, righteous and enterprising, are taking birth and guiding us. That is why our country has, even now, the true ideals of Gnana and Bakthi compared to those in other countries.  

The Power and Capacity of an Avatar:

An Avatar as epoch maker functions as a perennial source of power and beneficence for a whole epoch. An Avatar can transmit spirituality with a touch or even a mere wish. By his look, wish, or touch, people are saved. The lowest and most degraded characters become saints at the command of the Avatar. When an incarnation comes, a tidal wave of spirituality breaks upon the world, and people feel spirituality almost full in the air.

His message, Gospel or Arulvakku, and power transcends age and time. People look upon him as an eternal source of faith, hope, love, strength and inspiration. The milk of Divine love streams and flows to us from the Avatar. The Avatar is the meeting ground of personal and impersonal, of Divine and human. He is at once individual and universal. The Avatar is the teacher of all teachers, the highest manifestation of Divine Mother through a human form.

An Avatar is a mighty person. He removes the veil of ignorance of thousands of men and women and takes them to the land of eternal rest and bliss. The Avatar is one with the Supreme. An Avatar is not like an ordinary individual soul. The Avatar is the rays of Divine Mother Adhiparasakthi. When the work of the Avatar is over, he disappears from the world.

Adhiparasakthi has two manifestations. In one, She reflects through the universe and is called Nature. The second manifestation is through the great Incarnations of Adhiparasakthi that are the various Avatars such as Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammad, Chaitanya, Guru Nanak, Kabir, etc. These two manifestations of Adhiparasakthi are Karana Brahman....

Whenever the Avatar requires secret details of past and future events, or any clarification, the Avatar contacts Karana Brahman through ecstasy known as Arul Nilai. The Avatar goes into the Nirvikalpa Samathi, the highest superconscious state, and then comes back to the conscious state. This superconscious state is the Thuria Nilai, or Fourth State. This is the state in which the individual soul rests in his own Sat-Chit-Ananda Svarupa, the highest Brahmic consciousness during Nirvikalpa Samathi. Only Jeevanmuktas or sages can attain this state. The glory of the state of Thuria is ineffable. Its splendor is indescribable. This is a very special form of occult trance and the Avatars call it Yoga-Nidhrai, or "Temple Sleep." This is a very special type of trance because the Avatar who has studied this under temple conditions knows what he is doing and can throw himself deliberately into the trance state as and when required. In this state he is under his own control and cannot be obsessed by others.

This is only an outline and there are a number of Divine requirements and steps in attaining such a state. Please note that under the surveillance of Avatars we can also attain such a state if we have the basic requirements of Bakthi, Devotion, Purity of Mind, etc.

The superconscious state is attained only in absolute samadhi and by cessation of all bodily functions. Normally, there is no return from this state. A person who goes into the superconscious state remains in that state for about twenty-one days and then passes away. However, a few who are destined to teach mankind return to the ordinary plane of consciousness by keeping a trace of egoism, without which corporeal existence is impossible. The Avatars cherish a few desires for the betterment of the world. By taking hold of this and through the special divine grace of Adhiparasakthi, they come down from the superconscious state to the conscious state.

Incarnations are always conscious of their own divinity. They know it from the moment of their birth. They assume human form and human limitations for a particular period of time in order to teach us. In reality they are never limited. They are ever free but appear to be limited to the eyes of ordinary human beings.

From their very birth, the Avatars are knowers of Brahman, the Divine Mother. It should be noted that there is no difference at all between Brahman and the knower of Brahman, "He who knows the Brahman becomes the Brahman" - Mundaka Upanisad. The Atman or Brahman cannot be known by the mind because it is itself the knower. Therefore, man's relative knowledge reaches only up to Avatars, who are always established in Atman or Brahman. The highest ideal of Adhiparasakthi that the human mind can perceive or grasp is the Avatar. Beyond this there is no relative knowledge. Such knowers of Adhiparasakthi or Brahman are rarely born in the world and very few people can identify and understand them. Attainment of knowledge of Adhiparasakthi is the highest object of life. By deep devotion to the Avatars, who are world teachers, that knowledge will manifest itself in time."5

Those who have deep faith and conviction of the Great Event ordained for all humanity will eventually cease having any fear of death. The reasoning behind such detachment is perhaps not that we have attained the knowledge of Adhiparasakthi within, but because She has emerged from the Sahasrara and taken physical form for the first time in the history of this universe. If the Adi Shakti is before you in person, what did you do in your previous lives to deserve attainment of Brahman, the highest object of life?





Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji




"At the gross level this protection of the Spirit is expressed in the fact of Motherhood. The Mother is the first relationship one knows in this life and it is The Mother's instinct to protect Her child at any cost. The experience of this existence is built up in us at the gross level through countless lives, beginning at even the animal stage. This is to give us an inner sense of security so that when we see the Ultimate protecting Power of the Atma as Jagatmata, we recognize it immediately and jump into it. It is important to recognize that the first and also the highest manifestation of God Almighty is as Mother, for it leads one to recognize the protecting capacity of one's own Spirit through its Shakti.”

Shri Sarvamayi Devi[6]


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji




“In our freedom, we do all kinds of things which may not be benevolent for our selves. Doesn't matter. Kundalini cannot be destroyed. The Source which is going to give you the Self-Realization, I say She is you're your individual Mother. And this Mother is a loving Mother and She knows each and everything about you from your past lives. She is just waiting for a chance that She can be awakened and She can give you your second birth. She is a Divine Mother. She is not going to give you trouble.

But these problems that have come are coming from people
* who have no authority, who have no education, who do not know what Kundalini is.”

            Shri Lalitambika Devi [7]
First, Know Thy Self, London, U.K. — August 1, 1989

(Synopsis: Divine Cool Breeze Revelations 1989-90, p. 60).

 * false gurus, priests, pastors, reverends, bishops, popes, rabbis, clerics, imams, mullahs, shaikhs, ulema, ayatollahs, gurus, swamis, pandits, brahmins, acaryas, bhagwans, granthis, gianis, lamas, monks, dalai lamas


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji




“The Kundalini, the residual Divine Power, resides in the triangular bone in the base of the spine. It is the germinating power of the seed of your being. This seed sprouts through Sahaja Yoga. I am like the Gardener who pours some water on the seeds which He had planted in His garden. At first, only a few flowers come up, but at the time of the blossoming the phenomenon of en masse Self-Realization is manifested. This Divine Love that I pour is your own right for this is the culminating point of the human evolution which has been promised in the scriptures.”

Shri Mata Devi[8]


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji




"Buddha got his Realization by thorough cleansing. Paramchaitanya crawled inside him because he asked for it, genuinely wanted it and prayed for it, and was therefore cleansed by it. But again, he went into its State. There was no communication about it thereafter.

This is what is in the collective now. This collective working is now happening because this state has started expressing itself.”

 Shri Subhakari Devi[9]
Shiva Puja, Bombay, India — February 26, 1987


1. Priyamkari(731st): One who grants things dearest to Her devotees.

2. Muktida(736th): Who confers liberation. For it is only Her Grace, that could confer liberation. Just as She created the bonds to the devotees, it is only She Herself again that can break them and confer freedom or Mukti.  

3. Sandra-Karuna (197th): Intensely compassionate to devotee. 

4.”Because She leads to certainty men who wander into good and bad ways by restraining and by soothing them, She [Devi] is called Dandini [Justice].”
 R. A. Sastry, Lalita-Sahasranama, The Adyar Library and Research Centre, Madras, 1988, p 247.

Om Shakti Spiritual Movement

Sarvamayi (203rd): Immanent in all

. Lalitambika (1000th): Mother Lalita, Lokanatitya-Lalate-Lalitatena socyate. Since transcending the universe She sports, She is said to be Lalita (Padma Purana.) Ambika, according to Kalyanananda Bharati, is Paramatma.

Mata (1st): 'Sacred Mother'—She is a Mother who not only gives every good thing that a loving mother gives to her child but also the Highest Knowledge, the Brahma Vidya to Her devotees. Here Her act of Creation is indicated. 'Yasmat Bhutani Jayanti': From whom all creatures are born — Tai-Up 3.2. Mata means one who measures or knows. It implies Manam and Meyam i.e., that which is measured, Meyam, and that which is the measure Manam.

9. Subhakari (682nd): The Beneficent. The greatest good is the realization of the Ultimate and She grants that to devotees.

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