Jesus: "You will learn Truth (gnosis), which will free you from the illusions of darkness.”

—- In," Violet"
> Dear All,
> Over the last thirty years or so, Shri Mataji has taught that She
> requires of Sahaja Yogis to use all of their spiritual powers of
> Love and Creativity to do everything from giving self-
> realisation... to telling Her Divine Message of the Last Judgment
> and Resurrection... to declaring and proving Her Identity... to
> writing and explaining to the world Her Message of Love. (i am
> sure there are more things that She asked of us, but that will
> suffice for now.)
> However, out of all these things that Shri Mataji has asked of
> us... the"one statement"of Hers that has 'gotten stuck' on
> that 'gramophone record' is:
>"All you have to do is give self-realisation!"
> Frankly, we get tired of hearing that 'stuck record' over and over
> again, because it is not being given in the same context (or
> Spirit) in which Shri Mataji 'originally gave it'. She never
> intended Her Words to be used as a"slogan"In Sahaja Yoga... the
> way they are now being used! The way Her Words are being used as
> a"slogan.”.. is actually going against what Shri Mataji has asked
> us to do all these past years!
> Just to repeat these important facts:
>"Shri Mataji never said those Words in the context in which Sahaj
> Politicians are now using them! The Sahaj Politicians have however
> grabbed Her Words for their own selfish purposes, because it has
> helped them to 'bsolve themselves' of the spiritual
> responsibility of Shri Mataji's Last Judgment and Resurrection
> Message to the world-at-large. A person has to be blind to not see
> how well that slogan has worked for them, and their followers. (i
> realise that not all SYs are atheir followers' though).
> When I started to write on this website about Shri Mataji's
> eschatological message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection, I
> was also told (like that 'stuck' gramophone record) that...”All
> that you have to do is give self-realisation!"
> What was i to think? That they had my best interests at heart?
> That they thought i was working too hard maybe, and should take it
> easier? No! That was not it at all! 'What was at stake'... was
> that 'what i was writing' was making them fearful because it went
> against their own political agendas and their own political empire
> aspirations. They were fearful that their political empire might
> be in jeopardy if others and myself continued to tell the Truth
> without fear or favour!
> You see... 'what happens' is that the Truth turns into a lie very
> slowly and over time... line by line, so that it is not very
> obvious. One day people see the obvious result, though, and then
> they wonder 'how it happened?' That is when the accumulated little
> edits over time are seen to turn the Truth of Shri Mataji into a
> twisting of Her Truth.
> So... it might be a bit late to ask this... but i wonder who might
> have been the first person (or group of SYs) that first started
> using Shri Mataji's Words against Herself... for their own
> political agenda? Also... i wonder whether that political agenda
> was to evade responsibility for Her Message of the Last Judgment
> and Resurrection and at the same time absolve themselves in their
> own eyes and in the eyes of other SYs?
> If that is all true, then they have succeeded in their own
> political agendas, however they have not succeeded in giving Shri
> Mataji's Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection to the
> world-at-large. However, as Jagbir says:
>"It does not matter now if WCASY and their followers do not
> publicly admit even Shri Mataji's true identity, let alone Her
> Divine Message to humanity. It is now being collectively done on a
> steady, daily basis and archived.”
> This should give hope and a 'much-needed-lift' to the Sahaja Yogis
> who remain faithful to Shri Mataji and Her Message of the Last
> Judgment and Resurrection (in those terms) for we are right behind
> you. You just need to direct Truth-Seekers and Truth-Speakers to
> this forum and websites. They will work out the rest and attend
> the Local Collectives and help to change things from within.
> Jai Shri Mataji!
> violet

Dear Violet,

You are absolutely right when you say that"Over the last thirty years or so, Shri Mataji has taught that She requires of Sahaja Yogis to use all of their spiritual powers of Love and Creativity to do everything from giving self-realisation... to telling Her Divine Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection... to declaring and proving Her Identity... to writing and explaining to the world Her Message of Love. (i am sure there are more things that She asked of us, but that will suffice for now.)"

