Universe is full of false preceptors

“The Universe is full of false preceptors. Overly clever, they surround themselves with selfish pleasures and bestow their 'grandiose' teachings upon the unwary. Prematurely publicizing themselves, intent upon reaching some spiritual climax, they constantly sacrifice the Truth and deviate from the real spiritual path. What they really offer the Universe is their own confusion.

In the Universe as at present there are plenty of people masquerading as Gurus, due to sheer ignorance or in a deliberate attempt to deceive the gullible. Hence it is essential for the aspirant to be very sure of the person, before he accepts and accolades him as his Guru. There are some who profess to be Gurus, and are ardent worshipers of some deity or other. These people may even get or cause to get their deities of choice to manifest and thereby exhibit siddhis -occult powers, such as levitation, walking on water, seating on ice for hours, being immune to pain, appearing certain objects, walking on fire, becoming invisible, etc.”

False Gurus And Siddhis (prodigyweb.net.mx)

"There are hundreds of false Gurus all over the World. In India, many pseudo-leaders are guiding people astray. Some appear to people as saintly persons by performing unbelievable miracles, despite the fact that many Great Souls, such as Buddha, declared: "Seeing the drawback to the miracles of psychic power and telepathy, I feel horrified, humiliated, and disgusted with the miracles of psychic power and telepathy. The only miracle that a person should practice, is the miracle of instruction.”Some others -false Gurus- are surrounded by riches and luxury; despite this fact, these 'teachers' usually attract many followers into their environment, leading them to spiritual chaos. What these false preceptors really offer the World, is their own ignorance and confusion.

Also there is another great problem, because if you pray to a not fully realized 'spiritual master,' or if you pray to the saint or deity of its choice, then you create an energetic -spiritual- connection with them, merging into their energy -into the spiritual status of that deity or 'preceptor.' Some of those deities or 'teachers,' have a low spiritual status, so as time goes by, through righteous actions, you can evolve to higher spiritual stages and as you move closer to the spiritual status attained by those deities, some of them might become jealous of your spiritual progress, blocking your spiritual path. Those deities are attached to their senses, they are not free from their emotions -jealousy, anger, hatred, egoism, envy, etc.. In this era -Kali Yuga- anyone can evolve higher than any of those deities, such as saints, boddhisattvas and devas. You usually think that these deities or 'preceptors' are fully realized souls, mainly because they are endowed with countless siddhis -occult powers- giving sight to the blind and curing the sick by will, appearing and disappearing certain objects also by will, etc. Possession of siddhis, however, is not the test to declare the greatness of a sage or a deity, or to prove that any of them have attained Self-realization. A real Guru does not exhibit miracles, or any kind of miraculous powers.”

Indian Mystics (prodigyweb.net.mx)

"I will give you some general guidelines for evaluating whether a person as a true or false Guru.

The main difference between a true and a false guru is that a true guru will always work to set you free, whereas a false guru will seek to bind you to the guru. A true guru has no need to bind you or to receive energy from you, because the true guru can receive all the energy he needs directly from above. A false guru cannot receive energy directly from the spiritual self, so he must steal that energy from his followers.

It is important to keep in mind that human beings have a tendency to look at things from a black and white perspective. For example, many people look at a person who is giving forth spiritual teachings and find one little thing about those teachings that they believe is wrong. Then they immediately label that person as a false guru and reject everything he says. This is an unbalanced approach.

My definition of a false guru is a person who is deliberately and willingly trying to deceive people and take them away from the true path to God.

As we move into the Aquarian age, more and more people will attain direct communion with the spiritual realm. More and more people will openly admit that they have such communion and they will, as a natural part of their personal growth process and the growth process of humankind as a whole, publicize the teachings they receive through their personal communion. This is part of a process that we of the Ascended Host support and inspire.

Whenever you move into a new spiritual phase, there is always a process of experimentation. This experimentation can be somewhat chaotic, and it is inevitable some people make mistakes or receive teachings that are incorrect or incomplete. However, a person has a right to experiment, to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes.

If you are true seeker, you will not simply reason that because a person has made one mistake, meaning that the person might have brought forth a teaching that is not entirely correct, then that person is a false guru. In many cases, people are sincerely striving for communion with the spiritual realm and they are doing the best they possibly can, given their present state of consciousness. We of the Ascended Host encourage all people to increase their communion with the spiritual realm. We do not require people to be perfect before attempting to have such communion. Therefore, we do not expect or demand that people should never make a mistake. I encourage all true seekers to do the same.

You must also understand that although there truly are false gurus, who deliberately seek to deceive people, this does not mean that you should condemn yourself for having followed such a false guru. You see, even a false guru will give forth certain true teachings, and you might have followed that guru because you recognized the truth of those teachings.

What I am trying to explain here is that as a seeker on the path you have to accept the fact that whatever you do is a product of your state of consciousness. If you decided to follow a certain guru, then that decision was the best you could possibly have done, given the state of consciousness you had at the time. If you have now attained a higher state of consciousness, a stronger personal discernment, and realize that the guru you have followed is indeed a false guru, then do not condemn yourself for making a mistake.

The path is a gradual process. You start at a certain level of consciousness and you make decisions based on that state of consciousness. Hopefully, those decisions will help you grow. When you attain a higher state of consciousness, you can make better decisions. This does not mean that your previous decisions were wrong or that you should condemn yourself for making those decisions. If you are a sincere seeker, you are always doing the best you can, given your current state of consciousness and you are always striving to raise your level of consciousness. No one can expect more. Therefore, do not condemn yourself for decisions made in the past. Instead, rejoice that you have now attained a higher state of consciousness and then use that state of consciousness as the springboard for further growth.”


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