Manifestation of Divinity is the Ultimate Thing

Manifestation of Divinity is the Ultimate Thing
Times of India

"It wondered me immensely right from childhood as to how the entire universe moves in such a perfect and orderly fashion. Who is that Cosmic Mind behind all this? Knowing Him in elemental and metaphysical form became the primary objective. This inquisitiveness prompted me to read revered scriptures. Reading of holy books further exhorted me to meet holy men and seek answers to my questions. Al these holy men, if I may say so, kept repeating that man is essentially divine. Repeated oral dose in these words-"religion is manifestation of inherent divinity already in man"; completely stirred my being and made me more determined to search and meet someone who is capable of revelation of my innate divinity in a practical way.

Like they say, where there is a will, there is a way. Truly, God affords ways and means provided there is strong urge in one's heart. This write up is in honour of my preceptor Sh. Ashutosh Maharaj who has practically made lakhs of people undergo supersensuous experience of manifestation of inherent divinity. Holy books of all religions testify the fact that realization of God is possible only with the benediction of a Sadguru- a perfect spiritual master of the time. Manifestation of inherent divinity is the crucial thing. It is central to treading the path of spiritual quest. Spiritual blindness can not be wiped out with theoretical narration of scriptural texts. The need is to listen to the clarion call made by Mahapurushas and the exhortation hidden in the revered scriptures. All have stressed the revelation of inherent divinity. By implication, it means to know our real Self to get over the pangs of mortal world and return to the abode of eternal bliss.

Human birth is a rare opportunity to attain perfection. All revered scriptures uniformally declare so. We have a whole lot of theologians and ecclesiastical giants who too say this with great ease and alacrity. Alas! mere verbal instructions in the form of sermons and discourses do not do the need full. If scriptural reading, recitation and verbal education could play the trick, there was no need for Lord Krishna to bestow transcendental knowledge and bless Arjuna with divine eye. Physical eyes can just see the outward form. Soul - the inner of the inmost can be perceived by the eye of the spirit only. The celestial vision is not a mental construction but the revelation of the metaphysical truth that is beyond the finite mind and intellect. It is only on seeing the cosmic vision through third eye that our horizon widens and we go beyond the earthly tumults which torment us daily.

Though, fundamentally divine but the divinity in man is veiled by the incessant chain of thoughts and desires. The Upanishads envisage removal of encrustation of maya - delusion by unraveling of inherent divinity of man. It is only on practically perceiving the indwelling spirit within that our compulsive habit of identifying ourselves with gross body, mind and intellect stops. Simply telling people that the supreme spirit dwells in all beings as Atman is not sufficient. It is the vision in practical sense which would arouse unflinching faith. Spiritual discourses followed by practical truly confirm, affirm and solidify the abstract truth that is sought to be instructed. We, thus, need someone who can give the abstract metaphysical truth a visible reality. A sadguru who has himself known and seen the metaphysical Truth by unraveling the profoundest mystery alone fits the bill. The spirituality contained in Vedantic treatises is not merely the delight and ecstasy of academicians and philosophers. The domain of Vedanta is the metaphysical world of ultimate reality. A sadguru imparts the aspirants the eternal technique of delving deep into the inner world.

Our inner realm is beyond comprehensions of sense organs, gross body, subtle mind and intellect. The ground on which a physical science claims superiority over other streams of secular knowledge is that its theories are based on and verifiable through laboratory tests. A student of Chemistry cannot master his field of study without experimenting and verifying in lab the theoretical narration of chemical equations. Likewise, a genuine spiritual master possesses the power of transmission, which becomes self - evident when he reveals your inherent divinity. In Yoga- vashista we come across example of King Shikhidwaja who retired to the forest leaving behind all his possessions for God -realization in order to attain perfect peace and poise. Despite intense austerities, he could not attain the goal till his wife Chudala (she was an enlightened soul) disguised as a saint appeared and blessed him with knowledge of spirit - Brahmjnana.

In Brahm-sutra, Adi Sankara exhorts the spiritual aspirants to inquire into the transcendental form of Supreme Brahman by taking shelter of a perfect master. Krishna tells Arjuna in Gita (XI - 48/53) that my cosmic form can neither be seen by study of Vedas, nor by rituals, acts of charity and austere penances. Saint Kabir said"cosmic vision is not accessible by telling beads of a rosary, recitation of mantras in ambrosial hours and rites and rituals. Only a self-realized soul who has attained zenith of human perfection, can help us see this Visions.”It is upon perceiving the cosmic vision that one comprehends the quintessence of the cosmic process and the duality goes off. All doubts are cut asunder and we enter the realm of Oneness of all. Just as lions are not found in herds, swans in queues and precious pearls in sacks, a Saint who can impart this supra-mental experience is one in crores.”

Times of India

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