Even Self-realization is much more than raising the kundalini and teaching about the subt;e system. i have serious doubts if the vast majority of SYs truly understand Self-realization to the depth discussed here at this forum:

Brahman/God-realization is far more difficult than Self-realization

Sahaj Love shines from The Light within - the same God/Allah/Brahman

Sakti or Devi is Brahman revealed in The Mother aspect (Srimata)

Sakti or Devi is the Scared Mother: the Seer, the Seen and Seeing

Secret taught by living Jesus: "If you know yourself then ...”1

Secret taught by living Jesus: "If you know yourself then ...”2

Shri Mataji: "You have to enter into the Kingdom of God"

"The discoverer of the Atman must also discover this inner Light"

"The godly light is exactly the beginning of parousia in holy souls"

"The supreme divinity, Lalita, is one's own blissful Self.”

Till complete knowledge of Shakti's consciousness arises

What do SYs know about Self-realization?

Thus i am sure that when Shri Mataji told us to give Self- realization it meant much more than the present petty knowledge given by SYs. The announcement from Shri Mataji to WCASY members in December 2003 underpins what i am saying:

“The world is in turmoil today. People everywhere are anxious about the future. What they need is the soothing, uniting, elevating spiritual message of Sahaja Yoga. They have to be enabled to experience"Self Realization"And thereby attain inner transformation. Only then will they begin to regard all human beings as members of one global family regardless of their race, culture etc. Only then will they discard hatred and violence.... Sahaja Yogis have a momentous responsibility at this crucial time in human history. They have to spread Sahaja Yoga in all the parts of the world by written and spoken word.... For this purpose, a well thought out approach is required.”

Definitely Shri Mataji's request that"A well thought out approach" will have to cover all of Her teachings. Obviously this requires far more than just giving Self-realization.

In other words, Shri Mataji is saying that people are to be given gnosis so that they are transformed and able to regard all humans as one global family regardless of their race, culture etc. The initial Self-realization is but the first few steps of a life-long gnostic journey! Time and again - year after year, decade after decade, public program after public program - new seekers have left because, except for the subtle system, the SY organization has scarce gnostic knowledge to ground, nourish and establish the faith so vital to sustain a difficult, life-long spiritual journey.

However, we have just begun to provide the gnosis that Shri Mataji wanted about Her incarnation and message more than two decades ago - not just theoretical information about certain things but itself, as a modification of the human condition, charged with performing a function in the bringing about of salvation. The Comforter Shri Mataji sent by Jesus Christ explains His teachings/parables and bestows the gnosis of the Saviour which He promised: "If you continue to follow my teachings, you are my true disciples, and you will learn Truth, which will free you from the illusions of darkness.”



The author of Psalm 94 describes mortals in their natural state as perceiving"no more of reality than animals.” (Psalm 94:8) His reference to reality relates to Jesus' statement, recorded in the Sayings of Jesus, that"The shadows of this world are perceived by mortals, and they think they know Truth, but the Reality which casts the shadows is hidden from them.” (Sayings of Jesus 2:2) The Psalmist's solution to mortals' lack of perception is to turn to the Creator.”It is she who knows all things, and she will instruct those who seek her in those principles which lead to gnosis. ...if they will turn to her, she will raise their perception to view that which is real.” (Psalm 94:10-11)

What is this gnosis, which we sometimes call the"hidden knowledge"? One scholar who has researched gnosis in depth says of it,

Gnosis is not primarily rational knowledge. The Greek language distinguishes between scientific or reflective knowledge ("He knows mathematics") and knowing through observation or experience ("He knows me") which is gnosis. As the gnostics use the term, we could translate it as"Insight," for gnosis involves an intuitive process.... (Elaine Pagels, THE GNOSTIC GOSPELS, New York: Random House, 1979.)

Another scholar explains it this way.

