"His Creation"

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
"We have to understand that it's a very, very solemn subject, we are discussing here the sanctum sanctorum of the love of our Primordial Parents — it's a very, very holy thing. We are not holy people, we are yet full of lots of greed and lust, but they are above everything. So, when we are discussing them, we have to know, we have to do it with great Shraddha, and with our head bowed before them: that it is our luck and we are very fortunate that we have been able to learn something about these two Primordial Parents who have brought forth this Creation, their child.”

“Tonight we have decided to talk about Creation but our management has not been able to provide me with a chalk and with a blackboard. I don't know, I'll try to explain it without drawing. It's a very difficult subject. And I'll try to make it intelligent for you, but I would request you to pay full attention for such a difficult subject like Creation. One thing is a blessing today that.... (speaks aside to someone in Hindi)

The greatest blessing today is that many of you can feel the vibrations. And not only that but you also know and realize that they can think and they can love — it's a very big blessing. Of course, some of you haven't got it, but those who have got it know that these vibrations organize, because they raise the Kundalini, they go to the place where it is needed, out of compassion, to that portion where there is deficiency. They understand, they organize their universal nature and they love. They answer to your questions, when you ask them some questions — you receive answer from them. They are living vibrations. These vibrations are from the Divine. This Divine is called as Brahma — Brahma-tattwa, Principle of Divine.

We can say that the process of Creation is an eternal process. Means the seed becomes a tree and the tree becomes a seed, and the seed becomes a tree. It goes on and on — it's eternal. So, it cannot have a starting point and it cannot have an ending point. It goes on and on and on. That's why it can have different states of existence, you can say, state of being.

So, the first, just the being, is Brahma, where nothing exists. We say 'nothing'. When we say nothing, it is a relative word: because we do not exist, so we say 'nothing exists' — it's a relative word. When we are not existing, for us everything is 'not'. There is something, but that is not ourselves. And that's why, relatively, we say 'it is nothing'. It's only the word Brahma, you can say, you can think of an energy, if you want to, an energy-form that exists.

But the energy accumulates at a point and forms a nucleus. The energy that thinks, energy that is distributed, accumulates at a point — concentrates on a point, you can say.

And this point is the point we call as Sadashiva. This happens because that energy desires, thinks, organizes, loves. When it wants to create, when the desire is felt in that energy to create — at that time a nucleus is created. This nucleus we call as Sadashiva. This nucleus does not disappear. You can think of a nebula. I mean, it is something which is all relative you can think, you cannot think something in absolute form. So, with thinking you cannot conceptualize the whole thing. But if you can think of a state, where it's just an energy and no creation.

But not the energy of electricity, magnetism, — all this. It's the combination, the synthesis of all the things which goes into Laya which becomes that, is all synthesized. It coagulates on a point, [unclear] coagulates at a point which we can call as a nucleus. This point we call as Sadashiva. This Sadashiva is the Ishwara, is the God Almighty.

We call it now God because now it has a limitation in the sense that we can call it something, but if it is just an energy we just call it a Brahma. You can say like this: when the water becomes ice, a follicle of ice is formed, you can differentiate between the water and the ice. But still, it's a relative, relative understanding.

At this state God Almighty, Parameshwara, takes its form as an identity. That's why we can say that it is not Brahma, but an identity. Identity has its aura, has its aura, you can say, it's light. This light is the Divine love. It goes into various forms but Sadashiva remains as He is.

Now, the desire to create is transferred to the aura. The aura is the Power of God, Shakti. Ishwara has certain things beyond Him also and before Him. God Almighty has something beyond Him that He cannot control. One, He cannot control His eternal nature. It is His nature to be eternal, He cannot stop it. He will go on changing His form, it is His nature, it just... it is His [swabhav? unclear]

He cannot change His eternal nature. He will be eternally. Eternity is His temperament, His nature, He cannot overcome that.

For example, God cannot take away your freedom to choose the Truth. He cannot. Once He has granted, He is not going to take it away. You have to choose it in all your freedom. He will not force you to take it. Many people have hopes like that — they are sadly mistaken. At this juncture only lies the problem of complete destruction or complete resurrection. It is left into the hands of human beings to decide whether they want to accept the Truth or if they want to follow the falsehood.

So, you have been given complete freedom to choose. I won't go into the details about God Almighty, because it's a very subtler subject and requires much more attention. I have talked about it before to many people and all His nature, they know that. But He is the witness, He is the Sakshi in the form of a Sakshi. What is He witnessing? He is witnessing the Creation. And the power that creates the Creation is the Shakti, is His power, is His consort. Now, for us, human beings, we don't understand that a wife and a husband could be that one. For example, you can understand like a sun and a sunlight, moon and a moonlight — and these two things are one and the same. Or the meaning and the word. In the same way, Shiva and Shakti are one together. For example, you can be a father, you can be a mother. You can be a father, you can be a brother, you can be a son — three things you are doing together. In the same way, you can be your self and your power. You know: you and your self and your power are different, but you are one. You have a power to write, but you are not your power. Neither your power is your self.

In the same way, Shiva and Shakti are two persons to be identified, but they are part and parcel of one unique form. They're known as Brahma.

