A Perfect Sage Reveals True Divinity
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"ALL TALK of spirituality will go in vain until is taught as a science of experience. Theory followed by a practical truly confirms, affirms and solidifies the abstract truth that is sought to be instructed. Simply knowing that the supreme spirit dwells in all beings as atman is not sufficient. It is the vision in practical sense which would arouse unflinching faith. We, thus, need someone who can give the abstract metaphysical truth a visible reality. Only a perfect sage can do so. He is one who has himself known and seen the metaphysical form of God by unraveling the profoundest mystery.

The cosmic vision like the one experienced by Arjuna is not a myth or a legend. We know of other such cosmic visions akin to the vision of Arjuna. To quote a few of them from other lands- the vision of Saint Joan of Arc, Constantine's Vision, Vision of St Saul and St Hildegard and transfiguration of Jesus. The ground on which a physical science claims superiority over other streams of secular knowledge is that its theories are based on and verifiable through laboratory tests. A student of Chemistry cannot master his field of study without experimenting and verifying in lab the theoretical narration of chemical equation.

The spirituality contained in the Vedantic treatises is not merely the delight and ecstasy of academicians and philosophers. The domain of Vedanta is the metaphysical world of ultimate reality. Ved Vyas even after authoring 18 Puranas found himself seized by restlessness. Narada, the peripatetic sage wanted to know if he had seen Him about whom he had written so much. This stunned Ved Vyas and he urged Narada to initiate him into brahmnvidya. Likewise, in Yogavashista we come across an example of King Shikhidwaja who retired to the forest leaving behind all his possessions for God-realisation in order to attain perfect peace and poise. Despite intense austerities , he could not attain the goal till his wife Chudala disguised as a saint appeared and blessed him with Brahmjnana.

In Brahm-sutra, a vedantic treatise, Adi Sankara exhorts the spiritual aspirant to inquire into the transcendental form of Supreme Brahman by taking shelter of a perfect master. Krishna tells Arjuna in the Gita that"my cosmic form can neither be seen by study of Vedas, nor by rituals, acts of charity and austere penances.”The cosmic process and destiny is best understood on seeing the celestial vision within. The vision is the revelation of the inherent divinity in man. This supersensuous experience is instant and spontaneous in every aspirant at the time of diksha. Opportunity is knocking at your door. Avail it.”

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