The incarnation of the Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Spirit-Paraclete

“The Self is the Spirit. This Spirit resides in the heart of every human being and is in a witness-like state. The Spirit is the projection of God Almighty, while the Kundalini is the projection of the power of God, of His desire which is the Primordial Mother, or you can call it Adi Shakti, Holy Ghost or Athena.

So the Kundalini is the projection of the Holy Ghost, while the Spirit is the projection of God Almighty. The All-pervading Power of love is the power of the Primordial Mother, which creates and evolves, and does all the living work.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
"According to Barrett, the Fourth Gospel is a thorough attempt by an early Evangelist to solve this problem [of Messiah who had not appeared in power and glory] using the Spirit. Yet here christology 'spills over' into eschatology. In John the Spirit Paraclete had adopted personal features similar to the person of Jesus. If Jesus has come forth from the Father (6:57) so will the Paraclete (15:26). As Jesus was sent (3:17) so is the Paraclete (16:7). If the Paraclete is the Spirit of Truth, Jesus is the Truth (14:6). If the Paraclete is the Holy Spirit, Jesus is the Holy One of God (6:69). As the world cannot receive the Paraclete (14:17), so too evil persons do not accept Jesus (5:43; 12:48). 'As another Paraclete, the Paraclete is, as it were, another Jesus.' In what way, might we ask, has John developed his image of the Paraclete from the image of Jesus found in the Gospel of John? Is the Paraclete in fact Jesus returned?...
Barrett concludes, 'the Spirit's work is to bear witness to Christ [and] to make operative what Christ had already effected. The Spirit is thus the eschatological continuum in which the work of Christ, initiated in his ministry and awaiting its termination at his return, is wrought out.' Therefore John's futurist eschatology is maintained by making the Spirit an interim figure present in lieu of Jesus until the consummation of the age.” (Burge 1987, 33)

"All such miracles have been here to show that these are Swayambhus. But then people started making statues and started worshipping; then making more statues and worshipping. As a result there were incarnations, other incarnations; as we think that Dattatreya, the primordial master, took incarnations on this Earth. And most of them then tried later on to say that we should not talk of the flower but we should talk about the honey and we have to get to the honey.

So they started talking about the Ruh, about the all-pervading power, about Brahmachaitanya. All of them practically talked like that. Not in the beginning I would say, but later on when they found that the people were just busy worshipping any stone. Get from there, put some, I mean they became just stone worshipers. So another kind of religion just came in, which just said that we should believe in God Almighty and we should just worship Him as an abstract god.

So, this abstraction also turned out to be futile because when you talk about flower you worship the flower and when you talk about the abstract, you just talk. it's a talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. You cannot get to the honey. So even if you talk of the honey what's the use of talking about it? You have to have it. For that, we have to become the bee and that is why it is important that you have to have your Self Realisation.

And in every religion whatsoever, even in Islam it is said you have to become a wali. In Christianity it is said you have to be born again. In Buddhism it is said you have to become Buddha, means you should be knowledgeable. In Mahavira's things it is said you must get your Self Realisation. Lao Tse has said it. Just you should start from Socrates onward. Of course, we should. Forget about Plato and these people because I don't think they had much sense of spirituality.

But most of these people have talked about Self Realisation. And there's no religion in which they have not talked about Self Realisation. Even in the Judaism or when they believe in the coming of the Saviour for their salvation, even they have talked about. So it is all described in Koran. There's a complete Surah describing about 'The Sent One', means the 'Avatar', means 'The Incarnation'. And also said that you won't believe, you won't accept and all those things.

So now, once you are realized souls, then only you start seeing that all this talk is futile. You have to become a realized person. If you get your realisation, then only you can get over the superficial illusions and you can go deep into it. All these illusions are there in all the countries, in all the religions, and that's why there is a problem. And we have seen people suffering from the pangs of fundamentalism.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Ganapatipule, India — January 7, 1990

"Now what I have told you about Adam and Eve, we have found out, said by also John in his Gnostics book. it's very surprising. They always told you that Christ must have told you many things, but they are not in the Bible. So if you understand that this Adi Shakti came as a serpent—the Adi Kundalini part of Her—and told the Adam and Eve, especially Eve, that she should ask for the fruit of knowledge to be eaten. The reason I gave you is exactly written there, that The Mother power, the feminine power, didn't want Her children to live like animals without understanding what is the knowledge of the higher realms, not giving them chance to rise higher through their freedom and then to higher and higher awareness. It was the concern of The Mother.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Cabella, Italy, June 26, 1994

Saha means 'with,' Ja means 'born.' Yoga means 'union with the All-pervading Power of Divine Love.' This is a very subtle subject, absolutely valid and can be proved of our ascent into our higher awareness. At the very outset one has to be a seeker of truth and with a scientific attitude one should approach the subject. It should be treated respectfully like a hypothesis and if found by experiments as truth should be accepted by honest people in the spirit of honesty. Because this is for one's total benevolence and for the benevolence of all the world.

