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Shri Mataji: "Tell Jagbir now to leave it to Her.”

The Advent
“She indeed promises, 'I will tell you all the secrets.'"

"We know that Self-realization, the second birth, marks the entry to the Kingdom of God which still has many provinces that we may not know. Therefore, we are merely inviting you to enter it and explore it for yourself. To this effect let us unveil the meaning of the instrument (yantra) in-built in each and every individual, the Kundalini that brings about our rebirth. It is the psychosomatic instrument by which the advent of the Kingdom of Heaven can be actualised on Earth. However, this account will not be complete. Let us hope that HH Mataji Nirmala Devi will, one day, grant us a book fully displaying the process of Man's second birth and spiritual ascent. She indeed promises, 'I will tell you all the secrets.'”

Gregoire de Kalbermatten, The Advent
The Life Eternal Trust Publishers, 1979, p. 55.

Subject: RE: Editing of book
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:29:29 -0400
From: "Kumar, Manoj (MMRX)"
To: "'Jagbir Singh'"," 'run Goel'"
CC: "Kumar, Manoj (MMRX)"

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God
Book not for sale
Dear Jagbir,

I presented your book to Shri Mataji when I was in India. She spent almost half an hour to go through the book. Overall, She was very pleased with the book and especially with your effort in compiling the information. She Mataji felt that it needs some editing. She asked me to convey to you "Tell Jagbir now to leave it to Her.”

She suggested that She will get it published in India in 4 volumes because the print is very small in its existing format which will be made bigger and will than be more readable. She suggested that since it is going to be a priced item that you should remove it's free availability from the web.

You can contact the leader of India Arun Goyal who was present at the time of my discussion with Shri Mataji to get further status. Shri Mataji will be India till the 18th and then will come to Europe. Arun Goyal's email address in India is mother@del3.vsnl.net.in.

!jai Shri Mataji!

Your brother,


January 2, 2000
Yahoo forum post # 3

To all my brothers and sisters who are devotees of the Great Adi Shakti,

i would like to present a scathing letter addressed to all of us regarding Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga:

“It is astonishing that the sahaja yogis, who believe Shri Mataji to be the savior of humanity prophecied by many religious scriptures, have not the conviction to promote her to the world openly, honestly and unashamedly as that. Promotion of the savior will draw more serious attention from many more people than do the current vague claims about stress relief and peace of mind. This lack of conviction speaks volumes and is the same reason they fail to respond to those who challenge SY. You simply can't be one thing and then attempt to portray yourself as another - no matter how clever you are, it shows and people see it very clearly. This is called hypocrisy. It indicates the vast majority of sahaja yogis are in a state of denial.

On the premise that Shri Mataji is indeed the Adi Shakti, on what basis do the sahaja yogis take it upon themselves to discriminate as to whom is delivered the message of her present incarnation and by what convoluted process that message is selectively delivered? To take upon themselves to make such discriminations is an expression of an elitist, missionary culture motivated by power and authority over others. The message must be very plain and simple if every person on the planet is to be afforded the opportunity to draw their own conclusions about the goddess incarnate. Why do the sahaja yogis make something so simple so complicated?. Why are they doing so poor a job in telling the world of Shri Mataji, when as the goddess she will surely stand and be recognised as the reality they claim she is?

My parting word is that like it or not, Shri Mataji and her sahaja yogis must face the issues presented by those who challenge them. Intelligent response is required and what remains to be seen is whether they are capable of this. The longer they avoid it, the more SY will be clearly identified to be lacking in credibility and its members in integrity. The more they will appear to be a cultish throw-back to the dark ages. I recommend the sahaja yogis today change their whole approach and start promoting SY as what it is - a religion focused around a personality who has claimed, and is understood by them, to be the Adi Shakti, divine mother of the universe. This is, after all, the year of exposure for SY. May truth prevail.


As far as I am concerned it encapsulates the critical issues that plagues this organization, issues that I have experienced first- hand. I will just give one incident.

We had a public program going on and there was a Polish woman who kept returning every week to attend them. After more than two months she began to suspect that Shri Mataji was not just any ordinary human being but far more that what the SYs were telling her, i.e. a great guru. The reason she felt so was because not only she was feeling the Cool Breeze daily but Shri Mataji had solved serious problems at her workplace. (She had meditated and asked Shri Mataji to help her after her boss made working conditions unbearable.) So naturally she deduced that Shri Mataji was more than a great guru.

She kept asking “Who is this Shri Mataji?” “Is She divine?” But none of the SYs answered her persistent questions honestly and were evasive. I told those in charge of this public program that we should be forthright and just tell her the truth that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti. However, they replied that they cannot do so as it would frighten her into leaving Sahaja Yoga! Since I was also quite new to Sahaja Yoga and a bit intimidated that I should obey those in charge, I kept quiet. (At that time I still could not believe that i was my own master .............. in every sense of the word.)

But this Polish woman was persistent and kept asking, “Is Shri Mataji a Divine Person?” But the standard answer was that She is a great guru. Fed-up with the stonewalling this new seeker quit Sahaja Yoga, never to come back again.

i was so disgusted by the whole incident that I stopped coming for public programs, and will continue doing so until the members of my collective are courageous enough to declare that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti, the least that is demanded to announce Her message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection.

Till today Alex's letter continues to prick my conscience. So fellow SYs, it's time we welcome criticism and work to rectify the problems instead of putting our heads in the sand and not paying attention ................... and expecting them to just go away. The truth is that they just won't and, on the contrary will only make matters worse.

So we “sahaja yogis must face the issues presented by those who challenge them.” Any feedback from those who have just joined this forum?

