An Olive Neither Of The East Nor West


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An Olive, neither of the East nor of the West

The Olive Tree

An Olive, neither of the East nor of the West, [3001]

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal,
Proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lamb.
In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river
Was there the Tree of Life
Which bare twelve manner of fruit every month: 
And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Revelation 22:1-2


A breath which comes from this world shakes the branches of the Tree of Life,
Which spreads the fragrance of the future world in this world,
And brings the holy souls alive.
These souls come up waking each other ... 
And the Tree of Life rejoices.

The Zohar III, 1731

("The Zohar" III, 1731 in "Le Livre de la Splendeur", pages de livre de Zohar choisies par Edmond Fleg, trad. par J. de Pauly, ed. J.C. Lattes, Paris 1980.)


There is a tree, the root of Transmigration, the Asvattha Tree everlasting.
Its branches spread from earth to heaven, and the powers of nature give them life.
Its buds are the pleasures of the senses.
Far down below, its roots stretch into the world of men, binding a mortal through selfish actions.
Men do not see the changing form of that tree, nor its beginning, nor its end, nor where its roots are.
But let the wise see, and with the strong sword of dispassion let him cut this strong-rooted tree, and seek that path wherefrom those who go never return.
Such a man can say: 'I go for the refuge of that Eternal Spirit from whom the stream of creation came at the beginning.
Because the man of pure vision, without pride or delusion, in liberty from the chains of attachments, with his soul ever in his inner Spirit, all selfish desires gone, and free from the two contraries known as pleasure and pain, goes to the abode of Eternity.

Bhagavad Gita 15:1-5

"Another important point which Krishna made is that roots of the Tree of Human Awareness are in the brain. As such, if awareness descends or grows downwards towards the lower energy centres like Mooladhara, the persons get involved in too much sex. So instead of evolution of awareness there is descent. So for the nourishing the Tree of Human Awareness ... is only possible after Kundalini awakening and piercing the anterior fontanel area. Only then ascent can take place."

Shri Bhuvanesvari Shri Nirmala Devi

(Bhuvanesvari [294th]: The Queen of the Universe consisting of fourteen Bhuvanas or the Deity of the Mantra-bija.)

"In the 15th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita there is a description of the 'Imperishable Tree' ... He who knows this Tree knows the truth. This Tree is existing in the structure and function of the human body and nervous system. One must know and climb this paradoxical Tree to arrive at the truth ...

It cannot be understood intellectually, but only through progressive spiritual awakening, for spiritual understanding always dawns in a way which is paradoxical and irrational to the faculty of the intellect. This same Tree is called the 'Tree of Life' in the Kaballah and the 'Tree of Knowledge' in the Bible. Its understanding forms the basis of both Christian and Judaic religious traditions, but unfortunately it has been completely misunderstood by and large, for a very long time."

Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Kundalini Tantra
(Swami S. Saraswati, Kundalini Tantra, Bihar School of Yoga, 1984, p. 23.)


Enlightened interpretation of note 3001

The Tree of Life

This Tree of Life (human subtle system) bears an Olive, the Fruit of Absolute Truth and Supreme Knowledge in the form of His Spirit. Only those seeking the Truth of Allah can taste this mystical Olive, for it neither belongs to the Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism or Sikhism nor the Western ones of Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Those who seek to find it in religious institutions will never succeed as it does not exist in any of them, but is within their own beings. (So what is the use of seeking it from the preachers of organized religions who have absolutely no idea about it?)

The finest minds of Islam have for centuries swoon at the sheer magnificence of this parable, and praised the olive and the properties of its oil to high heaven. We must again read the cream of Islamic enlightenment revered by the Ummah for 14 centuries:

3001. "The mystic Olive is not localised. It is neither of the East nor the West. It is universal, for such is Allah's Light. As applied to the olive, there is also a more literal meaning, which can be allegorised in a different way. An olive tree with an eastern aspect gets only the rays of the morning sun; one with a western aspect, only the rays of the western sun. In the northern hemisphere the south aspect will give the sun's rays a greater part of the day, while a northern aspect will shut them out altogether, and vice versa in the southern hemisphere. But a tree in the open plain or on a hill will get perpetual sunshine by day: it will be more mature, and the fruit and oil will be of superior quality. So Allah's Light is not localised or immature: it is perfect and universal."