But these horrible Tantrikas, — again they come round here, — have spoiled the relationship between Shiva and Shakti. Not that they were human beings, that's why they established all these funny ideas and talked about these nonsensical things. Because they are the people who are nothing but their sex-points. They are nothing nobler than that. They are very depraved and diseased and debased people. They suffer from such a terrible disease that no one, they can see anything else but this. [Ashvameda (?)] has also described as something to do with sex. Everything they look, they see sex there. It's like a person, as we call it in Hindi — [speaks in Hindi] — who is wearing the glass of sex and watching through that light. Everything becomes sex, sex, sex, they are such debased and horrible depraved people, even God, they are bringing to that. Unless and until they are bringing to that level, they cannot exist. How will they justify themselves, the way they are? Sex has nothing to do with Shiva and Shakti. What is sun and sunlight? Is there any sex involved there? Is there nothing existing without sex for these horrible tantrikas? Is there no relationship that exists without sex?

So, Shiva is the God Almighty — we should call him as Sadashiva. I'll try to draw a little bit, let us see how it works out.

Now forming into a nucleus like this. Now, this is the remains of the nucleus, you can say, which forms its power here into a Valaya.

How does it form? He moves supposing backwards, you can say. Then what happens when he moves backwards.......... [unclear??] This, whole thing like this, remains here and all of these masses forms a shell around it and the waves cross over and settle onto the shell — here. Now, this is the situation: when all inside forms another nucleus here by concentration — this is the Shakti. And this is the Sadashiva. This is the Mahashakti, the Adishakti and this is the Sadashiva.

Now here, Shiva, once the Shakti forms Her personality, or we can say, Her ego is established, She is a different identity from Shiva. Because the whole process is to create the play for the witness to see. He is the One who is going to watch the play. She is the One who is going to create.

So, She accumulates Her ego onto a point here and becomes Shakti, assumes Her position there and the first thing She does as a Shakti is to go round in a parabola, in a parabola around Her Lord. This point one must understand.

She is a Shakti, is the Power of God. And the whole Creation is only meant for God Almighty to be seen. He is the only spectator of the play of Shakti.

And if He doesn't like the play, for example, He doesn't like the way it is or the way people are that are created, He can immediately stop the play by closing His eyes, by denying the play, by showing His annoyance or by His stop. He can just stop it. That's why He is also called as a destroyer.

But the whole thing is meant for His amusement. And if it doesn't give Him pleasure, He can stop it. That's why the first one who must be pleased is the One who is the spectator. Because of this, Shiva is garlanded by Her, is a parabola and that's why parabola is the symbol of Adishakti. This is sort of a certificate to Her, a sort of a granting Her the Varadan, as we call it in Sanskrit language, is the Varadan that 'go ahead with your work.'

This is a sanction given to Him. When She completes this parabola, the sanction has been granted and that's why She is a parabola.

Here the question of men dominating the women and women dominating the men does not come, because this is predominantly in our heads, you see. When we think of it, we think of men and women, — it is nothing of the kind. It's just complete Oneness.

Can we think of one couple which is absolutely united with each other? We cannot. Because we are all incomplete people. But if you could stretch your imagination to such a point that both of them are meant for each other only and the One who is active, is the Adishakti, is only active to please the God Almighty Who is the only spectator of Her play and He is to be pleased first. So, She surrenders Herself before Him, takes the sanction through the parabola.

Now, parabola is a very important thing. You know that everything travels through parabola, never in a straight line. For example, if you love someone, our love goes round that person and comes back to us as love. But if you hate that person, then our hatred goes round that person and comes back to us as a terrible hatred.

So, the parabola is taken, but you might say 'why a parabola?' The question can be:?Why should there be a parabola and not a circle?”The reason is: parabola is the shortest distance to go round another point, is the shortest. And that's why it's a parabola.

It is even in our ordinary life, you will find this happening: that whatever you do to others, it comes back to you in sound form, whether you do good or bad. And that's why our karmic ideas and that of our doing punyas are all there. Because whatever we emit through us, will come back to us. In the same way, if you bless the whole world, the blessings of the whole world will come to us.

As I told you, the process is not as simple as it can be drawn because it's a living process of a big dimension but I'm just trying to make it simpler for you to understand.

Now, this parabola, when, here now, when She is, She goes into the motion of a parabola and Shiva sanctions Her — it's a living process, again you must understand, it's a living process, it's as human as we are. Both of them are as human as we are, we should say, they are thousand times more human than we are.

So, here the Wife who is Consort say that: 'I am very happy just like this. I won't go any further with it.' Because Creation is not an easy thing for Her. She doesn't want to depart from Him. Creation is a child and She says 'I would not like to have children now, because I will loose you.' So, She pushes Herself towards Him and He pushes Her back and disappears, opening out from here. Now She is in this form. So, the beginning of the Om starts. Parabola, first of all, gets converted into Om. Then She pushes Herself down and settles down for a while to meditate and to find out how She is going to work it out, you can say like this. You see, it is Her desire which must be aroused. If Her desire is not aroused, She will not conceive the Creation. So, a Kalpa is spent in that, quite a lot of time is spent in Her own thinking — which way She should do it. She has created many universes. It is not one universe She has created. She has created universes after universes and I will show you how She has created so many universes. And some of them are still lingering on, some of them are destroyed. But today before us: this universe, this earth, on this earth India and in India Delhi, you are sitting attending this place. It's like that. So, at this moment, whatever is the thing, is not the past is not the future, but I'm telling you about the present moment we are here.