Jai Shri Mataji,


“German Protestant theologians, particularly of Lutheran tradition, have tended during the past decades to identify the Spirit with “the power of the proclamation of the Word in the Christian community.”12 In light of the presentation of the Spirit, and particularly of the Spirit-Paraclete, in Johannine writings, this is a highly inadequate answer to the question of the relation between Spirit and Word. On the one hand, the Spirit is never identified in biblical sources with either the teaching of Jesus or the proclamation of the Church. Rather, the Spirit is the inspiration behind that Word and the one by whom that Word is revealed and interpreted within the Christian community. On the other hand, this conflation of Spirit and Word ignores other biblical evidence, from Genesis 1 through the Johannine prologue, that represents Spirit and Word as independent, personified figures, each with a distinct role in God's work of creation and redemption. In the Farewell Discourses, the Spirit is clearly personified as the One who "roceeds from the Father" (15:26) and is “sent” into the world by the Father and the Son. The purpose of his sending is to enable him to reveal the person of Christ the Word to the community of faith. The Spirit, then, exercises a specific, many faceted ministry: to reveal, to sanctify, to defend and to save. Rather than identifying the Spirit with the Word (the Logos of God, together with his teaching), it is more appropriate on biblical grounds to use the metaphor of St Irenaeus of Lyon, who in the late second century spoke of Christ and the Spirit as “the two hands of God."

An adequate pneumatology, in other words, must take seriously the biblical witness to every aspect of the Spirit's work. According to Johannine teaching, the Spirit descended and abided on or indwelt the historical Jesus, investing him and his words with divine authority (Jn 3:34). Bestowed upon the disciples by the risen Christ, the Spirit dwells within the Christian community, the Church, to reveal the Truth and to make of believers witnesses to that Truth by their faith and acts (Jn 20:22; 14:17,26; 15:27; I Jn 2:20,27; 3:24; 4:13.). Received through the sacrament of baptism, the Spirit effects a new birth of divine regeneration, rendering the believer "a child of God" (Jn 3:5ff; 1:12f; I Jn 5:1f). The Spirit creates and sustains the Church as a community of faith, love and witness, where true worship is offered through the Son to the Father (Jn 20:19ff; I Jn 4:13-17 and passim; Jn 4:23f; 14:13f). In the Church, the Spirit renders historical the eschatological age of Jewish expectation by actualizing the saving power of Christ's victory in the community's own 'victory of faith' (Jn 16:7-15; I Jn 5:4). As the 'other Paraclete' the Spirit convicts the world of unbelief while vindicating Christ and his followers (Jn 16:7-11; I Jn 5:1-12). As the "Spirit of Truth" he renders Christ and his Word present in the preaching and teaching of the earthly Church, while creating a relationship of mutual indwelling between God and his 'children' (Jn 14:26; 16:13-15; I Jn 27; 3:24; 4:13). As "Comforter" [s]he consoles and protects Christian believers in times of persecution and heresy (Jn 14:17; 16:1-11; I Jn 2:18-27). The Spirit descends upon Jesus at the moment of his baptism, investing him with divine authority both to be and to proclaim the Word of God (Jn 1:32f; 3:34-36); and he similarly equips the faithful with authority to defend and proclaim saving truth within the Church and for the world's salvation (Jn 15:26f; I Jn 2:18-27; 4:1-6). Finally, as the "earthly Witness" the Spirit complements the saving work of the "heavenly Witness," the Christ-Paraclete, by continuing the revelatory activity of the risen Lord throughout the present age of the Church and into the last Age of the Kingdom: "I shall ask the Father, and he will give you another Paraclete to be with you 'into the age' (eis ton ai'na), the Spirit of Truth" (Jn 14:16f).”

Web (Retrieved 2018-01-13)

“In John's Farewell Discourses, the Holy Spirit is not merely an impersonal power but an Agent of God who comes to replace Jesus, the first Paraclete (14:26), and con'tinues the work initiated by Him. This means that the Paraclete compares to Jesus in personality and activity. Also, the Paraclete is not the glorified Jesus Himself, but the Oneness between Both, which is similar to the Oneness that exists between the Father and the Son (10:30; 14:9), and Jesus' attested the statement that He Himself would come back in the person of the Paraclete (14:18). So, 'the Paraclete is the presence of Jesus when Jesus is absent.”18

The cumulative evidence of Scripture indicates that the Holy Spirit is a divine Person. Remember, however, that the emphasis, even in John's Gospel, does not rest on His personality or divine nature but on His work, and there we should put our emphasis as well'all the more so because God was pleased to make us participants in this work (20:21'23). In fact, the historical realization of the Spirit's work depends entirely on us. That is, it is not but through us that the Spirit fulfills His mission in the world. This stands as a great privilege. But more than that, this becomes a sacred vocation, to be the instruments through which the Spirit advances Jesus' work on earth (15:26, 27).”

Web (Retrieved 2018-01-13)
18 Raymond E. Brown, The Gospel According to John I-XII, Anchor Bible Series (New York: Doubleday, 1966'1970), 1:1141.

Note: Except for Shri Mataji's quotes the contents of this book (and website) is directly from the hundreds of recorded experiences of children meditating and meeting the omniscient (of infinite knowledge), omnipotent (unlimited power), omnipresent (present everywhere) Divine Mother of extreme beauty and ageless eternity from 1993 till around 2007.


The Divine Mother
The omniscient (of infinite knowledge), omnipotent
(unlimited power), omnipresent (present everywhere)
Divine Mother of extreme beauty and ageless eternity.

“Therefore a person should ever strive for the
destruction of ignorance, for one's birth is fruitful when
ignorance is destroyed. One thereby attains the end of
human existence and the state of being liberated
while living.”— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 4.7-8)
“May all the gods attend to what I have to say. By
merely hearing these words of mine, one attains my
essential nature. I alone existed in the beginning;
there was nothing else at all, O Mountain King. My
true Self is known as pure consciousness, the highest
intelligence, the one Supreme Brahman/Thus through
hearing about, reflecting upon, and ascertaining the
Self by the Self, one should also, through intense
meditation, realize that I am in essence the Self...
By this meditation, O King, the noble person will
perceive me directly and then merge into my own
essence since we two are one. By practicing this yoga,
one realizes me as the supreme Self. In that instant,
ignorance and its effects all perish.”
— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 2.12;/4.40;49-50)

“The Devi insists that liberating knowledge can be
attained here in this world, while still living. Seeking
such knowledge alone makes life worthwhile, and
the attainment of knowledge completely fulfils the
ultimate purpose of existence.”C.M. Brown, 2002. 25


Preface 12
The First Permission From The Spirit Of The Living God In The Sahasrara 13
“I Am The Adi Shakti ... You People Have To Prove It That I Am That!” 15
The Ancient Beings Are Coming! 16
“The Falsehood Of All Outside Religions ... Will Be Exposed” 17
“For Standing Up For The Truth Of Any Cause Is The War Of Dharma” 19
The Material Marathon 20
A 'divine' mother?!!! 21
“I Feel Peaceful.” 22
A 'Cool Breeze'?! A Cool Breeze?!! (Or the Breath Of God Almighty?!!!) 25
“The First Doubt Which Is Very Common Is, 'Who Is Mataji?' ” 26