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n

"Pure olive oil is beautiful in colour, consistency, and illuminating power. The world has tried all kinds of illuminants, and for economic reasons or convenience, one replaces another. But for coolness, comfort to the eyes, and steadiness, vegetable oils are superior to electricity, mineral oils, and animal oils. And among vegetable oils, olive oil takes a high place and deserves its sacred associations. Its purity is almost like light itself: you may suppose it to be almost light before it is lit. So with spiritual Truth: it illuminates the mind and understanding imperceptibly, almost before the human mind and heart have been consciously touched by it."

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n

And that's serious spiritual enlightenment for hundreds of million followers! Ordinary Italian and Greek chefs know more about olives than all Muslim scholars put together. Surely Allah had far higher expectations after so many centuries of collective brainstorming by the best minds Islam could produce. Is this enlightenment for the Muslim masses?

Their religious rivals — Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jews — are only marginally better. Except for a minority of Hindus and Buddhists most of them are still seeking salvation from external Idols where He does not live.

This Olive (Holy Spirit) is now available to those who can go beyond the limitations of religion and mind; those who believe in the One Allah, the One God Almighty, the One Universal Self, the One Creator; those who accept all His Messengers; those who do not divide and rule His Human Family; those who seek His Dominion within, those who feel the Winds of Resurrection blowing; and those who know that this is the Time of Qiyamah.

This Divine Fruit (Ruh of Allah) is beyond all religions, beyond the rational mind, beyond all known knowledge — beyond everything. Only those surrendering totally to Allah will meet His Ruh who then leads them ever onwards towards Eternal Life. This total surrender is only possible in the purest state of 'thoughtless awareness', where even thoughts are surrendered to Khudda. 

The awesome Reality and boundless Glory of Allah's Spirit within totally enlightening humans into absolute Islam is the state of supreme surrender — all other forms of surrender being either forced by persecution or based on ignorance, fear, falsehood, delusion or just plain pretension. As long as human mind has thoughts that judge, deceive, lust, scheme, conjure and delude day and night, there is no surrender. 

Surrender is an absolute state — every minute, 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year — where one knows for sure that the Allah is witnessing every deed, hearing every word, and knowing every thought. This awareness is so acute that every effort is made to hold the tongue before it judges, shutter the ears to gossip and slander, direct the eyes away from lust, and silence the mind to all that displeases Him. This is the Islam (surrender) of Allah and not what the mullahs and muftis have conditioned the Muslims to believe. 

The Ruh of Allah Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has revealed the gaping flaws of religious regimes which subdue and imprison humans in a maze of dogmas, doctrines, distortions, divisions, theologies, taboos, falsehoods and fallacies. For example, Her direction to all Hindus that they should not worship idols or be vegetarians is profound proof of Her dedication to Truth, no matter what adverse reactions are aroused by such sensitive matters. Neither are the egos of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, or Jains pampered — the plain Truth is announced with any fear or favor. Thus the Ruh of Allah also neither belongs to neither the decaying religions of the East nor West. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has announced that there will be no Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Taoism, Shintoism, Baha'ism, Judaism, Christianity or Islam after the year 2000 — all of them will begin to self-disintegrate against the Truth of the Resurrection revealed by Her. 

In this Golden Age no religious regime will be allowed to mislead and divide and rule the children of Allah anymore. It has been prophesied that God "shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away" (Rev. 21:4.) This prophecy is being fulfilled as these lines are read.

"You have to run in the way of the Roots, of the Branches, of the Leaves, of the Flowers and of the Fruits. You have to be the essence of the Tree that nourishes and not just the outside leaves with wrong ideas about your Self ... Now it is Time to jump from the little area to the vast area which has no bounds ... because you belong to a Tree of Great Wisdom, Tree of Great Sustenance and Religion, and Tree of Great Mastery, the Mastery that you can never know how great it is. You belong to a Tree that has complete security for you, and you belong to a very Great Tree which gives you complete witnessing of the Drama, and which gives you understanding that the Whole is part and parcel of you, and you are part and parcel of the Whole.

So you belong to the Great Ocean of Love and Generosity. So this Great Tree of Life has everything integrated within itself. This is the Tree of Life that has been described in the Bible — the Tree of Fire they call it. Now, you have become One with it. You are Blessed by it. You are Loved by it. You are gently Guided by it. It is so gentle that you do not even feel the Guidance, like a leaf when it falls to the ground it doesn't make any sound. Try to become identified with the Power; that is what you are. Like the meaning of the word is identified with the Word; like the moonlight is identified with the Moon; sunlight is identified with the Sun. Let that identification be the Oneness, that integration, so that you become the Light of God's Love, that people know God through your depths and your fruits. It is the most fulfilling job, highest paid in every way, the most satisfying, energy giving, and dynamic. You don't have to give up anything. Just be organized in the Light of your Spirit yourself."