On the one hand [gnosis] is closely bound up with revelatory experience, so that reception of the truth either through sacred and secret lore or through inner illumination replaces rational argument and theory (though this extra-rational basis may then provide scope for independent speculation); on the other hand, being concerned with the secrets of salvation," knowledge"Is not just theoretical information about certain things but is itself, as a modification of the human condition, charged with performing a function in the bringing about of salvation.” (Hans Jonas, THE GNOSTIC RELIGION: THE MESSAGE OF THE ALIEN GOD AND THE BEGINNINGS OF CHRISTIANITY, Boston: Beacon Press, 1963)

Essentially, the Gnostic way is not to teach you a lot of answers to your questions, but to help you rechannel your brain so that it will be able to perceive Truth, which is already hidden within you. When Jesus' disciples questioned him concerning the proper mode of fasting, praying, giving alms, and eating, he didn't answer them directly, but said,

"You must put off your love of the lie, the false way of life followed by the children of this plane of existence, and be converted, changed so that you hate that which you have previously loved, and love that which you have previously hated. Then I will be able to show you all things, for there is nothing hidden which will not be manifested when you have put on the mind of Truth.” (Sayings of Jesus 1:11)

Gnostics seek Truth in three different ways. The first is through studying the written word, especially that which the Body of gnostics has accepted as illuminating the principles revealed by the Eloheim, but also all other good books which they personally feel enhance their perception of Truth. Those books that Gnostics accept as scripture come through the Holy Spirit. When we say that a gnostic master has translated a book of ancient scripture, we mean that he has translated it from a spiritual record written on the Holy Spirit into a physical form that can be written in a book.

Irenaeus, a second century orthodox opponent of gnosticism, criticized the gnostic concept of scripture because its authenticity is not claimed on the basis of its being handed down in unbroken succession from some authority figure, but on the basis of its having been revealed through the Holy Spirit. (Irenaeus, Libros Quinque Adversus Haereses 2.15.3) Gnostics would say that their scriptures are true because they open the mind of the reader to"The Reality which is God.” (Sayings of Jesus 2:2) They would suggest that the value of a book lies not in its age, but in its Light.

The second source of information about Truth is the oral mysteries. These are not written, but must be learned from those who have mastered them. When his disciple Matthew said to Jesus," Lord, I wish to see that Place of Life where all is pure Light and darkness cannot come," Jesus replied," Brother Matthew, you cannot see it as long as you are centered in the physical body.”Matthew exclaimed," Lord, I cannot see it alone; help me to gain this hidden knowledge.” (Teachings of the Master 4:3-5) Matthew realized that he needed the help of a master if he was going to be able to make the transition from being centered in the physical body to being centered in the Light. Like Matthew, we cannot see the Place of Life without help.

When Matthew asked him," How can we throw off the dominion of the dark powers and walk in Light?”Jesus replied,

Remain steady in your search for Truth. Know that Truth is not to be found outside yourself, but find a Master who can lead you through your heart to find the secrets locked within it. Then you will prevail over the dark powers; you will be able to deny your ego, change your manner of life and, taking up your cross, follow me. When once you know that the hidden knowledge is within you, you must seek the keys from the Master of Assemblies, so that you can find them and rejoice in Light. (Teachings of the Master 3:9-10)

During the discussion recorded in The Teachings of the Master, Jesus went into the relationship of master and disciple, and its role in opening the mind to the perception of Truth, in some depth.

Then the Master said to them," When you are masters, and disciples come to you seeking Light, strive to lead them to salvation. Speak to them the keys of gnosis until their minds are opened to perceive the hidden Truth. Then they will be of one mind with you, for their minds will be directed by the Inner Light. I tell you truly, the Living Gods dwell in you, and you dwell in them.”

Judas said to him," Truly I desire to be a master so that I can lead souls to Light.”

The Lord replied," Since the Living Gods exist in you, their power will flow out of you at the proper time, and disciples will be drawn to your Light. You need not seek disciples, for if you let your Light shine and share the word of Life, disciples will sit at your feet to learn the hidden knowledge.”

As they sat on the hillside, some seekers approached Mary Magdaline to question her about Jesus' teachings. They asked the meaning of his sayings," The problems of each day can be met that day," "The laborer earns what he eats," and"The disciple will resemble his Master.”Mary discoursed on these topics, leading them toward the hidden knowledge. When the seekers had departed, the Master said," You see Light ministering through Mary, drawing souls to itself. That is how it will be with each of you when your time has come.” (Teachings of the Master 4:14-16; 6:1)

Again, a gnostic master is not one who will provide you with all the answers. He or she will not be willing to take responsibility for your life by telling you how you should live it, but he will help you expand your mind and rechannel your brain so that it is able to perceive the knowledge of Truth which is hidden within you, and you will learn the principles which will enable you to walk in Light.