But many universes have been created by Adishakti even before us, and She has tried many other things also — ultimately She has tried this. She has created Earth and then created us. Now, how She has done that we'll see later on. Just now let us see how She assumes her three powers. When She decides to create, She is endowed with three powers: She has three powers of God which are granted to Her.

By one power, first of all, is the existence, the desire to exist, She desires to exist with God. The second power is to create and the third power is to sustain. First power is existence, second is to create and the third is the evolving power or sustenance power by which gradually you sustain something and you become something. These are the three powers She assumes. In short, we can say that She forms three powers of Mahakali, Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi. These are the three powers She assumes within Herself.

Now, She uses again Her parabola systems. You are supposing, I have come to this house by this way, I know this way. Then I take that way, I know that way. I know the very way, everything. Now, I know this way and I know all about it with that knowledge. I can do something else. So, She again uses Her parabolic movements. Actually, Her three movements, — of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati, — are all the time being one with the Adishakti. She can separate them and put them into three different channels. She can combine them and synthesize them and use it as a parabola — you understand this? That's why when we put a bandhan to you, we say 'put a parabola.' Is a parabola because the vibrations are all in... all the three powers are flowing in this.

So, we have got, you know that, three powers — the Mahakali power you can say, I need not write, Mahakali power. By Mahakali power She desires, as I've told you, is the emotional side of God, you can say. She represents the emotional side of God, She desires. Is the desire is that of God. God Almighty, Who is the spectator, He is the Sakshi. And She puts that Sakshi into your heart, She reflects that into your heart which is kept all the time burning to watch what you are doing. To see your play after your creation.

Her Mahasaraswati power, now, moves in a parabola. She can move in any angle, 360 angles She can go from one point. Sometimes, She goes round and round at a point. When She goes round and round at a point, Her Mahasaraswati power can get consolidated. You can say, it becomes dense. That's the trouble with English language: it becomes dense, it becomes so very dense that it cracks out.

These cracks all go into the momentum of the movement of the Mahakali power, Mahasaraswati Power, because it is moving in a round and round fashion. They also get into the momentum of that movement. They start moving, for example, this part starts moving, this part starts moving, this part starts moving. And when they start moving, they become rounds. They loose their angularities and then they become round. I'm telling you, very much in short [that unclear], they become round. These rounds again are put into friction with each other. And that is how, we can say, — now forget about other universes, where other styles were also created, — but about this one we can say, was created. Now, you must all the time remember that this power thinks, understands, organizes, loves and it is an identity.

So, She creates the Earth. Earth is not created so easily. Part of the sun is removed just like this, with the hand, you can say. We must understand why the sun became so cold.

Sun is... from the sun it is removed very much far away first, to the farthest point so that it freezes completely.

Also like moon: it was taken very far away, it just freezes completely and is then brought near the sun again, like a pendulum. It is moved again towards the cold side, again it is brought to the hot side. It is brought to a point, to the medium point where Earth is made, is made, — again I'm saying, it's not a chance of nature, — is made deliberately, habitable for human beings, the temperature was brought in. It has been done by Adishakti, The Mother. She has done it deliberately, it's not easy to conceive of such a Mother. But She has done it. And She brings this Earth to a point where life can begin.

So the combination of moon and the combination of sun gives you hydrogen from the moon, oxygen from the sun, gives you water, the freezing and heating. The freezing and heating gives you the water. In the water, when the Earth is made, spirally, to move upward, again the heating and cooling starts. By heating and cooling, life comes into being as amino-acids. Is done deliberately, what I am saying: it is not done by something, by chance. On this also one has to think once: 'How is it — it is not chance?' If you read [something like Donooha unclear??] he is a very big biologist, I mean. I think, he is one of the greatest biologists who has really gone into the calculations of how much a..., how much time should it take for a simple amoeba to be created out of the matter and he has calculated that it should take much more time than even what we have had so far. Billions of billions of years are needed just by chance.

Law of chance is there, which I don't know if I should tell you elaborately, but law of chance is: that if you have in one tube 50 red pebbles and 50 white pebbles and if you start shaking them and make them absolutely in a chaotic order, — it takes so much, so much times shaking to make it again the same, as it ought to be, to bring it into order. So, even to create an orderly living protoplasm, a cell, would have taken much more time than it has taken so far.

Much more, many times more, billions of billions. And it has taken only 5 billion years for Earth to secede from the moon. And only 2 billion years for it to cool down.

So, he says, it is beyond any understanding — only thing that can explain it, what we can say, is that there is a juggler behind it. And there is a juggler, about which our great rishis and munies know that 'that juggler is nobody else but Adishakti, the Primordial Mother.' The Primordial Father is Sadashiva and the Primordial Mother is Adishakti. And are we going to discuss about their sex? Are we going to do that way with the tantrika? Is that the way to pay homage to your parents?

We have to understand that it's a very, very solemn subject, we are discussing here the sanctum sanctorum of the love of our Primordial Parents — it's a very, very holy thing. We are not holy people, we are yet full of lots of greed and lust, but they are above everything. So, when we are discussing them, we have to know, we have to do it with great Shraddha, and with our head bowed before them: that it is our luck and we are very fortunate that we have been able to learn something about these two Primordial Parents who have brought forth this Creation, their child.

So, one of these then again cracks and becomes a Surya Mandala, and a Surya Mandala has got, as you know, Earth and moon and all these things and I have told you how Earth is created. After the Creation of Earth, first, you know that amino-acids were formed, the vegetation started and then the human being started.

