Professor Raimundo Panikkar: "Man is not capable of living and breathing on such heights.”

"The adventure of living starts, according to the Upanishads, with a twofold discovery, namely, that interiorization is the means of grasping reality, and that nontemporal reality consists of pure transcendence. This epoch-making discovery, while it has led some people to the highest peaks of human experience, has also been the cause of a strange degeneracy when Man is not capable of living and breathing on such heights.”- Professor Raimundo Panikkar

“In Sahaja Yoga the Guru Puja has a very different significance from any other Guru Puja. When you worship your Guru, you are also worshiping the Guru within you...

The quality of a Guru first and foremost is that he makes you meet God. It means he raises the Kundalini and establishes the relation between the All-Pervading Power. As your Guru is the Adi Shakti, we make that person also meet the Adi Shakti. Then you have another advantage that when you give them Realization you not only make them feel the union with the Divine Power, but you can also make them meet the Divinity itself, the Source of Divine Power.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji Detachment, Guru Puja, Avignon, France — July 8, 1990

"Now the Time has come to start talking, announcing, telling about it to everyone. Otherwise the world would say that we never knew about it.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Canadian Guru Puja of 1994 was held at Camp Interval in Quebec on June 24 and organized by SY Robert and Lisa McNeil. This was a very beautiful setting beside a large lake against a backdrop of hills, about two hours drive from Montreal. Sahaja Yogis from America and Canada attended this three-day event, including Kash and his family.

Before leaving the whole family meditated and invited the Spirit of the Living God and Her Heavenly Hosts to witness the Puja. This was the first time the Great Adi Shakti within was requested to be present at Her own Puja on Earth, though by now it was clear that She witnessed all from within the Thousand-Petalled Lotus.

Kash also meditated and after reaching Shri Mataji in his Sahasrara, bowed in Namaskar. She requested Kash to meditate. When it was over Shri Maha Shakti informed him that She would come with Her Deities to witness the Guru Puja at Camp Interval, the first time that the Great Supreme Mother informed that She would do so.

Kash informed his father what Shri Mataji had told him. It was an extremely joyous moment, and very humbling at the same time. Humbling because the highest manifestation of God Almighty agreed to come down to Earth to witness the Puja. It was indeed difficult to fathom that the Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi will be coming to Val David, Canada. (A few times Kash's father did think that perhaps She was just trying to please him by saying so, but will not come from the Kingdom of God down to this Earth? But it didn't matter. He was just blissed out by Her reply and kind gesture.)

The family then left for Val-David.

The next day a trekking event was organized to the nearby mountain. A number of Sahaja Yogis participated, but most dropped back along the long, exhausting, winding path. The few physically fit reached the summit, rested for a while, and then decided to meditate. The Divine Cool Wind blew all around as the meditation progressed.

Kash then felt the presence of Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri Nirmala Devi and Shri Shiva sitting and meditating close-by. Though invisible, he picked their exact sitting positions and identity through the vibrations flowing from his hands. Shri Shiva was sitting and meditating in front of him and the Great Adi Shakti, who was emitting different vibrations, was sitting and meditating on his left. Kash was very sure of this Reality as he had used these vibrations in his Sahasrara a number of times to identify the invisible Spirit Beings. He was very sure that his vibrations, like his other physical senses, were telling him the Truth. The presence of Shri Shiva and Shri Adi Shakti confirmed that She had kept Her word to the family. She was indeed there in the physical world!

Note: On September 2, 1998 at 6.45 a.m., more than four years after this incident, Kash was again asked what transpired. His father was slightly puzzled: If Kash was meditating in the Sahasrara with Shri Mataji and the Deities then how was it that She was also sitting beside him on this mountain with Shri Shiva? He wanted to know if Shri Mataji came out of his Sahasrara on that day, i.e., he did not see Her within. (The physical Shri Mataji was at this time in Cabella, Italy to perform the same Guru Puja.)

Kash explained that he did not meditate—"My eyes were open"—but sat right in front of the group, admiring the elevated panoramic view of the picturesque valleys below and the clouds above. His physical eyes could not see the form of Shri Adi Shakti and Shiva in the form of Spirit, but his vibrations detected them.