Chapter 1

The Universal Question: Why Are We Here On Earth? 47
“How Does One Meet A True Guru?” 48
O Speak Almighty God! 50
The Manna Monsoon Of Many Moons 55
The Decadent Decades 57
Satnaam: The Imperishable Word 61
“Thou Art The Pristine Spirit ... Which Illuminates And Breaks The Self-Hypnotism" 62
“In Thee Is My Only Haven And Refuge ... O Bhavani!" 64
Meaning Of Avatar Or Incarnation 65
“The Highest Manifestation Of God Almighty Is As Mother" 70
“It Is For The Benevolence Of The Whole Human Race" 71
“First Is Self-Realization ... What is God-Realization?” 72
“Tell All The Nations And Tell All The People All Over The Great Message" 76
The Spiritual Monsoon Begins 77
Earth Is A Conscious, Living Mother 78
Mother Earth: The Womb Of The Universe 81
The Woman Of Great Beauty 84
Overriding Fundamental Difference 85
Swami Satyananda: “Who Will Give Me The Proper Answer?” 86
The Initial Rejection 89
“You Have Seen Photographs Of Angels Around You" 80
“Assuredly, What Ye Are Promised Must Come To Pass" 82
“We Have Done Our Job Here" 83
“It Is Not A Blind Faith!" 84
“Sure, You Should Tell Them.” 85
“In The Age of Aquarius, Even The Skeptics Will Believe" 86
“Now You Have Entered Into The Kingdom Of God" 87
The First Permission In The Sahasrara 98
The Five Divine Days 99
The Golden Goddess Of The Sahasrara 100
“This Is The First Time In History ...” 101
But Why A Religious Pariah? 102
Evolution: The Relentless Rebirth Of Species 104
But How Does God Almighty Know Everything? 106
The Second Permission 107
“They Do Not Know From Where They Get This Knowledge" 111
He Is A Child Of Darkness 114
They Must Leave Her School! 115
They Will Be Expelled! 116
We Will Leave, But Not Withdraw 117
Third and Final Permission To Publish: “Once This Book Is Out ...” 120
The Divine Dream 127
The Ascending Kundalini Serpent Of Great Wisdom 128
The 1000 Esoteric Names Of Shri Lalita 129
The Darkness Of Kali Yuga Before The Dawn Of Satya Yuga 130
The Corrupted Religious Idols of God 133
Vishwa Nirmala Dharma (http://www.sahajayoga.org/index.html) 134

Chapter 2

“Papa, I Met Mother" 137
“Voulez-Vous M'ider?” 138
“My Photograph Is The Photograph Of Reality" 139
What You Mean By Primordial Mother?!!! 142
The First Fax 143
A Floating Serpent? Are You Sure? 146
The Darkness of Ignorance 147
“Who Is This Woman?” 148
Being Born Of The Spirit within 149
An Explicit Spiritual Warranty To The Human Race 151
“Know That The Jagdamba Itself Is Nothing Else But Adi Shakti" 154
“Worship Of Murtis ... We Have Been Unable To Find Vedic Scripture That Support It" 155
Your Wish Will Come True 161
“Papa, Mother Said ...” 163
Shri Bhavani Will Name Her 164
The Divine Unity Acknowledge 165
“Mimi, Thanks For Having The Vision ...” 166
“Mother! Who Was I In The Previous Life?” 167
“Tell Humans To Stop Swearing And Fighting Among Themselves" 169
Lalita 171
The Single-Nail Clogs 173
Shri Vishnu Measures The Universe 178
The Matchless Devotion Of Shri Hanuman 180
Canada! O Blessed Canada! 181
“Searching For Purpose" 182
The First Sight Of Christ 183
“But Papa, He's Huge!" 185
“The Cornerstone of Esoteric Christianity" 187
“Yes! That Is Jesus" 189
1994 New Year Greetings 191
The Cosmic Bull of Shri Shiva 193
Shri Saraswati Plays Her Celestial Veena 194
The Eagle and the Old Woman 198
“The Birth Of A White Buffalo Calf Is An Omen Of Universal Significance" 200
The Multiform Universal Mother And Supreme Deity 204
Shri Mataji, On Whom Do You Meditate? 212
Birthday Greetings to Shri Sita and Ram 214
“I Know All Languages" 216
The Wrathful Form Of Mahakali 217
Ramakrishna 219

Chapter 3

The Age Of Superconsciousness 223
They Are Sahaja Yogis 227
“They Are Different, Papa.” 229
Did You See The Sun, A Light? 230
The Ruh of Allah within 231
Certainty Beyond Doubt 232
Yes, I Have Seen Him! 233
The Language Of The Gods 235
“Yes, In My Meditation" 237
Civitas Dei: The City Of God Almighty 238
The Divine Deity Of The Sahasrara 240
The Lord Of Vaikuntha 241
The Divine Unity 242
The Tabla Player 244
“I Also Rode On The Tiger.” 246
“Papa, Yesterday I Saw Shri Mataji.” 250
The Ray Of Divine Light Piercing The Darkness Of Human Religion 256
“This Inner Being Is The Vast Ocean Of Bliss ... The Vast Flood Of Light" 257
What Is Consciousness? 259
“Conversation With God" 260
Buddhist Popes And Catholic Lamas 264
Templum Spiritus Sanctus 266
The Promise Of The Eternal Kingdom 268
“Everybody Has Said, 'Seek Him within Yourself.' ” 272