Now, the matter, also, is a very systematic thing. Matter is not unsystematic, it is systematic, but it is not organized — there is difference between it. The systematic things are dead, can be dead. You can put five stones here in a systematic manner, but they are not organized, because they are not living things. There's a difference between the two.

So, first, the systematic things were laid down. Perhaps, if you know about the... eight different types of elements were created. These were created and were put into proper places through Shri Ganesha. You know that — that the carbon... carbon is in the centre of these periodical elements that appear. That means an element which has got one valency, two valencies, three valencies and four valencies, the three are the plus ones, then you've got one C, carbon, which has got four valencies. Then you have got, again, minus one, two, three and four — is a complete eight.

Like that, the whole matter has been organized. To organize the matter, some deity was to be created for that, and first deity that was created was that of Shri Ganesh. Let us see now how She created [here or earth, unclear]

You have seen that one part of Her, which is the Mahasaraswati, has created the matter. Mahasaraswati has created the matter. Now, Mahakali has to give them existence. How do you get an existence? — is through your sustenance or, you can say, through your quality — whatever you are. So, Mahakali gives that existence to those material things, — not human beings or living things, but matter, — through a deity known as Shri Ganesh. Mahakali.

In the heart of the Virata, as you see, — you'll see here Virata comes in, because that I will tell you later on, — but in the heart of Virata is the Primordial Being, the complete Primordial Being — the Mahakali is settled down. What She does, She goes three and a half from the heart: one up, one down like that — three and a half times and comes to the end of the three and a half, down-way. Three and a half. Now, She comes at the end of it. And if you put three and a half like that and if you cut it straight, you get 7 centres cut in. 37:00

(Is there a right person who knows how to draw? [Hindi unclear??] You can put it like this.) She comes down here, She comes down here and from here She penetrates. You see, She cuts that seven points here. At this point, She creates the first deity, little below, of Shri Ganesh. I mean, this is not done in one day, is not done in one year, not done in one Yuga, it is done in many Kalpas. The first step is to create Shri Ganesh, this is Her abode and She puts Shri Ganesh. Now, he is emitting his vibrations through all this. He passes through all this whatever She has created. On this picture is settled the work of the Mahasaraswati, you can say. She comes down with all Her programs like this and She makes it. And She gets joined here again. So, Shri Ganesh emits his vibrations through her. First, Shri Mahakali creates Shri Ganesh and then Mahasaraswati comes down, She creates all these things and gets connected to Shri Ganesh. So, the vibrations of Shri Ganesh start flowing through all the creation of Mahasaraswati.

Before creating all this, the complete thought of what is going to happen in future comes in a clear-cut vision of the Adishakti. And She puts Her plans through, first of all, the Mahalakshmi power comes down and creates the Shri Ganesh. You can understand now how important it is that we have to be holy people. First, She created the holiness on this Earth. First thing, Her relationship with the child was established, because the Creation is going to be created in the image of a child. That's why Shri Ganesh was created first.

And then the — from here, say, is the Adishakti, -the other power Mahasaraswati on Her way, She comes down and gets connected with Shri Ganesh. And that's how the Shri Ganesh establishes the relationship and emits his vibrations through this. Because of his vibrations passing through the matter that She has created, for example, our Mother Earth. Through this passes the, you know that through it passes the axis, nobody has seen the axis, but they say, there is an axis, from the way it moves. There is a kind of an axis. Now, this is the power of Mahakali passing through the, — we can say, it's the power of Shri Ganesh, — passing through the axis of the Mother Earth, which has got magnetic power in it. And that's how, through that, it controls its speed, its movement. And also it looks after us. Why don't we think that when we put a little seed in the soil it sprouts, automatically.

You have seen now many of you who have been suffering from certain troubles and diseases that the Mother Earth herself took down your problems, She sucked them out. It is a fact, you can see it in Sahaja Yoga, that after realisation if you have any problem, if your head is heavy, — if you are a realised soul, otherwise She doesn't listen, because you should be activated or you should be granted a certificate from the Adishakti that you're a realized person, otherwise why should She accept you? — You just put your head on the soil, put your both the hands on the Mother Earth and you'll find the whole thing will be sucked out from your forehead. It has been done with many, even from the legs it can take out.

Mother Earth is actually, is The Mother of Adishakti, you can say. She is The Mother, they say, because She is made in such a way that She takes all the weights of the world in Herself. She controls all the weights of the world and She can consume all your weights — She is the?dhara" [unclear??]

Now, weight means everything that... your weight is what we're weighing, that's not the thing. Weight means also your sins, also your punya, — it means everything. If you have too many sins in you, then Mother Earth is hurt. Wherever there is too much of sin, then Mother Earth has to ask help. And then some other deity has to, — like Vishnu himself, — has to come on this Earth to save Her from this too much of overloading of sins on this Earth — is a fact, it is not I'm telling you a mythical story, is a fact. Which you have to verify after getting vibrations. Before getting vibrations, you cannot find out from the Mother Earth. If you want to find out after some time, — if you are realized, — you just stand on the Mother Earth and ask her?Will you take away my sins, o Mother Earth? Will you take away my karmas? I've been realized.”Immediately, She starts drawing in. You'll be surprised. You'll feel so much lighter. You have to use Her. That is how Mother Earth has been created.

But also Adishakti through Her Mahasaraswati power has created the five elements. Before everything else, She created the tanmatra [unclear??] as you call it.

