Deepak Chopra has done far more to uphold and promote Jesus than the entire SY organization combined!

The Third Jesus
"What Jesus doesn't elaborate upon is how waste ground can be made fertile. He says only that some people receive a bit of the truth, some a great deal, and some none at all. Let's assume that you and I can absorb some of the truth, rather than all, or none. In this regard, we fit into the category of Jesus's disciples. We are neither hopeless nor fully realized in God. We turn to Jesus because he understands the territory of the unknown, the source not only of a messiah but of the soul itself...

Jesus's vision was so breathtaking that it inspired a new religion, but without the lens of higher consciousness, these teachings seem to be mere fantasy, a distant hope that will be fulfilled, if ever, only in Heaven. Christians want to feel that their religion is unique, which is certainly achieved by claiming the one and only Son of God. But by the same token, they risk being left out of the great human project, which began centuries before Christ and continues to this day. This is the project of transcending the physical world to reach the realm of the soul.”- Deepak Chopra

Oct 17, 2008

Today I feel so relieved that I did not participate in subtle system SYs shoe-beating Deepak Chopra, who is in their black book of false gurus. Despite being new to Sahaja Yoga I did not follow this herd mentality that is typical of most SY collectives. Few SYs have the independence of judgment to think for themselves. If a SY throws the negativity, say of Deepak Chopra's existence into the havan, the rest just follow like sheep and bleat his despicable name. Countless SY havans have been initiated over the decades to rid the world of all types of negativity, including Deepak Chopra.

My seven years in the SY collectives were the worst years of my life and that of my family, and till today we still shudder at some of our experiences. But the Devi that my children kept daily meeting between 1993-2007 more than compensated for all the abuse, and that will be so for the rest of our lives.

i did not ask the Adi Shakti about Deepak Chopra because in my heart i knew he was a very special person. His books intrigued and inspired me, and expanded my comprehension of consciousness, spirituality and the Divine Mother. That was in the 1990's.

Today we have his masterpiece, The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore. It has helped me a great deal to support the message of the Comforter and Her teachings as well. But for the majority of subtle system SYs he remains a false guru, an outcast writer to be shunned at all times. Such is their poverty.

That is why is it advisable not to provoke them with The Third Jesus, as the Savior has warned us:

"Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” (Matthew 7:6)

Deepak Chopra has done far more to uphold and promote Jesus than the entire SY organization combined ......... for the last three decades! i am willing to chisel this truth in stone. As a firm believer of all religions, prophets and Holy Scriptures I find these words of Deepak Chopra so harmonious, enlightening and comforting.

"Christians want to feel that their religion is unique, which is certainly achieved by claiming the one and only Son of God. But by the same token, they risk being left out of the great human project, which began centuries before Christ and continues to this day. This is the project of transcending the physical world to reach the realm of the soul.”

Yes, the sending of the Comforter, Shri Mataji, is the continuation of"The project of transcending the physical world to reach the realm of the soul.”For those of us taking part in the Resurrection we know it is the culmination of the great human project; the collective and harmonious triumph of all religions, prophets and Holy Scriptures; the promised Blossom Time to evolve into the eternal spirit!

What Consciousness inspired Deepak Chopra to pen this priceless gem:

"This is the project of transcending the physical world to reach the realm of the soul.”

that is at the heart of all religions, prophets and Holy Scriptures?

And we should all remember that Deepak Chopra was never a SY, but yet exalted Jesus before the world. So who are these anti-Christ elements in the SY organization who have always condemned Deepak as a false guru? And why do they refuse to uphold the Saviour, the Comforter and Her message of the Resurrection? Why is it that the anti-Christ negativity has penetrated and firmly entrenched itself in the SY Church today, just as it did when the Catholic Church established itself?

That is why is it advisable not to provoke SYs with Jesus, the Comforter sent by Him, or Her message of the Resurrection as the Savior has warned us of the foolish and ignorant reacting:

"Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” (Matthew 7:6)

regards to all,

Oct 17, 2008

by Deepak Chopra
Imprint: Rider
Released in March, 2008

"Jesus Christ left behind a riddle that two thousand years of worship haven't solved. The riddle can be stated in one sentence: Why are Jesus's teachings impossible to live by? It would startle millions of Christians to hear that this riddle exists. They try to live by Jesus's words every day. They love, pray, show compassion, and practice charity in his name. Yet these humane and worthy actions, which reveal a good heart intent on serving God, do not fulfill Jesus's deeper mandate.

What Jesus actually taught is much more radical and at the same time mystical. When I was a child in India, I first heard about the Golden Rule from the Christian brothers who had traveled from Ireland to run our school. This basic tenet of Christianity, which comes from Matthew 7:12, is simple enough to teach even to small children: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So where is the riddle? What could possibly be considered radical or mystical here?

