Seek the truth and the truth will set you free

Seek the truth and the truth will set you free

"Seek the truth and the truth will set you free. Peace is the way. Love is the answer. Harmony is the result. The purpose of education, whether religious or secular, is to help a person function effectively in society. War is not effective either for the individual or society.

All true religions teach peace. The Golden Rule is a peaceful principle because it produces equity. We should share our wealth with our brothers and sisters because we are all part of the same human family. All teachings which divide us are false and all prophets who preach such division are false prophets.

True education empowers us to live in peace by teaching us the truth about life and liberty, personhood and society, materiality and spirituality as a single evolutionary dance.

Where there is no progress there is death. Religion is dead; it has stopped progress. It produces division, dominance and death. It is clear that religion is killing us because it is focused on division and dominance. Why should you choose one religion over another? It is a recipe for division, dominance and death. The first causality of religion is evolutionary progress.

Islam teaches that its followers should pray towards Mecca five times a day and once in their lifetime take a journey to visit Mecca. This is making one place on the planet more sacred than every other place. It makes the"Then and there"more important than the"here and now.”This is a recipe for conflict and war.

Judaism teaches that Jews are God's chosen people, thereby dividing humanity into two racial groups. It teaches that there is a place on the planet where Jews have a special right to be, dominant over all the rights of all other people. This is a recipe for war because it teaches superiority and dominance.

Christianity teaches dominance as well, in the sense that Christians believe they have the right to dominate others into submission, as has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout history. Christianity teaches moral and spiritual superiority and thereby justifies dominance. It teaches that the afterlife is more important than this life, that the"Then and there"dominates the"here and now.”This is a recipe for war.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all recipes for war. The only true path to peace is the path of equity, which means we should accept full responsibility for the basic needs of all people on the planet. We should share. We should treat each other as brothers and sisters of the same human family, looking out for each other's best interests and correcting each other when we have done wrong.

We should judge religions by the fruits they produce in reality. Islam, Judaism and Christianity produce division, dominance and war.”

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