"Great Serpent Mound may be viewed as a golden thread running through all the great religious systems of the world and potentially functioning as a key to their secrets"

The Serpent Mound
The Serpent Mound
(Aerial photo)
"The Great Serpent Mound has been classified with a large collection of North American prehistoric earthen mounds extending from the East Coast to the Mississippi and beyond. This particular work, however, is distinguished from the countless other mounds and earthen structures throughout the eastern United States in that its design can be dated to a period about 5,000 years ago. Only Watson Brake, a group of mounds in Louisiana discovered in the last decade of the twentieth century, can rival its antiquity. But to my knowledge, nothing in the Americas compares with the Serpent Mound in terms of the precise astronomic, arithmetic, geometric, and spiritual knowledge it embodies...

The Great Serpent Mound is situated in southwestern Ohio's Adams County, not far from the Ohio River. It is on the western edge of an elevated plateau overlooking Brush Creek, one of the last unpolluted streams in the entire state. Owning three features, the Serpent's complete body, uncoiled and stretched out, would measure more than a quarter of a mile tip to tail. Its height varies from the perhaps less than ten inches at the end of the tail's helix to several feet at the opposite end. The earthwork appears to be a serpent attempting to swallow, regurgitate, or simply be in association with an object archaeologists refer to as"The oval feature," or the Great Oval. At the very western end of the Serpent is the smallest feature, a triangular mound measuring approximately 31.6 feet along its east base.

The Serpent Mound
Lunar alignments correspond to
six of the seven coils of the
serpent effigy. The coils to the
right point to the moon's
maximum northern, southern,
and central rising points, and
the coils to the left point to the
moons maximum northern,
southern and central setting
points. As such, the serpent is
closely identified with the moon,
and with the underworld. The
head and oval also point to the
sun's maximum northern setting
point, during the summer
solstice, and appear to show the
sun symbolically being
"swallowed"by the serpent. The
serpent is also aligned to true
north via a line traveling from
the center of its coiled tail to
the base of its head. (
The earthwork is aligned exactingly to the north. Numerous other features show that its builders oriented it to astronomical phenomena in a startlingly rich and detailed fashion and built it in accord with precise principles of geometry and arithmetic. Many other prehistoric earthworks and stonework also show astronomical and mathematical connections, but it is one of the aims of this book to demonstrate how the Great Serpent Mound is unique in the sheer number and complexity of these connections. In this regard it exceeds even the Great Pyramid of ancient Egypt or the Parthenon of Greece. Truly, it is a wonder of the prehistoric world...

The mystery of the Serpent Mound boils down to the questions of who designed it, who constructed it, and why. It is probably beyond our capacities to determine exactly what our Serpent was signifying. In the opinion of some, it is a"manitou," a Native American tem for"spiritual entity.”I would take this notion a step further, being now convinced that our Serpent is"Gitche Manitou," which is to say, the"Great Spirit"And ancestral guardian of the ancient people. Yet while the Great Serpent has long been believed to be a treasure indigenous to North America, there are undeniable connections in its design to distant regions of the ancient world...

Our Great Serpent, showpiece of the world's ancient architectural forms, may once have been perceived as the representation of an extensive body of knowledge that could be wisely described as a philosophical masterpiece, a magnum opus. Constructed to demonstrate the highest possible esoteric concepts, our Serpent Mound is the remnant of an ancient philosophical transmission...

Whatever its origin, properly understood, the symbolism of the stellar serpent contained in the Great serpent Mound may be viewed as a golden thread running through all the great religious systems of the world and potentially functioning as a key to their secrets. The serpent image itself is a compacted seed of light, a bearer of all knowledge. Like the worm of the mythical phoenix, the shape is which is familiar yet forgotten, the Great Serpent's destiny is to be recognized as a harbinger of light, ultimately to be reinstated to its true fullness of form, dominating the landscape and politics of the human race. It would be the first of the apocalyptic"seals"to be opened, aptly called the Great Seal.; these auguring a time when peace and prosperity will once again rule the Earth.

Though we now have begun to see that the patterns contained in some of the earthworks are actually alignments pertaining to the stars and to the paths of the sun and moon along the horizon, we are also at the dawn of a more far-reaching illumination. So profound in meaning and broad in scope is this revelation that it may well test the general populace to the rational limits of its mental horizon ... the focus of a multi-dimensional scheme of the genius of a distant golden age.”

The Mystery of the Serpent Mound: In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods
Ross Mamilton, Frog Books, (May 3, 2001), xiii-xvi

Pyramid of Fire, Major Jenkins
"John Major Jenkins has also published a book called The Pyramid of Fire, in which he tracks down a lost Aztec codex that proves what has been speculated by various researchers over the years—that the religion of the Toltecs, based around Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god, known to the Maya as Kukulcan—was originally about the concept of an evolutionary energy that lies dormant at the base of the human spine. The concept is almost identical to the Hindu concept of Kundalini—the fire serpent that can be released from its slumber and raised up the spine, energising the power zones or chakras, until it reaches the crown chakra.

Here we have a connection to the prophecies of the Chilam Balams that mention a return of the gods in the katun 4 Ahau that ends the 13-baktun cycle, specifically, the Chilam Balam of Chumayel, that says in katun 4 Ahau, Kukulcan will return. The 20-year period we are now in, until December 2012, is katun 4 Ahau (the"katun of dishonour"). This suggestion of a mass movement of kundalini is echoed in the Hopi prophecy mentioned earlier, which predicts that in the Emergence to the Fifth World, consciousness starts to move up from the solar plexus to the heart. In Kundalini lore, it is said that when Kundalini reaches the Anahata or heart chakra, the soul awakens.”

Geof Stray, www.newdawnmagazine.com/
Web (December 24, 2013)

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