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"Are they (angels) not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them, who shall be heirs of salvation.” Hebrews 1:14
"Angels play important roles in the Nativity narratives of both Matthew and Luke: bringing news that the aged Elizabeth and the virgin Mary will each conceive a son and conveying messages to Joseph and the wise men from the East. Indeed, the word "Angel" comes from a Greek word for messenger, and these heavenly beings become visible in order to take communications directly from God's throne to his subjects on Earth.”
"Angels are unseen creatures of light created by Allah to act as intermediaries between Him and the visible world. The Islamic concepts of creation, revelation, prophecy, events that occur in the world, worship, the spiritual life, death, resurrection, and the central position of man in the cosmos cannot be understood without reference to the angels.”

Miracle photo showing Angels (top-left), Man-Child (within photo) and Flame in Modaka (container)
Miracle photograph taken July 16, 1995 showing (i) Angels at left-hand corners; (ii) half image of Man-child beside Shri Mataji and (iii) flame in platter of modaka (left of Shri Mataji's hand with Cross of Christ). There is a loss of quality in transfer but this is the best image possible at the moment.

"Shri Mataji, is this a miracle photograph?”

On July 16, 1995, at about 1:00 p.m. a single photograph above was taken by Kash(winder)'s father of the altar at the Guru Puja held at Camp Talooli, Syracuse, USA for remembrance. Most of the SYs were finishing lunch and, with the meditation area clear, it was possible to take a snap.

When developed in Montreal it showed three signs related to Christianity, Islam and Hinduism:

1. Angels (Christianity and Islam)
 2. Man-Child (Christianity)
 3. Flame In Modaka (Hinduism)

(There is also light reflected off Her right thumb but will be discounted as it is probably a reflection of the candle flame.)

The photograph was taken about half hour after the Puja was over. None of the 250 or so Sahaja Yogis present saw any of the Angels who were sitting right before their eyes and witnessing the entire Guru Puja!

This is all the more remarkable since the whole ceremony took about two hours, and these Angels were present all the time. At least someone must have noticed them sitting and meditating, or is it that humans do not have the eyes to see these Spirit Beings?

The photograph shows the last few angels rising up to depart, just as Sahaja Yogis were departing for home after lunch. Their number is unknown as only against the darker background are a few visible.

On July 22, 1995, at 10:45 a.m. Kash meditated and took the photograph along with him to show the Great Divine Mother.

He emerged through the clouds and reached the Land of Eternal Light, slowly floated down into his spiritual body meditating beside Her and merged into it. He then stood up, bowed to the Great Supreme Matriarch with hands joined in namaste, and extended his greetings to Her and all the Celestial Beings sitting around in a semi-circle.

He then asked Her: "Shri Mataji, is this a miracle photograph?” and handed over the photograph to Her.

The Great Adi Shakti looked at it and confirmed that it was. Kash then asked Her, "Shri Mataji, whose face is that?” Shri Mataji replied that She could not answer that question.

As there were no more questions the Great Divine Mother requested meditation. They raised their Kundalinis, did their bandhans, and went in Sahaj Samadhi.

After they had finished he bowed to all of them again. He then requested Her for leave. She smiled and gave permission.

As he closed his spiritual eyes he began slowly descending through the thick layer of clouds in his Sahasrara back to this erotic-neurotic world of Viagra and Valium.

On December 24, 1995 in India Her incarnation on Earth also confirmed its authenticity with these words: “You have seen photographs of Angels around you. So try to be simple, innocent, not reacting, and keep quiet and peaceful because here we are talking about the global transformation where people will find their peace in their heart and will establish a new world of peace, joy and spirituality. May God bless you.”

This miracle photograph, verified by both the spiritual Adi Shakti in the Kingdom of God and Her physical incarnation on Earth as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, is yet another proof presented to humankind as evidence for their cross-examination.

What can be termed a "miracle" in the above photograph?

“A miracle may by defined as an event that occurs in nature but that has a cause lying outside nature, that is, a supernatural cause. Miracles are not violations of the laws of nature. The way we know if an event is a miracle is by seeing if it could have been caused by natural forces.”1 It is "An extraordinary accomplishment, which God Almighty brings about at the hands of a Messenger in order to prove his Messengerhood, strengthen the faith of believers, and to break the obstinacy of unbelievers...”