Others in the group meditated and Kash remembered one Sahaja Yogini asking if anyone felt the presence of Shri Shiva! (Kash's father also remembers SY Sanjeev [Paul] telling him, after the group returned, that he felt Shri Shiva's presence.)

In the late afternoon a video titled"Sahaja Yoga and the American Experience"Was shown. It was an excellent production. The powerful, searing message of the timeless human struggle for divinity, equality, justice, peace, hope and freedom, and His Promise of His Kingdom being fulfilled right before their eyes must have moved many Sahaja Yogis close to tears, for there was an overwhelmingly emotional silence all around. They knew that God was carrying out His Promise! The multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious and multi- lingual congregation of Self-Realized souls was certain that God cares, listens, and communicates! They knew that He is not a Hindu prabhu but His Adi Shakti permeates their scriptures. They were convinced that He is not a Jewish yahweh but His Shekinah exists in their Old Testament. They had absolute faith that He is not a Christian god but His Holy Spirit is embedded in their Bible. They had absolute conviction that He is not a Muslim allah but His Ruh is camouflaged in the Qur'n. They knew that He is God Almighty, the Supreme Creator far above and absolutely beyond the hypocritical praise, empty pride, selfish possession and scriptural speculation of religious fools. fundamentalists, and external Idols. They knew with their hearts, minds and souls that the Promised Resurrection was taking place.

Kash, himself on the verge of tears, felt the charged atmosphere and went into Sahaj Samadhi. Before him sat the Supreme Mater Sanctissima (Most Holy Mother) Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, with tears of compassion welling in Her eyes. She also was watching the video and could not hold back Her feelings, which were being collectively expressed by Her children. Kash just watched Her and was at a loss for words. It was the first time that he had seen the Great World Soul with tears in Her eyes and he could hardly control himself anymore.


He came out of meditation and informed his father standing beside him about what he had witnessed. There was no reply as his father was trying his best to contain himself, so intense was the universal Message for human emancipation.

“I am here to do the Job of God Almighty. And when you are My children, all right, His Grace will work it out. He will look after you. He will make you grow...

Today that's the big time that I declare that it is the Universal Religion, the Nirmala Religion, which is formed out of My teachings of Love... You are out for a very big work of Virata. How much you know about the Divine, nobody has known so far!...

My Life, My Mission, My Existence, My Everything is for the purpose of emancipation of humanity... Please remember you are born of very brave Mother. Please try to rise. Be proud that you are doing such tremendous task. Have that feeling of great valor. Then only, then only can we achieve results.”

Shri Pasa-hasta Shri Nirmala Devi
The Slavery Of Selfishness, Bordi, India — February 6, 1985

Pasa-hasta (810th): Having in Her left upper hand 'Pasa', the symbol of Affection towards Her devotees.

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God, 1999, page 1002-1008

"Man becomes conscious that he is that pole of the universe which recognizes itself to be something other than the center. He is not the real center, for he discovers that reality evolves and moves around a center that is, by definition, God—whatever this God may be—and not himself; but he is the epistemological pole (which some consider to be the ontological one also), for it is he who recognizes God to be the center of the universe. This discovery gives Man a special and privileged role, even if the role is merely viewed as one of listening and of being open to the real center of everything. Even if we assume the existence of a personal God speaking and revealing himself, the speaking and revealing must of necessity take place with reference to Man and in a way that is intelligible and appropriate to him. Otherwise God's revelation would all be meaningless to him. The initiative may rest with God, but it is up to Man to"tune in," to understand and to accept it.”

Professor Raimundo Panikkar, The Vedic Experience

"The adventure of living starts, according to the Upanishads, with a twofold discovery, namely, that interiorization is the means of grasping reality, and that nontemporal reality consists of pure transcendence. This epoch-making discovery, while it has led some people to the highest peaks of human experience, has also been the cause of a strange degeneracy when Man is not capable of living and breathing on such heights.”

Professor Raimundo Panikkar, The Vedic Experience

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