Question: "Which will be the end of all the world or of humankind?”

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
“Which will be the end of world? Again, futuristic, very futuristic. Let's not talk about the end. Just now is the beginning. When the child is born we just don't think about his death, do we?

So better be worried about the beginning of this new world that we have started and don't think of the death and all those things. Forget it for the time being.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Public Program, New Delhi, India 1988

"God has a project. He won't let his fallen creation go. Jesus Christ is the linchpin of the divine plan. The primordial promise found in the protoevangelium has its fulfillment in him. The promises of Abraham and their realization find their focus in him (Gen. 3:15). The people of the Messiah have life in the Spirit. A new age has dawned but the best is yet to be. As Charles H.H. Scobie observes, 'In keeping with the 'already-not yet' tension so characteristic of the NT, the presence of the Spirit not only is evidence that the new order has dawned, but also points forward to the final consummation of God's purposes.'" (Cole 2007, 209)

“Then I realized one thing that we cannot have the whole world to get Self-realization. This is the Last Judgment. At this time people have to decide what is the most important. They have to know themselves and understand what they are doing. Its not just having the big number that will help us but really solid Sahaja Yogis (baptized/Self-realized souls).

Then I found there were people who got cured of many diseases but most of them got lost. Some of them who were drug addicts, drinking, they gave up, smoking they gave up. I have never said a word, that you give up this or give up that. I know, when the Kundalini rises they will automatically give up and it happened and that's how people became so clean, so beautiful and started enjoying their lives.

But nobody would believe them. When they went round and talked to people,they would say they have gone mad! They could not believe how they have stopped drinking, how they are not smoking . So the identification I found of these people were mostly with the very loose type of enjoyment. They enjoyed very loose type of enjoyment, which has nothing to do with the Spirit.

Gradually of course it started working out. But still I must say that we cannot expect, in this Kaliyuga, to have billions and billions of people in Sahaja Yoga (spontaneous baptism/Self-realization), though it is my desire, it is your desire, and you want them to get their Self-realization, by which so many good things can happen.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Sahasrara Puja, Cabella Ligure, Italy—May 7, 2000

"The best way to approach the Kundalini is to recognize that it is the power and the presence of the Goddess within us. We must first honor and revere the Kundalini as a manifestation of the Divine Mother in order to unfold its energy in a truly harmonious manner...
Kundalini is the highest manifestation of Shakti within our individual nature. It is the spiritual power of the soul, the portion of Divinity that we are in out deeper identity. Kundalini supports the body and mind during our lifetime, sustaining even our autonomic reflexes in the physical body. Kundalini holds the potential for the development of higher consciousness within us. Honouring the Kundalini as a form of the Goddess ensures our proper relationship with her and the harmonious enfoldment of all our inner energies.” (Frawley 2009, 161-2)
"The parable of the four soils (Matt. 13:1-9, 18-23 par.) teaches a number of different truths... A striking feature of the parable is that when the kingdom is proclaimed, not all accept its message. There are four different kinds of soil, and only the last bears genuine fruit. All other soils fail to persevere in bearing fruit, and they represent the people who are unsaved on the day of judgment. One of the mysteries of the kingdom communicated here is that the word of the kingdom will not immediately have overwhelming success in this world. Many will reject the good news about the kingdom, but they will not be judged instantly... This parable communicates the secret of the kingdom: it is already here through the preached word, but the day of judgment is reserved for the future.” (Schreiner 2008, 60)

The Maya believed that the 26,000 Great Year of precession is a spiritual gestation period for humanity

The Maya Book of Life: Understanding the Xultun Tarot
"The winter solstice in 2012 is the knot in the Loom of Time that holds all these physical and spiritual events together in the dream—the World Tree, the cross roads of the Milky Way and the ecliptic, the rebirth of the sun from the darkness, the hope of resurrection, the hope that human love and the warmth of life will prevail against the coldness of the galactic night, the hope that the universe in on our side and we are not just an accident lost amongst the stars, and the hope that life will jump and live again in a time beyond our own.

On the morning after the shortest night on December 21, 2012 an event will occur that has not happened for 26,000 years. The sun will be in the centre of the Sacred Tree, the Heart of Heaven, and First Father, our sun, will be reborn from this Cosmic Womb of the Milky Way, the Great Mother. John Major Henkins concludes:

'The 260-day tzolkin calendar is based upon the 260-day period of human embryogenesis, and, on a higher level, the 260-day tzolkin symbolises, or structures, the 26,000 year period of precession, what we might call human spiritual embryogenesis. The Maya believed that the 26,000 Great Year of precession is a spiritual gestation period for humanity, and that the 2012 alignment will catalyse the birth of what has been growing on this planet for 26,000 years. For the Maya, Father Sun's movement into union with Cosmic Mother's heart also signified the insemination, or seeding of what will come to fruition in 26,000 years.'

End of Days

Our hearts have overbrimmed with new agonies, with new lustre and silence. The mystery has grown savage, and God has grown greater. The dark powers ascend, for they have grown greater, and the entire human island quakes.—Niklos Kazantzakis

The day of December 21, 2012 will dawn just like any other day, no different from the millions of days before and the millions after. It does not matter whether the astronomical events happen on the specific day or not. It does not matter what people do on that day. Life will go on. The archetype of the rebirth of the sun, which gives light, life and joy to the People, is happening in the dream all the time. In star time, a day, a year, or a decade does not make much difference—it is the process not the event.

However, this archetypal and spiritual potential can only come into being and know itself if there is a human container to hold it, human consciousness to give it witness, human longing for its presence, human joy to celebrate it, and human grief to mourn its passing. So indeed, the day and the year does not matter. Not because anything apocalyptic will happen on that day (that's just good copy for The Skeptical Inquirer or New Age magazines) but because the event attracts human attention, interest, fear, and fascination. All of which are a landing beacon for spirit. They call down power.

The moment, which is just like any other, is like the alchemical earth that is common and is found everywhere, but it can be transformed into gold. It is a point in time and space where two worlds can touch through the actions and choices of humans. We can align ourselves with the greater rhythms of the cosmos and both spirit and matter can be changed. Our ceremonies are magnified by the fact that this major ending and beginning resonates with all other endings and beginnings past and future. This is why Maya rulers conjured and ceremonialised at the katun and baktun endings to plant seeds for a time beyond their own.

There is great hope in the Fifth Age, the fifth Movement of humanity's Book of Life, the age of Assuming Authority at the end of this Great Year. It may be the first time in history where sufficient human consciousness has accrued for the personal history of previous ages to be erased and to make passage from one Great Year to the next possible without destruction. Moreover, to make the shift, one that is a quantum leap in human evolution.”

The Maya Book of Life: Understanding the Xultun Tarot
Michael Owen, Kahurangi Press (March 31, 2011) pp. 453-4

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