This knowledge is of very ancient times and mostly comes from India. Of course, every religion has talked about our second birth and also about the Tree of Life. As the knowledge of science comes from the West, but is accepted by the East, why should such a knowledge of reality be denied? Why not at least heed to it seriously, when it is the knowledge of the roots of all our civilisation and evolution?

The nations have to think why the modern civilisation is killing all human values. What we need is a careful introspection as to where we have gone wrong. Where did we miss out on our path of progress? How has this decadence crawled into our society? Why are most of us sick with frustration and insecurity? Why are some of the people of the progressive countries succumbing to physical and mental deterioration? Science has no answer, so let us take to spirituality. Why not ask a question? Is there any other power that controls the universe? As described in all the scriptures there is an All-pervading Power of God's love (Paramachaitanya). It is a subtle power which does all living work and which cannot be felt at the level of human awareness.

Sahaja Yoga means that a seeker of truth (Sadhaka) has a birth-right to get his Self-realisation (Atma Sakshatkar) spontaneously. Self-realisation or Self-knowledge is the destination of human evolution and also of all the religions. This is the last breakthrough a human being has to achieve, for which there is a complete living machinery placed in the human spinal cord and in the brain. This machinery is being established step by step during our evolution . This living machinery works out through its power manifesting the parasympathetic and both sympathetic nervous systems. Whatever we achieve in evolution is expressed by our conscious mind through the central nervous system.

To connect us to this subtle energy which permeates into every atom and molecule, there is also a power of pure desire which is placed in the sacrum bone of human beings, which is called as Kundalini. 'Kundal' means coils. It exists in three and a half coils. There is a Divine mathematical coefficient about three and a half coils. This triangular bone is called 'sacrum', that means that the people in Greece in the ancient times knew about this divine sacred power of Kundalini; that is why they called this bone sacred. This sacrum bone is placed at the base of the spinal cord and it is triangular in shape.

The Kundalini is like a connecting cord as in every piece of electrical machinery, which connects the machinery to the main source of electricity. In the same way, when this energy of Kundalini is awakened, threads (some of them) rise and ultimately connect the human being to the All-pervading Power (Paramachaitanya).

It is a spontaneous happening, it is a living process. The whole evolutionary process has been a living process, and now a stage has come for human beings to have the last state of Spiritual existence through Self-realisation. Human being can be compared to a seed which is not active spiritually, and has not started its living process of growth in spirituality, but when it is embedded in the Mother Earth, the Mother Earth has the power, to sprout the seed.

In the same way the Kundalini can be awakened spontaneously by the power of Sahaja Yoga. When this Kundalini rises, a new life process starts in the human awareness, resulting in the growth of spirituality. This spiritual life growth is a new state into which a human being starts growing in his innate Divinity. This nourishes and enlightens his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

This living process is very clearly described in Indian scriptures since ancient times. There are 108 Upanishadas in the Sanskrit language which have exposed the knowledge about Kundalini awakening and the spiritual ascent. Also it is indicated in other scriptures of other countries. In the Bible it is called the Tree of Life and it is quoted that, 'I will appear before you like tongues of flames.' When the Kundalini rises, She passes through various centres which look like tongues of flames when enlightened.

The Cool Breeze (pneuma) of the Holy Ghost of Pentecost is this power that you can feel in Sahaja Yoga. In the Gospel of St. Thomas, very clearly describes the Sahaja experience as the ultimate of our religious life. Also it says we must look after our centres. This Kundalini has to ascend and pierce through six subtle centres which are placed in the spinal cord and in the brain. The last breakthrough is the actualisation of the baptism as one feels the Cool Breeze (pneuma) of the Holy Ghost emitting out of one's fontanel bone area.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji

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