Chaos and Transition: Patterns for a Stronger Species

"Many psychics and teachers claim that the planet may also be having a kundalini awakening. Our species may be in the throes of a transformation so profound that our present consciousness cannot fathom it.”- Bonnie Greenwell

Chaos and Transition: Patterns for a Stronger Species

"Before I began to do research as a doctoral student and then specialize in working with people who had experienced kundalini awakenings, I never imagined the extraordinary range of multidimensional experiences I would encounter, or that this work, which I thought was very individual and personal, would lead me into reframing the nature of world events.

I now do therapy and consult with people who have had powerful light and visionary experiences, who remember past lives as clearly as most of us remember breakfast, who channel light beings who are trying to raise the consciousness on the planet, who have traversed other-dimensional worlds, who have encounters with extraterrestrials or other-dimensional teachers, who demonstrate uncanny psychic awareness, and who are undergoing major energetic and emotional transformations accompanied by expanded consciousness. These life-changing phenomena are occurring across all cultures and ideologies, judging from letters I receive from all over the world. The people having these experiences are often successful, healthy, and highly educated people thrown into a paradigm beyond their belief system, who find themselves struggling with the twofold task of functioning in society and honoring an expanded awareness of intuitive consciousness.

Today I believe that like a dry creek bed filling slowly with melted mountain snow, the battered human spirit is receiving a regenerative flow of spiritual consciousness to help us set a new directive for our collective work as a species. This is happening across the planet, as thousands of individuals are drawn to look inward for deeper experiences, and then find themselves faced with the need to integrate transformative changes and radical new paradigms regarding the nature of human consciousness and existence. Many of us witnessed similar shifts as a result of drug experimentation in the sixties....

Kundalini is the creative energy and consciousness said by the ancient Indians to be coiled at the base of the spine. It is the residual of the energy/consciousness blueprint that distributes prana through the body and causes life to animate the fetus, When it is awakened there is a definite physical sensation that may be experienced in three intensities — with the slow spiral movement of a snake winding upward through the body, as a steady stream of energy, or with a sudden explosive power like a geyser erupting. This energy may trigger energy, heat, pain, emotional changes, physical problems, visionary experiences, psychic openings, expanded creativity, and many other events. In a full awakening it is the beginning of a lifetime of change in the physical, emotional, and spiritual condition that has the potential to lead to liberation. Some yogic masters state that kundalini awakening changes the cellular structure and the brain. Sri Aurobindo and Pandit Gopi Krishna felt its awakening could lead to a greater evolution of the human species.

Many psychics and teachers claim that the planet may also be having a kundalini awakening. Our species may be in the throes of a transformation so profound that our present consciousness cannot fathom it.”

Bonnie Greenwell

(Bonnie Greenwell, Ph.D., is a transpersonal psychotherapist specializing in spiritual emergency issues. She teaches at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, writes and lectures extensively on kundalini experiences, and is the author of Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process. She is a founding member and co-coordinator of the Kundalini Research Network.)

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