"The Light ... is not more in Buddhas and not less in ordinary beings."

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Subject:  "The Light ... is not more in Buddhas and not less in ordinary beings."
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> A few months ago i asked my ten-year-old daughter Lalita what that
> immensely brilliant Light above the Adi Shakti in her Sahasrara
> is. She replied "God!"
> i remained silent for a long time to absorb the immensity of that
> single word answer.

"Shakyamuni Buddha said, athis light of lights is not blue, yellow,
red, white, or black. It is not matter, not mind. It is not
existent, nor nonexistent. It is not a phenomenon resulting from
causes. It is the source of all Buddhas, the basis of practicing the
Way of enlightening beings, fundamental for all Buddhists.' . . Why
do students today not keep this in mind or believe in it resolutely?
Because they do not believe in it resolutely, they become lowly
ignorant fools, not escaping vicious circles ... Those who
erroneously cling to the ego do not believe in the light, so they
are herein arbitrarily making themselves bob and sink in birth and

Dwelling in the great treasury of light all day and all night, you
turn yourself into a lowly hireling, roaming in misery, a longtime
pauper. This is your own conceit of inferiority, having forgotten
the call of your noble origins. How sad it is to take up a nightsoil
bucket and become a cesspool cleaner, thinking of the body of pure
light as a defiled body full of misery. This is the saddest of the
saddest, which nothing can surpass....

Nowadays, those who shave their heads and wear black as latter-day
followers of Buddha spend the days and pass the months illumined by
the light of Dipankara, 'the Lamp,' but they do not wonder what
Dipankara Buddha, The Lamp Illuminate, really is. Therefore they are
not real students; they just make use of the appearance of
renunciation in order to grab donations. In reality, they are
actually vagrants and roustabouts.

If you deny this, let me ask you, what are the marks and refinements
of the Lamp Buddha? You cannot say anything, yet you cannot say
nothing; speak quickly, speak quickly!

How sad that you only learn of the Lamp Buddha as an illuminate of
the past and do not know that the Lamp Buddha shines throughout all
the time. How then could you believe that it is teaching and
attaining nirvana in your nostrils, in your eyes?

Now there is a group of the lowest type of hearer, who repeatedly
weary of life and death and hurriedly seek nirvana, arousing their
determination on the basis of the idea of something really existing
and something being attained. Adding religious greed on top of
selfish conceit, their seeking mind never rests until they die.
Teachers without perception praise them as good people of faith, so
they take pride in egotistical clinging and possessiveness as
diligent spiritual practice, eventually turning into ghouls....

This spiritual light is unbroken from the infinite past through the
infinite future, this is called perpetual energy. Utterly free of
senses and objects, the essence manifests, real and eternal, this is
called permanent stability of radiance. Trusting in this spiritual
light, abiding peacefully, imperturbable, is called the supreme
concentration of simply sitting....

If you cannot investigate truth through your own eyes, even if you
shave your head and dress in black, you are pitiful living beings.
Even if you can interpret a thousand scriptures and ten thousand
treatises, you are "counting the treasures of another house," you
are "seafarers who know there's something valuable but do not know
the price."

Tell me, right now as you defecate and urine, dress and eat,
ultimately whose experience is it? And what, moreover of the colors
of the waters, the scenery of the mountains, the coming and going of
heat and cold, the spring flowers, the autumn moon, thousand of
changes, myriad transformations — what brings all this about?
Truly this is a "countenance most wondrous, light illuminating the
ten directions." It is "samsara and nirvana are like last night's
dream." It is "being is nonbeing, nonbeing is being." If not thus,
even if you speak of "always being there on Spiritual Mountain," it
is a false teaching, it is specious discourse, even if you hear
of "eternally silent light that neither comes into being nor passes
away," I would only say it is only talk, with no meaning....

However, as I see students today, being grounded on ignorance, they
spend their lives polishing day and night, expecting to eventually
see through to the light in this way. Then again, some try to see
this radiant pure light by practicing meditation to get rid of
random thoughts flying around, repeatedly trying to beat out the
flaming fires, hoping to see the eternally silent light thereby. If
you think the total nourishing of thought to be right, then are
wood, stones, and clods of earth right? All of you are the lowest
kind of hearer, who drowns while trying to avoid being burned. How
foolish! Clinging to the sitting of two vehicles and the
inclinations of ordinary people, you want to realize supreme
universal enlightenment; there is nothing more stupid and perverse.

For this reason it is said, "Those on the two vehicles may be
diligent but lack the spirit of enlightenment; outsiders may be
intellectually brilliant, but they lack wisdom. Ignorant and stupid,
petty and fearful, they think there's something real in the empty

Some of them may wrongly give definitive approval to a temporary
surge of energy, or it may happen that through a temporary
inspiration they sit for a long time without lying down, so that the
mind and consciousness are thoroughly fatigued, everything becomes
the same to them, activity and function stop for a while, and
thoughts quiet down; then they misunderstand this state, which
resembles the solitary radiance of ethereal spirituality,
misconstruing it to be the state where inside and outside become
one, the original ground of the fundamental state of essential self.

Taking this interpretation to Zen teachers who have no true
perception, they present the view. Since the teachers have no eyes
to perceive people, therefore they go along with the words of those
who come to them, giving them worthless approval, so that the call
themselves graduate Zen monks. Countless followers of the Way with
shallow consciousness and little learning fall into this poison.
Truly, even as we say it is the age of dereliction of the teaching,
is it not all pathetic?

I humbly say to people who are real seekers, who have the same
aspiration, do not cling to one device or one state, do not rely on
intellectual understanding or brilliance, do not carry around what
you learn by sitting....

This is the light in which the ordinary and the sage, the deluded
and the enlightened, are one suchness. Even in the midst of
activity, it is not hindered by activity. The forest and the
flowers, the grasses and the leaves, people and animals, great and
small, long and short, square and round, all appear at once, without
depending on the discrimination of your thoughts and attention..
This is manifest proof that the light is not obstructed by activity.
It is empty luminosity spontaneously shining without exerting mental

This light has never had any place of abode. Even when buddhas
appear in the world, it does not appear in the world. Even though
they enter nirvana, it does not enter nirvana. When you are born,
the light is not born. When you die, the light is not extinguished.
It is not more in Buddhas and not less in ordinary beings. It is not
lost in confusion, not awakened by enlightenment. It has no
location, no appearance, no name. It is the totality of everything.
It cannot be grasped, cannot be rejected, cannot be attained. While
unattainable, it is in effect throughout the entire being. From the
highest heaven above to the lowest hell below, it is thus completely
clear, a wondrously inconceivable spiritual light.

If you believe and accept this mystic message, you do not need to
ask anyone else whether it is true or false; it will be like meeting
your father in the middle of town. Do not petition other teachers
for a seal of approval, and do not be eager to be given a prediction
and realize fruition....

This essay should not be shown to anyone but people who are in the
school and have entered the room. My only concern is that there
should be no false and biased views, whether in one's own practice
or in teaching others."

Zen Master Ejo, Absorption in the Treasury of Light
(Thomas Cleary, Minding Mind, p.65-82.)

"The godly light is exactly the beginning of parousia in holy souls"
Guru Nanak: "My Light is the name of One and only God"
Mishkat al-anwar: We are two spirits dwelling in one body
"The discoverer of the Atman must also discover this inner Light"
Light Above Shakti

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