Maha Shakti: The Universal Mother

Maha Shakti: The Universal Mother
INNER VOICE | Maa Purnanada October 21

The root and core of all moral discipline is mental purification attained by refraining from all evil actions and the practice of virtues. Brahmacharya (self-control), ahimsa (non-injury) and satya (truth) are the three fundamentals for avoiding sin, holding on to virtues and self-purification.

To get freedom from miseries, man has to observe truth and purity in thoughts, words, deeds and attitude. The individual should strive to adhere to higher qualities and to manifest them. To manifest them he needs to invoke his inner divine power.

This divine power, the active aspect of the supreme consciousness, is called shakti, whereas the unchanging supreme consciousness is called Shiva. There is no difference between Shiva and his shakti, just as there is no difference between fire and its burning power. She is Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali, Chandi, Chamundi, Tripurasundari, Lalita, Kundalini, Parvati and Rajarajeshwari. She is prakriti — nature itself. She is jagat janani (creator), bhrantinashini (destroyer of illusion) and daridryanashini (destroyer of poverty). As maha Lakshmi, she destroys Mahishasura, the demon representing the animal-mind of man. As maha Saraswati, she destroys Shambha and Nishumbha, the demons representing the ego and attachment in man.

Shakti may also be termed as that by which we live and have our being in this universe. The Mother provides all the wants of the child. Activities and the energy needed for it depend upon Maha Shakti, the supreme provider. Thus Maha Shakti is the Universal Mother.

Worship of Shakti or Shaktaism is one of the oldest religions. Everybody loves to possess power. He wants to dominate over others through power. Thus, every man in this world is a follower of Shaktaism.

Shaktaism prescribes systematic sadhana (practice) of yoga, regular discipline according to the temperament, capacity and degree of evolution of the sadhaka (practitioner/seeker). In this context, sadhana means unfolding, rousing up or awakening of the power of Shakti. Worship of the Divine Mother helps the aspirant to rise above his own lower tendencies and animal instincts, to purify him and ultimately to realise the divine power within himself. On the auspicious occasion of Sree Durga Puja utsava, may Universal Mother bless us with purity, prosperity and peace.

Maha Shakti: The Universal Mother October 21, 2004

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