Self-Realisation: Cosmic Vision Alone Reveals the Truth

By Ashutosh Ji Maharaj

True realisation takes place on knowing and seeing God in His transcendental form. It is a metaphysical experience within the human body. The manifestation of inherent divinity is in reality the revelation of the divine self of man. This is not different from the Supreme Self that permeates even the tiniest particle in the universe. It is accessible to all human beings.

It is upon this trans-sensuous experience that we become truly religious.

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita ," Neither by study of the Vedas nor by austere penance, nor by charity, nor even by rituals can I be seen in my transcendental form, Arjuna.” In an earlier verse (4.34), Krishna tells Arjuna that this para- vidya or knowledge of the spirit can be imparted by a wise seer and an illumined soul alone. Such a sadguru does not stuff your mind with prolific description of Atman and Parmatman , but one who takes you beyond the different paths of realisation.

Mere reading and recitation of religious texts and scriptures does not make one learned, nor does it help in attaining salvation. Adi Shankaracharya in the Vivekchudamani says: "Without taking the medicine, by just repeating the name of the medicine, no malady can be cured. Likewise, without practical perception and experience, merely repeating the words, no one can attain salvation.” Both the Kathopanishad and the Mundaka Upanishad say: "The Supreme Brahma cannot be attained just by reading the scriptures and listening to religious discourses. God can neither be attained through the mind nor by logic. He is accessible only to those who have a strong craving to know and unravel the Supreme Secret and essence of God.”

Sufi saint Bulleshah asked," One may have read many scriptures and may have a large collection of books but if there is gloom in the heart, without grace of murshid (guru) , how can supreme bliss and fulfilment be possible?”Adi Sankara in the Vivekchudamani further said," No matter how sweetly one talks, how elaborately one explains, how expertly one interprets the Vedas, if that truth is unknown, salvation is not possible. The Vedas speak of the inner world which cannot be perceived by mind, intellect and sense organs.”

The Gurbani emphasises that one should not limit oneself to reading only but should also strive to know and attain Him. Even the 18 Puranas and the four Vedas have not been able to unravel the mystery of God. Had not Ravana , the demon king, mastered the Puranas and the Vedas by heart? We need to rise above dogmatic and ritualistic habits and follow the path shown by the Shastras to attain salvation. Reading the holy scriptures, recitation of mantras and hymns and singing of devotional songs alone cannot make us 'religious'. In the bargain, we only end up being arrogant and grow disdainful of others.

No doubt, our holy scriptures give us a vivid account of the glory and splendour of the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent nature of the Supreme Being. The divine play in various forms at different times enacted by the Lord in his many incarnations in human garb on this Earth in His Saguna Swarupa are not presented simply to demonstrate his playfulness but have a definite purpose and meaning for all of us. The immanence and transcendence of the Supreme Brahman in human embodiment cannot be understood by mere intellect and logic. This is comprehensible only to those who have known and seen His cosmic vision.

The many incarnations and manifestations of divine power are classified as nimit avtaars and nitya avtaars. Every nimit avtaar had a definite purpose. The nitya avtaars in the form of saints and sages have always remained on earth to provide direction for a meaningful life. As a natural corollary, India abounds in holy scriptures that provide a deep insight into the immanence and transcendence of God.

The life of every individual is an unstable mixture of pairs of opposites. For most of us, everyday life is replete with trials and tribulations of varying degrees and magnitude. While the thoughtful among men seek to know the meaning and purpose of life, the ignorant ones just grumble and talk of a ''cruel'' God whenever in distress. Human life has a higher and nobler purpose and the destiny of a human being is to move higher up in the cosmic order to reach perfection and to realise the permanent and Supreme Bliss in the Realm of God. The religious books themselves exhort human beings to know and realise the real aim of their life and not just confine themselves to ritualistic reading and recitation of scriptures.

Self-Realisation: Cosmic Vision Alone Reveals the Truth

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