Is this about Religion?

“Truth is beyond religion. It is about being. It promises knowing. It ensures becoming that which is eternal, infinite and absolute.

Religions preach part of this truth only. Therefore they are incapable of transforming you. The partial truth, traps you in partial lies.

The journey to the Self cannot be about religion because religion is outside of you.

The journey to your Self is towards the inner mystery. It leads you to your own consciousness. It leads you through awareness and to awareness.

You see, learn and know your own Self. There is no alien search, therefore ritual, scriptures and preachers only bind you to yet another alien self.

Why? Religion preaches alien means. It asks you to follow the path of a Prophet or Messiah you never met, follow the edicts said to be laid down by them in books not written by them. Most importantly religion's claim to your soul usually comes from the accident of birth which placed you in a family, where along with other identifications, there is a religious lineage.

Religion is therefore at best a social identity. Completely at variance to the Path of your Self which is based on dissolving the artifice of all identities. The Self which KNOWS truth, therefore no borrowed truths will do.

This is why religion is no longer about spirituality. It is the game of power and numbers. The spiritual must be about the spirit. Yours! And to know your spirit you have to first embark on a journey of finding it. It can only be therefore truly discovered within you.

The priest and padres who propound, have not known this state themselves. If they had, they would not speak as they do. Discriminating sexually, racially, on gender and spiritually. They speak thus, calling one the son of God and all others pagans, one the only prophet and so on. Knowing would not allow them to speak thus. They parrot scholarly lies, because belonging to churches and spiritual institutions gives them power. The same powerlessness that drives you drives them. You are still truthful enough, and therefore salvageable, because you have not chosen to enter the game of spiritual manipulation just to free yourself of the demon of powerlessness. They have compromised the greatest realm of truth and love to gain power over confused lost souls.

That's all that Churches, Temples and Mosques offer; manipulation of fear. They spend their time ruling on sin and virtue so that the fear in you grows sufficiently to seek their help. A congregation is therefore a question of numbers not enlightened beings. Conversion is a game of power and size, not truth and inspiration. Where does truth or light figure in any of this?

It is important therefore to begin to ask questions. The right questions. You are searching for a critical Path. Perhaps the most precious thing you will ever seek. Let the journey begin with truth. Ask yourself....if the practice of the religious was so virtuous and exemplary of God's order why are we forever hearing stories of priests as paedophiles, rapists, children are being sexually abused by mullahs and padres, religion(spiritually sanctioned hate to be more precise) is being offered as the justification for heinous acts such a September 11th, airline blow-ups, unending wars between Israel and the muslim world, the longest war in history- the 300 year war was on religious intolerance, riots, cross-border terrorism, jihad calls against nations, people and individuals. This is the breeding ground and theatre of religion. A theatre filled with discrimination, violence and intolerance. Can the highest Truth of the Self, which promises wonder, liberation and infinite love ever flower in such a space?

Fear cannot be the reason for searching truth. And religion specializes in fear. Are you a good Hindu, Muslim or Christian is their question. Are you an enlightened being is not?

Your answer will decide where and how you will search.”

Is this about Religion?

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