God is not dependent on or bound to any "natural" laws

All these and other laws are for us; but for them, as we pointed out above, life would be impossible for us. However, since it is God Who has determined them, He is not dependent on or bound to any of these laws at all. Therefore, He may sometimes annul any of these laws or change the ordinary flux of events and create an 'extraordinary' occurrence at the hands of a Messenger, either to provide a proof for his Messengerhood or to show that He is able to do whatever He wills at whatever time He desires. We call such an occurrence a 'miracle'. A miracle literally means something, which makes others unable to produce a like of it...

God Almighty favored all His Messengers with miracle working. However, since all the previous Messengers were sent to a certain people and their Messengerhood was restricted to a certain time and people, the miracles they worked pertained to the arts or crafts widespread in the time of each.”2

“If miracles are to serve their traditional function of giving spectacular support to religious claims—whether general theistic claims, or the authority of some specific religion or some particular sect or individual teacher—the concept must not be so weakened that anything at all unusual or remarkable counts as a miracle. We must keep in the definition the notion of a violation of natural law. But then, if it is to be even possible that a miracle should occur, we must modify the definition...of a law of nature. What we want to do is to contrast the order of nature with a possible divine or supernatural intervention. The laws of nature, we must say, describe the ways in which the world—including, of course, human beings—works when left to itself, when not interfered with. A miracle occurs when the world is not left to itself, when something distinct from the natural order as a whole intrudes into it.”3

Note: Please reflect the subtle synthesis and unity of the three great religions of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam in the miracle photograph, whose organized regimes continue to deliver the centuries-old curse of division, hate and delusion to their blind followers.

But the Great Adi Shakti's message to the Human Family is that "All religions are born on the same Tree of spiritual life; that all religions are to be worshipped, all incarnations, all prophets, all scriptures are to be worshipped. There are defects, there are problems with those scriptures, which can be corrected.”

This Age of Satya Yuga (Hinduism), Last Judgment (Christianity) and the Resurrection (Islam) compels us to go beyond the limitations of mind and religions towards a Reality and Truth that not only heals, nourishes and evolves the human race, but also promises to end all conflicts and usher the unprecedented spiritual renaissance to those able to break free from the shackles of organized religion and the suffocating dogma of their high priests. The long tyrannical reign of the religious regimes must come to an end. The Last Judgment and Resurrection, by empowering humans with self-salvation, assures their complete demise.

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji

“But you have got the proof of My Divinity, your Divinity, and of this All-Pervading Power. You have seen the photographs, how things have been working out in this abstract world which the photographs and cameras are catching, which you don't see with your eyes...

It is not a blind faith... You are that special personality to whom God has given all these gifts... It is the Compassion of the Divine that has given you this gift, thinking and judging you to be capable of doing something great; that you will work out the Plans of the Divine.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
August 19, 1990

“This Paramchaitanya acts, shows My photographs, exposes Me in all kinds of unbelievable manner which has never happened. I am Myself amazed... I don't know how far this Paramchaitanya will be spontaneously acting like this, but this shows one thing for definite — that it wants you to be perfectly settled in your faith, which is not a blind faith.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

“They say that at Sahasrara when the Goddess will appear, She will be Mahamaya. Is it possible to be anything else in the world of today to come on this Earth? Any type of Incarnation could have been in great trouble because human beings in their ego are highest in Kali Yuga. So they are quite stupid and they are capable of doing any kind of harm or violence to a Divine personality. It is not at all possible to exist in this world as anything else than Mahamaya...

It has no power or any intention of giving you wrong ideas or something that is false. It is there whatever, it is Truth. So in a way to say that Mahamaya is the one which deludes is wrong...

I need not be before you; I can be just here in Nirakar, in formless, but how to communicate? how to have a rapport? For that, one has to come in the form of Mahamaya so that there is no fear, there is no distance. One can come close and understand, because if this Knowledge has to be given, if Realization has to be given, people have to at least sit before the Mahamaya.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Cabella, Italy — May 8, 1994

“The bible talks about a lot of unusual events that seem impossible. This includes things like the people of Israel crossing through the Red Sea or Jesus bringing people back from the dead. These things are often called 'miracles'. But they all happened long ago. Do miracles still happen? Yes, miracles are around today, but you have to watch for them. To put it simply, miracles are 'sign language' from God. The Father talks with us in several ways. The best way to hear God is directly through our minds. The trouble is that our minds are sometimes filled with so much stuff, that we can't hear God. That's why God has to use sign language or miracles.”


“God is a primordial experience... And again and again it happens that one confuses God with one's own ideas and regards them as sacred. This is superstition and an idolatry every bit as bad as the ... delusion that God can be educated out of existence.”

Carl G. Jung

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2. www.infinite.org
3. The Miracle of Theism (Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1982), pp. 19-20.

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