18. Important Reminder

Daily meditation—the innermost intimacy with the Divine (Silence on Self) in the Sahasrara (Kingdom of God)—and experiencing the Divine Wind is key to participating in the Last Judgment and Resurrection. There is absolutely no need for any existing religious rule, ritual or ruler. Please do not corrupt its purity and sacredness with any human innovation. His Holy Spirit within will perfect you for the eternal afterlife. You will bear witness to your own resurrection and your own Spirit/Self. The spiritual journey within oneself must thus never ever be contaminated by human novelties or religious doctrine! The only guide you will ever need is the Divine Mother/Holy Spirit/Devi within, the Source of Consciousness.

"'When in consequence of the advent of pure knowledge the jiva discards its limitations, then freed from every shackle it becomes illuminated.'

Although the boon of illumination is appealing to Westerners, they have many defenses against burning away ego attachments, and it is a major upheaval of consciousness to discover that many of the former interests and involvements of life have become irrelevant. There is a tendency to avoid serious consideration of the demands for change instigated by a spiritual life and to hope that 'enlightenment' is all accomplished in some nice, neat, and all-inclusive meditation experience. The truth is that mystical experiences force people to find new meanings in human experiences, and encourage them to live in a style that is indifferent to ego satisfactions. This experience is akin to falling in love with a Goddess who is utterly fascinating and obsessively demanding of all of one's attention, forgoing any other temptation.

Sakti or Kundalini is said to help one become liberated in two ways—creating the means to experience liberation, and instilling the inclination to seek her favor to obtain emancipation. In other words the Self creates the means of its own liberation, and instills in one the desire to become free. Laksmi proposes a method of self-surrender in this tantra, with advice that might be useful to spiritual aspirants or those who wish a gentler relationship with Kundalini. (For it is often fear, resistance and misinterpretation of what is happening that makes this process painful.) She advises one to resolve to conform to God's desire, to abandon all acts that displease God, to have a firm conviction God will protect those who choose God as sole protector, and to practice self-surrender and humility. Thereby one becomes free of misfortunes such as fear, sorrow, exhaustion, selfish activity and desire, self-interest and pride, and is sheltered in God alone. One becomes benevolent towards all beings, based on the conviction 'I exist in all beings'; and will drop all hostility and arrogance...

It is useful to remember that in the eastern cosmology this 'God' is a quality of all-encompassing consciousness of which living beings are a part and which we can trust implicitly as being the source and sustenance of our lives. To surrender to this God is to surrender to the Tao, to trust that everything is already perfect, even that which the ego does not accept or understand.”

Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process
Bonnie Greenwell. Shakti River Press (January 1995) pp. 19-21

Looking In, Seeing Out: Consciousness and Cosmos
"This inner journey is impossible without stilling the mind... The mind has to be trained with one ultimate focus, merging with its Source from which it receives the light of Consciousness...

We in the West are used to learning from others. We need experts to teach us self-development, accounting, self-defense, driving, etc. Yet in learning about the inner journey we feel we don't need a guide. But a guide is indispensable for the inner journey through what appears to us to be unmapped territory. The skillful experts in the inner journey are the ones who have successfully completed the journey and can safely and surely lead us back Home. The term 'guru' means 'the one who shines light onto darkness,' that is, a Master who brings forth the light of knowledge and dispels the darkness of ignorance.”

Looking In, Seeing Out: Consciousness and Cosmos
Minas C. Kafatos and Thalia Kafatou
Quest Books (October 1, 1991) pp. 244-46

The Paraclete Shri Mataji (Mar 21, 1923 - Feb 23, 2011)
Mar 21, 1923 - Feb 23, 2011
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
“it's simple: There's no church or organization. So the only thing we have to actually do is to keep ourselves cleansed. The Kundalini does it herself, inside you, and essentially all you have to do is lead a normal life; without excesses, balanced ideas, confidence, responsibility to yourself and to your Kundalini, and also to other people, to your brothers and sisters, and to other people who have also had their Kundalini raised. You have a common language.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji, Radio Interview, Brighton, UK, 10 July 1981
"The Paraclete will be 'the ongoing presence of the revelation of God.' The revealing mission is not coming to an end at the end of Jesus's mission. Jesus's saying in 14:25-26 does not negate the possibility of the Spirit's teaching the disciples new things upon which He Himself could not, or did not, touch. The greater comprehension of the truth of God's actions and reality will be fully facilitated by the Holy Spirit. John 14:25-26 and 16:12 imply, as Tricia Brown notices, that Jesus did not reveal everything to the disciples, and that 'there is more to be revealed.' Although the Johannine author states that the Spirit's revelation of the whole truth would not belie or contradict what Jesus had already disclosed, he does not limit the Spirit's revelation to what Jesus had already proclaimed. Gavin D'Costa concurs with this opinion. He similarly argues that John 16:12-15 indicates that the 'full richness and depths of God are yet to be discovered even though in Christianity it is claimed that God has revealed herself definitely in Christ', and that the discovery of the deeper dimensions of God's revelation will take place by means of the Holy Spirit's guiding and declaring missions.” (Awad 2011, 249)

"We, realized beings, understand Sahaja Yoga (spontaneous baptism) so deeply that now there is no need to draw any other meaning of it. Still there are people suggesting rituals. It is all useless. I have never said so, yet people are doing what I have never said! So now when they listen to tapes of my lectures and understand that Mother has not said it, why should we do that? But because of old Samskara(conditioning) we keep on observing certain rituals.

So long as we do not get rid of our conditionings, we shall not understand real Sahaja Yoga (spontaneous salvation). I have made you very special people. You know the real meaning of religion. You know every thing, you know about yourself and about others. You could give realisation to people. So now you have become perfect. So what is there to go astray now? You cannot fall...

I bless you all. You have to keep in mind that we have not to pervert what we have achieved. It is most sacrilegious! We don't have to pervert it, perversion should not be allowed.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Noida House, India, 1 November 1999

"If we want to get to know what these functions are, there is no more effective way than to read, one after another, all the statements that are made about the Paraclete in the fourth Gospel. Two things stand out clearly from such texts: the Paraclete is in function of the truth, and the Paraclete is in function of Jesus. The various activities attributed to the Paraclete—to teach, to recall, to witness, to convince, to lead to the truth, to announce—indicate that principal role is doctrinal, that is, an instructive or teaching role, and that domain is principally the domain is principally the domain of knowledge. John seems to want almost to equate Paraclete with 'Spirit of truth.'" (Cantalamessa 2003, 68-9)

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