Chapter 4

The Opening Of The Sahasrara Chakra 278
The Universe Will Celebrate May 5, 2000 281
“I Saw The Primordial Kundalini Rising Like A Big Furnace.” 284
A Giant Spiritual Leap 288
The Androgynous Being of Aquarius 290
The Prophecies, Manifestations And Fulfillment 292
1. The Kingdom within Has Been Revealed! 294
2. The Young Men Have Seen Visions! 295
3. The Wonders Have Been Shown! 296
4. The Total Solar Eclipse Has Passed! 297
5. The Fire Has Been Witnessed! 298
6. The Son Of Man Has Been Revealed! 299
7. The Holy Ghost Has Arrived To Baptize! 303
8. The Comforter Has Arrived To Make All Mysteries Known! 304
9. Lord Jesus' Warning Is Now Enforced! 306
10. Humans Are Being Born Of The Spirit! 307
11. The Spirit Is Giving Spiritual Rebirth! 308
12. His Angel Has Been Sent! 310
13. The Tabernacle Is Now With Humans! 311
14. Fatima's Third Secret Is Being Fulfilled! 312
15. The Golden Millennium Has Arrived! 316
16. The Gospel Of The Kingdom Of God Is Being Preached And Then ... 317
17. The Scattered Of Judah Are Returning! 318
18. The Winds Of Resurrection Are Blowing! 320
19. Those Angels Sent Forth Have Arrived! 321
20. The Signs within Have Been Shown! 323
21. The Total Solar Eclipse Has Occurred! 324
22. The Blast of Truth Has Been Announced! 325
23. Allah's Iron Has Been Delivered! 326
24. Allah Has Completed The Revelation Of His Light! 327
25. Al-Muntazar (The Hidden Imam Mahdi) Has Surfaced! 331
26. Shri Saoshyant Has Pronounced Final Judgment! 333
27. Shri Krishna Has Incarnated Again! 334
28. Shri Kalki Is Manifesting! 337
29. The Great Yogi Of Krutayuga Has Arrived! 340
30. Matraiya, The Three Mothers, Has Incarnated Herself! 341
31. The Buried Are 'Coming Out Of Their Graves'! 343
32. The Great Spirit Has Arrived! 344
33. The Eagle Has Landed! 347
34. Hunab K'u Has Flashed Like Lightning! 352
35. The Scriptures Have Contradicted! 353
36. The Sophianic Millennium Has Arrived! 378
37. She Has Begun The Age Of Aquarius! 381
“Now I Say Again ... You Have To Be Born Again!” 387
The Truth As Witnessed 393
“Does God Really Exist?” 395
“You Do Not Have A Blind Faith.” 396
“God's Home Address.” 405
The Comforter 407
“I Am Here To Tell You All These Things Which Christ Could Not Tell.” 412
“Was Jesus Speaking About Muhammed When He Mentioned The Comforter?” 416
The Descend Of The Great Divine Mother 421
The Diseased Conquerors Of Paradise 424
The Birth Of Dawn 426
The Universe Of Kazuaki Iwasaki 428
Our Unbelievable Origin 432
Ancient Light 434
The End Of The Mathematical God 438
The All Pervading Consciousness 441
“Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! ...” 442
The Eye Of Shiva 448

Chapter 5

“They Say There's Just Enough Religion To Make Man Hate One Another, 454
U.N. Report Of The Special Rapporteur On Religious Intolerance 457
The Rival Religious Restaurants 478
“You Were Never Connected With This All-Pervading Power.” 480
Shri Mataji?!!! Sahaja Yoga?!!! 492
Hymn To The Divine Mother 494
Shri Adi Maa, Be My Eternal Guru! 496
The Invisible Eyes and Ears 497
The Sleeping Solution 500
The Clay Oil-lamps 501
The Mysterious Maya Of Shri Mahamaya 502
The Divine Greetings 510
The Time Troubles 511
Pizza Pangs 511
The Punctuality Principle 514
The Celibacy Fallacy 517
“Celibacy Must Come From within; The Purity Must Come From within.” 520
“It Is A Dangerous Time You Are In!” 524
Bliss? What Is Bliss? 527
The Priceless Present 530
The Nintendo 532
The Groundless Grounding 533
The Bratty Brother 535

Chapter 6

The Great Lotus Forest 538
“Happiness.” 542
“You Have To Project That Depth, That Reality That Is within You.” 545 The Microcosm within The Macrocosm (Brahmanda Pinda) 548
The Case Of The Double Vision 550
The Case Of The Double Talk 551
The Case Of The Double Witnesses 553
The Case Of The Double Time 554
The Case Of The Double Mothers 555
The Case Of The Double Bodies 564
The Case Of The Double Worlds 565
Homo Sapiens: Discover Your Self! 567
The Parable Of The Kingdom Of God 569
The Proclamation Of The Kingdom Of God 572
“There Is Nothing To Look Outside, Everything Is Inside.” 576
The Knowledge within 578
The Offended Fools 584
The Revelations Of The Sacred Pujas 587
The Guru Puja 589
The Birthday Puja 598
The Easter Puja 600
Sahasrara Puja 602
The Divine Musicians of Maa 604
Jagoh Savera Aya Hai 607
The Praises Of The Multitudes To The Almighty Creator 608
Omar Khayyam's Legacy 609
The Supreme Spirit Of God Almighty 610

Chapter 7

The Liberated Human Spirit 618
The Gods within 619
“What Is Dharma?” 625
Lord Jesus Guards The Narrow Gate 628
Are We Really Awake? 631
The Ever Forgiving Divine Mother 633
Shri, it's Time To Go 634
“Mushikavahanaya: Adoration To Him Who Rides A Mouse.” 637
The Mighty Messenger 638
Tuesday, The Divine Day Of Shri Ganesha 646
Shri Ganesha, Forgive Our Ignorance! 648
“I Am The Brahm-Chaitanya.” 651
Breaking The Idol Barrier 656
Her Sacred Lotus Feet 658
Be Fearless 659
Levitation, The Mode Of Spirit Travel 660
The Divine Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost 660
The Image Of Reality 661
Mahamaya: The Supreme Illusion 664

Chapter 8

God Almighty Is Light! 667
The Light: Qur'n 678
The Blind Men And The Elephant 681
The Concealed Message Of His Light 683
The Baptism of Allah 696
Yogic Insights Into Islam 704
The Tree Of Eternal Life 706
The Seven Firmaments 707
The Guardian Angels 708
The Nadis 709
The Chakras 714
Mooladhara Chakra 717
Swadhisthan Chakra 719
Nabhi Chakra 721
Anahath Chakra 723
Vishuddhi Chakra 725
Agnya Chakra 727
Sahasrara Chakra 730
The Void 733
Kundalini 734
The Subtle System: A Universal Truth Of All His Messengers 737