Shri Ramya Shri Nirmala Devi
Shri Krishna Puja, Switzerland — August 28, 1983

(Ramya [307th]: The beautiful.)

"The instrument of our enlightenment is framed on a structure of three main channels or Nadis. These subtle channels are placed within the spine and find their expression in the automatic nervous system which comprises the left and right sympathetic nervous systems, and central parasympathetic nervous system."

Shri Ambika Shri Nirmala Devi

(Ambika [295th]: The aggregate of the three powers of will, action and knowledge which is the name of Sri-Tripura-Sundari, The Mother. Ambika being a diminutive and an endearing term of Amba, meaning Sri-Bala-Tripura-Sundari.)


Whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it; [3003]

Light emitting out from Brahmarhanra of Sahaja Yogis
hat appears as underwater reeds is actually Allah's Light emitting out of a few Believers of Al-Qiyamah, with vibrations flowing out from the remaining Sahaja Yogis, during meditation on His Ruh Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Allah has now completed the Revelation of His Light and this Revelation is now absolute, even though the Unbelievers may detest it! 


Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light with their mouths: But Allah will complete (the revelation of) His light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it.) 

Surah 61:8 Al Saff (The Battle Array)


All Unbelievers are invited to destroy this Revelation of Allah's Light.

Enlightened interpretation of note 3002

Immediately following the Baptism of Allah (Self-Realization), the believer begins physically, emotionally and spiritually experiencing Allah's presence within. Upon Kundalini awakening the Divine Vibrations (the luminous oil) of His Ruh (the Olive) begins to flow and permeate the seeker, and begins the spiritual cleansing from within. These humans begin to radiate an aura of Light visible only to those with gifted eyes.

Hardly has the Fire (the Kundalini) coursed through the Tree of Life (the subtle system) and touched this Oil in the Olive, the Divine Vibrations (Paramchaitanya) are increasingly felt on the hands and head, spreading through the entire body which begins to glows with a spiritual health welling from within. The body is cleansed, heart healed, eyes purified and mind enlightened. Allah absolutely assures that He is indeed closer than the vein of the neck, and that His Light shines forth, and that He lives within! For the first time ever God Almighty is felt living within oneself! Surrender is total. This is Allah's Islam.

The Wind of Resurrection are felt daily and the True Believers (Al-Mu'minun) physically experience Al Qiyamah. The evidence of the existence of His Ruh within manifests, from an instant to a few months, depending on the purity of both heart and mind. Slowly the Cool Breeze increases in intensity, firmly establishing the seeker in Truth. These enlightened soul emit stronger and stronger vibrations which are picked up by other Self-realized souls. There are many ordinary humans who emit good vibrations but only their ignorance shroud their extremely beautiful inner selves.

There are many stages of enlightenment and states of mind, with the Kundalini slowly guiding the seeker to the Divine World of Reality (Lahut). They are all inter-related in very complex ways, beyond the scope of human faculties to comprehend, and the Parable of the Light is just a simple explanation to the unfathomable inner Reality. As the Light in the mind begins to increase in luminosity they begin to see further and further into the distance, slowly expanding their consciousness to encompass the infinite Universe, Eternity and the Great Circle of Life. These are the people who are "born of the Spirit."

"As human awareness is united to the Divine, we move into the subtlest level of communication into Collective Consciousness. In becoming vessels of that Universal Power we become One with all the other vessels. We learn to appreciate the real depth and beauty of another person in vibrations. The beauty of art and Nature now manifests itself as vibrations. We no longer judge on opinions, but on vibrations. Just ask the question and a positive answer comes as a flow of cool vibrations. Sit as for meditation and ask the vibrations. It is conversation at its most sublime."

Shri Chintamani-Grhantastha Shri Nirmala Devi

"The Koran mentions the Cool Breeze in connection to the Resurrection: "It is Allah Who sends the winds... . As such (will be) the Resurrection." ("The Noble Quran" 35.9, Hilal Publishing House, Istanbul, 1994, p.700.)

