Surrender is Essential for Divine Grace
Hindustan Times

"Refuge in the divine power alone can rid you of all your sufferings. To attain this one has to learn to be calm despite the hustle-bustle around us. It is a supreme secret which one learns on receiving brahm jnana. All religious scriptures mention this secret and eulogise its glory and splendour.

The secret is not written on paper; instead it is to be found within you. It needs to be taught and revealed to you by a perfect spiritual master. It is manifested in the human body. It is taught by God himself in his saguna swarupa. And it is through this supramental divine experience, that one learns the eternal technique of worship. The scriptures say it is the only way to consecrate actions to God. It is through this eternal path that the seeds of shraddha and samarpan sprout.

Faith and surrender provide the required lubrication for self-transcendence. Once in the presence of God, unrest in all forms disappear: Just as the blazing fire turns fuel into ashes, similarly the fire of brahm jnana turns all actions to ashes. In the knowledge of brahman lies the solution to all human maladies. This jnana is incomplete without the cosmic vision of God at the time of initiation by a true sage. Ruysbroeck, a realized soul from the West once said: "He only is fit to contemplate the divine light who is slave to nothing, not even to his virtues.” Such is the intensity of faith and surrender that is needed for receiving divine grace. The two will come up on getting initiated into the trans-sensuous knowledge of the Supreme.

Nobody on this earth can lessen the karmic bondage except omnipotent God whose infinite power is always ready to provide one with the eternal techniques of calling, remembering and worshipping him. I am talking of the eternal knowledge which Draupadi had. It was her jnana which saved her from the humiliation wreaked on her by the Kauravas and brought God to her rescue. It was a complete reliance on her spiritual master that saved her. Such faith flows out naturally on initiation into brahm jnana by a genuine preceptor.”

Hindustan Times

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