Taken literally, the Golden Rule requires you to treat an enemy as an equal, which means in essence that you can have no enemies. Jesus didn't say," Pick the easiest people and treat them nicely, just as you'd like to be treated.”That might be the Gilded Rule, which is what the Golden Rule became once people realized that Jesus's teaching couldn't be reconciled with human nature. it's human nature to love those who love us in return, not those who hate us. it's human nature to fight back when attacked (this violates another basic but impossible tenet of Jesus's: Resist not evil). But Jesus makes no such allowances. Many of Jesus's most famous words defy human nature in this way. Turn the other cheek. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

If Jesus's words are too radical to live by, was that his intention? Or have we misunderstood a spiritual teacher who seems to be so clear, simple, and direct? I propose that both have occurred. Jesus intended a completely new view of human nature, and unless you transform yourself, you misunderstand what he had to say. You can struggle your entire life to be a good Christian without succeeding in doing what Jesus explicitly wanted. He wanted to inspire a world reborn in God. This vision is breathtaking in its ambition. It points us toward a mystical realm, the only place where human nature can radically change. At the level of the soul we find out how to love our neighbors as ourselves, we are able to remove the obstacles that keep us from doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us. Jesus's name for the realm of the soul is the Kingdom of God, and he clearly intended for it to descend to earth. (On earth let it be as it is in Heaven.) God was to replace Caesar as the ruler of human affairs, and all the conditions that applied to material existence would change. Jesus could not have been more direct when he said that total transformation was near. This was perhaps the first and most important message he wanted to deliver: From the time Jesus began to preach, he said," Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17)

Yet Jesus failed to bring about God's rule on earth, and his radical vision became compromised only a generation after his death, at the same time that early Christianity was spreading with startling speed and intensity. The disciples who had followed him knew without a doubt that they had met someone of earthshaking significance. What the disciples didn't talk about so fervently was the shadow side of their new faith. They were struggling to live as Jesus wanted them to, and in many respects they were failing. They fought for power among themselves and squabbled over doctrine. They had doubts, and fears of persecution. Jealousy and sexual desire made their age-old claims. Such basic matters as whether to follow Peter or Paul as chief spokesman for Jesus drove Christians apart.

The early Church was rife with disputes and conflicts, just like every other faith that had come before. To emerge from this chaos, to survive as followers of the Messiah, was a life-and-death challenge. As a result, Christianity was forced to compromise Jesus's vision: The alternative—a complete transformation of human nature—was proving impossible. Those few who could achieve it became known as saints, and they were far removed from the dirty, bustling world and its corrupt ways.

In this book, I argue that Jesus's vision isn't impossible to realize. Yes, it is radical and mystical. None of that has changed. But the underlying dilemma—how to live as Jesus wanted us to—can be resolved. In fact, it must be resolved if Jesus is to have any kind of meaningful future. In order to find the answer to the Jesus riddle, we must begin with radical surgery, cutting through the timeworn Jesus that all of us know (even those, like me, who were not raised in the Church). That traditional version of Jesus was constructed as a compromise; it accepts the essential failure of Christ's vision, so we must go beyond it. Jesus did not physically descend from God's dwelling place above the clouds, nor did he return to sit at the right hand of a literal throne. What made Jesus the Son of God was the fact that he had achieved God-consciousness. Jesus said as much, over and over, when he declared that"The Father and I are one.”He knew no separation between his thoughts and God's thoughts, his feelings and God's feelings, his actions and the actions God wanted performed. I realize that I am quoting the most basic of Jesus's words, but we have no choice but to start at the beginning.”Radical"comes from the Latin word radix, or"root.” Jesus the radical went to the root of the human condition, and his approach to suffering was to eradicate it, literally to tear it out by the root.

But my attachment to Jesus is more personal, too. It dates from my childhood, when I heard Christian prayers at the Catholic school I attended and Vedic chants at home. I was encouraged to respect every faith, which wasn't a sterile duty but more like a festive delight. In my circle of friends one could run over to a Christian house for Christmas without feeling strange, just as we ran to a Muslim or Parsi house for their feasts and holy observances. I grew up in the early Fifties, and it would be naive to call that an innocent time in India. Hundreds of thousands of Hindus and Muslims suffered and died in the partition of India and Pakistan after liberation from the British in 1947. As one of India's"children of midnight" (so called because the modern nation of India was born at the stroke of midnight, August 15, 1947), I lived on the cusp between idealism and violence.

Now, sixty years later, the world is changing again, rapidly and with tremendous confusion. In the ferment of change there resides an opening for Jesus's radical vision to be renewed. Spirit, like water, remains fresh only if it flows.

I have written what I think the New Testament actually means, astonishing things stated in plain words. No one is an outsider who wishes to make Jesus central to his or her spiritual path, and no one should pay lip service to Jesus's words while guilt, pain, and suffering continue to go unhealed.”

by Deepak Chopra

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