At the time of Kiyama (Resurrection Time) "we shall seal up their
mouths and their hands will speak to us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn" ("The Noble Quran" 36.65, Hilal Publishing House, Istanbul, 1994, p.713.) This is precisely what happens in Sahaja Yoga, when our entire inner system can be felt on our fingertips. Everything that we do which goes against our Spirit manifests on our chakras, and can be felt on our palms after we get our Self-Realization. The Koran (ibid. for instance: 2.87; 42.52 etc.) also makes many references to the Ruh (or Ruah), the Breath of God, which is the same as the All-Pervading Power in Hinduism and the Holy Spirit in Christianity. Its reflection in the human being is the Kundalini."

http: //

"On first awakening Kundalini ascends Sushumna Nadi up to the Agnya Chakra. It covers the lower plate of the main, then descends like melting clouds on the Ida and Pingala Nadis to the Void. It fills this area and then the three combined Powers of Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, and Mahalakshmi re-ascend the Sushumna to open the Lotus Petals of the Sahasrara. The Spirit, residing in the heart, has its seat at the top of the head in the centre. All the Chakras (energy centres) have their seats in the Sahasrara. This is the fontanel area that is pierced by the Kundalini, the point of Yoga at which the attention is united to the Spirit — the Brahmarandhra, the hole into the Brahman."

Shri Maha-padmatavi-samstha Shri Nirmala Devi

In order to understand the parable of the Niche of Light better the Quranic verse on the Baptism of Allah will be examined as both verses lead to the same Truth. Both surahs reveal the actual beginning of the spiritual transformation of humans.

The Baptism of Allah;
And who can baptise better than Allah?
And it is He whom we worship.

surah 2:138 Al Baqarah (The Heifer)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, 1989.)

The Baptism of Allah for Muslims is the same 'second birth' for Christians; the same 'dwija or twice born' for Hindus; the same 'opening of the Dsam Duar' for Sikhs; the same Self-Realization, Satori, gnosticism, and fana of advanced spiritual seekers. They seemingly different paths are all one and the same, with no difference whatsoever as far as the pursuit of the Spirit is concerned. It is just that the human race has been divided and fragmented by the religious Idols, too brainwashed and conditioned to confirm the same Truth in other Holy Books.

Due to the endless layers of subtle spiritual Knowledge leading to the Ultimate Reality (Al-Haqqah), it cannot be explained or conceptualized with any amount of words. The entire Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom of God just wakes humans from their spiritual slumber. Only individual experience, introspection, meditation, and the sustained state of thoughtless awareness will peel off the conditioning and misconceptions of the religiously mummified human. 

Each and every individual will have to take his or her own journey, getting rid of all earthly impurities like hate, lust, anger, covetousness, greed, falsehoods and the like along the way. This thoughtless state to destroy even impure thoughts is a inner cleansing like no other as "thoughtless awareness is the first beautiful state you have to achieve that will give you peace and a witness state to enjoy the drama of life, to enjoy the different varieties of people, while you will be growing within yourself. For a Sahaja Yogi, it is important not to see the faults of others, but your own faults and correct them." The human soul has to be pure to attain eternal Afterlife and live in the Kingdom of Allah, for the spirit is devoid of all such earthly scum.

This subtle Knowledge of the Spirit may only be understood in progressive stages, and then linked together to bring forth illumination. There are no crash courses or human instructors. Every human will learn from their own Self, their own Spirit, their own Kundalini, their own Inner Guide. They have to become their own masters, never again to be dominated by any external force. You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. This is the essence of His Grace to all His children during the Resurrection. The Age of Aquarius compels humans to free themselves from all religious delusion by becoming their own gurus: The only way is by seeking Divine Guidance from within their own being, from the Spirit: "Thus, you understand there are two things that have happened, that first, your Mother, your Kundalini which is in you, which is your own Mother, which has been with you throughout, has given you this birth and then it has taken to that Power, which Power you can use yourself. You're empowered by that. You'll be amazed how this Power helps."

All these subtle spiritual awareness will only be known through Self-experience, for no amount of verbal explanation will clarify this subtle Truth. Humans understand the meaning of grief, joy, hate, happiness and other feelings for they have experienced them constantly all their lives. But how to explain so rare an experience as Self-realization, a genuine actualization possible only since the Sahasrara chakra was opened on May 5, 1970.

Self-Realization is an actual evolutionary process that manifests from within, and has to be felt physically. By physically we mean exactly what the scriptures say about this phenomenon, that is this Divine Wind from within has to be experienced. And we don't mean a flash-in-the-pan type of experience. It has to last a lifetime! Yes, for the rest of earthly life!

Sprinkling some water or being born in a brahmin family does not confer born again status, as many Christians and Hindus are led to believe. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has stressed that the Christian baptism is just an empty ritual with absolutely no benefit at all. It is as real as Santa Claus that children believe and later realize to be a collective commercial lie. So will it be in this century when they become adults and realize baptism to be a collective religious lie.

