The role and status of Mullahs in Islam

The role and status of Mullahs in Islam

"I have been trying to figure out the reasons for having Mullahs in our religion and apart from carrying out Nikah (marriage ceremonies), Janaza (funeral prayer), Qul/Chaleeswan (doing quranic recitation/prayer when someone dies), I haven't been able to find anything that would describe their usefullness. The fact is that all the chores I've mentioned can be carried out by any Muslim and it is completely ridiculous to depend on Mullahs for these things.

As far as their fanaticism is concerned, they have always been fanatics and stubborn. In my opinion, Mullahs are the main cause of the downfall of Muslims throughout the world. When the British occupied India (Hindustan) the Mullahs encouraged Muslims not to learn the English language. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a scholar (NOT A MULLAH) had to beg Muslims to get into the mainstream in order to get better jobs etc. He was deemed by many Mullahs as an agent of the British empire.

Many idiots like Maulana Maudidi, Mufti Mahmood and Qazi Hussain Ahmed (leader of the Jamat e Islami and today a MP in Pakistan) termed Pakistan (Land of the Pure) as Kafirstan (Land of the Infidels) and Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah as Kafir e Azam (The biggest Infidel) before independence from Britian. Later, these same people became political and religious leaders in Pakistan.

It is the Muslims not USA or UK who have given these ignorant cavemen the power to demonise Islam. Mullahs in my opinion are like a cancer in the Muslim society. I am not sure if there is a cure for this dangerous disease yet but sincerely hope that the Muslims will soon realise and find one (before its too late). Regards,

Fayaz Ahmad
Shia News
28 November 2002

"Dear Mr. Fayaz Ahmad,

"I believe that it is the mullahs that are at fall for the downfall of the Muslims.”

Syed Munzir Ali Naqvi, USA

I could not agree more with your response to Mr. Toor. Although I am a 20 year old man, I believe that it is the mullahs that are at fall for the downfall of the Muslims. Mullahs issue fatwas against the West and preach hate against the west. This is unfortunate. It should not be like this. We should preach love of all nations. Only with Love we can make peace. But the world lacks love.

I believe in a westernized nation with eastern values. I believe that it was Imam Ali who once said, that there will be Islam in the west, but no Muslims, and there would be Muslims in the east, yet no Islam. Some things began to make sense.

All Americans I know are loving people, they are only victims of the media. I am glad to see Shia news here. I hope to see a media television channel like Shia News established in the United States. It is up to us Muslims to start educating our friends about Islam. When I explain what's going on in the Islamic world, Americans then understand and are supportive of us. Islam has been abused and damaged by it's own people. Prophet Muhammed once said that it will be the so called muslims among you who will damage Islam more then kafirs. That statement holds true today. Some So called Islamic governments are oppressive against our own people and minorities. We have to understand that violence is not the answer to anything.

I treat my non-Muslim friends like I treat my Muslim friends. I have taken active part in organizations in my college but unfortunately other Muslims do not. I believe that if we take active part in organizations, we can make a difference. I also encourage my generation and the future generations to do the same.

I may only be 20, but I hope to make a positive difference in the world. I am blessed to have the life I have, yet I pray to Allah to help the poor, the hungry, the unfortunate, the needy, the ophans, the oppressed. I also believe that Education is one thing that lacks in the world. It is unfortunate that a lot of nations give more money to military then towards higher education and modern thinking. I am blessed to see great people posting on Shia We all can make a difference. As one person once said," The power is yours.”"

With Love and Peace

Take care my brothers and Sisters"

Syed Munzir Ali Naqvi
United States/Pakistan
8 December 2002

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