Spiritual vibration that emanates from the teacher

Spiritual vibration that emanates from the teacher

"Hindus believe in the Blessings and the Grace of God, and that they come through the Guru. The Guru plays a very central part in the Hindu religion and the Blessing that we get from God is the knowledge that we receive. That when we get this knowledge, we can recognize a holy man, we can recognize Truth from falsehood, and that recognition is very important for a Hindu because when we mistake the untruth for Truth and the Truth for untruth, that confusion leads to a lot of problems in life. As a result we find that we do not progress in any real sense. It is very important to recognize the good in people and even more important to recognize the Spiritual Master or Teacher as God on earth, that he is the representation of God's Blessing on earth. That contact with Him is very important, because the moment we get in touch with Him our lives become different. He is an example of which the scriptures speak. He is the wise man, the holy man, the free man, the happy man. When we find these characteristics in Him, the grace flows from God through Him to us and when we surrender ourselves to the holy man, the Guru, we will find that we are receiving God's Grace, because that happiness and joy transmit from God, from the Divine Being, through the guru to the disciples and devotees. In the Guru we have faith and we approach Him with reverence; we prostrate in front of Him and we serve Him. That close connection with Him helps us to receive that Divine Vibration which emanates from His very Being. It is something we cannot describe in words, that kind of communication cannot be verbal - it is something that is intuitive, that we experience within. So when we speak about God's Grace in the Hindu religion, we find that God's Grace comes to us through the Guru, through the saints, through the spiritual Masters.

It is through this that we find satisfaction and fulfilment. It is a fact—even in our secular life in the world—that the teacher plays a very important part, for without a teacher it is very difficult to learn anything. And it is more so in our spiritual life. When we come in touch with a spiritual Master, He is like a mother: He will take care of us, guide and protect us, and do whatever is necessary for us - He will help us all the way. Contact with Him is like completing 90 per cent of the journey and we have to walk only 10 per cent ourselves. When we, as aspirants, are frustrated, rejected, forlorn and feel that we cannot achieve our goal, the Guru will urge us at that moment, encourage us and help us on our way, and so, gradually we will get back on our feet and proceed on the journey. The Guru is like a cat carrying its kitten. Likewise, the guru takes the disciple to a certain distance and when he reaches there, he will understand the greater values of the inner life. Then he himself will walk the path towards Self-realization. Detachment plays an important part in Self-realization, knowledge and liberation, because when we are attached to the world we become bound by the world of cause and effect. The Guru - in His way - attracts the 'child', the aspirant, to Him, away from the world, onto the spiritual path. As soon as the aspirant comes near the Guru, he will sense the spiritual value in the teacher's life. The spiritual vibration that emanates from the teacher attracts the disciple.”

Swami Nirliptananda

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