"When Kundalini reaches Sahasrara, the Lotus Petals open and enlightenment takes place. You may feel a powerful pulsation in the crown of the head, followed by a melting sensation and a flow of cool vibrations from the fontanel area. This is the baptism by which you know you are truly born again."

Shri Ramani Shri Nirmala Devi






I do call to witness the Resurrection Day; 
And I do call to witness the self-reproaching Spirit.





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"The central path is called Sushumna through which the Kundalini passes to pierce through the fontanel bone area (Brahmarandhra) to enter into the subtle energy of the All-Pervading Power. This is how the actualization of Self-Realization takes place. First the hands feel, at the fontanel bone area, and on the finger tips the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. The hands are steady — they do not shake, they feel normal — but the seeker feels ripples of Cool Breeze. For the first time he feels the existence of the All-Pervading Power."


"Vibratory awareness begins now as Kundalini unites our individual consciousness to the Universal, the Atma (soul) to the Paramatma (Supersoul or God), we are suddenly tuned in to the universal wavelength of vibrations. These vibrations pervade the Cosmos but before Realization, while we are still in the egg, we know nothing of them. When Kundalini breaks the shell we emerge into God's Kingdom, the Collective Unconscious, and we are singing the Song of the Unconscious — the vibrations are playing through the instrument we have become."       


"So you can't understand, you can't understand God. Please understand one thing that for you to understand God is an impossibility. But you can be in connection with God, you can be in the company of God, you can be blessed by God, you can be looked after by God, you can know lots of things about God — but you cannot understand.

This is another thing one has to know that you cannot understand why God does these things, why He does this, why He does that — you cannot understand, you cannot explain. I mean somebody can even say here, "Why did He make swastika, then why did He make Omkara?" I mean here the people are so arrogant that they can even ask God why did you exist . . 

So the source from which we have, we have come, we cannot understand, we cannot judge, we cannot say why. That is God's wish, God's desire, whatever He. So what we have to say, "Whatever His wish we'll be happy with that." And the Power that is within you is Amba, is the Desire Power of God itself. So whatever your wish is, means that His wish is that you should enter into His Kingdom....

You cannot judge God. You cannot say, "Why She does that, why She does that, why He does that?" You cannot say that — that's different. But when you sit there then it is not an assembly, it is not like a politician fighting. No! It is that you have entered into the Kingdom Of God, blessed by God, looked after, protected, nourished and made knowledgeable. But still this arrogance has to go down that we can understand why it happens. That humility is very important for us otherwise this Power cannot take you beyond.

Now as it is it has crossed the Sahasrara. Now this Power has to go higher and higher. For that first you should be humble. Humble doesn't mean that it should be something artificial humility of a businessman or a politician It is a humbleness is within your heart that, "Oh God, we don't want to understand You. You are too great. But let us know ourselves", and then you'll be amazed that He has made you like His own image. That means He has given you all the Powers He has made you."


"Without an inner change man can no longer cope with the gigantic development of the outer life. A life unity, mutuality and harmony born of a deeper and wider truth of our being is the only truth of life that can successfully replace the imperfect mental constructions of the past which were a combination of association and regulated conflict, an accommodation of egos and interests grouped or dovetailed into each other to form a society, a consolidation by common general life-motives, a unification by need and the pressure of struggle with outside forces. It is such a change and such a reshaping of life for which humanity is blindly beginning to seek, now more and more with a sense that its very existence depends upon finding the way. The evolution of mind working upon life has developed an organization of the activity of mind and use of matter which can no longer be supported by human capacity without an inner change. An accommodation of the ego-centric human individuality, separative even in association, to a system of living which demands unity, perfect mutuality, harmony, is imperative. But because the burden which is being laid on mankind is too great for the present littleness of the human personality and its petty mind and small life-instincts, because it cannot operate the needed change, because it is using this new apparatus and organization to serve the old infraspiritual and infrarational life-self of humanity, the destiny of the race seems to be heading dangerously, as if impatiently and in spite of itself, under the drive of the vital ego seized by colossal forces which are on the same scale as the huge mechanical organization of life and scientific knowledge which it has evolved, a scale too large for its reason and will to handle, into a prolonged confusion and perilous crisis and darkness of violent shifting incertitude. Even if this turns out to be a passing phase or appearance and a tolerable structural accommodation is found which will enable mankind to proceed less catastrophically on its uncertain journey, this can only be a respite. For the problem is fundamental and in putting it evolutionary Nature in man is confronting herself with a critical choice which must one day be solved in the true sense if the race is to arrive or even to survive."       