If I go too much into details, it will be too much for you, but first of all, the causal essences have been created by her. But if I say like this, there won't be anything false: if I say that just by seeing by her side, by her drishthi [unclear??] She has created this light. Just by Her breathing, She has created air, because Her desire is the last, because She desired there should be air, She created air. Like that She has Her smell, has created the causal?gandha"[unclear??] which has created this mother Earth. And it has started from Her only, from Her desires, by Her desiring it — it was created for Her and that's how it was created in the whole universe, which was later on made into Earth, moon, sun and all these things. Actually, it was Her mere desire which brought forth these things. For us it is impossible to understand someone like that, who, just by mere desire can create. But when we think of somebody who is above all the powers of the world, the One we know is the highest of all: She can do anything She feels like. Can't we think like that? We cannot think of someone like that. We think of God, the Almighty, we call Him, but when we talk of His mights we start laughing. How can it be?

But She can do anything She wants — it is only Her mere desire that has brought forth all these creations and all these things that you see in this world are created only by Her desire. She created Akasha, She created all these five elements which you know. And then She started Her another form which we call as the Mahalakshmi form.

Before that, I think, I should tell you about Shri Ganesha's existence in the matter. He acts in the matter as vibrations, as Mahasaraswati vibrations. 44:06

They are electromagnetic vibrations, Mahasaraswati vibrations are electromagnetic vibrations, we can say, that electromagnetic and also there is sound, and all these five elements are expressed in that. You can record them — because if you take a sulphur dioxide, for example, a sulphur dioxide... and two oxygen and one sulphur and if you watch them properly under a very highly micro — you can try, I don't know if people have tried, but you can try to find out — and put it under, let's say, a very highly developed micro — microwave- microscope, you can say, you can see that the oxygen things and sulphur, — sulphur is stationary, — but these two are vibrating. They are vibrating, there is a vibration going between these balls. They can be asymmetric also, they can be symmetric, they can be even, uneven and they can be expanding, by closing like that.

So, there are three types of vibrations, we find. And the fourth side is nothing but Shri Ganesha himself who is controlling.

So, this we can see with our naked eyes, if you want to see whether you are realized or not. From where do these vibrations come in the minutest Paramanu, as they call, in the molecules. In a molecule, how do you get these vibrations, can you explain?

It is so much, Sukshma, ParaSukshma [unclear??]

The powers of Ganesha are very, very subtle and they enter into the matter and create this kind of vibrations, which you can even see and record, — electromagnetic vibrations, — even in one small, little molecule.

So, we have in these, as I told you, into the periodic law, periodic laws of elements, you can find out that all the elements are divided into eight types. Let's see — how can all the elements be divided into eight parts without somebody being there? Can you do something without organizing a proper chart of these elements? Just think about it! You see, when we challenge God, we have to understand that in this world everything is so well organized, there are eight elements spread out so well, placed so well, and it has a particular style of behaviour and every element is different in numbers and protons and these numbers are very well calculated in such a manner that the end of it — that the last circle — that the last circle of all the protons should be eight. If it is not eight, if it is less than eight then it creates a valency problem.

It is so well organized, that even if you study this, if there is anybody who knows little bit of chemistry, you know, so if you know chemistry, it's such a wonderful thing. We take it for granted! We take it into our right to have the matter so well organized for us! But the valencies are all depending on such a nice organisation of this eight protons at the outer thing.

This is all done through the Mahasaraswati power. But the vibrating force... Now see, there is a vibrating force. This is all done through the, as I told you, through the Mahasaraswati power, She creates. Now the vibrating force... he exists, matter also exists. It must exist. If it does not exist, nothing can exist. So, the existence force is given through the Mahalakshmi force, Mahakali force, which is acting through Shri Ganesh who is sitting at the nucleus. He is sitting at the nucleus of every — can you imagine how much it must be? — every molecule and every atom. You cannot understand the final...? [take out? unclear??]

Now, see, say, take one element like gold, how many molecules it has? Can you calculate? How many, yes, you can say, atoms it has, you just cannot calculate. And then how many Ganesha's pictures must be there? This is, how is it achieved?

There is another thing which I will tell you if I am coming in the way. How infinite reflections are caught into and why there are two things like Shiva and Adishakti? The reason is it has to create an infinite reflection. How will you create an infinite reflection? Do you know that? Anybody who knows physics?

If you place in the centre of two mirrors something, then the reflections are infinite. So, the first mirror is the Adishakti and the second mirror is this Creation. And that's how you can get infinite reflections on this Earth. This is the reason why you can get infinite reflections. And that's why you had to create another one who reflects it. And that's why there have to be three identities, one, the God Almighty, then Adishakti and then the whole universe.

It had to be that way, otherwise you cannot create infinite reflections. Now, somebody who has done this job must be a very clever man, no doubt. When human beings think that they can know God through their budhi, they must know, how can you reach this budhi — it's supreme.

How much labour He has taken to create us! After creating the matter, then He, or I should say, His power as Mahalakshmi descends on this Earth. Mahalakshmi helps in sustenance. Sustenance means all the scanning of all these elements.

When they create the matter, the matter is differently created, created for different purposes. Now, what is the ultimate?

The Creation has its ultimate aim is to create human beings — this creation, just imagine!

You people are so great that for you all these troubles have been taken. Such an important thing is a human being that all these troubles are taken, — all matter, all, everything, — is used just to create you. This is the ultimate aim. Sort of a stage has to be laid down and you come, the Sahaja Yogis come on the scene, you can say.