Chapter 9

Offerings To The Creator: The Timeless Truth Of All Tribes 755
The First Offering And Second Fiasco 757
V-8 Juice and Campbell Soup 759
Pizzas In Paradise 761
They Came On Their Own 762
The Universal Mantra Of Shri Annapurna 764
Baba Nanak Is Here. 767
The Stainless Steel Utensils 768
Shri Ganesha's Favorite 769
The Late Lentils 770
Honey In The Milk 771
The Macaroni Mess 772
The Complimentary Code 773
The Unknown Offering 774
The Lusty Garlic And The Erotic Onion 778
Vegetarians, Twice-Born Men And Garlic-Eating Deities 779
The Taste Thought 780
The Waiting Guests 782
The Great Demon 784
“They Are Not Gurus - They Are Raksasas.” 789
The Spiritual Snares 790
Modern Masters Of Ancient Vidya 791
Sham Swamis Of Modern Avidya 795
“Passing Of The Night-Life.” 801
The Vegetarian Myth 804
The Bhagaveg-Gita?!!! 806
A Vegetarian Verse? 810
Laws Of Manu 812
Lusty Women And Placid Men 814
Kosher Diet And Shariat Shackles For The Guard Dogs Of The Idols 821
Vaikunta-Bound Vegetarians? 830
The Yoga Of Self-Realization 836
Yoga Rascals 839
A.C.'s Superior Bhakti Yoga? 842
But Mr. A.C. And ISKCON: “Where Is Shri Arjun's Rejection?” 843
The Spirit And The Sperm 844
Demi-gods And Advanced Semi-gods? 847
The 32nd Vedic Pope 848
The Mahayoga of Shri Krishna 849
“The Yoga That Gives Peace From All Pain ... And The Joy Of Eternity.” 857
“Now Shri Krishna Is Not There. it's Me Who Is Shri Krishna.” 859
Pandit Parasites and Brahmin Leeches: It Is Essential To Remove Them 861
“You Cannot Have Religion Like That.” 863
“We Belong To This Great Religion Of Truth.” 869

Chapter 10

The Hole-In-The-Rock 'Grave' 882
Good Friday Greetings 892
The Immaculate Conception 893
Franklin Grahams And Pat Robertsons: Siblings Of Satan 894
Truth! Can Humans Perceive It With Their Mind? 896
The Narrow Gate 897
“There Was A Powerful Child, Lustrous Like One Thousand Millions Of Suns.” 806
“But Whosoever Speaketh Against The Holy Ghost, It Shall Not Be Forgiven Him.” 808
“Then Saith He To The Disciple, Behold Thy Mother!” 810
Be Forewarned, Humans, Be Forewarned! 913
Thanksgiving 917
Who is the Counselor? 918
“The Shekinah Is God's Presence ... That Dwells In Our Midst.” 819
The Vicarius Christi? 922
Why? Why? Why? ... 926
The Shattering Truth 927
The Evil Empire 928
“People Do Not Know What Time Has Come.” 830
The Rock of Satan 932
“The Lord Denounces Lying As The Work Of The Devil.” 834
The First Falsehood: Original Sin 936
The Second Falsehood: Clerical Soul Savers 940
The Third Falsehood: Simony 941
The Fourth Falsehood: Purgatory Hell 942
The Fifth Falsehood: Canonization 948
The Sixth Falsehood: Hereditary Infallibility 950
The Seventh Falsehood: The Inquisition 953
The Eight Falsehood: Celibacy 957
The Ninth Falsehood: Confession 959
The Tenth Falsehood: Baptism 963
The First Commandment 965
The Second Commandment 966
The Third Commandment 967
The Fourth Commandment 968
The Fifth Commandment 969
The Sixth Commandment 970
The Seventh Commandment 973
” The Eight Commandment 974
The Ninth Commandment 975
The Tenth Commandment 977

Chapter 11

The Book Of Revelation 978
The Empire Of The Beast 982
The Monarchy Of The 263 Antichrists 984
“Seeing This False Christ, In Fury And Passion, I Made My Voice Heard All Over The Nation" 885
Rev. 17. 1-2: The Last Judgement 987
Rev. 17.3-4: The Power Of Perdition 988
Rev. 17.5-6: Vatican, The Mother of Harlots 989
Rev. 17:7-8: The Rock Of Satan 991
Rev. 17.9-14: The Corrupt World Order 995
Rev. 17.15-18: The Evil Empire 997
Rev. 18. 1-3: “All Nations Have Drunk Of The Wine Of The Wrath Of Her Fornication" 1000
Rev. 18.4-6: “Come Out Of Her, My People" 1003
Rev. 18.7: Vatican: “I Will Never Be A Widow!” 1017
Rev. 18.8-10: “For In One Hour Is Thy Judgement Come.” 1018
Rev. 18.11-13: The Soul Traders Will Perish 1021
Rev. 18.14-17: “Alas, Alas, That Great City, That Was Clothed In Fine Linen.” 1026
Rev. 18.17-20: “In One Hour Is She Made Desolate. Rejoice Over Her.” 1027
Rev. 18.21-22: Great Vatican, Your End Is Near! 1028
Rev. 18.23-24: “And The Light Of A Candle Shall Shine No More At All In Thee.” 1029
Rev. 19.1-5: “Alleluia; Salvation, And Glory, And Honour, And Power.” 1031
Rev. 19.6-8: And Heaven And Earth Rejoiced In Mighty Thunderings 1039
Rev. 19.9-10: “The Testimony Of Jesus Is The Spirit Of Prophecy.” 1044
Rev. 19.11-14: The Second Coming 1046
Rev. 19.15-16: “King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords.” 1048
Rev. 19.17-21: Those Marked By The Beast 1049
Rev. 20.1-3: The Defeat Of Satan 1066
Rev. 20.4-10: The First Resurrection 1069
Rev. 20.11-15: This Millennium Of Light 1074
Rev. 21.1-5: “And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears From Their Eyes.” 1079
Rev. 21.6: Shri Ganesha And Christ 1085
Rev. 21.7: Blessed Are The True Believers (Al-Mu'minun), For They Shall Inherit All Things 1102
Rev. 21.8: “But The Fearful, And Unbelieving, And The Abominable, And Murderers.” 1103
Rev. 21.9-21: Sahasrara, Citivas Dei, City Of God, Holy Jerusalem, City Of Shri Vidya ... 1109
Rev. 21.22-27: “For There Shall Be No Night There.” 1111
Rev. 22.1-2: “And The Leaves Of The Tree Were For The Healing Of The Nations.” 1114
Rev. 22.3-5: “And They Need No Candle, Neither Light Of Sun.” 1119
Rev. 22.6-12: “And He Which Is Filthy, Let Him Be Filthy Still.” 1122
Rev. 22.13-15: “I Am Alpha And Omega, The Beginning And The End.” 1123
Rev. 22.16-22: “And Whosoever Will, Let Him Take The Water Of Life Freely.” 1128
Apokalypso: The Fall Of The Papacy 1129


