Yoga is being vigorously commercialized in America

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Date: Mon May 23, 2005  7:12 am
Subject: Yoga is being vigorously commercialized in America

Dear all,

i came across this interesting article that highlights the rapid
pace yoga schools have sprouted in America, the Land of the
Vishuddhi. It also underscores the mounting difficulties N.
American SYs will have to face, unless it has been realized already,
of competing with publicity-seeking, profit-grazing, yoga cash cows.

i was just wondering if there is any way to make Sahaja Yoga unique
and different from others yogas? Is there a silver lining of hope
and confidence that we will eventually triumph because we too have a
monopoly that can be trademarked? Is it possible for Americans to
apply trademarks to the Divine Message the way they did to Basmati
rice, and now to Yoga? Can we still afford to twiddle our thumbs or
is it time to tell the following Truth?

"The Adi Shakti (Hinduism), Comforter/Holy Spirit (Christianity),
Shekinah (Judaism), Ma Adi/Ruh (Islam), Mai Treya (Buddhism), Great
Mother (Taoism) and Aykaa Mayee (Sikhism) are the one and same
primordial Divine Feminine. Mahdi is the Sanskrit contraction of Ma
(Mother) Adi (Primordial) just as Maitreya is contraction of Mai
(Mother) Treya (Threefold). The function of the Islamic Mahdi is
similar to that of the Buddhist Maitreya and Christian Comforter.

As the Comforter promised by Lord Jesus She completes His teachings
and commences the Last Judgment. "The coming eschatological
salvation is envisaged in transcendent and universal terms. ... in
the form of both bodily resurrection and of spiritual immortality."
(Aaron-Golan, The Illustrated Bible Dictionary)

As Mahdi (Guided One) She announces the Great News of the
Resurrection (surah 75 Al-Qiyamah). "Great News: usually understood
to mean the News or Message of the Resurrection." (Abdullah Yusuf
Ali, The Holy Quran)

As Maitreya She fulfils the prophecy to complete Buddha's work
before this auspicious age of Kali Yuga, in which he appeared, runs
its course.

As Adi Shakti of the Sanatana Dharma She embraces all religions and
synthesizes them into a single shared path.

For three decades Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has declared and
explained in detail the Great Event ordained for all humanity - the
Last Judgment and Resurrection - which promises both bodily
resurrection (kundalini awakening) and spiritual immortality

Truth alone triumphs and opens the way to the Divine."

Or am i crying "Wolf!" too often?,



Bikram Choudhury, founder of the popular Bikram's Yoga College of
India, has copyrighted his sequence of poses and threatened to sue
any teacher who doesn't abide by his terms. But yoga is thousands of
years old. Can he really do that?

By James Greenberg

The headquarters of Bikram's Yoga College of India is much like the
office of any celebrity in Los Angeles. The walls are plastered with
pictures of Bikram Choudhury with his star students: There's one
with a beaming Brooke Shields, another with Ricardo Montalban. He's
even posed (not the asana kind of posing) with Teddy Kennedy and
Bill Clinton.

One famous student you won't find on the wall is Raquel Welch. That
story didn't have a happy ending. An avid yoga practitioner, Welch
published a health and fitness book in 1986 based on her studies
with Bikram (who is known universally by his first name). Bikram was
devastated. He felt she had ripped off his yoga, and worse, she
didn't pay him anything for it. So he sued her. (The suit was
settled out of court.)

Now, 18 years later, Bikram has again taken up the legal cudgel
against students and instructors who, he feels, are stealing his
teachings. Claiming ownership of a 26-pose sequence and other
identifying features of his practice, Bikram has copyrighted and
trademarked everything from his name to the verbatim dialogue that
accompanies the teaching of his classes. To enforce what he sees as
his proprietary rights, he initiated one lawsuit and has sent out at
least 25 cease-and-desist letters. But all that legal action was in
preparation for an even bigger move that startled the yoga community
when it was announced on his Web site ( in May
2002: Bikram was going to franchise his yoga.


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