Just the instrument of man is to be created. Now, why God wanted to create an instrument of man? Because He wanted to create an instrument which could feel Him, which could understand Him, which could emit, like Krishna creating his mudli ?? [unclear??]

He just wanted to play through our instruments His power. But He didn't want to do it through the dead instruments like these but through the living instruments. Supposing, if this can understand, can love, has a human mind, and if my voice is passing through it like a hollow personality then we can say that this is a realised personality. But this is not a living being. You are a living being. You are made specially with all these difficulties for me and [sapiens unclear] have been worked out so carefully, so delicately, one after another?

We have to now jump to the evolution part, because you see, it's a very long thing.

So, now we have to come to the most important part which is evolution, which we should understand, because we know evolution through science.

When these three forces came into being, — before creating any earth or before creating this universe or anything, — first, they had to draw out a proper picture about it and a proper understanding of it, you see.

As before doing anything, say, we have to plan out things, we have a planning-commission, first of all, we sit down in a planning commission. In the same way, first, they had to form a stage where they just plan out the things. This stage we can call it as the Vaikuntha state. Because this is not the earliest thing, this is created later on. First, the planning state is known as the Vaikuntha state.

At this stage they created all the incarnations. Incarnations were not created after the Earth has been created, which is a very wrong idea. They created all the incarnations at the Vaikuntha state. Where your own eye never existed at that time, this Earth never existed and nothing existed that you see with your naked eyes now. But a state of existence, the first one, known as the Vaikuntha state, existed. In that Vaikuntha state the planning of the whole universe and the whole cosmos and all that was decided.

So, the first person who had to come on this was Shiva, because without him nothing can exist, but where to settle Him down, because He is to be reflected onto someone. If Shiva has to be reflected onto someone, you have to create a reflector. So, they had to, first, think of the one Primordial Being or, a — one huge identity you can call it, — known as Virat. They created Virat. This will be the Virata. This will be the complete form of the Primordial Being. This is the one I'm telling you about, this reflector. The first one. The God Almighty has to be reflected — so, first, let us create, first of all, the Primordial Being, the Virat.

In the Virat they created different incarnations. Incarnations are not created from human beings. I don't know why people think like that — they cannot be created by human beings. But they were first created. You see, evolution is all right from amoeba to human beings, but there is no evolution for incarnations. They are made like that from the very beginning.

As you have seen in the Virata, I have shown you the picture of Virat, the three powers of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati met at the Agnya Chakra. And there they produced two children each, — it's not a story, is a fact, again, — as brothers and sisters.

And these brothers and sister means the relationship is of a temporary nature but of a subtler temperament. And then they were married, inter-communication took place. Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali created all together six children, who were married. Inter-marriage took place. By that inter-marriage they got an entity which was a may- kinetic [unclear] personality and a potential energy within it. Such a combination. And they placed those incarnations on different chakras. They brought from these, from the top, all of them were brought from the Agnya downwards and placed onto the, all the chakras. These incarnations, as you know, are placed on different chakras of the Virata.

Many people won't understand this and won't like to hear this also, because human beings are so egoistical that they cannot understand that there is a God, Who is Almighty, Who is going to do everything, He has His own ways of doing it. Now, whether I'm telling the Truth or not, you can verify it on vibrations. You can see for yourself how Incarnations were created.

And all these Incarnations were placed in the Virata state, here, to create the reflection on the other side. Shiva was removed from the Shakti, as it was removed in the beginning. And it was placed on top of the Virata's head as a Sadashiva's peetha. In the same way, we, too, have a Sadashiva's Peetha on our head. You see, we are the reflection of the reflector. So, we, too, have the same style, we, too, have a Sadashiva's peetha on our head.

He is also placed here only. But when the Kundalini enters into the being, when He is in the womb of The Mother, that time this Sadashiva's peetha, or, we can say, Sadashiva from this peetha descends into the heart. And that's how you hear the first throb in the heart.

It is just the same as it happened in the Virata. But at the Vaikuntha State this was not created. The second reflector here was not created, only the first one. So, only the Virata was created and in His being, in the planning stage, first of all, these officers, you can say, in charge of these chakras were created by Adishakti.

God is the witness and She is doing the play and She creates those chakras. In the chakras She places all these deities to govern.

Now, there is the existence, there is the creation, creative force, and there is the evolutionary force — all inside the Virata state.

Now, this is at the Vaikuntha state, we say, because this state is on the first reflection. It is not in us — or we cannot feel it, the Vaikuntha state, because it is in the first.

Then another state was created, then third was created, then the fourth one is the Bhavasagara, is the state at which all of us were born.

First, in the fourth state, — now, can you think of a four strata personality which is facing a mirror? Now, which is the first one shows? — is the topmost. And that's why the topmost shows is the Bhavasagara.

But if you can go deep down into your state, you can feel all the other three. But first of all, the one which you can see and feel it, is the Bhavasagara. So, you are born in the Bhavasagara. At this state you are at the Bhavasagara state. At this Bhavasagara state, now, you are created and you have to evolve.

At this time the Mahalakshmi power acts to evolve you. You already know how evolutionary things have taken place but I will tell you how evolution has taken place according to our Puranas, and which is a fact.