The third way of learning gnosis is directly from the Inner Light, the Holy Spirit which exists as a spark in every human being and as a flame in those who have received the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Heracleon, a second century gnostic teacher, said," At first, people believe because of the testimony of others, but then they come to believe from Truth itself.” (Heracleon, Frag. 39, in Origen, Commentarium in Johannes) One gnostic master described this process in this way.

The Eloheim will give you, their saints, knowledge through their Holy Spirit, yes, through the indescribable Gift of the Holy Spirit, in a manner in which it has not been revealed during the existence of this mortal plane. *** Whether there is One God or many Gods, they were all to be manifested at this time. All sources of power, authority, government, and strength will be revealed through gnosis descending on everyone who has endured valiantly for the good news of Jesus Christ. * * * This is according to what was decreed during the Council of the Eternal God of All Other Gods before this world existed. (Book of Covenants 1839-1:26, 28-29, 32)

Each of these processes reveals a different portion of gnosis, and taken together they will lead you back into the presence of the Eloheim.


Gnosis reaches us through the written scriptures, through enlightened masters, and directly through the Inner Light, but the source of all these is the Eloheim. This is a Hebrew term which is translated"God"In most Bibles, but it is actually a plural form (plural in Hebrew is indicated by im) which is sometimes more properly translated"Gods.”However, this term too may be misleading because of our preconceptions of what it means, so gnostics often leave"Eloheim"untranslated.

False concepts of deity result from the belief, which most people have, that"god"or"The gods"Are something totally unrelated to mankind. The gnostic, however, conceives of Deity as Exalted Mortal.”On the Origin of the World," an ancient gnostic text, speaks of the Deity (pl.) as"An enlightened, immortal humanity.” Irenaeus explained that gnostics taught that"The Primal Father of the Whole, the Primal Beginning, and the Primal Incomprehensible, is called Anthropos [Man] ...and that this is the great and abstruse mystery, namely, that the power which is above all others and contains all others in its embrace is called Anthropos [Man]. (Irenaeus, Libros Quinque Adversus Haereses 1.11.1) The Deity revealed itself to Enoch in these words," I am one of the Eloheim. Man of Holiness is my name. Man of Counsel is my name.” (History of Ezra 3:14) Gnostics believe that Jesus called himself the Son of Man because he is the Son of the Man of Holiness.

This means that the Eloheim were once mortals as we are, but through the application of the principles hidden in gnosis, they became enlightened and immortal. If we follow the same process they did, we can become like them; we can join the Eloheim in the celestial realm. Jesus said to his disciples,

I have come to open the Way of Life to all mankind. I will teach you the passageway through which the elect will pass into the presence of the Eloheim, that same passage through which each of the Eloheim has passed before you. (Teachings of the Master 1:2)


Since both men and women may follow gnosis and become members of the Eloheim, the Deity is revealed to us as both Male and Female, Father and Mother. Jesus said," You are the sons of the Eloheim. Should the son not be like his Father? You are the daughters of the Eloheim. Should the daughter not be like her Mother?” (Sayings of Jesus 2:10) Of those who unite with the Eloheim he said," These will sit on the seat of power of the Eloheim, using instruments of power, and they will be the Fathers and Mothers of worlds through all generations.” (Testimony of Mary 2:7) He also taught his disciples to pray in this manner"Hear us, our Father and Mother who are on the heavenly plane.” (Teachings of the Master 1:5)

The word Eloheim, itself, is a predominantly feminine form.

...female imagery of the divinity persists throughout large portions of the Bible, perhaps starting with the plural form of the name of the divinity in Genesis one, ELOHIM, which is probably derived from the feminine form of the name for divinity, ELOAH.... (Leonard Swidler, WOMEN PRIESTS, p. 169)

It is their failure to acknowledge The Motherhood of Deity which has led many to regard"him"As a fierce, tyrannical, judgmental, vengeful tyrant who is looking for a chance to trip them up and throw them into hell. Only when we understand The Motherhood, as well as the Fatherhood of the Eloheim, can we begin to perceive the meaning of the scriptural assertion that God is Love....

