Realisation of God starts with Cosmic Vision

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"On whose lips the question of realisation of god does not find place? Human imagination will fail to think of a human being who is untouched by this noble thought. Remember, realisation of God is not the domain of those who have made it a profession and revel in the vain glory of being religious. Description of glory and splendour of God in pedantic and ornamental language and imparting some mantra as"Diksha"Is not in the least realisation of God.

True realisation starts with metaphysical experience of God. Despite being physically with Arjuna, why did Lord Krishna say," you do not know Me, I am not this physical body.” Lord exhorted Arjuna to know Him in His transcendental form from a wise seer. On being urged, Lord Krishna showed His omni-present cosmic form. Thereupon, all despondency of Arjuna was cleared. He was then ready to fight for extirpation of evil-doers and establishment of dharma.

It is neither the abstruse philosophical theory nor subtle intellectual treatises that can put human beings through God realisation. Prahlada and Dhruva did not receive some mantra or hymn as is usually shown in films and TV serials. Rather it was the same ancient yoga which was handed down to posterity from master to pupil. Mira and Dhanna the Jat could impel God to manifest in human garb by intense devotion and profound love for God. Yet, Lord advised them to attain him in His transcendental form. Lord Krishna told he had taken this physical body in Dwapur Yuga. He will always create means to help humankind to rise above the transitory earthly existence. Mira and Dhanna then received the eternal knowledge from saint Raidas and Swami Ramananda respectively.

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna called it a supreme secret which only an illumined soul can unravel and bestow on an aspirant when approached with devotion and surrender. Knowledge of spirit is different from secular knowledge. With mundane knowledge, one can earn bread and butter and all physical comforts of life. It only adds to the karmic load of soul. Knowledge of Brahman leads to emancipation of soul. All kinds of formal and informal worship are only kindergartens of true bhakti.

For a man in whom there is a strong urge for merger with universal consciousness, true bhakti starts with supersensuous experience of inherent divinity. It is revelation of the cosmic spark within us. Celestial vision seen through the inner eye is in reality the individual soul - the divine spark on which one is required to meditate to quicken the pace of spiritual advancement. People have been made to believe that cosmic vision of God is not possible in the Kali Yuga. It is possible even today as the knowledge of Brahman is one which continues to be. A genuine spiritual master does so even sitting miles away.”

Times of India

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