The Evolution of Man started, first, from the amoeba, you can say, because the life came into being into water, as I told you, first, the water was created. In the water amino-acids were formed, amoeba were formed, fishes were formed and fishes, when they were formed, they found, the smaller fishes found it difficult to exist because of the bigger fishes were trying to eat it. It comes as a reciprocal. They were absolutely fed up of this destruction that was going on. At this time, Shri Vishnu Himself, the One who is the evolutionary force, descended on this Earth as the Matsya-Avatar. He helped some of the fishes to cross across the shores. Like crossing across they had that courage, She was the leader. And then others started crossing across. This was the first evolutionary stage which we know.

These fishes became reptiles later on; as you know, in the evolutionary stages that they became reptiles. But how did they become reptiles? There must be someone who must have given them the lead. It was again Shri Vishnu, who came on this Earth as a Kurma and lots of things were done at this time in the Vaikuntha stage, before He came on this Earth as a Kurma Avatara, at the Vaikuntha stage.

When they created this Earth, when they created, they planned this whole Virata and wanted to create, on this side of the reflector the whole planning and the whole thinking and all that process, — got formed some sort of a waste matter. It brought forth the waste matter.

This waste matter got contaminated or, we can say, got?stagnated"on one side which was neglected somehow. And through it started coming out some satanic forces and there was a big fight between the satanic forces and the good forces. It actually happened in the third stage, not at the Vaikuntha stage, but at the third stage. Because when the planning started, the working out started, these satanic forces started.

Now, people may say?Why God created satanic forces?”He did not, but eventually they turned out to be. Because at this second stage, when some of the devas, who were created, — again, they were not evolved people, they were created, they were in charge of all these elements and all the working, you see, you have to create also officers or people who have to go in the field and work out. All these Devas and Devatas — out of their working, what happened? That they got lost, some of them, and became satanic forces. Sort of a waste-product came in. And with that waste-product, satanic forces started and they acted in such a way that there was a war during the Kurma-Avatara between Rakshasas and the Asuras, as they call it. So, the good people who were in charge of the elements, all the working in the office of God started fighting with the satanic forces.

At that time, He Himself worked out this and you know what happened in the Amruta Manvantara which took place, and this is, — people don't understand how can the Amruta Manvanatara take place in the Bhavasagara, — it did not. It took place at a stage which is not Bhavasagara. At the Bhavasagara it did not take place.

Now, we are at the Bhavasagara state. At the Bhavasagara state the same Kurma, the same one took birth and came on this Earth and gave us an understanding how to become a proper reptile. Like that we did come [unclear?? ]

So, the whole thing will take too much time, I will not go into that, but, ultimately, a human being was created. All this is done by Mahalakshmi power, which has acted through Vishnu, which I've told you how evolution has taken place, how you are made.

Now, what is going to happen? You reach this point, up to this point till Christ came in, — Christ was also an incarnation — and his Mother was nobody else but Radhaji Herself, the Mahalakshmi. And they brought forth up to this stage the human beings.

After this, now, what man has to become? — is to enter into a state where he becomes Nirvichara, means there is no more the consciousness of the Bhavasagara, but you go little beyond it.

From this stage you dive into a state of universal unconscious, as they call it, it's nothing but the same power which exists here, which is a synthesis of all the three powers. It's a synthesis of all the three powers. That is the Adishakti's power. Adishakti's power is all-pervading — exists everywhere, but we never feel it, otherwise. Why? — because we are very grossly placed. We can say, that a tube, which has got, say four layers, out of which it can only use the outer tube, because the inner tubes are all closed. When the innermost tube is opened out, you become absolutely self-realized, but when even the second tube is opened out, you can feel the all-pervading force of God Almighty, which is, we call it as Sarvoviapi [unclear??] Acheeta.

But it is no more Acheeta for you because you are conscious of it.

That is how you start your dialogue with God. What happens is that here, the reflection here, the reflector, the reflecting work, from here you ascend into this part. You ascend onto this part. You do not become this but you ascend into this area. From here you ascend into this area. And this area is filled with the all-pervading power of Adishakti.

Till you reach to this stage, you have to go up to this stage of an incarnation, which, of course, is a big gap. But I can say that Mahavira and Buddha, both of them rose to that height. But look at their [desires or disciples unclear]!

For example, Buddha's [disciples or is desireless. unclear]. They have deprived Shiva, they have deprived all the Gods and Goddesses, I mean as if they don't know much about it. And the way they have shown in certain statues — that a Goddess is standing on top of a Shiva and a Parvati and She is trying to kill, She is hitting Shri Ganesha and this is something so non-sensical. I mean, they completely killed the image of One united force, acting the whole thing, in One united idea, with One united mind. Only whenever they had not united, they became Rakshasas and formed the satanic forces.

As I told you it's a very, very difficult subject and I've tried to handle it in English, it's even worse. So, I've tried my level best to do it, but still if you have any questions, anything, you can ask me, some time, you can write to me, we can find it out.

Tomorrow... Now, this is the only thing is, — I wanted to tell you about this, — that now you have got thoughtless awareness, no doubt. Most of you have got thoughtless awareness, you have got vibrations, but you have to jump into Nirvikalpa. Nirvikalpa. And that you have to jump through deep meditation and through deep exposure. Otherwise, you see, it is no use only having this little state of Nirvichara, you have to jump into Nirvikalpa. That is a stage, little, as I've told you here, a little ahead of this reflector, you have moved.