Sri Aurobindo
The Future Evolution of Man (August 1962)


"Prajnanam brahma (Consciousness is Brahman)

How is it possible to discover the nonduality in the eka? How do we make room for the advitiya? This question amounts to asking: What is the nature of reality itself, or how is the One itself constituted so that there is a place for pluralism without destroying the unity? Is there anything that allows for movement, distinctions, life, without endangering the One? What kind of plurality can coexist with oneness? We can put the same question in a reflective manner and ask: What induces in Man this uncompromising longing for unity? What makes Man cling with such conviction to the ekam evadvitiyam? What is the nature of such nonduality?

The mahavakyas emerge out of and reflect the most fascinating search for the advitiyam, for that reflection of the One, for its manifestation, for its companion, a companion who, like an Indian wife, is not an independent partner but part and parcel of the husband, his prolongation and expression. Is there such a thing as ekam evadvitiyam? For it could well be that all this is a kind of transcendental fallacy of our mind alone.

The answer of the mahavakya is clear: consciousness and consciousness alone is able to assume multiplicity without endangering oneness. In the world of human experience, in point of fact, consciousness is the only power that embraces the manifold without losing its identity and unity. A multiplicity of thoughts as well as the many objects and contents of consciousness do not disrupt but rather reinforce the unity of consciousness. Consciousness is both one and also a unifying force. The overwhelming plurality of the world of our experience reverts to a unity in the recesses of our consciousness. Furthermore, consciousness itself is one and is not affected by a plurality of objects. Consciousness can be aware of the many without being split into multiplicity.

This process constitutes one of the most profound and revolutionary human experiences. It is perhaps this experience that makes Man really Man, not the awareness of things (which animals also possess) but the awareness of his own consciousness, in the first place, and of consciousness as such, at the end of the process. This process constitutes the history of this particular mahavakya. Herein is the discovery of a light in Man, of a power of synthesis, of the ultimate character of himself and of all things. Apart from consciousness, not only would Man have no knowledge whatsoever, but also things themselves would not be as they actually are. Irrespective of whether things are "outside" consciousness or whether to be is to be known (knowable), one fact is certain: only things that are known are as they actually are, for the knowledge of things modifies and transforms the things so known. Irrespective, again, of whether we postulate an identity or a difference between being and thought, the realm of consciousness is unquestionably the ultimate and more extensive one. Being over and above consciousness is a contradiction in terms, for by the very fact that we define "being" as the reality that transcends consciousness, we are including it in our consciousness of being; and this is true even if we call Nonbeing that pure transcendence. Any verbalization belongs to the realm of consciousness.


The Tree of Life is a symbolic representation of the Universe, both internal and external. By studying the Kabbalah, the student learns much about him/herself, the universe and spirit. It provides one with a schema for which many things can be built on or filed in.

According to the Tree of Life, the bottom (south) end of the Tree is Malkuth (the Earth). That is where the Earth temple resides. Yesod (the Moon) is placed directly above Malkuth, making it North. The Air temple resides there. The Water temple resides in Hod (Mercury) which is on the left (west) side of the Tree. That leaves the Fire temple residing in Netzach (Venus) which is on the right (east) side of the Tree. A ritual using this placement: Earth-South, Air-North, Water-East, and Fire-West; would be good for aligning oneself to the Tree. You won't find a Kabbalist using this elemental placement, however.

The most common placement of the elements can be linked to Kundalini. Kundalini is the name of India's serpent goddess. She lives below the base chakra residing just beneath each individual's spine. Chakras are the nerve ganglia where the different nerve pathways unite to connect to make the nervous system. An analogy would be to make I-5 the central nervous system. The seven chakras that are stationed along the spine are like the exit and entrance ramps onto the interstate. Then there are smaller chakras or nerve ganglia that parallel our inner-city roadways. Chakras are Indian name for nerve ganglia. In China, they are called meridians. The purpose of Kundalini is to raise Her from below the base chakra to meet with Her consort Shiva at the crown chakra. The serpent goddess, Kundalini, in ordinary reality, is spinal fluid and Shiva is the cortex part of the brain. In raising Kundalini, we are bringing our spinal fluid up through the spinal cord, releasing it into the brain thereby elevating our consciousness.

Donna M. Pinkston, MA,



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