The Awakened One: Shri Buddha 1146
“I Want To See The Buddha.” 1156
The Winds Of Qiyamah 1158
Nirvana 1160
The Second Encounter 1161
The Divine Hands Of Shri Buddha 1162
Shri Buddha's 2538th Birthday 1164
The Deluded Tantras 1169
The Buddhist Pope 1177
Lost Lamas And Laymen 1178
The Great Delusion 1183
Leap Into Superconsciousness 1185
The Masters Who Corrupt Truth 1187
Too Many Gurus Spike The Truth 1189
The Diffusion Of The Ancient Spiritual Virus 1194
The Hands of Shri Buddha 1197
The Eternity Elixir Of The Great Divine Mother 1201
Samsara Stew Of The Tantra Fathers 1203
The Maitreya 1205
Maitreya or Matraiya? 1207
Shri Mitrarupini 1208
“The Tathagatas Extol Thee, The Single One, As Many, Multiformed And Many-Named.” 1212
The All-Pervading Tao 1214
One-Tenth Inch 1225
Falun Dafa 1226

Chapter 13

The Revelation of Guru Nanak 1232
“I Was With Him - In Fact With All Of Them.” 1237
Guru Nanak And The Men Of Miracles 1243
Shri Mataji, Who Is This Aykaa Mayee? 1255
And Ask Guru Nanak What Dhyan Means 1256
The Jewel In The Crown 1258
So Why This Universal Patriarchal Fear Of The Aykaa Mayee? 1260
The Blind Leading The Dumb 1262
The Liberated Householder 1264
“Feminist Consciousness May Bring Out For Sikhs A New Awareness Of The Female.” 1267
1. The Universal Mother 1267
2. Onkar The Primordial Being 1270
3. His Shakti Creates 1273
4. Brahma, Shiva And Vishnu 1274
5. She Is Shri Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu 1278
6. God, The Father And Mother 1281
7. She Is Adi Shakti, His Shakti 1282
“Supreme Oneness: The Homogenous Oneness.” 1290
The Wandering Cattle Of The Lost Priests 1293
“Qualification Of A Pardhaan.” 1294
What Is The Blessed Vision Of The Lord Guru? 1296
What Type Of Eyes Can See The Blessed Vision? 1298
Deep within, The Divine Light Has Dawned 1300
Dsam Duar, The Door Of Liberation 1303
“Self-Realization: What Is It?” 1306
WaheGuru, Free Me From Spiritual Darkness 1310
O Supreme Goddess Shri Lalita Devi, Release Me From Ignorance! 1317 “Spiritual Ignorance.” 1322

Chapter 14

The Revelations of Rebirth 1326
The Only Inhabited Planet? 1333
Doctrine Of Rebirth 1337
Reincarnation: Edgar Cayce 1339
Reincarnation: Kevin Williams 1339
Reincarnation: Dan Costian 1342
From Spiritual Reincarnation To Religious Retardation 1345
“Questions To Ask Yourself.” 1349
“Re: The Earth Is Flat - Holy Quran?” 1350
Rebirth: Surah 22:5 Al Hajj (The Pilgrimage) 1351
Rebirth: Surah 39:42 Al Zumar (Crowds) 1352
Rebirth: Surah 2.28 Al Baqarah (The Heifer) 1354
Rebirth: Surah 4:97-99 Al Nisa (The Women) 1355
Rebirth: Surah 56:60-61 Al Waqi'h (The Inevitable) 1357
Rebirth: Surah 71:13-14 Nuh (Noah) 1358
Rebirth: Surah 23:12-15 Al Mu'minun (The True Believers) 1360
The First and Second Deaths 1362
Origin of Species 1364
The Primordial Human Evolution 1366
Creation Of Man And His Fulfilment 1369
The Kitab al Munir 1372
Where Is The Kitab Al Munir? 1375
The Holy Spirit Of God 1387
The Kitab Al Munir: The Book Of The Great Adi Shakti Shri Lalita Devi 1390
Vibratory Awareness 1506
The Woman Who Died Twice 1508

Chapter 15

Prophet Muhammad, A Messenger Of God 1524
The Spirit Of Allah, His Ruh 1529
“We sent Aforetime The Messengers With Clear Signs” Surah 57:25 Al Hadid (The Iron) 1531
The Parable and Prophecy of Allah's Iron 1532
The Iron Brick 1534
“And We Have Sent It Down” Surah 57:25 Al Hadid (The Iron) 1537
The Mighty War Of Armageddon (Battle of Qa'im) 1539
Apostasy: The Sword Of Satan 1540
“The Many Benefits For Mankind” Surah 57:25 Al Hadid (The Iron) 1547 “In Which Is Mighty War.”: Questions For The Ummah 1555
The Missing Messengers 1558
The Single Spiritual Tree? 1561
His Revelations To Different Tribes 1566
The Honored Messenger 1570
“On The Earth Are Signs ... As Also In Yourselves. Will Ye Not Then See?”Surah 51:22 1574
“Soon Will We Show Them Our Signs ... In Their Souls” Surah 41:53 Fussilat (Expounded) 1575
The Sufis 1579
The Blind, Deaf and Arrogant 1591

