God is your Refuge and Strength
Hindustan Times

"When faced by adversities, we instinctively look for succor and relief from our near and dear ones. We rely on our little self for overcoming the perplexities of life. Our little self often keeps us under delusion of some sort. Also, we end up relying on mundane connections. Selfishness holds the key to all mundane relationships. It is the cause behind the decline of values and virtues and a preponderance of vices.

Though there are sufficient reasons to turn towards God, we continue to cling on to the mundane. It proves our ignorance of the immensity of Divine Grace and the infinite treasure that lies within us to be recipients of Divine Grace. The choice is essentially between infinite potency and trifling power. It is not wrong to look for external remedies. But it is doubtful if these can rid us of our woes. So we have to ask ourselves whether we want a transient solution or a permanent remedy? The answer obviously will be the latter. And it is only the Infinite and Imperishable that can provide a permanent remedy. Dependence on objects of the material world will invariably disappoint and can even lead to agonising moments.

The best example of divine assurance is found in the Bhagwad Gita when Lord Krishna tells Arjuna: "Howsoever big a sinner one is, the moment he approaches me for help, I absolve him of all sins and make him a saint. He then attains peace. Such a devotee never falls. Fix your mind on me, my grace will enable you to surmount all sufferings.”These divine words should prompt us to realize the eternal way to worship God to obtain his grace.

Incidentally, one of the questions put to Yudhishtra by Yaksha was about the path of realization of God. The prince replied," The one and the same eternal path which all great men pursued to attain the ultimate aim of human life.”Problems arise in our life because we have pronounced the Supreme Person who is the material cause behind the three worlds. We foolishly place faith on the ability of our little self and worldly connections. So long as this little self determines our actions and priorities, we will continue to suffer in existential misery. In order to escape this suffering, it is best to take refuge in God.”

God is your Refuge and Strength
Hindustan Times

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