But still you are going up and down, so many of you. This is a state known as Satori in the Zen system of religion, they call it as Satori — where, if a person is going up and down, is catching, doing this, that. This stage has to be overcome. Then you go to the Nirvikalpa state. At the end of the Nirvikalpa state you just don't catch much. You are not bothered. So far, I haven't met any human being like that. You see, I have seen very great saints and realized people and I can say that they are definitely self-realized, they are even controlling nature, some of them do, but still they catch on their chakras, it's something surprising.

But human beings are like that, they go on catching and again, perhaps, they jump into the third state of Self-Realization completely, but they are again in a Satori state and they come back and go back like that, maybe. But I have seen that, so far, I have not met one human being whom I will say he is fully self-realized, who doesn't catch.

Except for me, I find, everybody is catching. It's most surprising. But when you don't catch — what happens, when you don't catch? Actually, this is a state rather difficult to achieve.

But if you don't catch, if you think you don't catch — how you should do it? — is to see this way: that if, supposing, you are catching Agnya, maybe. You must know that when you are catching your Agnya, you should not think you are catching your Agnya, but you should think that you are gathering a force here to combat the another person.

If you can do like that. Supposing you are catching on the Vishuddhi chakra, instead of thinking that you are catching on Vishuddhi chakra and getting upset about it, if you start thinking that this is a force you are accumulating just to counterbalance his Vishuddhi chakra. Then, I think, it will work out better. Well, that's why I always say that you extend your hands to others and see for yourself. This has helped many people because if they catch on Agnya and they give vibrations to somebody who is Agnya caught, they find they are released. Such things are happening to very few but it's happening.

So, this is what you can try: that don't think you are catching but you should think: a force has been accumulated to expel the Agnya of another person who is facing. In the beginning, of course, it's a very, very slow process, but gradually you can do it and only people who start giving others. This is a collective thinking, is a collective thinking: that, supposing, now you can say like that, that if, supposing, there's a malaria attack on me, then my own blood, my own blood cells are trying to combat it. And they are combating it. You see, if I give in, if I give in, then I become malarious. But if I do not give in, I become victorious.

In the same way, if you could think this way while giving vibrations: that if you catch it is actually a force being accumulated into you and then you have to give it, then you are going to be much faster than all the munies [unclear] put together, I can tell you.

But that thinking is rather difficult for human beings, because once they catch, they get little worried, and catching they start taking out their own. If you don't take out your own and go all out to give it to others, it will work out better. And this I've been, I've experimented with one or two people, I'm saying, and it has worked. Everybody does not have this capacity.

So, gradually you rise, because you are just now newly born children, you have still to grow, you have to grow more. You might be learning, you might be knowing a lot, that doesn't mean, as far as your spirituality is concerned, you have just have come out of your Satori state, some of you, and some of you are still in the Satori state. So, be careful about it. I would like to meet you again, perhaps, after two years, I don't know when.

Tomorrow we are having a meditation here and there I won't speak much. Tomorrow we have a meditation. We have a meditation centre here, where you should go and meet, when you meet in a group then it is a samuhi... [unclear??], is a group activity, I will be there. You'll be surprised that my vibrations cannot be felt anywhere so much as they can be felt in a group, about which I know that such and such group is working here.

So, we have already three groups which are working in Delhi. And they are made quite closer to the places. After all, we must know that we don't have to go to Himalayas, as people went out, we don't have to do all these things. Only thing we have to go is to a place which is very much closer to us, it has been brought to our doors. The whole thing has been brought to your doors: the knowledge, the vibrations, the realization and everything is made so easy. It's made easy.... But it should not mean that we should take it for granted. It has been made easy through a very, very great tapasya on my part, I should say.

In many ages I've been living now for thousands of years and I've been working it out on so many human beings and so many things and, at long last, I've been able to find out most of the permutations and combinations of most of the human beings and that's how it has been worked out in such a large mass-scale. It would not have been possible if I had not worked it out in that way.

And that's how if it has worked out it has to click with most of the people except for one type is very, very difficult, I must say, those who are bound to people who are rakshasas. If they are born rakshasas and if your head has touched their feet, it's a very difficult thing. So, I would warn you, that before you touch feet of anybody, you'd be careful about it.

May God bless you all!

It's already very late for all of you and every... such a difficult subject to be brought to you in such a short time, it's very difficult. But if...I will be, I hope to write some book on Sahaja Yoga. I hope, I am saying, because, so far, I've never written any book. Trying to write some book but before that some other people are writing. I hope, I may be able to write something. In any case, you try to... not to bother too much about this thing. This is not so important as your own realization and your own ascent. The whole knowledge will be dawned upon you. You don't have to bother — every word now you read, you will have a meaning about it and you will understand.

The first thing is that you must get your realization, second thing is you must ascend. You must ascend much more and give more time to this. Do not take it for granted. It is a very important thing which you should do. After all there are other things, they are important. But this is the most important thing which has to be done. By God's grace, if it works out I'll be very happy. As it is, I'm extremely happy because in none of my lives I've been able to give realizations to so many people.

So as it is, I am over-satisfied with myself. But as far as you are concerned, you should not be satisfied, you should ask for more and more and more and it will be granted, because you are the people who are on the stage. You are created for this purpose. One has to do it. God has to do it. If He does not do it — He cannot fulfil His own desires. And His Creation, He is not going to destroy.

May God bless you!"

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
"The Creation", New Delhi, India—20 February 1977.

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