The Savior said: Those in the Eternal Realms rejoice ...”in the light that shines with no shadow"

"According to Buddhism, all beings are imbued with a spark of inner divine light.... The Jewish mystics use similar words when they speak of the inner spark or the spark of God. The Koran, referring to man, talks about the little candle flame burning in a niche in the wall of God's temple. Almost inevitably a spiritual search becomes a search for divine or sacred light. By cultivating our inner core, we search for this light in ourselves as well as the divine.”- Lama Surya Das

The Eternal Realms Are Completed (112,19-114,8)

"Then the holy apostles said to him," Master, Savior, tell us about those who are in the eternal realms, for we must ask about them.”

The perfect Savior said," Whatever you ask about I shall tell you. These beings created hosts of angels, myriads without number, to serve and glorify them. They created virgin spirits, ineffable [indescribable] and unchangeable lights, and they are free of sickness and weakness. There is will, and they come to be at once.

"Thus the eternal realms were completed, quickly, with the heavens and firmaments, in the glory of the immortal Human and his companion Sophia. This is where every realm and the world and those that were to follow got their ideas for their creation of patterns in the heavens of chaos and their worlds. All natures, beginning with the revelation of chaos, are in the light that shines with no shadow but with indescribable joy and unspeakable praise. They continue to rejoice over their unfading glory and immeasurable rest, which cannot be described among all the realms that came to be later and all their powers. I have said all this to you so that you might shine in light even more brightly than these.”

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures (The International Edition)
Edited by Marvin Meyer; Advisory Board: Wolf-Peter Funk, Paul-Hubert Poirier,
James M. Robinson; Introduction by Elaine H. Pagels
The Wisdom of Jesus Christ, p.294
HarperCollins Publishers - New York
ISBN-10: 0-06-052378-6

"Did You See The Sun, A Light?”

On the very first day of Sahaja Yoga self-realization and meditation Kash found himself standing on an endless cover of clouds. Where was this incredible, utterly peaceful Shangri-La he had stumbled upon?

There was one distinguishing celestial landscape that held him spellbound — The Light! It was shining high above at a distance.

He kept gazing at it, spellbound by its indescribable uniqueness and infinite luminosity. It was an extremely bright globe, much brighter than many suns. In spite of its dazzling brightness it never hurt the eyes.

Since Kash had never seen anything that bright he thought it must be the sun, but at a much closer proximity. His father, finding no other logical explanation, also agreed.

After months of meditation it began to slowly dawn that what Kash was seeing could not possibly be the sun.

But Kash kept on insisting that it had to be as nothing he had seen on Earth shone so bright.

Uncertainty came into his father's inquisitive mind. He had this peculiar habit of not believing anything unknown or speculative unless proven beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt. The sun that his son was seeing did not make sense. Not only was it just above the Great Adi Shakti but it did not emit heat!

On September 11, 1994, at 13:05 p.m., the word Shaibhang (Self-illumined) at the opening stanza of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib indicated that there was more to this Truth than met the mind. If Guru Nanak had described Shaibhang to be Self-Illumined, then the"very bright sun"that Kash spoke about could not be true. Moreover, his extraordinary observation of this 'sun' created more questions and doubts. He maintained that:

     i) This"Sun"Is always behind Her at an angle but is not directly above, that is, at about 45 degrees.

     ii) It did not rise and fall like the earthly sun. The"Sun"Above Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is fixed and stationary.

     iii) This"Sun"Illuminates the entire Kingdom of God. Every thing is seen very clearly and in fine detail, down to the different hues of skin tone. (That is why Kash was absolutely sure that Shri Jesus had a light brown skin, and wearing whitish gray clothes stretched taut by the sheer size of His muscular body.)

     iv) Kash could not ascertain the exact size and distance of this"Sun"despite numerous visits.

     v) In spite of its intense brightness this"Sun"emitted no heat. On the contrary, Kash said that the rays are cool!

Then one day he astounded his father by claiming that there are no shadows from the rays of this Sun! In all his journeys Kash insisted he never saw any shadow in the Kingdom of the Spirit.

Though questioned many times he maintained that this"Sun"does not produce any shadow, physical properties that are ubiquitous in our universal sun.

Kash was told by his father to clarify this issue with Shri Viswamata Nirmala Devi. There was something strange about this"Sun"that Kash daily witnessed.

Kash meditated and the Divine Kundalini at the sacrum bone took him up the Tree of Life into the Bridal Chamber. He burst through the clouds and reached His Kingdom within. The Infinite Light shone ever so brilliantly from above the Eternal Throne of the Great Mater Divinae Gratiae (Mother of Divine Grace) as She sat in Bliss and Joy. Shri Lok Mata Shri Nirmala Devi met him and the question of the"Sun"Above Her was put forward.

The Spirit of the Living God then explained that it was not the sun that he was seeing but the Light.

A few years later on April 7, 1996 Kash's younger brother Arwinder was asked if he had seen any sun or light when meditating with the Great Primordial Mother.

He immediately replied that there was always a Light at Her place, but was not the sun. He was sure of the difference as this Light, though extremely bright, did not hurt the eyes. He added that unlike the Earth sun that blinds his eyes easily, one can look at this Light for as long as possible. However, he could not recall if there were shadows or not.

On February 23, 1998, at 11.40 a.m. he was again asked about this Light above Shri Mataji. He reconfirmed that it was always above Her. He was then asked if there were shadows or not. This time he immediately replied that there were none. He was asked if he was very sure. His reply was that he was definitely sure.

On July 10 1998, at 10.35 a.m. Arwinder was posed the same question as to whether this Light caused any shadows. Again he replied there were none.

We must understand that for a child to say that light causes no shadows in the Spiritual World, unlike the common daily experience on Earth, requires the overwhelming confidence of an authentic spiritual experience.

On May 4, 2004 at 7.30 am 10-year-old Lalita was asked about this Light:

Father: What is above Shri Mataji's head?

Lalita: The Light.

Father: Can you look at it for a long time?

Lalita: Yes, you can look at it.

Father: Does it not blind you?

Lalita: It doesn't blind me.

Father: Is it different from the sun you see on Earth?

Lalita: Yes.

Father: Why?

Lalita: it's smaller.

Father: Anything else?

Lalita: It doesn't blind you. What else? ...... it's brighter. OK?

Father: Thank you Lalita.

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