Chapter 16

The Sure Reality of Al Qiyamah 1595
“How Are They Going To Judge You? The Judgment Is Here!” 1599
The Mushriks (Disbelievers) 1602
Surah 75:1-40 Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) 1603
The Call To Witness The Resurrection 1605
Resurrection: The Rebirth Of All Souls 1607
The Sure Signs of Resurrection 1608
“Concerning What Are They Disputing? Concerning The Great News!!!” 1609
The 'light' That Dazes?!!! 1610
The Moon Will Stop Shining?!!! 1611
The Sun And Moon Is The 'Original Light'?!!! 1612
Refuge In The Mosques, Churches And Temples?!!! 1613
This Is The Age Of The Last Judgment 1615
“When Your Resurrection Will Take Place Then Your Hands Will Speak.” 1616
“Prophet Muhammad Is Talking Of The Coming Time ... Of Resurrection.” 1618
“This Is The Qiyamat, The Time Of the Final Judgment.” 1619
The Absolutely Forbidden Speculation Of Qiyamah 1620
Ummah: You Were Explicitly Warned Not To Interfere With This Revelation, But You Did 1624
The Satanic Deceit 1626
“It Is For Us To Collect It (Revelation) And To Promulgate It (Resurrection).” 1628
“It Is I And My Messengers (Of Qiyamah) Who Must Prevail.” 1630
The Al Mutaffun (The Dealers In Fraud) Will Be Told: “This Is That Which Ye Used To Deny.” 1631
“And What Will Explain To Thee What The Day Of Judgement Is?” 1632
But You Humans Love The Fleeting, Fighting, Fundamentalist Life 1634
“Those Who Behave Arrogantly On The Earth ... Them Will I Turn Away From My Signs.” 1639
“Even If They See All The Signs, They Will Not Believe In Them.” 1640
“And If They See The Way Of Right Conduct, They Will Not Adopt It As The Way.” 1642
“But If They See The Way Of Error, That Is The Way They Will Adopt.” 1644
“For They Have Rejected Our Signs, And Failed To Take Warning From Them.” 1646
Yusuf Ali: “The Supreme Bliss - Seeing The Face of Allah.” 1648
Those Who Rejected The Offer 1653
The Mocking Unbelievers (Al-Kafirun) 1654
Does Man Think That He Will Be Left Uncontrolled?” 1656
The Spiteful Humans Of That Lowly Spunk 1657
The Trumpets Of Doom 1658
“Some Faces That Day Will Beam Looking Towards Their Lord.” 1659
The Second Coming And End 1660
“Allah Will Not Address Them On The Day Of Resurrection.” 1663
“And God Will Not ... Nourish Them For Growth.” 1664
“God Will Not Speak To Them, Or Assoil Them, On The Day Of The Resurrection.” 1666
“God Will Not Turn To Them On The Day Of Resurrection.” 1667
“God Will Neither Speak To Them Nor Purify Them.” 1668
“God Will Not Speak ... Nor Will He Sanctify.” 1670
“And This Is The Day Of Resurrection: But Ye - Ye Were Not aware!” 1672
“This Is The Day Of Resurrection, But Ye Used Not To Know.” 1674
“We Have Indeed Revealed This (Message) In The Night Of Power (surah 97:1-5 Al Qadr).” 1675
“And What Will Explain To Thee, What The (Day) Of Noise And Clamour Is?” (Surah 101) 1676
The Coming Century Of Religious Persecution 1678
“The Night Visitant - And What Will Explain To Thee What The Night-Visitant Is?” 1679
The Useless, Toothless Exoteric Idols 1681
So You Deny All The Sure Signs Of Qiyamah?!!! 1682
“Verily, We Have Warned You of A Penalty Near.” 1685
“Again, Woe To Thee, (O man!), Yea, Woe!.” 1687
Some Sons Surrendered, Some Fathers Frowned 1688
Some Daughters Believed, Some Mothers Denied 1689
Some Wives Smiled, Some Husbands Fumed 1690
Some Humans Awoke, Some Fools Fled 1692
Some Relatives Rejoiced, Some Friends Rejected 1694
Some Believers Rejoiced, Some Fanatics Raged 1698
Some Priests Prostrated, Some Rabbis Rebelled 1700
The Tongue Twisters 1702
External Idols “Reflect A Mentality That Has Been Rejected By Modern Man.” 1703
The Present Resurrection 1705
The Blasts of Truth 1707
The First Blast: Resurrection 1708
The Second Blast: The Regions within 1709
The Third Blast: The Explosion in the Universe 1710
The Fourth Blast: Birth Day Of Shri Christ 1712
The Last Blast: Rejection Of The Ummah 1714
WE! Who Are We? 1715
The End Times 1716
“Fear My Warning!” 1718
The Evil Century 1720
Announcers Of The Resurrection, “Arise And Deliver Thy Warning!” 1722
Devotees Of His Ruh, Stand Up And Warn the Mohareb! 1723
Emissaries Of The Hidden Imam, Go Forth And Warn The Nations! 1724 Messengers Of Allah, Forewarn All Al Mutaffun (The Dealers In Fraud) 1725
Devotees Of The Hidden One, Come Out And Warn The Mushriks (Disbelievers)! 1726

Chapter 17

The Twelve Imams 1728
Blessed Are The Peacemakers, For They Shall Be Called Sons Of God 1731
“Ah Woe, That Day, To The Rejecters Of Truth!” 1732
Fools! “What Will Make You Realize What The Day For Sorting Is?” 1735
Hypocrites (Al-Munafiqun)! “In What Statement, After This, Will They Believe?”! 1736
Disbelievers (Mushriks)! “So If You Have A Plan, Plan Against Me (Now).” 1737
Transgressors! “Alas The Woe That Day For Those Who Deny!” 1738
Rejecters! “We Have Summoned You And The Previous Generations!” 1739
Ummah: “Eat And Enjoy Temporarily; You Are Guilty.” 1740
Seekers Of Truth! “Verily That Which Ye Are Promised Is Imminent!” 1741
Is prostrate yourself A Message? A Warning? Or A Fool's Fantasy? 1744
Iblis: “Give Me Respite Till The Day They Are Raised Up.” 1745
Iblis: “I Will Certainly Cause Them All To Deviate.” 1746
Satan: “I Will Surely Bring His (Adam's) Descendants Under My Sway.” 1747
Allah: “And Most Certainly You Will Come To Know About It After A Time.” 1748
The Five Pillars Of Falsehood 1749
First Falsehood: “But They Killed Him Not ... But So It Was To Appear To Them.” 1750
Second Falsehood: “It Is Not Befitting To Allah That He Should Beget A Son.” 1752
Third Falsehood: “They Ask Thee Concerning The Spirit.” 1755
Fourth Falsehood: “But (He Is) The Messenger Of Allah, And The Seal Of The Prophets.” 1757
Fifth Falsehood: “Lost Are They Who Slay Their Children From Folly.” 1764
Proclaim Islam To Pagans, Not Christians, Jews, Hindus Or Buddhists 1767
Warnings To Pagans Against Associating Their Rock Deities With God Almighty 1769
Idolatory, Islam and India by Anwar Shaikh 1774
“All The Islam People Think They Are Surrendered To God.” 1783
“Hindu Fundamentalism: Does It Really Exist?” 1787
“What Is The Best Religion?” 1790
Modern Islam: The Faith Of Delusion And Falsehood 1792
Hadith And The Corruption Of The Great Religion Of Islam 1794
“They Have Made All Kinds Of Nonsense With Them.” 1810