Gnosis, then, comes to us from the Eloheim in three ways, through the written word in the scriptures, through the spoken word of enlightened masters, and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the Inner Light. The Eloheim are Exalted Mortals, those who have preceded us in following gnosis and, through its power, have become enlightened and immortal. Men and women equally may follow gnosis, and consequently the Eloheim are both male and female, Fathers and Mothers on the Heavenly Plane. The Priesthood is available to all as they advance through gnosis, giving them opportunities to use the knowledge that they have gained in blessing the lives of others. Jesus said to his disciples,

The time has arrived, Beloved, when you should leave behind the cares of this plane of existence and enter into a state of rest, for the person who enters into rest in this life, will remain in a state of rest forever. I tell you that the heavenly realm must exist within you, before you can enter into it, but I have given you my peace, and if you walk with the Angel of Peace, the heavenly realm will be in you, and you will be in the heavenly realm. (Teachings of the Master 1:1)

As you pursue gnosis, you will commence a walk with the Angel of Peace, and all the other angels, who will lead you back to the presence of the Eloheim. As, Jesus promised,

If you continue to follow my teachings, you are my true disciples, and you will learn Truth, which will free you from the illusions of darkness. Then you will have access to the Father and Mother through your prayers, and you will have power to establish the realm of Light on the mortal plane as it exists in the Mind of the Eloheim. (Teachings of the Master 1:3)

—- In," jagbir singh"
> The Comforter Shri Mataji sent by Jesus Christ explains His
> teachings/parables and bestows the gnosis of the Saviour which He
> promised: "If you continue to follow my teachings, you are my true
> disciples, and you will learn Truth, which will free you from the
> illusions of darkness.”


Gnostic Christianity is a Way of Life based on the original teachings of Jesus Christ. A gnostic is a person who believes that salvation is gained through the acquisition of divine knowledge or gnosis. Gnostic Christians believe that the knowledge necessary for salvation has been revealed through Jesus Christ. Gnostics recognize that this world is subject to powers of darkness that distort our concept of reality. As Jesus explained," The shadows of this world are perceived by mortals, and they think they know the Truth, but the Reality which casts the shadows is hidden from them, and they do not perceive the Light.” (Sayings 2:2)

When gnostics speak of salvation, they mean being freed from these illusions of darkness so that they can perceive Reality. As Jesus said," I tell you the truth when I say that only when you perceive shadows as shadows, and search the Light, will you perceive the Reality which is God.” (IBID.) He also said," If you continue to acquire gnosis through me and live by the principles I teach, you will be my true disciples. Then you will learn of Truth, and Truth will set you free.” (Testimony of St. John 8:31-32)

While Jesus used symbolic parables to motivate his hearers to search for the knowledge of Truth, he privately entrusted to his disciples gnosis, experiential knowledge which they could share only with those who became their fellow disciples. On one occasion, Jesus said to his disciples,

It is your privilege to learn the mysteries of the realm of the Eloheim because you have entered the Covenant," Jesus replied," but to those who remain outside the Covenant, Truth can be shown only in parables. This is because they live in a world of illusions and shadows where Truth is hidden from them. Only the shadow of Truth can reach them until they reject the lie and come into the Covenant of Light.”*** In this way, Jesus used many parables to point their minds to the word, for the parables were all they were able to receive, but through the parables, some of them would have their minds opened and would begin to perceive the Inner Truth. When he was alone with his disciples, however, Jesus expounded these principles, unfolding before their minds greater Light and carrying them deeper into the mysteries of the spiritual realm. (Testimony of St. Mark 4:10-11, 26-27)


Jesus said," Mortals have been created to dwell in the Garden of Delights. All else is death. Find that Garden where the Parents have placed the Fountain of Love, and you shall live forever in bliss.” (Sayings 2:11)


Concerning the Garden of Delights, Jesus said," In Jehovah's Garden stands the holy Tree of Life. High in its branches sings a Bird. Listen for the voice of the Bird, for when you are properly aligned with heaven and earth, she will tell you all things.

This bird or dove is also called Sophia, the Holy Spirit, or the Comforter. (cf. Testimony of St. John 1:31) Jesus said," When the Comforter has come, whom I will send to you, she will lead you into all Truth.” (Sayings 3:5)

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