The Mysterious Birth of a New Species

The Mysterious Birth of a New Species
Yatri, Unknown Man

"Unknown Man is the first declaration of a new species being born on Earth. The last time such an event occurred was thirty-five thousand years ago when Homo sapiens evolved alongside Neanderthal man. Evidence, both of a scientific and mystical nature, has been gathered by the author to give substance to the proposal that the coming new species will grow out of a seed that has lain dormant within our genetic pool for millennia. This book provides an extraordinary blueprint of mankind which reveals that we are richly endowed with miraculous, yet almost unknown talents and that these talents, when revealed, will alter our condition to bring the species into a"natural state"Which hitherto has been reserved only for a choice few.

In the past two decades the Western world has begun a completely new appreciation of mystical, Eastern teaching and with this fresh view the post-war generation has begun to question the old traditions and values, with science at last delving into"maps"of life and mankind that have been around for thousands of years, ignored in preference to rational thinking.

Unknown Man explores these maps alongside the scientific advancements of today to reveal higher evolutionary functions within our glandular system, the heart and the brain which, when activated, can bring an individual into a"natural state," much like that of masters such as Buddha, Lao Tzu, Bodhidharma, Raman Maharshi and Meher Baba — those unique pioneers of the enlightened realm of life — a realm that holds the key to the entire direction of the next evolutionary jump to be taken by man.

The author blends science and mysticism, facts and speculation to create a vivid and unexpected portrait of the coming changelings: their appearance, their physical, mental and spiritual differences and the way in which we — the old Homo sapiens need to prepare ground for those already on our doorstep ....

The ending of our century has more than its fair share of predictions and omens. No other century has such a wealth of apocalyptic prophecies surrounding its closing years. And yet interwoven through the visions of a cataclysmic end to our dark warring age is one very particular thread of light — the supposed appearance of a totally new being who heralds a new age of consciousness.”

Yatri, Unknown Man, Simon and Schuster, 1988, p. 11.

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