Chapter 18

The Contradicting Scriptures 1815
Hindu Karahais 1816
Christian Kettles 1826
Jewish Pans 1829
Muslim Pots 1835
“Chapter Four: The Missing Passages Of The Qur'n.” 1836
“Chapter Five: Sab't-I-Ahruf: The Seven Different Readings.” 1842
“Chapter Seven: Historical Errors of the Quran.” 1848
“Chapter Eight: Quranic Language and Grammatical Mistakes.” 1851
“Chapter Nine: Capricious Revelation of the Quran.” 1857
“Chapter Ten: The Abrogator and Abrogated Quranic Verses.” 1861
“Chapter Eleven: The Contradictions of the Quran.” 1865
“Chapter Twelve: The Perversion Of Quran And The Loss Of Many Parts Of It.” 1867
“Distortion In The Quran.” 1873
“Corruption Of The Text Of The Qur'n.” 1875
“The Collection Of The Qur'n - From The Hadiths.” 1876
“On The Integrity Of The Qur'n.” 1886
Pots, Pans And Kettles Of The Jewish, Christian And Muslim Communal Kitchen 1887
Those Idolators Deceived By Iblis 1899
Truth? How To Determine Truth? 1908
The Armageddon Army (The Mohareb Militants) 1912

Chapter 19

“The Whole Work Of Christ Went Into The Hands Of This Devil.” 1940
Elaine Pagel's The Gnostic Gospels 1942
The Gnostics 1943
“You Must Have The Knowledge. So That Promise Has To Be Fulfilled.” 1949
The Genesis Factor 1952
Michael Baignent & Richard Leigh's The Dead Sea Scrolls, And Others 1956
The Peter And Paul Of Dan Costian's Bible Enlightened 1959
“Many Things About Jesus ... Do Not Figure In The Gospels.” 1965
“Actually He Died Later On In Kashmir. There Is Proof Of It.” 1967
The Missing Years Of Shri Jesus Christ 1968
Then What Happened After Shri Jesus Was Resurrection? 1973
“Maturity and Old Age.” 1974
So Where Is The Garden Of Eden? 1982
And Where Did Prophet Abraham Come From? 1983
What About The Tomb Of Moses? 1984
Where Do The Tracks Of Solomon Lead To? 1986
The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel 1987
“Life And Works Of Jesus.” 1991
Aquarius! The Dawn Of The Golden Age 2016
The Zodiac 2017
The Age Of Aquarius 2018

Chapter 20

The Celestine Prophecy 2020
James! There Are Facts In Your Fiction 2021
Sorry, Your Truth Is Stranger Than My Fiction 2022
Spiritual Pimps Of A Consumption Culture 2025
The First Insight 2036
The Second Insight 2037
The Third Insight 2047
The Fourth Insight 2050
The Fifth Insight 2052
The Sixth Insight 2053
The Seventh Insight 2054
The Eight Insight 2055
The Ninth Insight 2057
The Prophecies of Nostradamus 2063
John Hogue's Nostradamus: The New Revelations 2064
“Nostradamus And The End - July 1999 Is Coming Fast!” 2068
Manuela Dunn Mascetti And Peter Lorie's Nostradamus: Prophecies For Women 2075
“We Have Many Stupid Women With Us.” 2076
The Seline Movement 2078
The Silence Of The Rams 2080
The Three Great Mothers 2082
Enlighten! Feminine Kundalini, Enlighten! 2085
City And Province Will Gain From The Great Journey within 2090
Healing of Hearts And Nations 2096
“This Great Brahma Shakti Is At Your Lotus Feet.” 2097
The Eternal Light within 2098
The End Of All The Corrupted Idols Of Worship 2099
“This Priesthood Has To Go.” 2100
“A Priesthood ... More Preoccupied With Collecting Alms Than Saving Souls.” 2102
“Oh Vast Rome Your Ruin Approaches.” 2103
“Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part One).” 2105
“Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part Two).” 2107
“Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part Three).” 2108
“Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part Four).” 2110
“Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part Five).” 2112
Lunar Consciousness 2115
The Face On The Moon 2122
“Shri Mataji, We The Sahaja Yogis Of The World, Desire And Pray ...” 2126
Sahaja Yoga: The Supreme Yoga Of The Great Adi ShaktiI 2127
The Battle of Armageddon (Battle of Qa'im) 2128
“They Are The Ones Who Are Going To Save The World, Not The Men.” 2141
The Idols Will Fall Like Dominos 2143
And Corrupt Rome, Your End Is Near! 2144
“These Are They Which Came Out of Great Tribulation.” 2146
“They Are Going To Oppose You!” 2148
“There Should Be No Fear Of Death.” 2160
“But You Know That You Have Eternal Life. You Can Never Die.” 2162
“Death Does Not Exist For You - It Is Finished ... Your Spirit Is Free.” 2163
“Many People Ask Me Questions: ''What About Death?''” 2166

Chapter 21

Letters To Earth 2168
“I Want To Tell That I Am That Destination.” 2170
“My Dear Children, What Are You Searching?” 2170
“Illusion Will Go By Meditation.” 2171
“What Is There In This World To Cling To?” 2172
Lectures To Earth 2177
Before Leaving Earth You Have To Be Innocent, Pure, Simple ... 2189
“He Won't Allow More Sins To Be Committed Against Him.” 2192
“Before That . . These Powers We Are Going To Use For Transformation.” 2204
“And This Gospel Of The Kingdom Shall Be Preached In All The World.” 2208

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